log xennet/xennet.c

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2008-01-08 Andy Grover xennet: actually do what I thought I was doing yesterday
2008-01-07 Andy Grover xennet: fix off by 1 bug; start implementing shutdown code; redo task offload code in QueryInformation
2008-01-07 James Harper Another try and getting the checksums to work...
2008-01-07 James Harper More changes to get checksum problems resolved
2008-01-07 James Harper Started adding in checksum offloading to the rx code path
2008-01-05 James Harper Misc updates - testing for SMP
2008-01-05 James Harper Merged and xennet updates
2008-01-02 Andy Grover xennet: break up tx and rx locks to prevent recursive acquire
2008-01-02 Andy Grover fix shutdown memory leaks caught by driver verifier
2008-01-02 Andy Grover xennet: clean up warnings
2008-01-01 James Harper Started filling in the 'Halt' function.
2008-01-01 James Harper Merge with head
2008-01-01 James Harper Fixed packet sizing error which could cause an ASSERT/BSoD
2007-12-31 Andy Grover xennet: clean up warnings
2007-12-31 James Harper Removed hiding code from xenhide - use 'type=netfront' instead.
2007-12-30 James Harper Removed some debug messages.
2007-12-30 James Harper Fixed dpc code so that xennet stuff all runs at DISPATCH_LEVEL rather than DIRQL, as is required by all the NDIS code.
2007-12-28 James Harper Tidyups and work on getting xennet at least as functional as it was before I started messing with it :)
2007-12-27 James Harper Working on xennet
2007-12-27 James Harper Created a 'xenenum' driver for when the device driver should attach to xen\???\xxx rather than xen\xxx
2007-12-20 James Harper Created a common AllocagePages routine in xen_windows.h
2007-12-19 Andy Grover xennet: only allocate as much memory as needed for linearization, not a whole page
2007-12-18 Andy Grover xennet: set field in packet which kept rx from working; turn off some kdprints
2007-12-17 Andy Grover xennet: set packet status before indicating
2007-12-17 Andy Grover xennet: add support for pkt stats
2007-12-14 Andy Grover xennet: don't use device context; minor cleanups
2007-12-14 Andy Grover xennet: remove obsolete comments
2007-12-14 Andy Grover xennet: clear entry in rx_pkts when rx is complete; eliminate a local variable
2007-12-13 Andy Grover xennet: tx and rx both work!
2007-12-12 Andy Grover xennet: rough-in RX support (compiles, not debugged)
2007-12-05 Andy Grover xennet: implement tx ring cleanup on xen interrupt
2007-12-04 Andy Grover xennet: go into the right state after backend enters InitWait
2007-12-04 Andy Grover xennet: rough-in sendPackets
2007-12-03 Andy Grover xennet: Start implementing SendPackets
2007-11-30 Andy Grover xennet: flesh out initialization more
2007-11-30 Andy Grover xennet: get mac from backend; watch backend for state changes
2007-11-29 Andy Grover xennet: save path and backend path to xennet_info
2007-11-28 Andy Grover fix warnings in net driver
2007-11-28 Andy Grover fixes to xenpci
2007-11-27 Andy Grover Add rudimentary net support