log target/install.bat

age author description
2008-05-16 James Harper Fixed a few bugs in shutdown handler. Drivers appear to be working now. Shutdown not so much yet...wdm
2008-04-02 James Harper tweaked a few things to make crashes go away
2008-03-30 James Harper fixed version detection in install.bat - sometimes version is spelled with a capital and sometimes not
2008-03-27 James Harper minor tweaks. Trying to find the cause of a crash when gso is disabled
2008-02-26 James Harper Oops... haven't checked in in a while. 0.8.2 and 3 are somewhere in here :)
2008-02-22 James Harper fixed a typo in install.bat
2008-02-15 James Harper Final updates to xenhide. Added a very basic installer (install.bat)