log xenvbd/xenvbd_storport.c

age author description
2012-04-15 James Harper Fix up PREfast warnings
2012-04-15 James Harper Handle backend-id purely in xenpci_pdo. Remove domid parameter from fdo calls.
2011-12-01 James Harper Fix a bug that will cause a hang after 2^32 xenvbd i/o's.
2011-08-22 James Harper storport calls StartIo even when the adapter fails to initialise. Make sure this doesn't crash.
2011-03-30 James Harper Fix a crash on unaligned buffer access in storport. This was occuring during a format operation under 2008R2.
2011-03-17 James Harper Fix free build warning/error0.11.0.284
2011-03-17 James Harper Add reset handling to storport vbd driver
2011-02-27 James Harper Handle mapping failure in xenvbd correctly0.11.0.272
2011-02-06 James Harper Fix state handshake problem when using Solaris DomU
2011-02-05 James Harper Hibernation and suspend/resume fixes.
2011-02-03 James Harper Do the right thing on running out of shadow entries. Fix SMP issue (virtual storport does not locking).
2011-01-26 James Harper just a little quieter
2011-01-22 James Harper Move xenvbd to xenvbd_scsiport and make new storport driver.