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Add export methods to retrieve and set the hypercall stubs for the dump_xenpci driver
author James Harper <>
date Mon Dec 09 13:30:14 2013 +1100 (2013-12-09)
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james@766 1 building liblfds
james@766 2 ================
james@766 3
james@766 4 Windows (user-mode)
james@766 5 ===================
james@766 6 1. Use Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 or Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition
james@766 7 to load "liblfds.sln".
james@766 8
james@766 9 2. Use Microsoft Windows SDK and GNUmake to run (obviously
james@766 10 you'll need to have run the appropriate vcvars*.bat first; you can build
james@766 11 for both IA64, 64-bit and 32-bit - just run the correct vcvars batch file).
james@766 12
james@766 13 Targets are "librel", "libdbg", "dllrel", "dlldbg" and "clean". You need
james@766 14 to clean between switching targets.
james@766 15
james@766 16 Windows (kernel)
james@766 17 ================
james@766 18 Use the Windows Driver Kit "build" command. Prior to running "build",
james@766 19 if you wish to build a static library, run the batch file
james@766 20 "runme_before_win_kernel_static_lib_build.bat"; if you wish to
james@766 21 build a dynamic library, instead run "runme_before_win_kernel_dynamic_lib_build.bat".
james@766 22
james@766 23 The Windows kernel build system is rather limited and rather than
james@766 24 really rather messing up the directory/file structure just for the
james@766 25 Windows kernel platform, I've instead arranged it that these batch
james@766 26 files do the necessary work so that "build" will work.
james@766 27
james@766 28 The batch files are idempotent; you can run them as often as you
james@766 29 like, in any order, at any time (before or after builds), and they'll
james@766 30 do the right thing.
james@766 31
james@766 32 Linux
james@766 33 =====
james@766 34 Use GNUmake to run "makefile.linux". Targets are "arrel", "ardbg",
james@766 35 "sorel", "sodbg" and "clean". You need to clean between switching
james@766 36 targets.
james@766 37
james@766 38