log xenpci/xenpci_pdo.c

age author description
2014-03-13 James Harper License change from GPL to BSD
2013-02-19 James Harper More debugprint updates
2013-02-19 James Harper hooking debug doesn't survive hibernate under win8. Remove it.
2013-02-12 James Harper tidyup xenpci
2013-02-10 James Harper tidyup
2013-02-02 James Harper xenvbd rewrite. combined scsiport and storport code where possible.
2013-01-06 James Harper Start of major changes to xenpci interface. Now using xenpci as export driver. storport and xennet6 drivers working but not suspend/resume or dump mode
2012-08-13 James Harper started rewriting xenpci<->child interfacetesting
2012-04-15 James Harper Handle backend-id purely in xenpci_pdo. Remove domid parameter from fdo calls.
2012-04-15 James Harper Make xenpci account for driver domain. Patch from Marek Marczykowski
2011-06-12 James Harper Fix regression - fake mmio resource must be uncached for some versions of Windows.
2011-06-04 James Harper hibernation fixes0.11.0.295
2011-04-30 James Harper fix power state settings
2011-03-15 James Harper Make xenpci an export driver to remove some of the cumbersome function table stuff.
2011-02-27 James Harper Shuffle things around. Intial balloon-down (for PoD) happens as early as possible now to avoid crashes when Windows access unpopulated memory.
2011-02-16 James Harper Fix leak of grant entries and memory on save or migrate
2011-02-05 James Harper Hibernation and suspend/resume fixes.
2011-01-27 James Harper Multiple fixups.
2011-01-22 James Harper Change grant table to use real memory space which fixes a hibernate crash.
2010-10-10 James Harper Fixes for build under Window 2000
2010-08-28 James Harper Force a crash if we get a buffer overrun in hibernate0.11.0.221
2010-06-26 James Harper Fix backend state change. Can now detach devices even when in use0.11.0.218
2010-03-12 James Harper Big messy changes. Add grant ref tagging to better track when things go wrong (debug build only).
2010-02-10 James Harper big update to the xennet tx path. Now passes NDISTest (all 'functional' tests at least).
2010-01-31 James Harper Big changes - not ready for production use.
2010-01-16 James Harper cleanup
2010-01-10 James Harper Big changes to the way the device hiding works. Should fix the way Vista and above need a reboot into safe mode after install.
2009-12-22 James Harper Use WinDDK 7600.16385.
2009-12-08 James Harper Fixed a problem with interrupt delivery where there were >8 CPU's
2009-11-25 James Harper Clean up obsolete FUNCTION_XXX macros0.10.0.141
2009-11-08 James Harper Fix bug where changing network adapter properties would not reload the adapter correctly0.10.0.134
2009-10-14 James Harper Fixed a bug in the dma routines which was causing memory corruption. In some cases when Windows gave an MDL that was longer than the buffer to be dma'd, the end of the buffer would be overwritten. The only time I am aware of this occuring is on one particular map in Call Of Duty 4.
2009-10-11 James Harper Allow inactive cdrom devices to be removed
2009-09-26 Amir Szekely remove xenstore watches on hibernation too
2009-10-07 James Harper Fix a problem where a zero length sg buffer might be present
2009-09-11 James Harper turn off some debugging
2009-09-07 James Harper Added code to cater for sg list requesting virtual addresses to an offset in an mdl
2009-08-19 James Harper fix config page overflow after multiple hibernations
2009-08-09 James Harper Found some bugs caused by the unavailability of the page file during restore from suspend.
2009-07-29 Steve Meisner Windows 7 fix. Interrupt affinity cannot be set to -1 anymore (this is the affinity returned in the resource list). A proper fix that works across multiple Windows OS was implemented. Also, the interrupt level had to be set properly (as outlined in the new Microsoft Windows DDK docs).
2009-07-26 James Harper Added DPC call in config page and Reconfiguring callback
2009-07-15 James Harper fixed warning causing build failure on fre build0.10.0.86
2009-07-15 James Harper Fix a problem with pointer arithmetic that could cause a crash under high load
2009-07-02 James Harper Added support for the case where a ScatterGather list is requested with a non-zero offset into the MDL buffer. This fixes a crash when trying to scan a file in Sophos.
2009-06-26 James Harper Allow for a NULL MapRegisterBase parameter in FreeMapRegisters
2009-05-10 James Harper Interrupt delivery updates.
2009-04-12 James Harper Implemented GetScatterGatherList
2009-04-11 James Harper Fixed a bug where passing a NULL ScatterGatherBuffer would cause a BSoD
2009-03-28 James Harper Tidied up gnttbl code. Better detection of crash dumps. Better behaviour when qemu hiding doesn't work.
2009-03-03 James Harper Lots more changes...
2009-02-18 James Harper more big updates
2009-02-14 James Harper mostly finished migration back to kmdf
2009-01-27 James Harper Implemented DMA_ADAPTER to allow scatter gather to work on xenpci enumerated devices
2009-01-16 James Harper big commit
2008-12-26 James Harper Dereference device_objects so that the driver can unload.
2008-12-25 James Harper implemented interrupt synchronisation to support EVT_ACTION_TYPE_NORMAL
2008-12-25 James Harper Refreshed the EVT_ACTION_TYPE_NORMAL code path. Updated prototypes.
2008-12-23 James Harper Fixed a bit width problem causing crashes under PAE or 64 bit
2008-12-22 James Harper big changes to xenbus interface. simplified it a bit. started work on userspace interface.
2008-12-19 James Harper Updated to support the proposed patches to qemu from Steven Smith on ~20081216