log xenpci/xenpci_fdo.c

age author description
2013-06-02 James Harper Refactoring to support xencache (tmem)
2013-02-20 James Harper Tidy up KdPrints
2013-02-19 James Harper hooking debug doesn't survive hibernate under win8. Remove it.
2013-02-11 James Harper Change GuardedMutex to FastMutex to be compatible with older OS
2013-02-02 James Harper xenvbd rewrite. combined scsiport and storport code where possible.
2013-01-06 James Harper Start of major changes to xenpci interface. Now using xenpci as export driver. storport and xennet6 drivers working but not suspend/resume or dump mode
2012-09-21 James Harper Tidy Up0.11.0.369
2012-08-13 James Harper started rewriting xenpci<->child interfacetesting
2012-04-15 James Harper Fix up PREfast warnings
2011-05-21 James Harper Updates to manage ballooning a bit better0.11.0.294
2011-04-29 James Harper Fix compilation under older DDK
2011-03-15 James Harper Make xenpci an export driver to remove some of the cumbersome function table stuff.
2011-03-01 James Harper Don't balloon down if Windows says low memory
2011-02-27 James Harper Minor changes to ballooning
2011-02-27 James Harper DriverEntry allocated memory now passed to balloon thread0.11.0.271
2011-02-27 James Harper Shuffle things around. Intial balloon-down (for PoD) happens as early as possible now to avoid crashes when Windows access unpopulated memory.
2011-02-05 James Harper Hibernation and suspend/resume fixes.
2011-01-27 James Harper Multiple fixups.
2011-01-22 James Harper Change grant table to use real memory space which fixes a hibernate crash.
2010-10-10 James Harper Fixes for build under Window 2000
2010-07-27 James Harper Improvements to textmode install
2010-06-26 James Harper Fix backend state change. Can now detach devices even when in use0.11.0.218
2010-06-24 James Harper zero pages before returning to xen when ballooning down
2010-05-20 James Harper Fix compile error - XP doesn't support MmAllocatePagesForMdlEx0.11.0.215
2010-05-20 James Harper Complete implementation of ballooning. Not well tested yet.
2010-03-12 James Harper Big messy changes. Add grant ref tagging to better track when things go wrong (debug build only).
2010-01-10 James Harper Big changes to the way the device hiding works. Should fix the way Vista and above need a reboot into safe mode after install.
2009-12-22 James Harper Use WinDDK 7600.16385.
2009-11-25 James Harper Clean up obsolete FUNCTION_XXX macros0.10.0.141
2009-11-14 James Harper fix compiler warnings
2009-11-14 James Harper Balloon down NR_GRANT_FRAMES + 1 to fix a problem on resume from migration
2009-10-11 James Harper Fix a hang in xenbus when a flurry of activity fills the xenstore ring0.10.0.129
2009-09-23 James Harper RC File updates.
2009-08-23 James Harper Add bug check reporting via qemu.
2009-08-17 James Harper read path after checking veto list
2009-08-09 James Harper Found some bugs caused by the unavailability of the page file during restore from suspend.
2009-08-05 James Harper Shut down threads properly on hibernate.
2009-07-29 Steve Meisner Fixed potential problem when XenPci_BalloonHandler() is called via xen watch, but no data was actually written. This happens sometime when the watch is first setup.
2009-07-02 James Harper Fixed up hot-add code (xm xxx-attach)
2009-06-25 James Harper add more memory debug messages
2009-06-10 James Harper Started implementing ballooning. GPLPV will now allocate and free memory from Windows based on the memory/target value, but doesn't yet actually return it to xen.
2009-03-28 James Harper Tidied up gnttbl code. Better detection of crash dumps. Better behaviour when qemu hiding doesn't work.
2009-03-03 James Harper Lots more changes...
2009-02-18 James Harper more big updates
2009-02-14 James Harper mostly finished migration back to kmdf
2009-01-16 James Harper big commit
2008-12-25 James Harper Refreshed the EVT_ACTION_TYPE_NORMAL code path. Updated prototypes.
2008-12-23 James Harper xenbus userspace channel starting to get somewhere...
2008-12-22 James Harper big changes to xenbus interface. simplified it a bit. started work on userspace interface.
2008-11-19 James Harper Rolled back the irq >= 16 restriction, as not all interrupts < 16 are ISA
2008-11-15 James Harper removed leftover debug stuff
2008-11-13 James Harper Added some flexibility into the frontend state transitions.
2008-11-07 James Harper Fix for memory leak from Steve Meisner
2008-09-17 James Harper Misc cleanups
2008-08-12 James Harper Many many updates to improve stability etc and performance.
2008-07-31 James Harper More attempts at removing races and deadlocks in save/restore
2008-07-25 James Harper implemented timers to make sure all cpu's are spinning, otherwise give up.
2008-07-25 James Harper More changes to try and prevent lockups on save and restore
2008-07-21 James Harper More suspend/resume updates.
2008-07-19 James Harper merged with head