age author description
2009-03-03 James Harper Lots more changes...
2009-02-18 James Harper more big updates
2009-02-14 James Harper mostly finished migration back to kmdf
2009-01-16 James Harper version bump
2008-12-25 James Harper 0.9.12-pre12
2008-12-23 James Harper 0.9.12-pre11
2008-12-23 James Harper rc version update
2008-12-19 James Harper 0.9.12-pre90.9.12-pre9
2008-12-15 James Harper Too many changes to mention. Mostly revolving around updating the way the pci ide and network adapters are disabled.
2008-12-08 James Harper 0.9.12-pre70.9.12-pre7
2008-11-27 James Harper version update - forgot to commit earlier
2008-11-23 James Harper rx checksum offload tuning
2008-11-07 James Harper Update version to 0.9.11
2008-11-05 James Harper 0.9.11-pre200.9.11-pre20
2008-09-17 James Harper Misc cleanups
2008-09-10 James Harper Update to support dpinst so that driver install works under 64 bit
2008-08-28 James Harper Re-commit after accidental 'rollback' instead of 'revert'. doh.
2008-08-20 James Harper fixed multiple crashes in xennet0.9.11-pre12
2008-08-12 James Harper Added some code to try and prevent xenvbd activating when qemu ata is active.0.9.11-pre11
2008-08-12 James Harper Many many updates to improve stability etc and performance.
2008-07-21 James Harper More suspend/resume updates.
2008-07-11 James Harper IRQL related fixes for the restore path
2008-07-09 James Harper Fixed hang bug in xenhide on x64.
2008-07-04 James Harper Fixed a few warnings.
2008-06-22 James Harper fixed a few bugs in the installer wrt certs
2008-06-22 James Harper updated versions
2008-06-22 James Harper major changes to xenhide. Now actually hides the qemu devices once more.
2008-06-17 James Harper final changes for
2008-06-17 James Harper fixes to signing scripts
2008-06-17 James Harper updates to the whole xenconfig thing to allow xennet to dynamically config. Almost there.
2008-06-14 James Harper Fixed some POWER bugs causing 0x9F BSoD on shutdown.0.9.9
2008-06-13 James Harper testing service control from installer
2008-06-13 James Harper First cut of putting xenbus config details in the .inf file - xenvbd may yet pass WHQLwdm
2008-06-11 James Harper Trying to make the devices appear more pci-like, pushing config into the inf files.wdm
2008-06-08 James Harper Tweaks to try and improve performance.wdm 0.9.8
2008-06-07 James Harper Fixed a bug which would prevent formatting (NTFS only I think) of xenvbd devices, and possibly cause some corruption although unlikely.wdm 0.9.7
2008-06-03 James Harper Started adding code to cope with 'xm block-detach'. currently BSoD's.wdm
2008-06-01 James Harper Wrote an installer using NSIS. Updated some documentation. Minor bugfixes too.wdm 0.9.5
2008-05-31 James Harper misc fixes. Mainly multiple requests per lu in xenvbdwdm 0.9.3
2008-05-26 James Harper Bumped versionwdm 0.9.2
2008-05-26 James Harper Fixed the handling of misaligned scsiport buffers when the buffer is > PAGE_SIZE. Added scsiport.c which I had forgotten. Activated sysrq handler again.wdm
2008-05-23 James Harper Fixed a few warnings and updated version for releasewdm 0.9.1
2008-05-23 James Harper Update of xennet appears to be working now without a crash or reboot required.wdm
2008-05-22 James Harper Lots more updates. Added pvscsi support and started working on the stub drivers. Also working on unload support.wdm
2008-05-16 James Harper Fixed a few bugs in shutdown handler. Drivers appear to be working now. Shutdown not so much yet...wdm
2008-05-14 James Harper vbd is now working. w00t.wdm
2008-05-04 James Harper Enumeration now working, but no useful info passed to child devices yet.wdm
2008-05-02 James Harper Created wdm branch for the migration from wdf to wdm. the basics of xenpci are working, but the bus enumeration isn't yet.wdm
2008-04-28 James Harper Xennet tuning... still getting occasional inconsistent results and very occasional crashes under extreme load.
2008-04-27 James Harper Combined the rx and tx page management code - both now free pages that haven't been used recently. Performance seems to suck even more now though...
2008-04-26 James Harper bug fixes - TX bug appears to be fixed. Improved memory management in the TX path.0.8.9
2008-04-19 James Harper fixed a number of particularly stupid bugs. rx performance still sucks greatly. a backup of my test machine still fails.
2008-04-15 James Harper packets are being very occasionally sent without headers... and other strange things are happening. added some debugging.
2008-04-10 James Harper Added extra calls to Indicate in rx path, and limited the total work per interrupt.
2008-04-09 James Harper Looking for cause of crashing. Added periodic buffer reaper timer to clean up buffers not currently in use. Modified the tx code to use a freelist when getting buffers for merged headers.
2008-04-08 James Harper Changes for debugging and testing
2008-04-05 James Harper Some tweaking to get gso working properly again.
2008-04-05 James Harper Fix for fragmented headers and offload
2008-04-05 James Harper Moved some functions around to make packet handling functions accessible to rx and tx. Untested. Fixed a bug in xenvbd which was preventing xenvbd from booting on XP, but it may break other O/S's
2008-04-02 James Harper tweaked a few things to make crashes go away