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xenvbd: clean up warnings
author Andy Grover <>
date Wed Dec 05 11:43:55 2007 -0800 (2007-12-05)
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james@3 1 This is my GPL'd Xen HVM PV drivers for Windows. You can contact me at, or on the xen-devel mailing list.
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james@3 3 Only block device drivers are supported so far. Also it's probably only really useful to anyone who knows something about windows driver development.
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james@3 5 My test environment is Xen 3.1.1 (64 bit Hypervisor) and Windows 2003 sp2 (32 bit PAE). YMMV.
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james@3 7 You can get the source using Mercurial at
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james@3 9 Please do not in any way consider it ready for production use. Definitely do not use them on a production DomU. While I have never seen them cause a problem with the hypervisor or Dom0, I would also be very
james@3 10 wary of using them on a production physical machine too. It now seems fairly sane in use, I haven't had a crash for a while, but I haven't done nearly enough testing yet.
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james@3 12 See BUILDING.txt for instructions on building the drivers.
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james@3 14 See INSTALLING.txt for instructions on installing the drivers.
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james@3 16 See TODO.txt for known problems and future plans.