log makedist.bat

age author description
2009-03-08 James Harper Fixed another typo
2009-03-08 James Harper fixed typo preventing wlh x86 from building
2009-03-04 James Harper add /d switch to cd in case another drive is in use
2009-03-04 James Harper fixed a hardcoded path in makedist.bat
2009-03-04 James Harper build script updates
2009-03-03 James Harper Lots more changes...
2009-02-18 James Harper more big updates
2009-01-07 James Harper fixed a regression in makedist.bat
2008-12-15 James Harper Too many changes to mention. Mostly revolving around updating the way the pci ide and network adapters are disabled.
2008-06-17 James Harper fixes to signing scripts
2008-06-17 James Harper typo in makedist.bat
2008-06-17 James Harper updates to the whole xenconfig thing to allow xennet to dynamically config. Almost there.
2008-06-01 James Harper Wrote an installer using NSIS. Updated some documentation. Minor bugfixes too.wdm 0.9.5
2008-02-26 James Harper Oops... haven't checked in in a while. 0.8.2 and 3 are somewhere in here :)
2008-02-13 James Harper Updates to xenhide to properly hide intel ide and realtek network device, without resorting to tricks that the wdm documentation frowns upon.
2008-02-05 James Harper Tinkered with locking in xennet to try and fix smp crashes
2008-02-03 James Harper Fixed a problem on XP caused by a fix on x64. Added a stub driver to be used on console and vfb.0.6.4
2008-02-02 James Harper Fixed vbd crashes where Dom0 bit width != DomU bit width0.6.3
2008-01-22 James Harper Final changes and documentation updates for release0.6.0.0