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Fixed a bug in the dma routines which was causing memory corruption. In some cases when Windows gave an MDL that was longer than the buffer to be dma'd, the end of the buffer would be overwritten. The only time I am aware of this occuring is on one particular map in Call Of Duty 4.

Split out the dma routines from xenpci_pdo.c into xenpci_dma.c
author James Harper <>
date Wed Oct 14 14:46:39 2009 +1100 (2009-10-14)
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1 The source code still needs a tidy up. The Windows DDK stuff has it's
2 own coding style which I've imitated in places, and then xen has it's
3 own too, so this code is mostly one, the other, both, or neither. I'll
4 get to that as soon as I figure out what coding style to use and where.
6 Known problems or things that need doing to make it properly useful:
7 . No power management
8 . Almost certainly won't support migration or suspend/resume.
9 . Not enough testing under SMP.
10 . Probably lots of other things too.
12 TODO:
13 . Do some performance testing
14 . virtual scsi (eg a front end for the scsi passthrough stuff)
15 . balloon drivers (this should actually be pretty easy)
16 . Write an installer for the above binaries to automate everything
17 . Fix BSoD crash dump under vbd (currently just hangs without writing
18 a dump file)
19 . Correctly handle CD changes