log sign.bat

age author description
2011-12-24 James Harper Updates to build scripts to better support real certificates0.11.0.350
2011-01-11 James Harper Fix up signing in W2K build
2010-10-10 James Harper Add Windows 2000 to the build scripts and installer0.11.0.238
2010-01-02 James Harper Sign the installer too. Shuffle some things around to make this work.
2009-12-22 James Harper Use WinDDK 7600.16385.
2009-09-15 James Harper Added XenUSB to the installer.
2009-08-25 James Harper Fixed problem with signing
2009-08-18 Amir Szekely avoid 7b bsod by better defining installation and driver loading order so xenpci won't hide the boot disk before xenvbd is properly installed
2009-05-10 James Harper don't sign xenhide
2009-03-04 James Harper Added missing file