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1 This driver is buildable using MinGW32. This may be preferable due to licensing
2 reasons to using the Microsoft WDK/DDK.
4 These instructions are for building the driver on a Linux Ubuntu system, using
5 the mingw32msvc cross-compiler.
7 1. sudo apt-get install mingw32 mingw32-binutils mingw32-runtime
9 2. mingw-runtime headers need to be modified. Download the latest w32api-src.tar.gz
10 package from
12 3. Untar to a directory.
14 4. Use Mercurial and type:
15 "hg clone"
17 5. Apply the patch "w32api.diff" in the mingw directory to the untarred w32api
18 source: "cd w32api-<version>;patch -p1 < ~/hg/win-pvdrivers.hg/mingw/w32api.diff"
20 6. Type: "./configure i586-mingw32msvc;make"
22 7. Change to the win-pvdrivers.hg/xenpci dir.
24 8. Modify the W32API_PATH at the top of makefile.mingw to point to the lib/ddk
25 directory of the w32api package compiled above.
27 9. Type: "make -f makefile.mingw"
29 10. Building the shutdown monitor is not supported (maybe using Mono is an option
30 here?)
32 11. This is still an extremely alpha build method, so this will give you a
33 .sys file but you're on your own for the rest!