log xennet/xennet_common.c

age author description
2009-07-18 James Harper Fix a crash when an incorrectly formatted TCP packet is sent/forwarded by Dom0
2009-06-26 James Harper Make xennet work in the case where SG is not available. Limit GSO to PAGE_SIZE in such a case. Also Disable SG and GSO if disabled in the backend.
2009-04-03 James Harper Fix memory mapping issue causing crashes under some situations
2009-03-03 James Harper Lots more changes...
2009-02-14 James Harper mostly finished migration back to kmdf
2009-01-27 James Harper using sg for the tx path - improves performance by about 180% for me
2009-01-22 James Harper reduced copying in the rx path - ~30-50% rx performance increase
2008-11-23 James Harper rx checksum offload tuning
2008-11-19 James Harper Performance updates...
2008-11-18 James Harper Not-working-properly changes to add interrupt moderation and maximum work per interrupt
2008-11-06 James Harper Don't zero entire packet_info structure, to improve performance
2008-11-04 James Harper Many many updates to fix bugs encountered in ndistest.
2008-10-14 James Harper updates
2008-08-28 James Harper Re-commit after accidental 'rollback' instead of 'revert'. doh.
2008-08-26 James Harper Updated save/restore code to work again after the change to IRQ routing.
2008-08-20 James Harper fixed multiple crashes in xennet0.9.11-pre12
2008-08-18 James Harper Fixed the freelist overflow case in xennet.
2008-08-18 James Harper Allow NetworkAddress registry entry to override the MAC address for NLB.
2008-08-12 James Harper Many many updates to improve stability etc and performance.
2008-07-17 Andy Grover fixes for mingw optimized build, random other little stuff.
2008-07-09 Andy Grover build xennet using mingw
2008-06-29 James Harper Lots more changes to support xenvbd save/restore
2008-06-09 Andy Grover Merge of 265 from 'wdf'
2008-05-23 James Harper Fixed a few warnings and updated version for releasewdm 0.9.1
2008-05-15 James Harper xennet now working. working on graceful shutdownwdm
2008-05-05 Andy Grover fix warnings on x64 build. Xen apparently limits PFNs to 32 bits, so make this limitation stand out a little more
2008-04-27 James Harper Combined the rx and tx page management code - both now free pages that haven't been used recently. Performance seems to suck even more now though...
2008-04-26 James Harper bug fixes - TX bug appears to be fixed. Improved memory management in the TX path.0.8.9
2008-04-19 James Harper fixed a number of particularly stupid bugs. rx performance still sucks greatly. a backup of my test machine still fails.
2008-04-15 James Harper packets are being very occasionally sent without headers... and other strange things are happening. added some debugging.
2008-04-05 James Harper Some tweaking to get gso working properly again.
2008-04-05 James Harper oops. forgot to add xennet_common.c