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age author description
2011-03-23 James Harper updated build instructions as they were way out of date0.11.0.285
2008-05-22 James Harper Lots more updates. Added pvscsi support and started working on the stub drivers. Also working on unload support.wdm
2008-05-16 James Harper Fixed a few bugs in shutdown handler. Drivers appear to be working now. Shutdown not so much yet...wdm
2008-03-27 James Harper minor tweaks. Trying to find the cause of a crash when gso is disabled
2008-02-28 James Harper Doc updates.
2008-02-18 James Harper Added a note about upgrading and xenhide.
2008-02-18 James Harper updates preparing for next release
2008-01-22 James Harper Final changes and documentation updates for release0.6.0.0