age author revision description
2007-11-29 Andy Grover 18:a54ad4e0e083 use equivalent types for typedefs (actually the old ones are equivalent too, this is purely a readability change)
2007-11-29 Andy Grover 17:ce8bd97c4136 xenvbd: cleanups
2007-11-29 Andy Grover 16:53fdfc9f5d56 rename deviceData variables to xpdd (aka xen pci device data)
2007-11-28 Andy Grover 15:7f0f866dced6 wean xenbus.c off of global variables
2007-11-28 Andy Grover 14:bde45c4eca0c fix warnings in net driver
2007-11-28 Andy Grover 13:be8c09632f31 fixes to xenpci
2007-11-28 Andy Grover 12:5712dede5a1b add in xen public includes, so the extra step of copying them over is not needed
2007-11-27 Andy Grover 11:9e029b33b66b Add rudimentary net support
2007-11-23 James Harper 10:7dd1e28542fe Added tag 0.3.0 for changeset b55f3c61e509
2007-11-23 James Harper 9:b55f3c61e509 Updated inf files to put the devices in the right places.
2007-11-19 James Harper 8:d25a6f733a8e Finally got swapfile working!
2007-11-12 James Harper 7:078654ce6a13 Fixed the XenHide inf file so that we don't need to bother with the regedit step anymore on install
2007-11-12 James Harper 6:8f643f8e229b Bug Fixes... trying to find a problem that turned out to be me running an old version of xen by mistake!
2007-11-11 James Harper 5:2b0f6930eeeb Trying to get Windows to allow a page file to exist on the PV disk
2007-11-11 James Harper 4:3bf1f48005d8 Minor Bugfixes and updates
2007-11-11 James Harper 3:0cd078f41eed Added some documentation files
2007-11-11 James Harper 2:d47d595b0b19 Added a new PCI driver that can hide the Xen provided PCI devices
2007-11-10 James Harper 1:b16f2f5eb611 and one file I forgot
2007-11-10 James Harper 0:435e5753300f Initial upload of files