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2013-02-21 James Harper re-enable xenusb. compiles but untested.
2013-02-11 James Harper add xennet back in to build
2013-02-02 James Harper xenvbd rewrite. combined scsiport and storport code where possible.
2013-01-06 James Harper Start of major changes to xenpci interface. Now using xenpci as export driver. storport and xennet6 drivers working but not suspend/resume or dump mode
2012-08-13 James Harper started rewriting xenpci<->child interfacetesting
2010-10-10 James Harper Add Windows 2000 to the build scripts and installer0.11.0.238
2010-01-31 James Harper Big changes - not ready for production use.
2010-01-02 James Harper Fix installer so that it definitely waits until all drivers are installed properly0.11.0.186
2009-09-11 James Harper Very beta pvusb support. It works with at least one flash usb stick plugged into port 1 of the virtual hub. This breaks free build as it has warnings. Many many warnings.
2009-08-19 James Harper merge with head
2009-08-18 Amir Szekely avoid 7b bsod by better defining installation and driver loading order so xenpci won't hide the boot disk before xenvbd is properly installed
2009-05-10 James Harper remove xenhide
2009-03-03 James Harper Lots more changes...
2008-12-07 James Harper Removed xenconfig - resource faking and setup now occurs in xenpci
2008-09-08 James Harper added some missing files and other build updates