log xenvbd/xenvbd.c

age author description
2010-08-28 James Harper Force a crash if we get a buffer overrun in hibernate0.11.0.221
2010-08-11 James Harper try and allocate less memory for dump mode.
2010-06-26 James Harper Fix backend state change. Can now detach devices even when in use0.11.0.218
2010-05-22 James Harper Stall the xenvbd queue if we detect a write that overlaps a write already in the pipe. This prevents warnings with drbd and has no measurable loss of performance during normal use.
2010-03-12 James Harper Big messy changes. Add grant ref tagging to better track when things go wrong (debug build only).
2010-02-16 James Harper Fix 64 bit compile error0.11.0.210
2010-02-16 James Harper More scsi compliance updates
2010-02-15 James Harper Handle SCSI INQUIRY command better in xenvbd
2010-02-15 James Harper implement a queue for srb's. Sometimes we get one when we aren't expecting it...
2010-02-09 James Harper handle the xenvbd out-of-grant-references condition sensibly
2010-01-31 James Harper Big changes - not ready for production use.
2010-01-12 James Harper Fix a bug preventing save/migrate when a cdrom device is used
2010-01-10 James Harper Vbd changes for device hiding changes
2009-12-22 James Harper Use WinDDK 7600.16385.
2009-12-11 James Harper Fix a problem with sign extension when the sector number is >0x7FFFFFFF0.10.0.143
2009-10-14 James Harper add an ASSERT to trap bad DMA buffers0.10.0.130
2009-08-19 James Harper Minor change to inactive path on Restart
2009-08-08 Amir Szekely verify XenVbd_InitFromConfig() succeeded when resuming from hibernation and raise a bug check if it failed
2009-06-09 James Harper Fixed off-by-one error in previous xenvbd commit
2009-06-09 James Harper Zero the ring before doing bit-width detection.
2009-05-21 James Harper If a device sharing the same IRQ triggered an interrupt, xenvbd could crash. Fixed.
2009-05-20 James Harper Made the interrupt ack logic per-cpu to fix 'unacknowledged irq' errors and hangs in SMP
2009-05-10 James Harper Allowed branding of disk names via registry.
2009-03-28 James Harper Better behaviour on non-qemu hide mode.
2009-03-03 James Harper Lots more changes...
2009-02-18 James Harper more big updates
2009-02-14 James Harper mostly finished migration back to kmdf
2009-01-27 James Harper Changed to use sg. crash dump doesn't appear to work anymore.
2009-01-16 James Harper changed bus type to PNPBus
2008-12-23 James Harper fixed problem under dump mode
2008-12-22 James Harper whitespace
2008-12-19 James Harper Updated to support the proposed patches to qemu from Steven Smith on ~20081216
2008-12-17 James Harper Added support for >2TB block devices
2008-12-15 James Harper Too many changes to mention. Mostly revolving around updating the way the pci ide and network adapters are disabled.
2008-12-08 James Harper new config method
2008-12-03 Steve Meisner Fix another compiler warning when building non-debug
2008-11-19 James Harper Fixed a problem where a crash dump would fail if a page was still in use by the backend.
2008-11-13 James Harper Fixed crash on restore.
2008-11-07 James Harper Fixed bug in CD/DVD emulation where the backend device reports a block size of 512.
2008-11-05 James Harper Fixed a few additional bug check related issues
2008-11-02 James Harper Crash Dump wasn't always working properly because ring bit-width detection doesn't work properly unless the ring pointers are all zero. Now save the state and read it in event of a crash dump.
2008-09-17 James Harper Misc cleanups
2008-09-04 James Harper Don't disable xen drivers when gplpv isn't specified. Instead just make the xennet driver always report cable disconnected, and xenvbd not enumerate any disks.
2008-08-26 James Harper Updated save/restore code to work again after the change to IRQ routing.
2008-08-21 James Harper Merged xenvbd.c and scsiport.c
2008-08-12 James Harper Added some code to try and prevent xenvbd activating when qemu ata is active.0.9.11-pre11
2008-07-09 Andy Grover get xenvbd compiling under mingw
2008-06-17 James Harper final changes for
2008-06-13 James Harper First cut of putting xenbus config details in the .inf file - xenvbd may yet pass WHQLwdm
2008-06-11 James Harper Trying to make the devices appear more pci-like, pushing config into the inf files.wdm
2008-06-07 James Harper Fixed a bug which would prevent formatting (NTFS only I think) of xenvbd devices, and possibly cause some corruption although unlikely.wdm 0.9.7
2008-06-02 James Harper Added fix for whole machine (inc Dom0) hang when DomU bugchecked.wdm
2008-05-31 James Harper misc fixes. Mainly multiple requests per lu in xenvbdwdm 0.9.3
2008-05-27 James Harper Fixed a sense problem with xenscsi. scsi passthrough now working properly.wdm
2008-05-22 James Harper Lots more updates. Added pvscsi support and started working on the stub drivers. Also working on unload support.wdm
2008-05-14 James Harper vbd is now working. w00t.wdm
2008-05-13 James Harper closer to having xenvbd up and running. Non-512 byte aligned buffers are a pain though.wdm
2008-05-12 James Harper Continued porting to WDM. vbd is almost working.wdm
2008-05-07 James Harper More wdm updateswdm
2008-05-05 James Harper more enum updates.wdm