log xenvbd/xenvbd.inx

age author description
2010-10-16 James Harper Fix xennet build under Windows 2000
2010-10-10 James Harper Add some debug for dump mode buffer alignment
2010-01-10 James Harper Vbd changes for device hiding changes
2009-08-18 Amir Szekely avoid 7b bsod by better defining installation and driver loading order so xenpci won't hide the boot disk before xenvbd is properly installed
2009-05-10 James Harper Allowed branding of disk names via registry.
2009-03-04 James Harper build script updates
2009-02-18 James Harper more big updates
2009-01-16 James Harper changed bus type to PNPBus
2008-12-08 James Harper new config method
2008-07-07 Wayne Gong Merge bug fixer from WDF to WDM.
2008-06-17 James Harper updates to the whole xenconfig thing to allow xennet to dynamically config. Almost there.
2008-06-13 James Harper testing service control from installer
2008-06-13 James Harper First cut of putting xenbus config details in the .inf file - xenvbd may yet pass WHQLwdm
2008-06-11 James Harper Trying to make the devices appear more pci-like, pushing config into the inf files.wdm
2008-05-22 James Harper Lots more updates. Added pvscsi support and started working on the stub drivers. Also working on unload support.wdm
2008-05-16 James Harper Fixed a few bugs in shutdown handler. Drivers appear to be working now. Shutdown not so much yet...wdm
2008-05-14 James Harper inf file changes to allow install (untested)wdm
2008-05-07 James Harper More wdm updateswdm
2008-05-05 James Harper more enum updates.wdm
2008-02-05 James Harper Converted xenhide from a wdf driver to a wdm driver, to get around boot load order problems with the wdf libraries.
2008-02-04 James Harper Updates to make it easier to build with another version of the ddk. Tested with 6000 and 6001
2008-01-26 James Harper Fixed xenvbd under x640.6.1.0
2008-01-24 James Harper Updated ini files to properly build for x86 and amd64. XenNet works under amd64. XenVbd doesn't yet.
2007-12-28 James Harper Tidyups and work on getting xennet at least as functional as it was before I started messing with it :)
2007-12-19 James Harper More missing files