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Fixed a bug in the dma routines which was causing memory corruption. In some cases when Windows gave an MDL that was longer than the buffer to be dma'd, the end of the buffer would be overwritten. The only time I am aware of this occuring is on one particular map in Call Of Duty 4.

Split out the dma routines from xenpci_pdo.c into xenpci_dma.c
author James Harper <>
date Wed Oct 14 14:46:39 2009 +1100 (2009-10-14)
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1 Advanced options on XenNet network adapter:
3 Check checksum on RX packets:
4 If enabled (and if Checksum Offload is enabled), xennet will check the checksum on incoming packets and report to Windows via the offload function. This is for compliance with the WHQL ndistest app but reduces performance. It can be safely disabled.
6 Checksum Offload:
7 Enables RX and TX checksum offload
9 Large Send Offload:
10 Sets the maximum size of TCP packets to be offloaded, or disables the offloading altogether.
12 Locally Administered Address
13 Overrides the MAC address of the adapter
15 MTU
16 Sets the maximum packet size reported to Windows
18 Rx Interrupt Moderation
19 Reduces the number of interrupts on receive by telling Dom0 not to notify so often if receive load is high. Can slightly increase latency when traffic slows.
21 Scatter/Gather
22 Reports to Dom0 that sg is supported. I'm not sure exactly what the outcome if changing this will be...