log xenusb/xenusb_huburb.c

age author description
2013-02-21 James Harper re-enable xenusb. compiles but untested.
2012-04-15 James Harper fix usb-detach hang
2012-01-14 James Harper Big cleanup. Push ring code to the FDO and send requests for processing there.
2012-01-10 James Harper Fixes for USB
2011-06-12 James Harper USB storage now partially working under XP
2011-06-10 James Harper usb updates. almost working under XP
2011-06-07 James Harper Updates to try and make xenusb work under 2008R2. This probably breaks the compile for XP. Very noisy and still doesn't work.
2009-11-26 James Harper Cleanups now that KdPrint is a no-op under Free build
2009-09-23 James Harper Updates to support latest pre-release version of pvusb. No longer compatible with current version.
2009-09-15 James Harper Lots of little fixes.
2009-09-12 James Harper Fix build warnings
2009-09-11 James Harper Very beta pvusb support. It works with at least one flash usb stick plugged into port 1 of the virtual hub. This breaks free build as it has warnings. Many many warnings.