log installer.nsi

age author description
2008-07-21 James Harper More suspend/resume updates.
2008-07-11 James Harper IRQL related fixes for the restore path
2008-07-09 James Harper Fixed hang bug in xenhide on x64.
2008-07-04 James Harper Fixed a few warnings.
2008-06-22 James Harper fixed a few bugs in the installer wrt certs
2008-06-22 James Harper updated versions
2008-06-19 James Harper Made the optional in case signing isn't set up.
2008-06-17 James Harper final changes for
2008-06-17 James Harper Trying to get shutdownmon to terminate properly
2008-06-17 James Harper fixes to signing scripts
2008-06-17 James Harper updates to the whole xenconfig thing to allow xennet to dynamically config. Almost there.
2008-06-14 James Harper Fixed some POWER bugs causing 0x9F BSoD on shutdown.0.9.9
2008-06-13 James Harper testing service control from installer
2008-06-13 James Harper First cut of putting xenbus config details in the .inf file - xenvbd may yet pass WHQLwdm
2008-06-08 James Harper Tweaks to try and improve performance.wdm 0.9.8
2008-06-07 James Harper Fixed a bug which would prevent formatting (NTFS only I think) of xenvbd devices, and possibly cause some corruption although unlikely.wdm 0.9.7
2008-06-03 James Harper Started adding code to cope with 'xm block-detach'. currently BSoD's.wdm
2008-06-01 James Harper Wrote an installer using NSIS. Updated some documentation. Minor bugfixes too.wdm 0.9.5