log xenhide/xenhide.c

age author description
2008-02-18 James Harper updates preparing for next release
2008-02-18 James Harper Committing changes to xenhide, but giving up on this approach
2008-02-15 James Harper Final updates to xenhide. Added a very basic installer (install.bat)
2008-02-14 James Harper Fix BSoD on shutdown after updates to xenhide
2008-02-13 James Harper Merge with head
2008-02-13 James Harper Updates to xenhide to properly hide intel ide and realtek network device, without resorting to tricks that the wdm documentation frowns upon.
2008-02-07 Andy Grover fix warnings
2008-02-06 James Harper Fixed a typo in the pci device detection
2008-02-06 James Harper Added locking on the grant table code to prevent major badness on SMP systems.
2008-02-05 James Harper Fixed a stupid off by one error which was preventing booting when /gplpv was not specified
2008-02-05 James Harper Converted xenhide from a wdf driver to a wdm driver, to get around boot load order problems with the wdf libraries.
2008-02-04 James Harper Updates to xenhide to better detect the pci ide adapter0.6.5
2008-02-02 James Harper Fixed vbd crashes where Dom0 bit width != DomU bit width0.6.3
2008-02-01 James Harper Updates to better enforce xenhide being loaded before enumerating devices on boot in xenvbd
2008-01-18 James Harper Set ndis buffer size back to what it was allocated as before freeing as per MS docs.
2008-01-14 James Harper Added error checking into xenhide
2008-01-05 James Harper Merged and xennet updates
2007-12-31 James Harper Removed hiding code from xenhide - use 'type=netfront' instead.
2007-12-30 James Harper Removed some debug messages.
2007-12-17 Andy Grover xenhide: use sizeof()
2007-11-11 James Harper Added a new PCI driver that can hide the Xen provided PCI devices