log xennet/xennet.c

age author description
2014-03-13 James Harper License change from GPL to BSD
2013-11-13 James Harper Fix LSO bug on FIN packets. Add RxCoalesce option (default on) to work around Cisco VPN issues
2013-10-29 James Harper Fix packet exhaustion issue in 2003 where windows doesn't return packets
2013-05-21 James Harper add timeout for xennet init0.11.0.404
2013-02-11 James Harper Fix compiler warnings under 2000
2013-02-11 James Harper Fix build under 2008
2013-02-10 James Harper merge ndis5 and ndis6 code in xennet
2011-04-30 James Harper Rename xennet* to xennet5* to prepare for creation of NDIS6 driver
2011-04-29 James Harper Fix for hibernation hang under XP. Not tested under anything else yet.
2011-04-15 James Harper indicate small packets with STATUS_RESOURCES as Windows is lazy about returning them.
2011-04-02 James Harper Try and balance TX and RX a bit better by doing it all from the same DPC. It's always on CPU 0 anyway now.
2011-03-15 James Harper Make xennet import functions from xenpci (no functions yet though). Add lfds include to fix build problem.
2011-02-15 James Harper fix typo causing assert failure
2011-02-14 James Harper Fix xennet resume race
2011-01-13 James Harper Cleaned up some old code
2010-10-16 James Harper Fix xennet build under Windows 2000
2010-10-10 James Harper Minor cosmetic/compliance changes
2010-08-28 James Harper Fixes to properly support Hibernation without crashing
2010-06-26 James Harper Fix backend state change. Can now detach devices even when in use0.11.0.218
2010-02-10 James Harper big update to the xennet tx path. Now passes NDISTest (all 'functional' tests at least).
2010-02-07 James Harper NDISTest updates. Correctly implement lookahead in xennet. The first buffer must contain the amount windows asks for in lookahead.
2010-02-01 James Harper Updates to packet filter code. Resolves NDISTest errors.
2010-01-31 James Harper fix invalid mac address detection typo
2010-01-31 James Harper test fix for bad mac address detection
2010-01-31 James Harper Big changes - not ready for production use.
2010-01-10 James Harper Vif changes for device hiding changes
2009-12-22 James Harper Use WinDDK 7600.16385.
2009-11-25 James Harper Clean up obsolete FUNCTION_XXX macros0.10.0.141
2009-11-08 James Harper xennet cleanup0.10.0.133
2009-07-05 James Harper Fix the xennet shutdown race properly this time
2009-06-26 James Harper Make xennet work in the case where SG is not available. Limit GSO to PAGE_SIZE in such a case. Also Disable SG and GSO if disabled in the backend.
2009-06-19 James Harper Disable SG if it is not supported by the backend. At this stage though, xennet won't actually work without sg...
2009-06-07 James Harper More protection against the Dpcs running after shutdown
2009-05-21 James Harper Fixed a problem where shutdown was hanging if there were packets in the tx ring
2009-05-10 James Harper Filter updates.
2009-04-12 James Harper Fixed up a bug where packets with too many SG elements were corrupted.
2009-03-03 James Harper Lots more changes...
2009-02-18 James Harper more big updates
2009-02-14 James Harper mostly finished migration back to kmdf
2009-01-27 James Harper using sg for the tx path - improves performance by about 180% for me
2009-01-16 James Harper Worked around xennet 'out of resource' hang under XP. Change Isr handling.
2008-12-25 James Harper Fixed xennet when inactive. Now using EVT_ACTION_TYPE_NORMAL instead of a pretend interrupt.
2008-12-15 James Harper Too many changes to mention. Mostly revolving around updating the way the pci ide and network adapters are disabled.
2008-11-23 James Harper rx checksum offload tuning
2008-11-20 James Harper Fixed broken save/restore code.
2008-11-19 James Harper Performance updates...
2008-11-18 James Harper Not-working-properly changes to add interrupt moderation and maximum work per interrupt
2008-11-13 James Harper Fixed a crash if the backend connect failed.
2008-11-07 James Harper Added a configuration option to avoid manually checking the checksum on RX packets.
2008-11-05 James Harper More changes to pass WHQL ndistest. All major tests pass now.
2008-11-04 James Harper (Re-)Added code to stop the halt completing if there are un-returned packets from ndis
2008-11-04 James Harper Many many updates to fix bugs encountered in ndistest.
2008-09-08 James Harper Fixed interrupt ack in xennet
2008-09-04 James Harper Don't disable xen drivers when gplpv isn't specified. Instead just make the xennet driver always report cable disconnected, and xenvbd not enumerate any disks.
2008-08-26 James Harper Updated save/restore code to work again after the change to IRQ routing.
2008-08-18 James Harper Update to the way IRQ's are handled. Now they all just tack onto the same IRQ as xenpci.
2008-08-18 James Harper Allow NetworkAddress registry entry to override the MAC address for NLB.
2008-08-12 James Harper Many many updates to improve stability etc and performance.
2008-07-31 James Harper More attempts at removing races and deadlocks in save/restore
2008-07-25 James Harper More changes to try and prevent lockups on save and restore