log xenpci/xenpci.c

age author description
2007-12-27 James Harper Created a 'xenenum' driver for when the device driver should attach to xen\???\xxx rather than xen\xxx
2007-12-20 James Harper Corrected merge of dpc patches.
2007-12-20 James Harper Merged0.5.0.0
2007-12-20 James Harper Added a small shutdown service to do the graceful shutdown
2007-12-19 Andy Grover move event processing to a DPC; random warning fixes
2007-12-19 James Harper Updates to merge with Andy's tree
2007-12-18 James Harper Added a 'XenShutdown' interface to allow a userspace program to listen for shutdown events
2007-12-17 Andy Grover manual merge fixes
2007-12-17 Andy Grover manual merge
2007-12-15 James Harper scsiport updates all working now
2007-12-05 Andy Grover fixups from manual merge
2007-12-05 Andy Grover manual merge
2007-12-05 James Harper Final commit before
2007-12-03 Andy Grover Automated merge with ssh://
2007-12-01 James Harper trying to go back to scsi class driver
2007-12-01 James Harper Giving up on scsiport...scsiport
2007-11-30 James Harper Further scsiport stuffscsiport
2007-11-29 Andy Grover rename deviceData variables to xpdd (aka xen pci device data)
2007-11-28 Andy Grover fixes to xenpci
2007-11-19 James Harper Finally got swapfile working!
2007-11-12 James Harper Bug Fixes... trying to find a problem that turned out to be me running an old version of xen by mistake!
2007-11-11 James Harper Minor Bugfixes and updates
2007-11-10 James Harper Initial upload of files