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Don't disable xen drivers when gplpv isn't specified. Instead just make the xennet driver always report cable disconnected, and xenvbd not enumerate any disks.
author James Harper <>
date Thu Sep 04 22:31:38 2008 +1000 (2008-09-04)
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1 The source code still needs a tidy up. The Windows DDK stuff has it's
2 own coding style which I've imitated in places, and then xen has it's
3 own too, so this code is mostly one, the other, both, or neither. I'll
4 get to that as soon as I figure out what coding style to use and where.
6 Known problems or things that need doing to make it properly useful:
7 . No power management
8 . Almost certainly won't support migration or suspend/resume.
9 . Not enough testing under SMP.
10 . Probably lots of other things too.
12 TODO:
13 . Do some performance testing
14 . virtual scsi (eg a front end for the scsi passthrough stuff)
15 . balloon drivers (this should actually be pretty easy)
16 . Write an installer for the above binaries to automate everything
17 . Fix BSoD crash dump under vbd (currently just hangs without writing
18 a dump file)
19 . Correctly handle CD changes