log xenpci/xenpci_highsync.c

age author description
2011-04-29 James Harper Fix compilation under older DDK
2011-04-01 James Harper Flush DPC's before freeing highsync_info memory
2011-04-01 James Harper Another approach to avoid free race in highsync
2011-03-31 James Harper fix memory leak on suspend/resume
2011-03-15 James Harper Make xenpci an export driver to remove some of the cumbersome function table stuff.
2010-10-10 James Harper Fixes for build under Window 2000
2010-07-27 James Harper Improvements to textmode install
2010-02-01 James Harper properly disable interrupts for the N as well as the 0 routine in highsync
2009-12-22 James Harper Use WinDDK 7600.16385.
2009-02-18 James Harper more big updates
2009-02-14 James Harper mostly finished migration back to kmdf
2009-01-16 James Harper big commit