log xenpci/xenpci.h

age author description
2007-12-20 James Harper Created a common AllocagePages routine in xen_windows.h
2007-12-20 James Harper Corrected merge of dpc patches.
2007-12-19 Andy Grover move event processing to a DPC; random warning fixes
2007-12-05 Andy Grover fixups from manual merge
2007-12-05 Andy Grover manual merge
2007-12-05 James Harper Final commit before
2007-12-03 Andy Grover Automated merge with ssh://
2007-12-01 James Harper trying to go back to scsi class driver
2007-12-01 James Harper Giving up on scsiport...scsiport
2007-11-28 Andy Grover wean xenbus.c off of global variables
2007-11-28 Andy Grover fixes to xenpci
2007-11-10 James Harper Initial upload of files