age author revision description
2005-08-02 cl349 5991:a2f9f958fb14 Fix up non-valgrind case to send stderr to file like valgrind case does.
2005-08-02 cl349 5990:f9a8f24dac67 Don't abort on untranslatable errors: EINVAL and print warning
2005-08-02 cl349 5989:361d31028129 merge?
2005-08-02 cl349 5988:76794dad0aaf Fix checkpointing - add save/restore support to the xenbus driver.
2005-08-23 fred 5987:5f1ed597f107 Ensure percpu data area not used before the TR is set.
2005-08-19 fred 5986:1ec2225aa8c6 First step to remove CONFIG_VTI for final supporting xen0+xenU+xenVTI at runtime. This changeset mainly addresses common code like domain creation and rid allocation policy, including:
2005-08-19 fred 5985:97675c2dbb40 merge?
2005-08-16 kevin 5984:ed7e557deedd arch_serial_putc is not required any more.
2005-08-15 fred 5983:12ddc012238a put back cpu_user_reg patch done in Intel-5979
2005-08-15 ydong 5982:fd61ce502c71 Removing KR to PER CPU memory.
2005-08-12 ydong 5981:90c6abbd4a59 Remove misaddressing of cpu_info in PERCPU data
2005-08-11 kevin 5980:8bd2dc2c653d test
2005-08-12 fred 5979:a6bb47919161 Replace Xen_regs with cpu_users_regs to match upstream
2005-08-09 fred 5978:c56a9805216a Accomodate ia64-xenolinux change where xen-public is symlinked to
2005-08-08 adsharma 5977:88bfc84c5a75 CONFIG_VTI build fixes.
2005-08-08 djm 5976:1ee9236cc224 Merge after removing dependency on linux-2.6.11 source tree
2005-08-08 adsharma 5975:0380b4cc3c1a Merge
2005-08-02 adsharma 5974:f242de2e5a3c Move copy+patched files to linux-xen directory.
2005-08-02 adsharma 5973:e2127f19861b We no longer need linux sources to build xen.
2005-08-02 djm 5972:be8fe9b3987c Fix CONFIG_VTI build
2005-08-02 djm 5971:e173a853dc46 Merging with xen-unstable
2005-08-02 kaf24 5970:dcdcec634c2d Better XenLinux page fault debug output for PAE.
2005-08-02 smh22 5969:59e76450e286 Fixes.
2005-08-02 kaf24 5968:48dea637aac9 A few consoled tweaks. It's not worth building by default
2005-08-02 kaf24 5967:2f743309f21a Remove some binary files.
2005-08-02 kaf24 5966:94a4626c2c44 This is the first patch to move the console code out of Xend and into a
2005-08-02 kaf24 5965:1640c137c847 This is the first patch to move the console code out of Xend and into a
2005-08-02 smh22 5964:3f1785f02d89 Manual merge.
2005-08-02 smh22 5963:2609af9986e6 Disable build of pygrub for now - does not build with e2fsprogs-1.35
2005-08-02 smh22 5962:d709f743dd33 Fix typo in pygrub code
2005-08-02 kaf24 5961:3a11dbf5e4b6 The attached patch converts the balloon driver and xend to use
2005-08-02 kaf24 5960:eeb45fed8f91 > to "CONFIG_PAGING_LEVELS >= 3", maybe I forgot to include some
2005-08-02 kaf24 5959:e8178f0adc91 Missing ia64_stubs file for libxc.
2005-08-02 smh22 5958:433402c64c77 Remainder of ACM patch (hgrrrr).
2005-08-02 smh22 5957:d18f732c0a5f The patches below clean-up sHype-related file names in the tools subtree
2005-08-02 smh22 5956:0301cccd14f1 The attached patch adds the support that was only stubbed in to be able
2005-08-02 smh22 5955:706733e1ecdf * support proper scsi disk name
2005-08-02 smh22 5954:a75db157d12f Revert unintended enabling of grant tables for netback/netfront
2005-08-01 vh249 5953:975c937c33f9 correct wrong variables pass to the set_pte_at macro.
2005-08-02 fred 5952:9be7fe98a556 Fix calling point for do_softirq, which should only be checked
2005-08-02 fred 5951:bd77de43ed4a Fix compilation issue, and then VTI dom0 is up again.
2005-08-02 fred 5950:7e74ac6fdea9 Final set of HV change to support multiple domains on VTI.
2005-08-02 fred 5949:b6803bdaa95a Add hypercall continuation support, or else dom_mem_op may fail.
2005-08-02 fred 5948:7e5868cb1b91 Disallow reprogram_ac_timer to change itm, since there's only one
2005-08-02 fred 5947:6e20607ca839 Add copyright info.
2005-08-01 djm 5946:1efe6f4163ee Merge with latest xen-unstable
2005-08-01 smh22 5945:0db6a59abb95 Manual merge.
2005-08-01 smh22 5944:6a83d157a391 Minor clean ups of time.c and partial build fixes for 2.4
2005-08-01 ach61 5943:90f2b122fc43 PDB: convert ptrace.c and traps.c changes to local patches
2005-07-31 ach61 5942:f7abc6205e22 PDB: roll out changes to ptrace.c and traps.c
2005-08-01 kaf24 5941:ae51fa1d32b2 This patch adds two macros for construction of the
2005-08-01 kaf24 5940:ac7176771024 While merging my development tree with the latest hg tree I noticed that
2005-08-01 djm 5939:24dd9a53dd95 Fix the build on gcc-3.4.x (ia64 files)
2005-08-01 djm 5938:36ac9bc7dd15 Workaround new call to do_softirq in scrub_heap_pages in common code
2005-07-29 djm 5937:10872902be39 Accomodate change to common alloc_domheap_page
2005-07-29 djm 5936:b53a65034532 Merge in minor ia64 Makefile change from xen-unstable
2005-07-29 kaf24 5935:55a5ad2f028d dom_mem_ops address_bitsd fix.
2005-07-29 kaf24 5934:0e2461cdbad1 x86_32 build fix.
2005-07-29 kaf24 5933:c4cb2167d3c7 This patch renames balloon command to "set-mem", so instead of "xm
2005-07-29 kaf24 5932:2c0036a1cf4f This patch does 2 jobs:
2005-07-29 kaf24 5931:52260d8c2775 Patch for 64-bit VMX guest destroy
2005-07-29 kaf24 5930:8c1944538086 Here is our latest patch to enable the Xen tools to
2005-07-29 kaf24 5929:51094fae410e Attached patch adds a DMA zone to xen, also modifies xen_contig_memory()
2005-07-29 kaf24 5928:04d01b8fa219 This patch updates the CPU field in xm list for multi-vcpu domains.
2005-07-29 kaf24 5927:555b315b482d ... for dom0 if we know we'll need it. This is the xen
2005-07-29 kaf24 5926:e922662b7839 ... so it builds again and also add a note to the xen elf header
2005-07-29 kaf24 5925:691cd6f65739 Really just basic preparation: switch over PAE builds to the new
2005-07-29 kaf24 5924:0474ffc52ba7 fix x86_64 domain0 /dev/mem issue
2005-07-28 ach61 5923:dd1c092a7ee2 PDB: add some additional files
2005-07-28 ach61 5922:577d1c7b47a9 PDB: process targets
2005-07-28 cl349 5921:501a70f3ae96 merge?
2005-07-28 cl349 5920:e2d635617acd Don't unbind port when event channel binding fails.
2005-07-28 cl349 5919:d24e1970c205 Simplify code by acking watch as soon as we read it.
2005-07-28 cl349 5918:3be03cd7cd4c Simplify code by making in and out pointers internal to xenbus_xs.c
2005-07-28 kaf24 5917:80fed4ff19b2 Nicer platform timer string (include clock rate in mhz).
2005-07-28 kaf24 5916:1db202550e82 Fix irq.c warning, from aq.
2005-07-28 kaf24 5915:7a30b587387f Fix gnttab bug in blkfront.
2005-07-27 kaf24 5914:fb5de385a9ee Slightly better time debugging support in Xen.
2005-07-27 cl349 5913:c02e5214247e Get rid of internet_copy.jpg once more.
2005-07-27 cl349 5912:72ec508ccbdc Don't ignore exceptions here - the possible RuntimeError is handled already.
2005-07-27 cl349 5911:f24fcd22c68f Introduce dom0 to the store.
2005-07-27 cl349 5910:06c5924b0c2e Handle introduce_domain failing when the domain is already introduced.
2005-07-27 cl349 5909:de1207b85ef8 Always pass around the store machine frame number instead of the linear address.
2005-07-27 cl349 5908:ae3a721bbcb8 Add xc_init_store python binding.
2005-07-27 cl349 5907:cda48f530e93 Fix read of integers from database on event channel restore.
2005-07-27 cl349 5906:c6c6cfaab2bf Make XENSTORED_DEBUG create a xenstored trace logfile.
2005-07-27 cl349 5905:598c92956925 Move SIF_BLK_BE_DOMAIN and SIF_NET_BE_DOMAIN definitions to where they are used.
2005-07-27 cl349 5904:2c67026ea29d merge?
2005-07-27 cl349 5903:039c7fd6a4d2 Don't auto-add domains we don't know about.
2005-07-27 kaf24 5902:01966dd718a8 Add IBM Cyclone support to Xen.
2005-07-27 kaf24 5901:b7e975425dd6 Add HPET support to Xen. It is quicker to access and more
2005-07-27 kaf24 5900:7599a943b39e On opt_nosmp, also force num_cores to 1. Do this in setup.c
2005-07-27 sos22 5899:828d512b22ba Kill a bad assertion.
2005-07-27 sos22 5898:240313350234 Merge.
2005-07-27 sos22 5897:5f9ca2959ffc Make sure that opt_nosmp also disables hyperthreading. This stops us
2005-07-27 cl349 5896:d86a9892396a Rename file with space in name.
2005-07-27 kaf24 5895:a0a14aedfa68 Fix memory reservation in XenLinux.
2005-07-27 iap10 5894:4c52791a0444 Frob the Linux-2.6 configs to enable PAE (HIGHMEM_64G) if XEN_TARGET_X86_PAE=y
2005-07-26 cl349 5893:2333f6616d18 merge?
2005-07-26 cl349 5892:69beaae8a1fa Clean up xenbus code not to use priorities.
2005-07-26 cl349 5891:5f0446907501 Fix case where watch callback unregisters itself: do not try to ack it
2005-07-26 cl349 5890:26e4e952c385 Implement xenbus_dev_error() and xenbus_dev_ok() functions
2005-07-26 cl349 5889:a9a956748997 Scrub initial xenstore page, free xendev structure.
2005-07-26 cl349 5888:b52196300306 Fix locking: probe can be called from several places, so ensure
2005-07-26 cl349 5887:c1c2a023dbc4 Fix bus watch code, and clean up a little.
2005-07-26 cl349 5886:51fb35494e9b Note about when device_find is fixed
2005-07-26 cl349 5885:c352c388aaec Modify to assume transactions
2005-07-26 cl349 5884:aa8776c44b65 Do not use device_find: crashes for some reason
2005-07-26 cl349 5883:c20ccb474166 Fix missing argument rename in xenbus_exists.
2005-07-26 cl349 5882:aeb3b64ea40e Grab lock around registering watch.
2005-07-26 cl349 5881:bd0ff9b1ea14 Add watch for dynamic add/remove of devices.
2005-07-26 cl349 5880:42e8937a93f0 Fix return from xenbus_scanf: returns number scanned, not 0!
2005-07-26 cl349 5879:2e6e1eb66c5e Major xenbus cleanup
2005-07-26 cl349 5878:62e13cae2f58 Update python bindings - xs_watch doesn't support a priority anymore.
2005-07-26 cl349 5877:1853a6e966bd Remove ill-conceived concept of watches blocking reply on
2005-07-26 cl349 5876:b9903985e9b6 Fix bug where transaction fires multiple events.
2005-07-26 cl349 5875:052208a34902 Fix bug where watch messages doesn't go out. Also change xs_test
2005-07-26 cl349 5874:2ae19537f615 Allow test.sh to take arg: name of test to start with
2005-07-26 cl349 5873:6f4d50000179 Make testing more reliable: wait for event after async so we know
2005-07-26 cl349 5872:4e833037159d Change watches: operations block until everyone has acked.
2005-07-26 cl349 5871:997b2b07b96d Change from bool indicating blocked to an enum: when watches go
2005-07-26 cl349 5870:99366b44c421 Test and fix acknowedge_watch from returning EINVAL.
2005-07-26 cl349 5869:f9a3f32a129b Fix testsuite to ignore tool/ dir.
2005-07-26 cl349 5868:71271a3f41a9 Start of code to persistent store connections when xenstored restarts
2005-07-26 cl349 5867:932fc8a1b38d # HG changeset patch
2005-07-26 kaf24 5866:22984cc20ff9 Manual merge.
2005-07-26 kaf24 5865:c1c9a281eac2 Attached patch removes the empty domain if
2005-07-26 cl349 5864:6ac24e8a6ec4 Don't enter sv subdirectory until its Makefile supports targets
2005-07-26 kaf24 5863:9b436c6bf2bd This patch prevents you from getting a screen full of stack trace when
2005-07-26 kaf24 5862:6c24d2b4f3ea Manual merge.
2005-07-26 twilkie 5861:df19d43b95d0 Add XenSV back into the repository.
2005-07-26 kaf24 5860:d63b100b327a Fix restart/poweroff properly. From aq.
2005-07-25 kaf24 5859:ecb17ef5a587 - allows to optionally boot the system with a policy already being
2005-07-25 kaf24 5858:d6af2ea42f94 Improve guest time keeping
2005-07-25 kaf24 5857:eba58fc9f755 Really enable gdbserver for real mode code.
2005-07-25 kaf24 5856:4999a05b568f Use hg root instead of bk root.
2005-07-25 kaf24 5855:82af26d5d134 Restore command line parsing code from qemu-0.6.1
2005-07-25 kaf24 5854:7ac99b43f879 Allow multiple disk images per guest.
2005-07-25 kaf24 5853:9b713b8d1100 Fix the path to qemu-dm
2005-07-25 kaf24 5852:cb0f79c9d3fc Implement the I/O bitmap vm execution control.
2005-07-25 kaf24 5851:edc6e8921dd1 Don't leave behind zombie device model processes
2005-07-25 kaf24 5850:3acc0ae6a001 Xen full virtualization does not handle unaligned IO with page crossing.
2005-07-25 kaf24 5849:5f77050a58f6 Translate some control characters in the qemu monitor.
2005-07-25 kaf24 5848:50fd1e053b1a Remove extra definition of DBG in pci/irq.c in XenLinux.
2005-07-25 kaf24 5847:34fe1d9f0ced Fix cross-compile builds by using NM macro instead of nm
2005-07-25 kaf24 5846:9a936ba5cde0 XenLinux restart/poweroff calls 'reboot' or 'poweroff'
2005-07-25 vh249 5845:6feba419cead split deallocation from net_tx_action
2005-07-25 vh249 5844:7bc4ebdd5660 add grant table capabilities to netback and netfront.
2005-07-25 vh249 5843:a49bf96419a4 regenerate smp-alt.patch for 2.6.12
2005-07-22 sd386 5842:dc7c14e533c2 Local merge
2005-07-22 sd386 5841:460405b4723b Fixed extratime scheduling bug, which caused a prioritised dom0 to overtake the whole cpu.
2005-07-22 kaf24 5840:48aed1403fe3 Port kallsyms to Xen, as 'symbols'.
2005-07-22 sos22 5839:7627476544b5 In 2.6.12-land, do_debug and do_int3 return void. Make sure we don't try
2005-07-21 kaf24 5838:9038a369268d Here is a patch to enable Xen to run on a Unisys ES7000 x86_64 system.
2005-07-21 kaf24 5837:6e11af443eb1 Fix problem of can not create two or more vmx guest.
2005-07-21 kaf24 5836:07884fe7c5ce Save per cpu IDT information into the VMCS host area.
2005-07-21 kaf24 5835:dd3dbd7c82e0 Propagate guest MSR writes to machine MSRs immediately
2005-07-20 smh22 5834:c7f883aaedb0 Fix bug.
2005-07-20 kaf24 5833:c316e464f7c2 No need to define io_remap_pfn_range in linux/mm.h.
2005-07-19 maf46 5832:581902ddd16f Merged by hand.
2005-07-19 maf46 5831:390e4d63cdb1 Shadow mode's writable-PTs should only allow guest kernels access to PTs
2005-07-19 kaf24 5830:2ecb91fb6cdb Fix wallclock timebase extraction in XenLinux.
2005-07-19 kaf24 5829:bf68b5fcbc9b Simplify and fix the error-correction factor during
2005-07-18 kaf24 5828:43564304cf94 First cut of new time interfaces and synchronisation mechanisms.
2005-07-17 ach61 5827:9697bc63d403 pdb: read/write registers for process target
2005-07-16 kaf24 5826:722c372fe201 Fix 'make uninstall' target.
2005-07-16 kaf24 5825:1b45bcaafb1f Fix 'make mrproper' to remove pristine and ref trees.
2005-07-16 kaf24 5824:43e28a2f6037 Delete resurrected files (from ia64 merge).
2005-07-15 kaf24 5823:d75a502b45eb Simple grant-table fix (check_unmap).
2005-07-15 kaf24 5822:6891f0c11683 Trivial fixes for numeric arg to head/tail.
2005-07-29 djm 5821:a4196568095c Updates to conform to latest xen-unstable
2005-07-28 fred 5820:208a3afc9353 Make ns16550 rework on tiger4 box
2005-07-28 fred 5819:34460b45204a Add kregs change
2005-07-28 fred 5818:04f35d2b143d This patch adds necessary support for vcontext merge between
2005-07-28 fred 5817:8fc64b82dd35 More syntactic changes for preparation of vcpu_info merge
2005-07-28 fred 5816:a64dae7a0344 Add emulation to rsm.be, which is first encounted in guest fast syscall
2005-07-28 fred 5815:40bddfe9e390 Fix the issue of complete rebuild for any change
2005-07-27 fred 5814:2df9bb1b4ae0 Nop change. Just a test
2005-07-27 djm 5813:bb0eeb87bfca Disable NaT support, fast tick and improved PAL support until
2005-07-27 djm 5812:db8a7f39df93 Syntactic changes to prepare for possible vcpu_info changes
2005-07-27 djm 5811:738ba414ce80 Add xen-shared-info offset generation
2005-07-18 djm 5810:0cc05e9a3482 Fix and turn back on unat checking in fast paths
2005-07-18 djm 5809:6e9248e8f401 Get FPU working on context_switch
2005-07-18 djm 5808:00a05c6a0acc Use hda1, not sda1
2005-07-18 djm 5807:a6b64aed65c3 Properly implement PAL_PTCE_INFO for Xen
2005-07-15 djm 5806:816b9b3ced2f Fix ar.unat handling for fast paths
2005-07-15 djm 5805:a83ac0806d6b Merge with ia64-unstable.hg
2005-07-14 djm 5804:8328317e60ab Fix for new ns16550 serial code in xen-unstable.hg
2005-07-13 djm 5803:ea8caf38c914 Oops remove debug output from last changeset
2005-07-13 djm 5802:d4ecbd89d954 Fix PAL_PTCE_INFO and cpuid (pfmon now works)
2005-07-13 djm 5801:a87242c44417 Add easy way to turn off all fast paths to rule them out when debugging
2005-07-12 djm 5800:9870485d4836 Better pal/sal support
2005-07-11 djm 5799:970f74591ffa Fixes so xen+xenlinux boots on ski
2005-07-10 djm 5798:d0a1154755c9 Fix zeroing of some counters and add a couple more
2005-07-09 djm 5797:ca44d2dbb273 Intel's pre-bk->hg transition patches
2005-07-09 djm 5796:89d92ce10924 Add fast path for thash hyperprivop
2005-07-09 djm 5795:0e7741276468 Cleanup virtual translation code
2005-07-09 djm 5794:40be48f67a33 Somehow this file got zeroed out?!? Replacing it
2005-07-09 djm 5793:c1a7ed266c7e Catch up to xen-unstable.hg tip
2005-07-07 djm 5792:95f14bb8d220 Dummy file to test hg push
2005-07-15 kaf24 5791:35b74976f598 Relax the bounce-buffer copying constraints in dma_sync_single_for_*
2005-07-15 sos22 5790:ebfde26a769a Avoid some unnecessary TLB flushes. This will probably make no real
2005-07-15 kaf24 5789:e8b48f3a2843 Fix exit path from DOM0_CREATEDOMAIN, which I broke earlier
2005-07-15 kaf24 5788:ce4b630067bb Enable VMX domains on a SMP dom0.
2005-07-15 kaf24 5787:50da9b240a1f Recently some people complain that they cannot set the maxmem for
2005-07-15 kaf24 5786:79bb7dfb8fc1 Temporary fix for netif ring overflow, until we move
2005-07-15 kaf24 5785:8d04aa7b4280 Simpler domid allocation.
2005-07-14 iap10 5784:1d026c7023d2 Update x86_64 -xen config for Linux 2.6.12
2005-07-14 iap10 5783:1febf5dabc4f Update the -xen default config to Linux 2.6.12
2005-07-14 iap10 5782:cd95b96a172e Incorporate lomount from QEMU into tools/misc. This tool makes it easy to mount
2005-07-14 kaf24 5781:98b83cc57eca Missing quirks.c file.
2005-07-14 kaf24 5780:ca90d2903b7b Auto-disable IRQ balancing/affinity on buggy chipsets.
2005-07-14 kaf24 5779:57dfd651cca4 Allow IRQ balancing to be disabled with 'noirqbalance'
2005-07-14 kaf24 5778:43c21adcfc79 Add debug-key for printing IRQ/IOAPIC info.
2005-07-14 iap10 5777:1fb47826d767 Misc fixes for new sparse tree names: xen-clone script; -xen kernel build (the one with all the modules); Backout changes to legacy targets.
2005-07-14 kaf24 5776:64f26eed8d47 Allow arch-specific defaults to be specified for ns16550
2005-07-14 kaf24 5775:9b77ba29108d The VMCS control bits in the current tree are not optimal. Attached is
2005-07-14 kaf24 5774:71d000e59b13 Cleanup mov to CR4 handling.
2005-07-14 kaf24 5773:637127cded4e Enable CR4.VME to improve the performance of vm86 emulation.
2005-07-14 vh249 5772:9d2ca2da280e repair legacy Makefile targets linux26 and linux24
2005-07-13 ach61 5771:09be5b1bdeb0 pdb: reconcile register manipulation between processes and domains
2005-07-13 kaf24 5770:57b2fa8bf11d Initial tools support for 32-bit x86 pae.
2005-07-13 kaf24 5769:87cfe3f76045 Force PAE build of Xen by specifying 'pae=y' to make, or
2005-07-13 kaf24 5768:a98634f1c008 Remove CONFIG_X86_PAE hack from config.h.
2005-07-13 vh249 5767:79d52bd557cf Readd pristine-% rules that went MIA.
2005-07-13 kaf24 5766:35ccaeaffeb7 Enable NX/XD feature for 32-bit PAE Xen.
2005-07-13 kaf24 5765:3473b453dbae Build hotplug by default in dom0.
2005-07-13 kaf24 5764:5db799f4c40e The patch attached restores NX/XD support in x86_64 xenlinux. When the
2005-07-13 kaf24 5763:6778d68a2c4c Need to save and restore MSRs for VMX domains across context switches.
2005-07-13 kaf24 5762:3a4ef6acd545 Fix NX/XD enable on secondary CPUs.
2005-07-12 ach61 5761:faf7e6254712 pdb: get rid of absolute path in module makefile
2005-07-12 kaf24 5760:3b48277a9dd0 Let Xen have 256 PIRQs to guests.
2005-07-12 ach61 5759:f23750d7c214 pdb: execution_domain -> vcpu
2005-07-12 kaf24 5758:d80e38e4b31d Native x86_64 linux uses paranoidentry for exceptions with ist !=3D 0,
2005-07-12 kaf24 5757:b513fd51f850 Small fix for PAE in 2.6.12.
2005-07-12 kaf24 5756:d99ebf2de9f3 Some more new files for Linux PAE.
2005-07-12 kaf24 5755:be1153585cb0 Fix hgignore regexps some more.
2005-07-12 kaf24 5754:12edc2f2ca18 Fix Xen build with PAE enabled, and a fix to help
2005-07-12 kaf24 5753:9f6057761c8f Fix DMA compile for x86_64.
2005-07-12 kaf24 5752:c5db6fd54e36 Fix dma_map_single to work correctly with multi-page buffers.
2005-07-12 cl349 5751:57a5441b323b xenstored updates.
2005-07-12 cl349 5750:43f224c33281 Manual merge.
2005-07-12 cl349 5749:09b142631de3 Manual merge.
2005-07-12 cl349 5748:739ba7204123 Add xc_init_store and run xenbus probe on INITDOMAIN_STORE privcmd ioctl.
2005-07-12 cl349 5747:1b837c5794ca Update xenbus driver code.
2005-07-12 cl349 5746:b5e3b99075c6 Create .hgskip files instead of .bk_skip files.
2005-07-12 kaf24 5745:8a8b8087b083 Dom0 can have slack time in sedf scheduler.
2005-07-12 kaf24 5744:308329b4e883 Fix the x86_64 build after the PAE check-in.
2005-07-12 kaf24 5743:8de4591d112f Add HIGHMEM64G (but not set) to defconfigs.
2005-07-11 kaf24 5742:291fa5555eff Fix README.
2005-07-11 kaf24 5741:c20bd9f1d204 Device model SXP cleanup
2005-07-11 kaf24 5740:09cc6606517d Tools build fixes.
2005-07-11 kaf24 5739:622ea2078f85 This is the patch for xen which allows using up to 16 GB
2005-07-11 kaf24 5738:f1a16642edaf non-PAE behavior should be identical after applying these
2005-07-11 kaf24 5737:e6f48ae99035 Place all low mem in DMA pool.
2005-07-11 kaf24 5736:0d415d73f8f2 This adds a patch for the vanilla kernel, to be pushed upstream some
2005-07-11 kaf24 5735:de2e58cdec37 Another fix to the hgignore list.
2005-07-11 kaf24 5734:60fc40a82fa9 Remove 2.6.11 patches directory.
2005-07-11 kaf24 5733:ece694762d7a Remove old linux sparse trees.
2005-07-11 kaf24 5732:b3cfebba3b30 We need this patch to make shadow code compile ok on FC4 which is using
2005-07-11 kaf24 5731:56a63f9f378f Manual merge.
2005-07-11 vh249 5730:22541999d8bb upgrade linux sparse tree from 2.6.11 to 2.6.12
2005-07-11 vh249 5729:02282ff7cc8c lose latest digit of the sparse tree for 2.4
2005-07-11 vh249 5728:c3c51a34c924 lose latest digit of the sparse tree for 2.6
2005-07-11 kaf24 5727:ba925b4aef28 The 1:1 page table should be a 3 level PAE page table on x86-64
2005-07-11 kaf24 5726:a29b4174d39c Remaining files for shadow 64 mode checkin.
2005-07-11 kaf24 5725:e4272b361053 Added regexp fixes
2005-07-11 kaf24 5724:0bcfd66a431e Check in files I missed from shadow64 checkin.
2005-07-11 kaf24 5723:d332d4df452e Fix stupid switch stmt mess-up that broke emulation
2005-07-11 kaf24 5722:f261f14b9781 Now we have extended the patch to support x86_64 domU as well. The
2005-07-11 kaf24 5721:c32cf5fef34c Don't build xenctx by default,a nd fix one error msg.
2005-07-11 kaf24 5720:dd798dd2abce Manual merge.
2005-07-11 kaf24 5719:afe05231fe25 cmpl workaround for mmio regions
2005-07-11 kaf24 5718:c270d9ffdcef Remove debug printks.
2005-07-11 kaf24 5717:d4607c4c9478 Narrow the diff between i386 and x86-64 for xen0 config.
2005-07-11 kaf24 5716:3de8cebfb231 More verbose log when vmx_decode() fails.
2005-07-11 kaf24 5715:507ab2973964 Fix xenctx compilation and support 64 bit.
2005-07-10 smh22 5714:5c6ef0bec2df fix build when not using grant tables for blkdev.
2005-07-10 kaf24 5713:25e96ea6e4c5 Manual merge.
2005-07-10 kaf24 5712:1a57305dd9e9 Small fix to x86_64 entry.S.
2005-07-10 kaf24 5711:8579c57c7fce Remove checks for libcurl. It's no longer a dependency.
2005-07-10 ach61 5710:a28952e73253 add ocaml compilation targets and pdb to .hgignore
2005-07-09 kaf24 5709:215d8b2f3d94 Manual merge.
2005-07-09 kaf24 5708:49a00af50777 Make structs non-empty.
2005-07-08 sos22 5707:05b63285047c Merge.
2005-07-08 sos22 5706:04d15727e6e8 Get rid of some debug printks.
2005-07-08 sos22 5705:7c3d7c37dfde Get a very primitive relation of IRQ affinity working. For the
2005-07-08 sos22 5704:9b73afea874e Certain types of event channel are now auto-bound to vcpu0 by Xen.
2005-07-08 kaf24 5703:1d375ce8e0e0 Clean up Xen's event-channel interface, and semantics for binding
2005-07-08 sos22 5702:579d1e771025 Merge.
2005-07-08 sos22 5701:707fcf42a5ae Merge.
2005-07-07 sos22 5700:f3f845297821 Quick hack to make sure that pirqs and interdomain event channels are
2005-07-08 kaf24 5699:eef23f57f20e The attached patch adds a new dom0_op, DOM0_GETDOMAININFOLIST. This
2005-07-08 kaf24 5698:20ff6c7413d8 trivial header fix for ACM code.
2005-07-08 kaf24 5697:fdcf179cb6b1 Fix top Makefile targets linux24 and linux26.
2005-07-08 kaf24 5696:169cb05ce889 Add debug-register access emulation.
2005-07-08 kaf24 5695:0694fda4dbd5 python wrapper arg fix from aq.
2005-07-07 kaf24 5694:1a7383f84989 Fix cross-compilation, and gcc4.
2005-07-06 iap10 5693:43bfa1a81aa0 Change default Xen scheduler to Stephan Diestelhorst's SEDF, which can provide time slice guarantees as well as weighted differentiation.
2005-07-06 iap10 5692:2db810d7985f Enable CONFIG_SMP, CONFIG_SMP_HOTPLUG and CONFIG_SMP_ALTERNATIVES in the -xenU default kernel.
2005-07-06 iap10 5691:88c2d410979f I updated the vcpu_to_cpu string creation to include a field separator,
2005-07-06 iap10 5690:32fb371cc283 manual merge
2005-07-06 iap10 5689:1c119c875f21 manual merge
2005-07-06 iap10 5688:d231efdaa66d manual merge
2005-07-06 sos22 5687:bd1642e8599e manual merge
2005-07-06 sos22 5686:5ead5ffa04c2 Fix SMP_ALTERNATIVES to cope with discarded init data.
2005-07-06 ach61 5685:b237f032cee1 update hg cheatsheet
2005-07-06 iap10 5684:33373e428c9d Add a dummy xen_defconfig_x86_64. Currently the same as xen0
2005-07-06 iap10 5683:43e8e30cbea7 manual merge
2005-07-06 ach61 5682:7ca01ac7dee0 add ocaml compiled files to .hgignore
2005-07-06 iap10 5681:4b30296d6f5d Enable CONFIG_HIGHMEM4G in default Linux 2.6 kernel configs.
2005-07-06 iap10 5680:20008f3ac9f5 Improve changeset identification to work from src tar ball too.
2005-07-06 smh22 5679:b522a3a4d525 Fix blkif 'grant-table-ification'
2005-07-06 smh22 5678:1883ec07708b Manual merge.
2005-07-06 smh22 5677:b3a27d7ef999 Move xenstore page before page tables so that guest doesn't free it after boot
2005-07-06 iap10 5676:9a7d86b8147d Add a new Linux kernel config file -xen [NB: no 0 or U suffix] that builds a wide selection of modules, more in keeping with distro kernels.
2005-07-06 kaf24 5675:189c87adf876 Mini-os updates from Grzegorz Milos.
2005-07-06 kaf24 5674:287583627544 Attached is a patch that fully 'grant-table-ifies' the block front and
2005-07-06 kaf24 5673:bc8cab407197 Shell scripts aren't very strippable and some versions of install get
2005-07-06 kaf24 5672:ffb406dfb170 Oh gcc4 ....how you complain soo. This patch fixes compile with gcc4
2005-07-05 kaf24 5671:ec3b7c87b577 Here are two patches which update the hypercall interfaces to
2005-07-05 cl349 5670:47295d6ca1d7 Cleanup whitespace.
2005-07-05 cl349 5669:ff5d7ccd8d69 No changes from me.
2005-07-05 cl349 5668:0e6073537c4a Remove confusion about terminating nul character.
2005-07-05 cl349 5667:30e0940a2982 Undo "Add -fPIC tools/xenstore/Makefile".
2005-07-04 kaf24 5666:4b052d8a9a2f Rename fields in physinfo_t structure and add sockets/nodes
2005-07-04 kaf24 5665:8bd2e8933277 Manual merge.
2005-07-04 akw27 5664:9b1866006aea merge
2005-07-04 akw27 5663:f6e7c967212e Add hook in get_user_pages to allow lookups of foreign mapped pages.
2005-07-04 kaf24 5662:abc0a8f65be7 Fix grant-table interface by removing the unnecessary union.
2005-07-04 gmilos 5661:e1fbb7fee1d8 Example of assymetric pull/push paths.
2005-07-04 gmilos 5660:82d686a6b63e Extended explanation of 'hg diff'.
2005-07-04 kaf24 5659:22ccddf93c40 To avoid MSR save/restore at every VM exit/entry time, we restore the
2005-07-04 kaf24 5658:50ac4630390b The patch extends the VMCS handling to support both 32-bit and 64-bit
2005-07-04 kaf24 5657:cb6b221bef55 Recent header file cleanup (cset 2b6c1a8098078f7e53de7cf72227fddf01f0b2b6)
2005-07-03 kaf24 5656:f8acd354e129 Manual merge.
2005-07-03 kaf24 5655:80d5dd14711e Remove Jan Beulich's install.sh patch. It was failing for
2005-07-03 akw27 5654:09067ce92303 Manual merge -- hg not so good at deleting right now.
2005-07-03 akw27 5653:abbc1d071e22 Clean-up of blktap and parallax user space code.
2005-07-03 akw27 5652:99ff7c3435b2 Fix some newline ugliness that BK wouldn't correct.
2005-07-03 kaf24 5651:f075272620a0 Install qemu-dm.debug script.
2005-07-03 kaf24 5650:95685fbba2ca Replace implicit 16-byte arg to xen_extraversion with an
2005-07-02 kaf24 5649:fc4e10d0455a Avoid repeated #define's in public headers.
2005-07-02 kaf24 5648:2b6c1a809807 Remove non-ISO attributes from public headers.
2005-07-01 kaf24 5647:6f462a11a08e Register the portio handler only once.
2005-07-01 kaf24 5646:82390e707bb9 Refactor guest exception injection code.
2005-07-01 kaf24 5645:e3dcc10765ea Improve the IDE HD geometry auto detection algorithm.
2005-07-01 kaf24 5644:2420e309074b Get rid of references to qemu-dm.debug.
2005-07-01 kaf24 5643:430dc412e4c9 Another issue found with building the guest outside the source tree.
2005-07-01 kaf24 5642:e041c8e75863 I found several build issues, mostly related to building outside of the
2005-07-01 kaf24 5641:374ff557a88f Other than the native kernels, the xen guests install without attempting
2005-07-01 kaf24 5640:4b06e1c365fc Other than native x86-64 code, the XEN guest *does* use 4k mappings for
2005-07-01 kaf24 5639:adda79dcd0e3 Some exports were misssing/mis-qualified. Adjustment below/attached.
2005-07-01 kaf24 5638:f636e72ebbe3 Other than native i386 code, the page fault handler in the guest for
2005-07-01 kaf24 5637:f5aaeb5688cf This patch fixes few typos in hg-cheatsheet.txt
2005-07-01 cl349 5636:88a7a299d927 Manual merge.
2005-07-01 cl349 5635:cb3da7250118 Rewrite xenbus_path and cleanup whitespace.
2005-07-01 kaf24 5634:43e2d33fc5d9 Fix Xen 'make install' not to rebuild console.o if called
2005-07-01 kaf24 5633:7c95f26c2f0e Manual merge.
2005-07-01 cl349 5632:5985fc86b3da Remove incorrect check for terminating nul character.
2005-07-01 kaf24 5631:ecef9732b19b .
2005-07-01 kaf24 5630:749dbd8ae9b0 Remove BitKeeper files from the repository.
2005-07-01 kaf24 5629:1bfa723fe264 Manual merge
2005-07-01 jrb44 5628:15a2de6f1493 Removed "bk root" call from fbsdxensetup script
2005-07-01 kaf24 5627:61df3453426c mkelf32 explicit-size types are based on defs in inttypes.h.
2005-07-01 iap10 5626:5aaebfc580a6 manual merge
2005-07-01 iap10 5625:0f2fa1235851 Fix to xen-clone, minor top-level Makefile tidy
2005-07-01 kaf24 5624:77f397603f71 Device model path cleanup. Remove bochsrc which is no longer needed.
2005-07-01 kaf24 5623:ef2adae89e4d manual merge
2005-07-01 iap10 5622:a1b5af05f72e Add the Mercurial for Xen cheatsheet into the repo.
2005-07-01 kaf24 5621:0962f5989d2a use hg changeset info for xen banner
2005-07-01 iap10 5620:132e23381692 Formally remove support for linux 2.4 dom0. domU should still work.
2005-07-01 iap10 5619:8041c2fa1cbc Update xen-clone script for hg. Still missing revision selection functionality.
2005-07-01 iap10 5618:f4768892d6dd Add a .hgignore file to the repository. NB: hg takes regexps not wildcards
2005-06-30 arun sharma 5617:22d7dda0e38d bitkeeper revision 1.1782 (42c3a8e76Lioy1FVEJFTaTkbYVBy7Q)
2005-06-30 arun sharma 5616:800185829318 bitkeeper revision 1.1781 (42c3a8d63EmXV0wA3jHItrRQ0fKLsg)
2005-06-30 arun sharma 5615:4669354bba9a bitkeeper revision 1.1780 (42c3a8c4tqEOpGy663gWO35k5QwZTw)
2005-06-30 arun sharma 5614:bc8bb3a26ccc bitkeeper revision 1.1779 (42c3a8b3kGpPBNwXb3dn_b8FcmVPgQ)
2005-06-30 arun sharma 5613:332eb7887996 bitkeeper revision 1.1778 (42c3a89fKOC3ZLo9T-f0b9tyflqDzg)
2005-06-30 arun sharma 5612:7c198f2e6dd2 bitkeeper revision 1.1777 (42c3a88aPiHvcATujFTezqA1w1FMCg)
2005-06-30 arun sharma 5611:3c759ba83f7c bitkeeper revision 1.1776 (42c3a877bezcV9uHoSXuU-GWoyVOKw)
2005-06-30 arun sharma 5610:cd86df78b879 bitkeeper revision 1.1775 (42c3a866BfZr3l3NiVNwr6Z_1Uin_A)
2005-06-30 arun sharma 5609:e5a99f9dc34d bitkeeper revision 1.1774 (42c3a855yAuKBfmJfftjhiVDml26pg)
2005-06-30 arun sharma 5608:6daf7357a9df bitkeeper revision 1.1773 (42c3a841nLib9kdSmthr05jouqiNeg)
2005-06-29 kaf24 5607:ce4bb67cb308 bitkeeper revision 1.1772 (42c31843CEATPivypr5LYbRYU08TtQ)
2005-06-29 djm 5606:6a65fe0f84c8 bitkeeper revision 1.1772 (42c31571ulukoJpvEOsK4akggVt37Q)ia64-stable
2005-06-29 xen-ia64 adm 5605:da2752f150a0 bitkeeper revision 1.1771 (42c314a41N8GOY476cnW9IejbgNDJw)
2005-06-29 kaf24 5604:f66a730a2c3d bitkeeper revision 1.1770 (42c2d66cG6YTU0WhG1b97E-InSNWWA)
2005-06-29 kaf24 5603:41a5181f74df bitkeeper revision 1.1769 (42c2cac1Ua7yeT9FnpvjJNvdSrd3BA)
2005-06-28 djm 5602:2d8651ec10b9 bitkeeper revision 1.1726.1.8 (42c1acafTSObuXeDW7_GDxYN5dosRA)
2005-06-28 djm 5601:cef83293394d bitkeeper revision 1.1726.1.7 (42c194ee68Qy_Egi118UCoJdFnkGPQ)
2005-06-28 kaf24 5600:0b5fab43ff59 bitkeeper revision 1.1768 (42c18d2259NPELcGV7ohyZNh72ufSw)
2005-06-28 kaf24 5599:348b774a8f97 bitkeeper revision 1.1767 (42c18c1dNRHfk7ZFajLHHtesQcrKlg)
2005-06-28 cl349 5598:864b050694f8 bitkeeper revision 1.1766 (42c17071SPDLo7qPlXAiQzrKjMu6Mw)
2005-06-28 cl349 5597:a81dabf6ba10 bitkeeper revision 1.1765 (42c16e51XwZ3-cKPHI29xhO2Hzk_sQ)
2005-06-28 ach61 5596:cb1cad0ed221 bitkeeper revision 1.1764 (42c12471iroiktRDv2QDqEDoIQVDNg)
2005-06-28 ach61 5595:63c1bb85fcea bitkeeper revision 1.1763 (42c11c79p9Z_K0YwZk_N5zJU0rjzDg)
2005-06-28 kaf24 5594:c2b00e4bfb8f bitkeeper revision 1.1760.1.6 (42c10677TIdwirEem_EpnMFWS1MTtw)
2005-06-28 kaf24 5593:384059d92d3b bitkeeper revision 1.1760.1.5 (42c105a0IGE_9KbvmOfox8TMahmQVw)
2005-06-28 kaf24 5592:b75294458106 bitkeeper revision 1.1760.1.4 (42c10578DlONZUYkjuzFvNR6idseEQ)
2005-06-28 leendert 5591:a8f9132a9ddd bitkeeper revision 1.1760.1.3 (42c10175tVLAVy7ULar9xcSazDReXw)
2005-06-28 leendert 5590:f9eade8778af bitkeeper revision 1.1760.1.2 (42c10164eZ8JiY0-m8yKOwE_3OopGw)
2005-06-28 ach61 5589:9bcdcf2dbb54 bitkeeper revision 1.1762 (42c0fafdBom2bVfipwX4FXIl_SgKmg)
2005-06-28 vh249 5588:5937352bfe66 bitkeeper revision 1.1760.1.1 (42c0e8fa-Uxs1rA3BiXdTbynda9HmA)
2005-06-27 ach61 5587:ca9f091afdd2 bitkeeper revision 1.1761 (42c0704c_K5N6pcA--cz5L-FX_z0zw)
2005-06-27 ach61 5586:2cadc83e2306 bitkeeper revision 1.1726.3.1 (42c07007i9Bkz3ggP_PXIksWaGD1Eg)
2005-06-27 kaf24 5585:b08cd3331fdb bitkeeper revision 1.1760 (42c05ebeLIfrneiw1jaZMwle-z9usw)
2005-06-27 kaf24 5584:d892fbf61323 bitkeeper revision 1.1759 (42c035d96-RzgfZ63O07ihY0xpew2g)
2005-06-27 kaf24 5583:4a7652a70a9d bitkeeper revision 1.1758 (42bff8419M7X5aOGlHhSQueJtvoYaA)
2005-06-26 kaf24 5582:8ad10be47849 bitkeeper revision 1.1757 (42be9ad5TTWQjsCBju5noyzBrTMyjA)
2005-06-25 kaf24 5581:4ed21996131d bitkeeper revision 1.1756 (42bd28eb7ZP0AhHHKYuqhX2z3XItTQ)
2005-06-25 kaf24 5580:2a28f4aab6ae bitkeeper revision 1.1755 (42bd1fcfzi0ZazGyTao_Ff-m4vjOqQ)
2005-06-24 kaf24 5579:819726e7dd2b bitkeeper revision 1.1754 (42bc7207le_rYvV9kj8p-Dztt3T_eA)
2005-06-24 kaf24 5578:b38b3893fa76 bitkeeper revision 1.1753 (42bbe67ePvjh9K0djYf6xRw2rGNreQ)
2005-06-24 kaf24 5577:0b5f09002630 bitkeeper revision 1.1752 (42bbe5ba5hLPfcw1f77_F22fq6v6Yw)
2005-06-24 kaf24 5576:48dd03e4b388 bitkeeper revision 1.1751 (42bbe480z9Fp_L5Tc500W8c8CL3g9A)
2005-06-24 vh249 5575:200f5dfe9647 bitkeeper revision 1.1750 (42bbd4dcGK7sWi0DELA8n8Ap3cfa0w)
2005-06-24 kaf24 5574:75ab24f43793 bitkeeper revision 1.1748.1.3 (42bbd472VxKIpvOzuAFDfVAi9gXwDA)
2005-06-24 kaf24 5573:09771c771f7a bitkeeper revision 1.1748.1.2 (42bbd22bGsDJd8zBp_EBCg97pPrPqA)
2005-06-24 kaf24 5572:b0b95421d32e bitkeeper revision 1.1748.1.1 (42bbd1c5CE48yPys_hWh-39fCz3QGw)
2005-06-24 vh249 5571:ef4c824e3720 bitkeeper revision 1.1749 (42bbc434_aK0LSM1BC4FiLM_Xam_YA)
2005-06-24 cl349 5570:d7daa40eb8b0 bitkeeper revision 1.1748 (42bbc14djIjScNrLp20eDhlxUjQl4g)
2005-06-24 cl349 5569:6cfdf7b8a9dc bitkeeper revision 1.1747 (42bbc01fY31MfvOqdz4Mq_h_2D4Usg)
2005-06-24 cl349 5568:188d6b73ea65 bitkeeper revision 1.1742.1.1 (42bbc016sc__D7n9oSLMG75cKXdixQ)
2005-06-23 vh249 5567:a9eabb439f56 bitkeeper revision 1.1744.1.1 (42bb2b36zVlhMosXY3bEaiG-q9siMg)
2005-06-23 djm 5566:dca57ff5d1c1 bitkeeper revision 1.1726.1.6 (42bb0675eG3PXvB-XpEs0EYcdos-EA)
2005-06-23 kaf24 5565:6d68b0c27199 bitkeeper revision 1.1746 (42badf41asjaKoYentyODb8CdFEydg)
2005-06-23 kaf24 5564:68de76620c9c bitkeeper revision 1.1745 (42badeb1hE5PDZxZYF5DYBsU0Jya9w)
2005-06-23 kaf24 5563:d23f547a023e bitkeeper revision 1.1744 (42baac12VHiYuszqWxXm5lsjjqZq4g)
2005-06-23 kaf24 5562:53cd28bdd477 bitkeeper revision 1.1743 (42baabd1aq7F8kKY4ptBZ39ebtEqOw)
2005-06-23 kaf24 5561:5a134cea8f10 bitkeeper revision 1.1742 (42ba8bdbUMsXF10VHPltV1P5J9z0Ow)
2005-06-23 kaf24 5560:51d5c1d35710 bitkeeper revision 1.1742 (42ba8b7fiNx5Cu0J91l9HCIo_TwvXQ)
2005-06-23 arun sharma 5559:16e3155f3496 bitkeeper revision 1.1741 (42ba8952xTiiA50azru9j4tKvXIVDA)
2005-06-23 arun sharma 5558:1a568bb6c3bb bitkeeper revision 1.1740 (42ba88cewc_4MMbiCLInZ8gEcgqwhQ)
2005-06-23 kaf24 5557:678c1c052a5c bitkeeper revision 1.1739 (42ba886dkLcSLF35FYJLZkKeANRJYg)
2005-06-23 kaf24 5556:80b60ef3f553 bitkeeper revision 1.1738 (42ba87barFA27QtqNiI4v7D2u57koA)
2005-06-23 kaf24 5555:94893eb31f44 bitkeeper revision 1.1737 (42ba86724fSOFpp6L107qJDWXNKxug)
2005-06-23 arun sharma 5554:90d851ff9036 bitkeeper revision 1.1736 (42ba85d8Vh1WXA4F1eQpFRpsTyq1xg)
2005-06-23 kaf24 5553:106cb416f08c bitkeeper revision 1.1735 (42ba857eIL9j0maam3-Dv-gI3hOJUw)
2005-06-23 kaf24 5552:0f6d2253b0fc bitkeeper revision 1.1734 (42ba83ba7bRweVDldhJ4nYZQomQ8Lg)
2005-06-23 kaf24 5551:30082c72ed69 bitkeeper revision 1.1733 (42ba827d4k5gz1Dasgd0gorMu-SSmQ)
2005-06-23 kaf24 5550:25ceeee71ab6 bitkeeper revision 1.1732 (42ba7fc5JvRaJiT14LMkB8SUdohfeA)
2005-06-23 kaf24 5549:e1627c8b4e45 bitkeeper revision 1.1731 (42ba7ea7qvujqMf6s6vK-pJzJhkEBA)
2005-06-23 kaf24 5548:d5eaab0c875d bitkeeper revision 1.1730 (42ba7dbdkTADQfBqHaC_Ynqo3i1ZVw)
2005-06-23 arun sharma 5547:84b9630129d7 bitkeeper revision 1.1729 (42ba7d48EFeRBiv6YMxK_aR9binchA)
2005-06-23 cl349 5546:76346519b28e bitkeeper revision 1.1728 (42ba7c8fYqjC4xLUEtbo7JJInxdnqA)
2005-06-23 smh22 5545:76f16636bbb5 bitkeeper revision 1.1726.2.5 (42ba7c68cP1Z3SmHyVl4grEnN-Yf8g)
2005-06-23 kaf24 5544:6446c0567c5c bitkeeper revision 1.1726.2.4 (42ba7764ufxk9A-swAcfL3FabbYQ2w)
2005-06-23 kaf24 5543:9ffcc5189703 bitkeeper revision 1.1726.2.3 (42ba7587nwhnhQJ_hDkHTk8kTKtAFw)
2005-06-23 kaf24 5542:8f480ca525ca bitkeeper revision 1.1726.2.2 (42ba6dec5qH_zwE0b8JXa-7ZaJ825w)
2005-06-23 kaf24 5541:908cc62958b4 bitkeeper revision 1.1726.2.1 (42ba6dcaSODxvHIftq9c1t2jDb4htA)
2005-06-22 xen-ia64 adm 5540:78b0596ef957 bitkeeper revision 1.1726.1.5 (42b9a3d8CVbjmdABZ5J06wW5p1TtXw)
2005-06-22 kaf24 5539:a907e4db8c7e bitkeeper revision 1.1726.1.4 (42b9a3227hiEkDxIFEfJ234PDK9C8w)
2005-06-22 kaf24 5538:52010370d2ed bitkeeper revision 1.1726.1.3 (42b9a279xCcev3J_vAFv3hHoqI8lVw)
2005-06-22 kaf24 5537:15498ad4f5e0 bitkeeper revision 1.1726.1.2 (42b9799cvxl7PK_CkhwRTPueXP17ew)
2005-06-22 kaf24 5536:1bbb7875ee6a bitkeeper revision 1.1726.1.1 (42b973245ua3LQyqFtGRwXDwnRLDPw)
2005-06-22 djm 5535:f2545bf8f4c7 bitkeeper revision 1.1713.2.21 (42b8e40fW5sWcGtTukrQr1eZYIVyZw)
2005-06-21 djm 5534:51d718bd11de bitkeeper revision 1.1713.2.20 (42b8a39dyJz2b10psbnobavBUcjTTw)
2005-06-21 djm 5533:30f3fdaa5c1f bitkeeper revision 1.1713.2.19 (42b8a34exK8-Y4Kw6G2q3tZNzQF4oQ)
2005-06-21 djm 5532:1aac5f19494f bitkeeper revision 1.1713.4.1 (42b896ce_iXHcZjWxYV17vzV3fQhTA)
2005-06-21 djm 5531:e7981e581c6c bitkeeper revision 1.1713.2.18 (42b8744bIGngr2TXaEsslGtXBaQ79g)
2005-06-21 djm 5530:fd4a89825472 bitkeeper revision 1.1713.2.17 (42b86c76S4xsXs1Za6J4vAne_33G_w)
2005-06-21 djm 5529:3cc88ea3498a bitkeeper revision 1.1713.2.16 (42b85de87qTaJfB_LqIZvXhK7xSqJg)
2005-06-21 djm 5528:05d595a0f3cf bitkeeper revision 1.1713.2.15 (42b83cd9ZuKJm7KtLvrltP6UcgDu_A)
2005-06-21 djm 5527:a787d0c6f797 bitkeeper revision 1.1713.2.14 (42b83897l9yCwRifZXvfuWUtymljvA)
2005-06-21 djm 5526:83f563ab42f6 bitkeeper revision 1.1713.2.13 (42b8385f7G_ZWD4cCDAhRx2ry3L3QA)
2005-06-21 cl349 5525:f10eeee5e6e8 bitkeeper revision 1.1727 (42b7f582gUHqAUb5mTuwLQl2pH6LXA)
2005-06-21 cl349 5524:4ef3760d61f0 bitkeeper revision 1.1726 (42b7f1bfzMUFLRiUR9wWkzc2mh-Ing)
2005-06-21 cl349 5523:4cadd9fa93d5 bitkeeper revision 1.1725 (42b7e4fcombAuDB0AR2i8hfnOEMfOQ)
2005-06-21 cl349 5522:2387d992079a bitkeeper revision 1.1724 (42b7d6f60v0z2ZEkw36W_1joFfySfw)
2005-06-21 smh22 5521:f2b4ab649a13 bitkeeper revision 1.1723 (42b7c4f7lKvZiHctN9YxRzuWreG0iQ)
2005-06-21 leendert 5520:7d9339b717d6 bitkeeper revision 1.1722 (42b7bcc4JmG_ITQ35E28L1mWc_g_ZQ)
2005-06-21 leendert 5519:dbca2f11731d bitkeeper revision 1.1721 (42b7bc5cSB_7vlyUCCpWT0qq4GN_xg)
2005-06-21 iap10 5518:649cd37aa1ab bitkeeper revision 1.1720 (42b7bb86ag6KD5OEx2v6YdSnS1BhGQ)
2005-06-21 iap10 5517:10e9028c8e3d bitkeeper revision 1.1718.1.10 (42b7b19aqOS_1M8I4pIOFjiTPYWV-g)
2005-06-20 smh22 5516:3699b115059d bitkeeper revision 1.1718.1.9 (42b7443fk-ybxUDza1p_kN1D8hzjRw)
2005-06-20 smh22 5515:228f78f614cb bitkeeper revision 1.1718.1.8 (42b7436bQ2MohyJ9wW6onfFsyW6VGg)
2005-06-20 smh22 5514:aa52b853c28b bitkeeper revision 1.1718.1.7 (42b742f8NxTuN2pqCHFAWI78dbEYKw)
2005-06-20 djm 5513:b58f7c4ead49 bitkeeper revision 1.1713.2.12 (42b728d7RlgKAsY0Of9prTXJA4DJ5w)
2005-06-20 djm 5512:588e0bc74f9a bitkeeper revision 1.1713.2.11 (42b6fd12pizUjtgZDsPDNT0DgvtU5A)
2005-06-20 djm 5511:14b5ff859896 bitkeeper revision 1.1713.2.10 (42b6e03fU-_0SObu_XHzbqce6VSEBw)
2005-06-19 kaf24 5510:acf30d736a08 bitkeeper revision 1.1718.1.6 (42b5a5f3otSuOxDZ6KTFKrxR1U1m4Q)
2005-06-19 kaf24 5509:dd6990776fcc bitkeeper revision 1.1718.1.5 (42b59f7dHnuJ9AFj24zaneKCDkFTCg)
2005-06-19 kaf24 5508:85fab828d6ff bitkeeper revision 1.1718.1.4 (42b59a8dca4vxae_1vlE_W95_lDsNg)
2005-06-19 iap10 5507:f2c023b9a070 bitkeeper revision 1.1718.2.1 (42b548b7ux2RLNcFOrtdJXuEMvLNEw)
2005-06-19 cl349 5506:182cb4aae17d bitkeeper revision 1.1718.1.3 (42b5315dLCz3iIB7jiQxJQjbRXXdoQ)
2005-06-19 cl349 5505:a263fcd442b2 bitkeeper revision 1.1713.3.15 (42b53156pSSLSNwQRl51kxkAtBPgTQ)
2005-06-18 vh249 5504:f915b63407b4 bitkeeper revision 1.1718.1.2 (42b40c3akEkhBrLzUFb8IOJmt33HQA)
2005-06-18 vh249 5503:8c0d12e257e2 bitkeeper revision 1.1718.1.1 (42b3d9b3dbLlrBark4MWafH2yPtcRA)
2005-06-18 iap10 5502:0d1166678d9b bitkeeper revision 1.1719 (42b36f87tzUHBhdJfZKC_wBV271T0g)
2005-06-17 djm 5501:ef4d0fa7f7c0 bitkeeper revision 1.1713.2.9 (42b3588569-8TLyTABHy5VPCdbAQmQ)
2005-06-17 iap10 5500:e6fd8713fa10 bitkeeper revision 1.1159.258.170 (42b3572cZGo7alQhMs_J2gWAK56DCg)
2005-06-17 iap10 5499:30735e9ca179 bitkeeper revision 1.1718 (42b354a2M210uRAoeEEWX9FSzlNu-Q)
2005-06-17 dsteklof 5498:ae0cf78f78bd bitkeeper revision 1.1159.258.169 (42b35222QJFB1A-V4mSUnrUrLfA8xA)
2005-06-17 iap10 5497:2f99f3e3c506 bitkeeper revision 1.1159.258.168 (42b351653L3XVvz6UCiRgtfHHvj-Eg)
2005-06-17 iap10 5496:fbf3bae97a88 bitkeeper revision 1.1717 (42b3442b7kXKhXN5lvR9spIGT5LsYQ)
2005-06-17 djm 5495:bb1b5a578752 bitkeeper revision 1.1713.2.8 (42b33f1feaANIdB6dfv8W846UquAHA)
2005-06-17 iap10 5494:999293916aa7 bitkeeper revision 1.1716 (42b336f8VKVQeJVq9gIppvvdYPrMmw)
2005-06-17 djm 5493:9ae40d2e6c1d bitkeeper revision 1.1713.2.7 (42b31657Mivyv5FYyhd03rBZIeiXBw)
2005-06-17 cl349 5492:a9acc88e9d79 bitkeeper revision 1.1713.3.14 (42b31404a5lBMKNKYzOsHXWQ0k_d-Q)
2005-06-17 cl349 5491:c3f4626710c4 bitkeeper revision 1.1713.3.13 (42b30f66_kcj5tkDzz9DSBmqEbyHrQ)
2005-06-17 cl349 5490:fd4eac035037 bitkeeper revision 1.1713.3.12 (42b30f09wgYSRV9tHZUjq2JpreIozQ)
2005-06-17 cl349 5489:3e54d8803974 bitkeeper revision 1.1713.3.11 (42b30a02txpfqH2-OnZmhyrJWqPgHQ)
2005-06-17 cl349 5488:06485a209ecc bitkeeper revision 1.1713.3.10 (42b306faXfFxqDZahYvvQJPQeaDm1A)
2005-06-17 cl349 5487:bf7a872ed421 bitkeeper revision 1.1713.3.9 (42b306d0pFeN318FP89TE8LRrhROMQ)
2005-06-17 djm 5486:5fc176d2b3a9 bitkeeper revision 1.1713.2.6 (42b305b9mdLLzenpwCqtnZeLKLPMXw)
2005-06-17 cl349 5485:43ae2740ac94 bitkeeper revision 1.1713.3.8 (42b2f91bG45uUFWHhUaUha3e1OAxJQ)
2005-06-17 djm 5484:764d98ff8c26 bitkeeper revision 1.1713.2.5 (42b2f7c3PDbPInUuxxYnJtABejaMCQ)
2005-06-17 djm 5483:7f51ede19020 bitkeeper revision 1.1713.2.4 (42b2eeaaw19NBOX3B2LRrIub6Vg5Lg)
2005-06-17 djm 5482:efc42f95dc7f bitkeeper revision 1.1713.2.3 (42b2ed68UZ_qqJ3Kcbs6rXI3ICn3SA)
2005-06-17 cl349 5481:7d4dd8aae709 bitkeeper revision 1.1713.3.7 (42b2eca9N1e5S0oGdW8OeKAkL9oDOQ)
2005-06-17 djm 5480:8f10bad91451 bitkeeper revision 1.1713.2.2 (42b2ebb7w1AbEWudFq4LvJe0d7ByxQ)
2005-06-17 cl349 5479:ebef9f2fb49f bitkeeper revision 1.1713.3.6 (42b2dc47kgG53fAZb70R3lHX96n7dw)
2005-06-17 cl349 5478:dda0c275d413 bitkeeper revision 1.1713.3.5 (42b2a4e2r6SNlC_nq2hAkXEQjEFAmA)
2005-06-17 cl349 5477:632206427a75 bitkeeper revision 1.1713.3.4 (42b29eb6XRlJtKSkJ3VkG8PI0Dl4sg)
2005-06-17 cl349 5476:8db14a919e01 bitkeeper revision 1.1713.3.3 (42b2995e93GNUwPpV6yP21Fl3iIRRQ)
2005-06-17 cl349 5475:dc7af888ebf0 bitkeeper revision 1.1713.3.2 (42b296adTFf-i3SL6NuYF5MX4ai91Q)
2005-06-17 cl349 5474:d4ad447e470b bitkeeper revision 1.1713.3.1 (42b28e04xelbNlMIz5vWQQ5_M71w0A)
2005-06-16 kaf24 5473:f494f01b62a8 bitkeeper revision 1.1713.1.14 (42b1f5f9KUyMHO2NrEptwgru2BVT0w)
2005-06-16 xen-ia64 adm 5472:38763dfb2287 bitkeeper revision 1.1713.2.1 (42b1d4d7vqzNt8h7EyzTEvrzC7m5RA)
2005-06-16 djm 5471:cdc79b5d87d4 bitkeeper revision 1.1709.1.16 (42b1d2ecGSNeZhThHshE903eA1tK-Q)
2005-06-16 djm 5470:11fc43f1fef2 bitkeeper revision 1.1709.1.15 (42b1cf6bRmJSwTLBy8EWehO-Ijc95g)
2005-06-16 djm 5469:f97b4f909b4b bitkeeper revision 1.1709.1.14 (42b1ceb9Ne5WCPwhJ-uKiY4uN5-L5w)
2005-06-16 djm 5468:fbaa44e9a167 bitkeeper revision 1.1709.1.13 (42b1c394PElLHEtfGVY2A9O1xIx4aQ)
2005-06-16 djm 5467:bb00ea361eb8 bitkeeper revision 1.1709.1.12 (42b1c2f3rtI0UPundZWVMA0I8cRUtA)
2005-06-16 sos22 5466:88198072cbef bitkeeper revision 1.1713.1.13 (42b16610ojQcHPRC6Ao_1CKXClza9A)
2005-06-16 kaf24 5465:7a449c0b860f bitkeeper revision 1.1713.1.12 (42b0da31QIvTtfE2iHo4yER4A1GFIw)
2005-06-15 djm 5464:dfa0c3f7cf60 bitkeeper revision 1.1709.1.11 (42b0b93aUkhSewPtS6RpEdWHg0T5Mw)
2005-06-15 djm 5463:39bf99b109dd bitkeeper revision 1.1709.1.10 (42b08f028deGQkb0GcmyBpOwUB9Rjw)
2005-06-15 djm 5462:cb924d6ba79d bitkeeper revision 1.1709.1.9 (42b056day4oavPqdg1qWc4E5Lgw8Bw)
2005-06-15 djm 5461:5da30c7f9999 bitkeeper revision 1.1709.2.2 (42b056d09MvzQ-iWZrqZywIwiprXlw)
2005-06-15 djm 5460:e9bf6cebd37d bitkeeper revision 1.1709.2.1 (42b055c74fSyKGk_Y-GuAbNo-AI_ng)
2005-06-15 ach61 5459:a1112c70ee4a bitkeeper revision 1.1713.1.11 (42b03e2dFl47vRNjIHPpu-GWrag_zA)
2005-06-15 ach61 5458:21bfdeafeec2 bitkeeper revision 1.1713.1.10 (42b03d19TAy64Sdjkm7M7nVoGNwCVw)
2005-06-14 chrisw 5457:9a502087e263 bitkeeper revision 1.1713.1.9 (42af306adOSGlJaEmolMoERc4oAXYg)
2005-06-14 djm 5456:fbb0e9caca09 bitkeeper revision 1.1709.1.8 (42af269d6Px0KYHtwIY_0xme35-rbg)
2005-06-14 djm 5455:188c610ed5c6 bitkeeper revision 1.1709.1.7 (42af1a85T412eQfXEME3Z3XLDYOmWg)
2005-06-14 djm 5454:9947f23ecc75 bitkeeper revision 1.1709.1.6 (42af188067osLjX0T63Zb45JU4Zd2w)
2005-06-14 djm 5453:a514af3f6017 bitkeeper revision 1.1709.1.5 (42af164bHIB572FEONmRsv7duDIvzw)
2005-06-14 djm 5452:a8d6aae1c5ac bitkeeper revision 1.1709.1.4 (42af14e3nI6x4CAkSIQRQMV4Bahpcg)
2005-06-14 arun sharma 5451:1696560591a6 bitkeeper revision 1.1713.1.8 (42aed659DzIwFCeaK8Cxa8ZpzbHR-Q)
2005-06-13 chrisw 5450:066293b6c029 bitkeeper revision 1.1713.1.7 (42ae0dd6jIaFvKcbyu8YLCgOrZScdg)
2005-06-13 arun sharma 5449:463317d0dd8b bitkeeper revision 1.1713.1.6 (42ae0d7cI1fdGe88s6RyEx8d0oy2wg)
2005-06-13 kaf24 5448:a382b5e24996 bitkeeper revision 1.1713.1.5 (42ae0d44bPpuSBR0o475OuEOeDlNPg)
2005-06-13 djm 5447:dce7deb4c508 bitkeeper revision 1.1709.1.3 (42ae02a99ck6N11hVBch3RRAXKHWgw)
2005-06-13 djm 5446:01a9f1e50dd8 bitkeeper revision 1.1709.1.2 (42adf1880UbcLgsnM7VU7-bfN_g6JA)
2005-06-13 djm 5445:9dc7db2ffb41 bitkeeper revision 1.1709.1.1 (42adb204Ml32H28eX0bWoUwiEkfXzw)
2005-06-13 vh249 5444:12cee45bc8c6 bitkeeper revision 1.1713.1.4 (42ada8c7SOk12pe5FJtQjpPwNus87g)
2005-06-13 ach61 5443:085461ee5cd6 bitkeeper revision 1.1713.1.3 (42ad95fdAjhhuDM4A-oDzz_3fc_elA)
2005-06-13 iap10 5442:c45207396f75 bitkeeper revision 1.1715 (42ad87c2-sJjiHBUqeN9efUJT_3kSQ)
2005-06-13 iap10 5441:aa643d3d2742 bitkeeper revision 1.1713.1.2 (42ad8793XA-gObRPsPuWlI4gxZ7j5Q)
2005-06-13 iap10 5440:5a5f81b0e950 bitkeeper revision 1.1159.258.167 (42ad874eIWwyPd8tmJO5tkGQ2JoYXQ)
2005-06-13 mafetter 5439:61da956d43da bitkeeper revision 1.1713.1.1 (42ad6c58vwWhK1Og54nBpformSdpBg)
2005-06-13 mafetter 5438:75fc430d5d52 bitkeeper revision 1.1665.5.1 (42ad6c12E1ON5w6kM0LoahANTeoDXw)
2005-06-11 arun sharma 5437:dbf01762fd88 bitkeeper revision 1.1714 (42aa3a9a496MHCAuDASFOLRgBsKcZQ)
2005-06-11 arun sharma 5436:4bd5cde7b930 bitkeeper revision 1.1713 (42aa3a20ChQzxgtayeznwUqIP82hng)
2005-06-10 arun sharma 5435:ac1c66a960a4 bitkeeper revision 1.1712 (42a9e462KdLcahjgT2sxM21td5eB7Q)
2005-06-10 arun sharma 5434:9bcdc4de91ad bitkeeper revision 1.1711 (42a9e457jQGBsoAWKrbJlmIKRwGd3w)
2005-06-10 kaf24 5433:d9263038f0e8 bitkeeper revision 1.1709 (42a9e368xTRiv5eo1mo6-1ldR6lfPg)
2005-06-10 kaf24 5432:9e1e2d648dce bitkeeper revision 1.1710 (42a9cf67UYP4Ao1KcX2E9wd6g877MA)
2005-06-10 kaf24 5431:ed8174531c13 bitkeeper revision 1.1705.1.17 (42a9c29fxaDTWROFphY2UjU8IBagWw)
2005-06-10 kaf24 5430:bd865b72e7ab bitkeeper revision 1.1705.1.16 (42a9bd07XRRfLC09WWyRiQyCeXgWTQ)
2005-06-10 kaf24 5429:58658b628754 bitkeeper revision 1.1159.258.166 (42a9bca7SPmMRozAfET0WOMKS0VQZA)
2005-06-10 djm 5428:da92dcde82ea bitkeeper revision 1.1709 (42a9b593OJTAVRgFv42tPiGL567QZQ)
2005-06-10 xen-ia64 adm 5427:d44caae57112 bitkeeper revision 1.1708 (42a9b4dc79oJAGtbQvr8mTDofvBdxQ)
2005-06-10 kaf24 5426:957e3573240e bitkeeper revision 1.1705.1.15 (42a9af28Mzva9Shzn8gUSiuJSM-TbA)
2005-06-10 kaf24 5425:4bcb6d1a8fc5 bitkeeper revision 1.1705.1.14 (42a9a5deJbK8YHFnSDDIGurt2uATXA)
2005-06-10 kaf24 5424:02d442d39367 bitkeeper revision 1.1159.258.165 (42a9a534b-NRTORtgH1Qjzz6EjTo6Q)
2005-06-10 kaf24 5423:61f0cf22d5cd bitkeeper revision 1.1705.1.13 (42a99a6dV4rHEyZ-t7znDZXeW50z5Q)
2005-06-10 vh249 5422:0381e85305cf bitkeeper revision 1.1705.1.12 (42a97f88WORgYhHS8W4t6DR8V9a0EQ)
2005-06-10 vh249 5421:509905cdbafe bitkeeper revision 1.1705.1.11 (42a973edqzXeILWidAcIO3yLhNMSwQ)
2005-06-10 kaf24 5420:8c95b4009c7f bitkeeper revision 1.1705.1.10 (42a95ea6cCTdfA7-Kmu3_gnUMEq0gw)
2005-06-10 kaf24 5419:38e4b3dc8b9c bitkeeper revision 1.1705.1.9 (42a958fa_rGV-3MvG5pqfsVcnP31ag)
2005-06-10 kaf24 5418:5e0480247269 bitkeeper revision 1.1705.1.8 (42a95272T6JE4ReAkgMVg0Rte2ppxA)
2005-06-10 kaf24 5417:a69d16375a5a bitkeeper revision 1.1705.1.7 (42a94e88EO8US-LmAPxu7rbUmKFdUg)
2005-06-10 kaf24 5416:792adee9258f bitkeeper revision 1.1705.1.6 (42a94be9biM7y73pQvdqqpsIyNCu6Q)
2005-06-10 kaf24 5415:722921e57e2e bitkeeper revision 1.1705.1.5 (42a93db3F6-7PVzPrv8GU77FFEN-VQ)
2005-06-10 kaf24 5414:2814216d7f48 bitkeeper revision 1.1705.1.4 (42a93b72dCp-0yWsUC34zD8h-L-QLg)
2005-06-10 kaf24 5413:3185b74f6f7e bitkeeper revision 1.1705.1.3 (42a939a4PcnfLTkKVDZMeUSheRKsng)
2005-06-10 kaf24 5412:9525c272f5c5 bitkeeper revision 1.1705.1.2 (42a9372fTpt-bOGdIcKsOLb8_xlJ4Q)
2005-06-10 mwilli2 5411:77b8f9a2ca79 bitkeeper revision 1.1705.1.1 (42a8f3c2-cPCJhjiT7sAAqBGBwdd6w)
2005-06-09 djm 5410:4e3360378112 bitkeeper revision 1.1707 (42a8bef84ufqr4dGKMyBtJRUb9pcOQ)
2005-06-09 djm 5409:ca1fb1af953d bitkeeper revision 1.1706 (42a8be4bKG9EZTToo_Pa4wDcO7VpRw)
2005-06-09 djm 5408:a871bb5722c7 bitkeeper revision 1.1668.1.11 (42a8bd5aCFsumaFg9rk2nWmEBa7opA)
2005-06-09 djm 5407:e2c063dd8eea bitkeeper revision 1.1668.1.10 (42a8bceaXDRFCmwf1Omenu_lCITiag)
2005-06-09 djm 5406:92c494888b87 bitkeeper revision 1.1668.1.9 (42a8b831tFH6fPqu6A9bd_8WkrQHxg)
2005-06-09 djm 5405:9b7aea0fb25c bitkeeper revision 1.1668.1.8 (42a8ab2d2hMDGWkEyEFVRMJaIQWGdQ)
2005-06-09 djm 5404:9ea1f1f71313 bitkeeper revision 1.1668.1.7 (42a8a4de9UsUPhyAknlQBRJ3xbTHtw)
2005-06-09 kaf24 5403:8d70990f0858 bitkeeper revision 1.1705 (42a8a185wutSw6hue95Thw_5_jDPZw)
2005-06-09 kaf24 5402:e982699aa8cd bitkeeper revision 1.1704 (42a885cb3_kkMMOYtYN_PaWP3tupbA)
2005-06-09 vh249 5401:260c108b2c0b bitkeeper revision 1.1703 (42a881c8OTeDO-DPkTSLEnBspOFEIA)
2005-06-09 kaf24 5400:d2b6518a768a bitkeeper revision 1.1702 (42a86f65gBB_DT3imKRA_tkGBTiKQA)
2005-06-09 cl349 5399:849b58da37b7 bitkeeper revision 1.1701 (42a86974YOr10ovEkVsFyCaBsXe73A)
2005-06-09 kaf24 5398:fcbdfa6fe74d bitkeeper revision 1.1699.1.1 (42a85f6955KSFCuD5KSRtCwU-dzakQ)
2005-06-09 djm 5397:f40340412b5a bitkeeper revision 1.1668.1.6 (42a855abmDUqg5YrgIMWSBLOJP_HYg)
2005-06-09 cl349 5396:6d3e8f90c2df bitkeeper revision 1.1700 (42a854e79oBFuqa_DSY4Lr9IhenUQw)
2005-06-09 cl349 5395:ccd879d035da bitkeeper revision 1.1662.1.22 (42a852969xilS9HOsAWARXW2hEx3FQ)
2005-06-09 akw27 5394:29cc3bc7efec bitkeeper revision 1.1699 (42a84d06sZDrQ46g-Bcc7JqWMygr2Q)
2005-06-09 akw27 5393:b5e263150850 bitkeeper revision 1.1698 (42a84631sHlAKgVzdlR-RsCeAqkv_Q)
2005-06-09 kaf24 5392:d58565963ee7 bitkeeper revision 1.1697 (42a843b5ZTFdEDRffbieMVV4Kl42cQ)
2005-06-09 sos22 5391:11dce3390a66 bitkeeper revision 1.1696 (42a81fe89VPLawDxu2WTiKLZH-Br3Q)
2005-06-09 akw27 5390:1c2fe32ca700 bitkeeper revision 1.1695 (42a80eb0iCQq47kS2MSpOLTFyng5Cg)
2005-06-09 akw27 5389:949970efef98 bitkeeper revision 1.1694 (42a809c2ifgYRhvnYmx3rxzVbUxHaQ)
2005-06-09 cl349 5388:cb9679a15acd bitkeeper revision 1.1662.1.21 (42a80585xAt7ZrRcqmCRm3HvTrL7Mg)
2005-06-09 cl349 5387:a4c65af08cf4 bitkeeper revision 1.1662.1.20 (42a8054awYd-HJnwjnXqXtWmKbE1Yw)
2005-06-09 cl349 5386:c6c987d8999c bitkeeper revision 1.1662.1.19 (42a7fc77l8eaADfKlC54hXF6Q28YRQ)
2005-06-09 kaf24 5385:017d8690d834 bitkeeper revision 1.1691.1.17 (42a7f4a8YIvSwDOLo91rE5lR-L4Nbw)
2005-06-09 kaf24 5384:b05ee86a8f34 bitkeeper revision 1.1691.1.16 (42a7f3f3e6lVJ85_T1bXVdbucWiu9g)
2005-06-09 arun sharma 5383:b46685573b0f bitkeeper revision 1.1691.1.15 (42a7f2c1I-jntucQIjoRZz_dLuAOpw)
2005-06-09 arun sharma 5382:f316a7dbe1f2 bitkeeper revision 1.1691.1.14 (42a7f2b43iPqu7TV41Z28IeI0Wj1Vg)
2005-06-09 djm 5381:ba7d283dc8dd bitkeeper revision 1.1668.1.5 (42a7aa43Fmo2V-QK6GDh3TF5foWBdQ)
2005-06-08 kaf24 5380:0be846d7d261 bitkeeper revision 1.1691.1.13 (42a767bfQ0_UVkV0FEMxkQeSluJPmA)
2005-06-08 vh249 5379:312e36113cc5 bitkeeper revision 1.1691.1.12 (42a72cff38eaDHEmZxzsbqSZgxARAA)
2005-06-08 vh249 5378:936540389715 bitkeeper revision 1.1691.1.11 (42a72af5QNdnBWsIc8m-lsGSZo47vQ)
2005-06-08 vh249 5377:99d9ce2c0a65 bitkeeper revision 1.1159.258.164 (42a7277bdZm8DZjc_UHJ0TWuobiRXw)
2005-06-08 kaf24 5376:9312a7006284 bitkeeper revision 1.1691.1.10 (42a70b27-Oq9klHVoCm0PlmeoehF8g)
2005-06-08 kaf24 5375:be46d7ecf186 bitkeeper revision 1.1691.1.9 (42a70b03wo-ZAstvnpad9RB8VIHDAA)
2005-06-08 kaf24 5374:22e42640bcff bitkeeper revision 1.1691.1.8 (42a6fb21d3oJwpLmOxa2jKHRJ-8fJg)
2005-06-08 akw27 5373:5cc07785693b bitkeeper revision 1.1693 (42a6e907gUWgpcjzXD2dFMNiFLL5Rw)
2005-06-08 kaf24 5372:bf014cae2dad bitkeeper revision 1.1691.1.7 (42a6d8e19C3UPsmlA3u--9L4iY559Q)
2005-06-08 kaf24 5371:d29fe2289a59 bitkeeper revision 1.1691.1.6 (42a6b81aGnsCnSz81D0LDCSasR3Jyw)
2005-06-08 kaf24 5370:5f9a0c66f74b bitkeeper revision 1.1691.1.5 (42a6b4baIjkVZx9lVWvoA9RqgAGLMQ)
2005-06-08 arun sharma 5369:6410a7fd8ff8 bitkeeper revision 1.1691.1.4 (42a6af07Q4gVBgwNowk1mRBYhuAX_A)
2005-06-08 kaf24 5368:da4da36bfae8 bitkeeper revision 1.1691.1.3 (42a6aecafCIqSXqRF1ueb8i0jgar3w)
2005-06-08 kaf24 5367:70de9cd5f6b6 bitkeeper revision 1.1691.1.2 (42a6ae59pOLKl7oBFyH6Ukzy7yg3EA)
2005-06-08 kaf24 5366:13c7fd8311ba bitkeeper revision 1.1691.1.1 (42a6ada344SrT9VotpxjpMFmC9Wsng)
2005-06-08 akw27 5365:ab753acf69d1 bitkeeper revision 1.1692 (42a6a969MoQ9te2DJVndEsbImXvW7g)
2005-06-07 djm 5364:7aa93c8e8029 bitkeeper revision 1.1668.1.4 (42a61917UcK9_yMNGefxIVZZpXkEpQ)
2005-06-07 kaf24 5363:731cd57862e5 bitkeeper revision 1.1691 (42a5bd892a-21ifB8kNwgNvEid-K_Q)
2005-06-07 akw27 5362:f409e35891f3 bitkeeper revision 1.1686.1.1 (42a5bc8fhkR_9WfuD9N-je5TT27yDw)
2005-06-07 kaf24 5361:9d9e48be101d bitkeeper revision 1.1690 (42a5a8ffLN-D5XsB4IKFmZTjaHRH-Q)
2005-06-07 cl349 5360:22daf37c41c8 bitkeeper revision 1.1662.1.18 (42a5a348BpHwgoiWQI1wI9LMej7F3w)
2005-06-07 cl349 5359:fd8e5378d8ac bitkeeper revision 1.1662.1.17 (42a59f62TbTw4kErDSfuOYh8iAzCuA)
2005-06-07 cl349 5358:4ad402c55b9f bitkeeper revision 1.1662.1.16 (42a59915qzJ0eBmm6tVyIARo8G0cXA)
2005-06-07 cl349 5357:9ea2524b7d10 bitkeeper revision 1.1662.1.15 (42a5968eiZE_DjdIFPjxvzLw6ACvCQ)
2005-06-07 kaf24 5356:2d8e63df504a bitkeeper revision 1.1689 (42a58901_lkUvZPbAZcV8H9a9NNmtg)
2005-06-07 kaf24 5355:cc6c1889cdb0 bitkeeper revision 1.1688 (42a561d8CR-Fck16qBCLCOs9F40q3g)
2005-06-07 arun sharma 5354:86fe63442842 bitkeeper revision 1.1687 (42a54554WlNG2upO1_XkGsTZKFcGnQ)
2005-06-06 djm 5353:f6850d7aec27 bitkeeper revision 1.1668.1.3 (42a4b83eZHwXGwvsDXM7zJdyI_ZhNQ)
2005-06-06 cl349 5352:3917e69c7587 bitkeeper revision 1.1662.1.14 (42a4b1f1ZyB5X1YlXHuUGf5X8C-gvQ)
2005-06-06 cl349 5351:6ffbb7f12940 bitkeeper revision 1.1662.1.13 (42a4af81MIF4vpJsgsYgQT--FGFI5w)
2005-06-06 cl349 5350:59e72b0399ac bitkeeper revision 1.1662.1.12 (42a4a819BMGTxn8p4rsFdp44pCQ_Og)
2005-06-06 cl349 5349:c768bf758ce1 bitkeeper revision 1.1662.1.11 (42a4a26bkrYJJbT21Mpjyew3rnh7Cw)
2005-06-06 djm 5348:507ef62e9bec bitkeeper revision 1.1668.1.2 (42a4904fwO30IinqLPqfFaI7md-pLA)
2005-06-06 cl349 5347:9f893f674211 bitkeeper revision 1.1662.1.10 (42a48d2dOYGp10ZpkS7A_bvbZcKyOw)
2005-06-06 cl349 5346:cf712d7c809c bitkeeper revision 1.1662.1.9 (42a485d0ePlJLabsERQDyPFBJ1tF9Q)
2005-06-06 djm 5345:c061e9a30cdf bitkeeper revision 1.1668.1.1 (42a4842f6oumXgOUTTVUMx7uABT97w)
2005-06-06 cl349 5344:e1cd6bd22fb9 bitkeeper revision 1.1662.1.8 (42a480d7vu7MGD-9xtbGvuR9EefiQw)
2005-06-06 cl349 5343:4c7d2c6e932a bitkeeper revision 1.1662.1.7 (42a47555156iGoOjUyZtvbuMFZHXkg)
2005-06-06 kaf24 5342:03616508a241 bitkeeper revision 1.1686 (42a473f3lFCz32vzD_NzxLZBkAfJ0A)
2005-06-06 kaf24 5341:4221215e1366 bitkeeper revision 1.1685 (42a46917Mo_RODMmBbBtgwKKV-2YLg)
2005-06-06 kaf24 5340:095b99f7c9c6 bitkeeper revision 1.1684 (42a468f4PvUu-iWAyhHxfE-JnhHVYw)
2005-06-06 cl349 5339:a3b60b641063 bitkeeper revision 1.1662.1.6 (42a4668acAGbhHtR6a2E9nRSv0bjrA)
2005-06-06 cl349 5338:c3febeed5ba7 bitkeeper revision 1.1662.1.5 (42a46588UuohS0CHY1F3XZtrchaAwA)
2005-06-06 kaf24 5337:7385718ad7c0 bitkeeper revision 1.1683 (42a4622ekYvso9kv8cisS5m2QiUqiQ)
2005-06-06 cl349 5336:7d8015b52943 bitkeeper revision 1.1662.1.4 (42a449c17mlN0vfY0fcb2leEnvVb-A)
2005-06-06 kaf24 5335:4736c86802ad bitkeeper revision 1.1682 (42a42b05Cvw3LyFcUHH4i1_9HWbLBA)
2005-06-06 cl349 5334:46ed74bb2921 bitkeeper revision 1.1662.1.3 (42a41e76cPOoyKvX4mmcf2J0DTpnpA)
2005-06-06 cl349 5333:fa735bb2f79a bitkeeper revision 1.1681 (42a4172fYhXBx6d4aXa2ofB5qVB2Ww)
2005-06-06 cl349 5332:02d4d4ab41ce bitkeeper revision 1.1680 (42a4100bIstutWsVAoi7aPO8tLbFkA)
2005-06-06 cl349 5331:c2f094c21ddf bitkeeper revision 1.1679 (42a40cfaZ0Dy-HjTM0W3L10VllkAnw)
2005-06-06 cl349 5330:411d895b167e bitkeeper revision 1.1665.4.1 (42a40cf0EmwulK0I8hNEb2dVbDEkvQ)
2005-06-06 kaf24 5329:c380b155f68e bitkeeper revision 1.1678 (42a405d8raiThtAq9NRXuuFg6ur1qA)
2005-06-05 kaf24 5328:0fd1b16571fb bitkeeper revision 1.1677 (42a312b3NoXLv1fa_qVHaQXgt_JhLw)
2005-06-05 kaf24 5327:84ce09862452 bitkeeper revision 1.1676 (42a306a07UKpLq27_iCaJyxJBbKedg)
2005-06-05 kaf24 5326:fd6da43c07ab bitkeeper revision 1.1675 (42a2d9c5PelbdNceuL1qXullGOrtHA)
2005-06-05 kaf24 5325:66803c3fa4fd bitkeeper revision 1.1674 (42a2cfb9WFgnh2K4Xr5ev3pSEASVbw)
2005-06-05 ach61 5324:fae40022928b bitkeeper revision 1.1673 (42a2cd13JNEgDSNAp-J9mJ3S4u2KQg)
2005-06-04 akw27 5323:58a236cc6900 bitkeeper revision 1.1672 (42a2199aWb1yMoooGXGKBzopSe6WDw)
2005-06-04 kaf24 5322:dd83337405e2 bitkeeper revision 1.1671 (42a1e8cdI_f9OiPqscVnjrOWWEVTmw)
2005-06-04 kaf24 5321:da199897c714 bitkeeper revision 1.1670 (42a1e657B8Qurf6JEQIMURchxp90FA)
2005-06-04 kaf24 5320:fb827128345c bitkeeper revision 1.1669 (42a1c87fJjvGo-daXN_d0s-Pg-eAEQ)
2005-06-04 akw27 5319:0078804371c0 bitkeeper revision 1.1665.1.6 (42a1b3f6-O_jFlmQorlf72427fTfmw)
2005-06-04 kaf24 5318:0b862197be40 bitkeeper revision 1.1665.1.5 (42a1a779yqLZDCutMj_vFNQlo3q3zw)
2005-06-03 djm 5317:fea2f7f8df31 bitkeeper revision 1.1668 (42a0d81fuv3OiLvByFITCzhO06k4OQ)
2005-06-03 djm 5316:e59a94732dd2 bitkeeper revision 1.1667 (42a0d723C0nVc96mE2UHsAZH4ZSJJA)
2005-06-03 ach61 5315:c59632e7ff3e bitkeeper revision 1.1665.1.4 (42a0d193Tw6bR81EGNl7tuvqTTqdCw)
2005-06-03 iap10 5314:fdf28002f13a bitkeeper revision 1.1665.3.2 (42a0d0beY3Jku2hxgPBX6_mz23Ha3g)
2005-06-03 iap10 5313:4e868aa7cad7 bitkeeper revision 1.1665.3.1 (42a0cec19GKZHbCwpHO5h-vYt_an-w)
2005-06-03 ach61 5312:861dee4a4782 bitkeeper revision 1.1665.1.3 (42a0c916S8M4GCtph6DmI_QigXvneA)
2005-06-03 ach61 5311:d8ac19a4170e bitkeeper revision 1.1665.2.1 (42a0c8fc5ayKCKfMu8Oo5dUccP4STA)
2005-06-03 mafetter 5310:226484ec5fb0 bitkeeper revision 1.1665.1.2 (42a09c3c5379JgWLZ0YowQ5DA_wjHg)
2005-06-03 kaf24 5309:fa68b7fb217f bitkeeper revision 1.1665.1.1 (42a0886byKTQHg1vpeYMDgve2Vz6GA)
2005-06-03 kaf24 5308:3c5a200df2c1 bitkeeper revision 1.1664.1.1 (42a08862ToP8uoeBgUzDwAQBMXo4wg)
2005-06-03 djm 5307:4c831628f463 bitkeeper revision 1.1666 (42a087d7jWz6dz5gEHhjSiLqLjqGvA)
2005-06-03 cl349 5306:9672db054b6d bitkeeper revision 1.1662.1.2 (42a0829aeBxkGIvlJ51XXxy6MTXerA)
2005-06-03 djm 5305:1bc9c3554d61 bitkeeper revision 1.1665 (42a07586HA9yxpF1JLzGs-3hmLbG5g)
2005-06-03 cl349 5304:6946d70596e8 bitkeeper revision 1.1662.1.1 (42a07145CPNIh8TprNz04Qg7x-S7Cw)
2005-06-03 kaf24 5303:d68bc64e2cfe bitkeeper revision 1.1664 (42a064ddVMYCAab_WQM9CcyTOyYMgQ)
2005-06-03 kaf24 5302:bbd1d54e014d bitkeeper revision 1.1663 (42a06245ee2G6mCs2baAK3_UiolIcQ)
2005-06-03 kaf24 5301:6b7a4f646fef bitkeeper revision 1.1662 (42a057ceLMHS_nHxLb-mZCG6csf27A)
2005-06-03 sos22 5300:56913f1c3e0d bitkeeper revision 1.1661 (42a03d7dMwgNdNW-UfchOZEUQsYy9w)
2005-06-03 kaf24 5299:35b69ed1f23b bitkeeper revision 1.1660 (42a027a8dd_EUm7b7XhKL_lNM4H_Rg)
2005-06-03 kaf24 5298:b3907ddefba4 bitkeeper revision 1.1659 (42a010dfU0RKWV-1WrueKEs8brwyOg)
2005-06-03 kaf24 5297:cc7982c93f34 bitkeeper revision 1.1658 (42a00cf2Cgpej1px1OeZJMp9dbdX8g)
2005-06-03 cl349 5296:b0455190b578 bitkeeper revision 1.1657 (429fb3bdy_w-Djv7N3uJ1qp_Sdc2cQ)
2005-06-03 cl349 5295:b30c01053d34 bitkeeper revision 1.1656 (429faf35S2AxCkpEkHXZalLVSWNI_g)
2005-06-03 cl349 5294:fcdc5d463f09 bitkeeper revision 1.1654.1.1 (429fae97234jWOO8DPN-542taVuZBQ)
2005-06-02 iap10 5293:b14e182e4411 bitkeeper revision 1.1655 (429f9c02qVlZ13S-reG9GUvOJtT9tA)
2005-06-02 cl349 5292:8651a99cdc09 bitkeeper revision 1.1654 (429f793bJpez_x78azX5iKCsmtPMUQ)
2005-06-02 cl349 5291:b51e4b4608f9 bitkeeper revision 1.1653 (429f7931iJ8kgS9qBlBbtyY9irorQA)
2005-06-02 kaf24 5290:e9a3f213817d bitkeeper revision 1.1648.1.1 (429f74a466gMuUJnqOh6jpVeBCjqyg)
2005-06-02 kaf24 5289:cd10a0139388 bitkeeper revision 1.1644.1.1 (429f749dKFzVUg9NXDMVu4apHJvpNQ)
2005-06-02 cl349 5288:0c246cd111e1 bitkeeper revision 1.1652 (429f70f9moC9qZBswXttF9sYcHtxTA)
2005-06-02 cl349 5287:529d5150d163 bitkeeper revision 1.1651 (429f70102tptpkVKU9_mkUC4olK_-Q)
2005-06-02 cl349 5286:c439bfa3a4ce bitkeeper revision 1.1650 (429f6be0yhaLJSkViUR2RPj8TUVeIA)
2005-06-02 cl349 5285:a480b2990961 bitkeeper revision 1.1649 (429f6bb65KQm70mnFwO33ykh9n1qag)
2005-06-02 cl349 5284:61942334e30c bitkeeper revision 1.1648 (429f66691itoasLMLtaAWyPKnHVINg)
2005-06-02 cl349 5283:f4e64de58162 bitkeeper revision 1.1647 (429f65565B2MImxe97HP-SSMYr5JPw)
2005-06-02 cl349 5282:209e087e9ba2 bitkeeper revision 1.1646 (429f647ejz5YEoIPEm_Y2iLwylO84A)
2005-06-02 cl349 5281:71124f0ea5d4 bitkeeper revision 1.1645 (429f63fb6JW1K1LYjnjnswN1KOd0Jg)
2005-06-02 cl349 5280:fbb832f71d22 bitkeeper revision 1.1642.1.1 (429f63f1jJ1MDBYeqjO8tWNOxXwFYw)
2005-06-02 kaf24 5279:ac04979dce3a bitkeeper revision 1.1644 (429f5bbcdEHtCPmUE0h_BEwN9vBiKQ)
2005-06-02 kaf24 5278:7a15cc6f1147 bitkeeper revision 1.1643 (429f4488tj590Fmn5s5Gd_pv8fLXeg)
2005-06-02 kaf24 5277:984dc9d51248 bitkeeper revision 1.1642 (429f43a9Urbk2TjIlm7NZJ_Z8LDQQQ)
2005-06-02 vh249 5276:c1a4141f0cdc bitkeeper revision 1.1641 (429f3b38tjTPpWx1UAEWtuvYiFH0Qw)
2005-06-02 kaf24 5275:834f2ae69b7d bitkeeper revision 1.1640 (429f380cmOBrQfCPrfaJptORVNmNSQ)
2005-06-02 cl349 5274:7d4fe5930112 bitkeeper revision 1.1639 (429f10138AGmYb8WkpDuXWG6NvuSjQ)
2005-06-02 cl349 5273:d823045eab51 bitkeeper revision 1.1637.1.1 (429f100et_8vOZLTej8un3-WOmraFg)
2005-06-02 vh249 5272:cefe173ea09b bitkeeper revision 1.1638 (429f0702i8Aq9b8ywQxXo9xS63DS0A)
2005-06-02 cl349 5271:bd5698b07fb8 bitkeeper revision 1.1637 (429efe55wJJIZHFiBeWAvMfzBaNppw)
2005-06-02 cl349 5270:d431df247b8a bitkeeper revision 1.1636 (429ed8e5gOiR2KuJtp1UWCleuYe5Kg)
2005-06-02 leendert 5269:97aa85e7aa21 bitkeeper revision 1.1635 (429ebf7b-aCgsRXeG4E_c8L_uhA9iw)
2005-06-02 arun sharma 5268:061fa5a23248 bitkeeper revision 1.1634 (429ebf70RJ7AddbljcMww4yY9oNOew)
2005-06-02 arun sharma 5267:6c89d5f8c629 bitkeeper revision 1.1633 (429ebf697h76hFAG0kPyIQgpATAdnw)
2005-06-02 kaf24 5266:5bb481c21157 bitkeeper revision 1.1632 (429ebf12k6wKnt6NCp_ccTvyXrINWg)
2005-06-02 kaf24 5265:d8410197d991 bitkeeper revision 1.1631 (429ebbaffap59sNVOihMG1SP6ejcrg)
2005-06-01 djm 5264:a0723a72717d bitkeeper revision 1.1564.1.6 (429e165dilv2Yl2AOW9ZyHrCpVrJDg)
2005-06-01 cl349 5263:14d754e3b044 bitkeeper revision 1.1629.1.1 (429de4faESWSriZYlaDxRVk7hKj32g)
2005-06-01 kaf24 5262:d65ff8dafa15 bitkeeper revision 1.1630 (429dd931IfVZoLDG_59VLA9fanmtuQ)
2005-06-01 kaf24 5261:44063d9f39e4 bitkeeper revision 1.1628.1.1 (429dd92aYeqV9tl4b0g_F_deORFVAQ)
2005-06-01 vh249 5260:073dc14d65f6 bitkeeper revision 1.1159.258.163 (429dd4a8sp6_fuyZOAS4879Pd7C9sw)
2005-06-01 vh249 5259:eadd4af8ee1a bitkeeper revision 1.1159.287.1 (429dd346fV3WkxgvHw4X6xmeXjyFIA)
2005-06-01 vh249 5258:f3d83aed87fa bitkeeper revision 1.1629 (429dcce9xCwGMwnshlCHuyiV7vxpFA)
2005-06-01 vh249 5257:cb48c33361cd bitkeeper revision 1.1627.1.1 (429dccc4mVL3VaR3aEhZK7D4ZhqHfA)
2005-06-01 kaf24 5256:79fea09c3b44 bitkeeper revision 1.1628 (429dc9b7MTwsBkscbFS1sK8SbwJhdg)
2005-06-01 cl349 5255:f16ac5cfa153 bitkeeper revision 1.1627 (429dabd8oit_vtykkoDno8W9TS973g)
2005-06-01 cl349 5254:3417d4aa3ff1 bitkeeper revision 1.1626 (429d850fTmqPy8ZeYvgxuavmrnfq2w)
2005-06-01 cl349 5253:f1a349430345 bitkeeper revision 1.1623.1.1 (429d84f5OmPoNLT2JLLPymMKUCbryQ)
2005-06-01 kaf24 5252:a247de7b1fb0 bitkeeper revision 1.1625 (429d84a4tcD4ZWpKQyD4i0nn6K6LIg)
2005-06-01 cl349 5251:9d463569c705 bitkeeper revision 1.1159.258.162 (429d8356O4B1x4zcoZgFnPVsJ5OKMQ)
2005-06-01 kaf24 5250:0e97dc32ddf6 bitkeeper revision 1.1624 (429d7aa7Gb7U1ztIGbXeQ0gPWlG51g)
2005-05-31 cl349 5249:c00fe904876e bitkeeper revision 1.1623 (429ced77UqsnFt1ywJdYu-w7Rd8gbg)
2005-05-31 cl349 5248:2c827745787d bitkeeper revision 1.1622 (429ce9043RMzk7MgrblrJmyu0he3Xw)
2005-05-31 cl349 5247:70e8e91ea6f6 bitkeeper revision 1.1619.1.2 (429ce59cTt9KxcOT0JuoCYbuDDPRFw)
2005-05-31 cl349 5246:574fa700e9b7 bitkeeper revision 1.1619.1.1 (429ce20czCzWvLkTZEZqyN2iK_13sw)
2005-05-31 kaf24 5245:0d0d1ee9a48c bitkeeper revision 1.1621 (429cd9bcA05F-_kvHhepys2ZfsrX8Q)
2005-05-31 kaf24 5244:9c8495b33e75 bitkeeper revision 1.1620 (429cd85fOKc8jD7MTDCcMvlczZhiDg)
2005-05-31 djm 5243:8356773d6de6 bitkeeper revision 1.1564.1.5 (429ccefcMIcuaJH4b_1aAdD0JTIaMg)
2005-05-31 cl349 5242:fbb531d2ff13 bitkeeper revision 1.1619 (429c9b29FRKSmd2yrMG2w6-PtHnc7Q)
2005-05-31 cl349 5241:d1bcd03773bf bitkeeper revision 1.1618 (429c9b21TCCZatsEzYuIU4HRcrJtyA)
2005-05-31 kaf24 5240:990f147203ec bitkeeper revision 1.1615.1.3 (429c99ecG3lpbZMR_ulpeFavnrTbcQ)
2005-05-31 cl349 5239:e2a8619ab691 bitkeeper revision 1.1617 (429c8920BjgVBzWyVe6fs4GTiKD5Yw)
2005-05-31 kaf24 5238:f85f27fa69ff bitkeeper revision 1.1615.1.2 (429c8826fS2FuIKb-STmuvL0Hl6awQ)
2005-05-31 kaf24 5237:6ab1fc3f5598 bitkeeper revision 1.1615.1.1 (429c8530L_ZtVuxsQcKwKB3yPuljog)
2005-05-31 cl349 5236:519301e369cc bitkeeper revision 1.1616 (429c8121AG7l1hMWaCYDFMFSyUtKMA)
2005-05-31 cl349 5235:1af7f0708b54 bitkeeper revision 1.1615 (429c80cbvtnzneyg7GyZAmZlQNm-Yg)
2005-05-31 cl349 5234:abe0fd18962c bitkeeper revision 1.1614 (429c80a0GOB6P2mG94bxVMLZE34VdA)
2005-05-31 cl349 5233:c14443dad5a0 bitkeeper revision 1.1613 (429c6e1eexBYav7WpRxH77Hcyh4PLQ)
2005-05-31 cl349 5232:e56f6322b1a0 bitkeeper revision 1.1612 (429c6dd5DZf10_GWDT3DTiTom7Mb1g)
2005-05-31 cl349 5231:53886c4fcc35 bitkeeper revision 1.1611 (429c6853QfpsOT-V0bESe-1WhWLOWw)
2005-05-31 cl349 5230:d086633d58bf bitkeeper revision 1.1610 (429c6844gwqwv-oCcjfTguJRDbgCXQ)
2005-05-31 cl349 5229:ea32d909807d bitkeeper revision 1.1609 (429c6790TWBysBM5eFTwmssbNmB69g)
2005-05-31 cl349 5228:49476fed0296 bitkeeper revision 1.1159.258.161 (429c6785ldESInztrl6dDaEZHXUyZg)
2005-05-31 cl349 5227:777fa188124b bitkeeper revision 1.1608 (429c646erSBefwnCqVeHKzsRTMIwjA)
2005-05-31 cl349 5226:fbc155c746d4 bitkeeper revision 1.1159.258.160 (429c6406X0OUPVHTFIkpoqSmFue5nQ)
2005-05-31 cl349 5225:13e24e7bb79d bitkeeper revision 1.1159.258.159 (429c6342A2HJ4wUj0nM5MNauX7azZQ)
2005-05-31 kaf24 5224:0fbe1cb5c60e bitkeeper revision 1.1604.1.1 (429c35e2KuWnzd9bfhKRv0nY4yq4Rw)
2005-05-31 kaf24 5223:d85350beab5e bitkeeper revision 1.1602.1.1 (429c35dbocwkNUKh8dzTXqsSFlVFog)
2005-05-31 cl349 5222:0ecc863ef3ed bitkeeper revision 1.1607 (429c2f231bx3kugLWzaDsPB4OQMBAA)
2005-05-31 cl349 5221:e406c23eee5d bitkeeper revision 1.1159.258.158 (429c2ed9fqwHGLXrjJlLr96kpvW_UA)
2005-05-31 cl349 5220:e503d1675572 bitkeeper revision 1.1606 (429c2af45-eQkEjNUi7xp8oigsbTSg)
2005-05-31 cl349 5219:05e547825be8 bitkeeper revision 1.1605 (429c2a02hn35DARfsEykCzpBrPrMhw)
2005-05-31 cl349 5218:412ada0d1ed6 bitkeeper revision 1.1604 (429c27853YjCcOkLEnjS5rFvk6ORlQ)
2005-05-31 cl349 5217:eef4852dd799 bitkeeper revision 1.1159.258.157 (429c276eHQwfuqCUJJBnQeDTzUz3lg)
2005-05-31 cl349 5216:3f244c5d2fe2 bitkeeper revision 1.1603 (429c25daAxv8CzKG49dW0khs2wyBew)
2005-05-31 kaf24 5215:69acd57e1bd8 bitkeeper revision 1.1602 (429c2005b_phBM8VV-zUAH99jBwhMw)
2005-05-31 kaf24 5214:ca9531e574f4 bitkeeper revision 1.1601 (429c1ed4wKexKmX-ibC6x3hHrciDNQ)
2005-05-30 smh22 5213:0c6cce9d9b82 bitkeeper revision 1.1600 (429ba505NfUdL-sQ8-FAIhULwXSaHQ)
2005-05-30 smh22 5212:caf47ecec89d bitkeeper revision 1.1159.258.156 (429ba4d3T2WmSlhY2aTmV6KN88hZHw)
2005-05-30 kaf24 5211:b2310e7dbfdc bitkeeper revision 1.1599 (429b828aL4XKwdaPjLGObI37F4hwiw)
2005-05-30 iap10 5210:80f5e85981da bitkeeper revision 1.1598 (429b7933SwjyJJbULLC4ZT800edwvQ)
2005-05-30 iap10 5209:254dc1cf9be7 bitkeeper revision 1.1159.258.155 (429b7918fdegxe1sz_LxgKSA-WkOkA)
2005-05-30 smh22 5208:84ecb1a32456 bitkeeper revision 1.1597 (429b4898xNVUuBPMVXKa545qSx7i7A)
2005-05-30 smh22 5207:3ff5bda9d8dd bitkeeper revision 1.1596 (429b3fa2RgeJZgQIRrT4oHa-PKg4zg)
2005-05-30 smh22 5206:2e85c7134cfd bitkeeper revision 1.1593.1.1 (429b3f9dAiHnKq38m74zg-HSQnYfwQ)
2005-05-30 kaf24 5205:ed4deaf4a0cc bitkeeper revision 1.1595 (429b3970iSiBE6JNLmeO-KDY_v3Hdg)
2005-05-30 cl349 5204:8f3eca37b4b3 bitkeeper revision 1.1594 (429b32ebzaQqk1iPvkQPHa7u9hft-g)
2005-05-30 kaf24 5203:a83e6617ca74 bitkeeper revision 1.1593 (429aec8bP8S_iGAVT8JuCkjdgPLCCg)
2005-05-30 kaf24 5202:da85abbfc7c0 bitkeeper revision 1.1592 (429ae8ff33cT5EmG9lUTaMO920vjKg)
2005-05-30 kaf24 5201:bc07e46f2e73 bitkeeper revision 1.1159.258.154 (429ae8764I9WsS60DkRARFDRTCFT1Q)
2005-05-29 kaf24 5200:dd205ff2ce8a bitkeeper revision 1.1591 (4299ea37xQ46OSnnhSi-IyVI2uATLw)
2005-05-29 kaf24 5199:d371fa731bc1 bitkeeper revision 1.1590 (4299cc0csX0iKRxZs-S3QRYAtXSapQ)
2005-05-29 kaf24 5198:4155e76f7528 bitkeeper revision 1.1589 (4299ca474xuIi4-NBh-bI0ilQ8Sw7w)
2005-05-29 kaf24 5197:7c8e84ee36b2 bitkeeper revision 1.1588 (42999d00gxHg_hThncByjrGk7labNA)
2005-05-29 maf46 5196:df3e1d0fd811 bitkeeper revision 1.1587 (429914fc4wycjm1BHhUK9gZ0LL0sIg)
2005-05-28 kaf24 5195:4c63d91b687f bitkeeper revision 1.1586 (4298e019QH28MgGwaw0jHPWEeEnyoA)
2005-05-28 leendert 5194:1e610bdd54fc bitkeeper revision 1.1585 (42988c63d2BDHoRycJzKDjIR50X5Sw)
2005-05-28 kaf24 5193:94a63704b6c4 bitkeeper revision 1.1584 (42984f31pkIsDJAxZBlaJgFWP9L2QA)
2005-05-28 kaf24 5192:2df0e546014d bitkeeper revision 1.1583 (42983f5dF7YXNy2i-9EFwNZ_eZer4g)
2005-05-28 kaf24 5191:b9f77360e9fc bitkeeper revision 1.1582 (429838acDJZ12SHZ0oEfuJwBD4FoqQ)
2005-05-28 kaf24 5190:ef94e64d3896 bitkeeper revision 1.1581 (42983526-uYH3-ev0arYC-GCKopWHg)
2005-05-28 kaf24 5189:7d0a21c7ba33 bitkeeper revision 1.1580 (429833a4G8EJ0jx6AoXE77WbZwwrQQ)
2005-05-28 leendert 5188:f5f2c67044b5 bitkeeper revision 1.1579 (429831c4g3vltIzzOokMmu5rtSZAcQ)
2005-05-28 arun sharma 5187:7d7ad3d01377 bitkeeper revision 1.1578 (429831b4aG5GnPML1pSzeV9PiOlFAA)
2005-05-28 arun sharma 5186:a825a76d6b0f bitkeeper revision 1.1577 (429831a31IZvEeEnalH3oKUTY7jV7A)
2005-05-28 arun sharma 5185:af908567e181 bitkeeper revision 1.1576 (42983193Zhd1D5IEn8s4gplr_BeXnQ)
2005-05-27 kaf24 5184:ed6682910675 bitkeeper revision 1.1575 (4296fb9akkrLM8bKzQ1I7T3Dy3Uu9w)
2005-05-27 kaf24 5183:235ff659f89d bitkeeper revision 1.1574 (4296fa5erB8OK0RVQ0VDZFNWsbl4Qg)
2005-05-27 leendert 5182:b91381252d35 bitkeeper revision 1.1573 (4296dbfdboYgUQZDJC6lNdNzKGXKag)
2005-05-27 leendert 5181:3487ddf5b689 bitkeeper revision 1.1572 (4296dbecanEyZdOxxZEuQ7szhriF5g)
2005-05-27 leendert 5180:da69cdf7fef2 bitkeeper revision 1.1571 (4296dbdcx0p8kMuQ9I0m0bHZ7K1BuQ)
2005-05-27 leendert 5179:5fa5698914c1 bitkeeper revision 1.1570 (4296dbcdhFdFajOGxHJCyEMvDA0TWg)
2005-05-26 djm 5178:5d02e3d0e0f6 bitkeeper revision 1.1564.1.4 (42963f87PlLeO796F6JRyyuat1UQ4Q)
2005-05-26 kaf24 5177:be52714e4727 bitkeeper revision 1.1569 (4296329bfi2iosJzMmIh7KglSdchjQ)
2005-05-26 kaf24 5176:122c8adf6ca1 bitkeeper revision 1.1568 (42960d67jYin00CdEGWDPCLZ5h6Hnw)
2005-05-26 kaf24 5175:3c8c7c46c4a8 bitkeeper revision 1.1567 (4295fc0dckrpqmqbCHpAHRHUcTGMTQ)
2005-05-26 kaf24 5174:1f65ea0027f8 bitkeeper revision 1.1566 (4295f4d0ecoRI1FVDrCqrrfgF5j8ug)
2005-05-26 djm 5173:44a4da6bfe52 bitkeeper revision 1.1564.1.3 (4295f31bXXSt2FVu5PG4ForW7oosIw)
2005-05-26 djm 5172:34b95079edb9 bitkeeper revision 1.1564.1.2 (4295f1bdtwYKVieig5E--rSWauq7Kg)
2005-05-26 xen-ia64 adm 5171:1f630bfd83f5 bitkeeper revision 1.1564.1.1 (4295f12eiFrDNUdC-D7-zJOe_Af1fA)
2005-05-26 vh249 5170:0e347f03a68c bitkeeper revision 1.1565 (4295f00bFZpvoNyqpCONmIknfolDLg)
2005-05-26 vh249 5169:fc10e6241938 bitkeeper revision 1.1562.1.1 (4295effbUWTVBipGBrKsyDh6-2FoaQ)
2005-05-26 djm 5168:a9d48e7fb8c5 bitkeeper revision 1.1509.1.5 (4295ee88HY2abQVcdhSuV8au7cjYDA)
2005-05-26 kaf24 5167:41a5c6143c83 bitkeeper revision 1.1564 (4295ecb2jzOPE0em5dg6Hu_4rbzFCg)
2005-05-26 akw27 5166:d867c2bbd27e bitkeeper revision 1.1563 (4295e70c6gPBeUtVURfaYnxTU_GbrA)
2005-05-26 kaf24 5165:98ec71a98df7 bitkeeper revision 1.1562 (4295c663e2dmLlYutTmiDxZ2_Qkpnw)
2005-05-26 kaf24 5164:943337479992 bitkeeper revision 1.1561 (42958369EO5iAgCrbpIrx-hK8jzMWQ)
2005-05-25 kaf24 5163:1cdd49625356 bitkeeper revision 1.1560 (4294fb66-WHHJCdXRRXp-4dTrGuiLw)
2005-05-25 kaf24 5162:c7447090c261 bitkeeper revision 1.1559 (4294fab4CMjRyJfuEBP1lUbAC6G9GA)
2005-05-25 kaf24 5161:e82fb753b02f bitkeeper revision 1.1558 (4294f9a2Vif6PUYZMV6j1GuP-Mn6Xg)
2005-05-25 djm 5160:ebdeb9b86189 bitkeeper revision 1.1509.1.4 (4294ddbdS0zXLWNl7GY3vmRtzKddcQ)
2005-05-25 kaf24 5159:c62ee1a8ba98 bitkeeper revision 1.1557 (4294b94bIF7VSJm4DWqLidHZJXHecQ)
2005-05-25 kaf24 5158:519428a32f8d bitkeeper revision 1.1556 (4294b84bRLO0dqxUhCbkQfM8qt1UoA)
2005-05-25 kaf24 5157:f1ac5983d4d8 bitkeeper revision 1.1555 (4294b5f0B3iu-SnB9loIMnLXO0loTA)
2005-05-25 cl349 5156:ce83bd80b6bd bitkeeper revision 1.1554 (4294b39736L_x3NwB1IRHYxqWe9rTQ)
2005-05-25 cl349 5155:10992a804a2a bitkeeper revision 1.1550.1.4 (4294b3735gOYxynlbg6ebX3oag6sHQ)
2005-05-25 cl349 5154:6e81b0f58356 bitkeeper revision 1.1550.1.3 (4294b356XJn1FHEVZ-2JlKpBDmqmpA)
2005-05-25 cl349 5153:be7e052ce7e8 bitkeeper revision 1.1550.1.2 (4294a1f1_I9jQ97QY8OTqDCx1kDIUA)
2005-05-25 kaf24 5152:6ce01dc5f62f bitkeeper revision 1.1553 (42948b95-gTo139RVAa2sLFVDy4KRA)
2005-05-25 kaf24 5151:0c7bde5b8e83 bitkeeper revision 1.1552 (429480ffbijN4G0QJScaV1h7mcJ23Q)
2005-05-25 cl349 5150:fed73636e06b bitkeeper revision 1.1550.1.1 (42947c93ScXPWqJQrSKCVoxqNJmCbw)
2005-05-25 kaf24 5149:321a7af76a9b bitkeeper revision 1.1551 (4294789ea5Ghsn6s5aIMFHK5LY4uSw)
2005-05-25 kaf24 5148:561f71aa056d bitkeeper revision 1.1550 (4294732bb-16oL8fVDfFOUaEjoM4oA)
2005-05-25 cl349 5147:63d8220a9b26 bitkeeper revision 1.1549 (429459dd8Wdn9xpYhxSGQBJEie8pXA)
2005-05-25 kaf24 5146:de3abc161c24 bitkeeper revision 1.1548 (4294554btfa2GpomqV57KFpxEHsjEA)
2005-05-25 cl349 5145:d61ceec31dfd bitkeeper revision 1.1547 (42945455UNorq1ha3va8g7OVydNVmw)
2005-05-25 cl349 5144:c0d620b026e7 bitkeeper revision 1.1546 (42944efdY94XWSK3i6H669MdigOOzw)
2005-05-25 cl349 5143:e41c470ae8b5 bitkeeper revision 1.1545 (42943a77oCSQWIL-DLwwTV7xUND3eQ)
2005-05-25 cl349 5142:17af4f434d0e bitkeeper revision 1.1542.1.1 (42943a71LGhR_dI1LOX6lKtJ08zzTA)
2005-05-25 kaf24 5141:91dcc24c50de bitkeeper revision 1.1544 (4294310cgG9HRlkgAVpjdkn3zSUpkw)
2005-05-25 arun sharma 5140:28d75ab87022 bitkeeper revision 1.1543 (42943085tTGU_YurrAPsDOCEjAU21g)
2005-05-24 cl349 5139:aba3ae74e631 bitkeeper revision 1.1542 (4293a8c7-PlifEtxsu3aPbHV3Xl_yA)
2005-05-24 djm 5138:fa3c1c925b22 bitkeeper revision 1.1509.1.3 (42939f31KzK-SwtLziu7eM9buqA-bg)
2005-05-24 arun sharma 5137:27660add29b6 bitkeeper revision 1.1541 (42939e8dPtCrrAl0Ko8RIXg1LNswnQ)
2005-05-24 arun sharma 5136:b03b6f39e718 bitkeeper revision 1.1540 (42939e7f8_AuNACTheIei6BJ0yjKyA)
2005-05-24 arun sharma 5135:d8431b0823fd bitkeeper revision 1.1539 (42939e68t9DDgqpBZmkD0dpuIEiwBQ)
2005-05-24 arun sharma 5134:4db1d602c934 bitkeeper revision 1.1538 (42939e5a4Zjv3gELWO9ea3t1uXGfeg)
2005-05-24 arun sharma 5133:3ba11d3c9826 bitkeeper revision 1.1537 (42939e4ewE9MEwuinOdZNB74jNWI-w)
2005-05-24 cl349 5132:9f22db685802 bitkeeper revision 1.1536 (429399e9qNO_CnmTploLs7q5t-754Q)
2005-05-24 cl349 5131:3615dfd94bdb bitkeeper revision 1.1534.1.1 (429399e0oJudIjoFsgWFxNKnCM7qTg)
2005-05-24 cl349 5130:d74dea34e69b bitkeeper revision 1.1535 (4293983fRn8wZMaWw4jC331L5B1bhw)
2005-05-24 cl349 5129:6e9ceb9d4bdf bitkeeper revision 1.1534 (42938f7eteOfeZAlPZyFJuucXgIZbA)
2005-05-24 cl349 5128:fc5081a78657 bitkeeper revision 1.1533 (429379beNzrMmx_MJCmvdmLhK3EMfw)
2005-05-24 cl349 5127:0fcf171af010 bitkeeper revision 1.1532 (42937343LHOyxpIm_YO4FjhQRVt15A)
2005-05-24 cl349 5126:9bd79570e9bf bitkeeper revision 1.1530.1.1 (4293733607D8CFWTaBtOQB46iiGQqg)
2005-05-24 cl349 5125:b60c53b0f6ef bitkeeper revision 1.1531 (429372b8Kjz5panaw5OaTXiMgKbyJg)
2005-05-24 cl349 5124:19fb7f508c42 bitkeeper revision 1.1530 (42937238W2qaGubDybmWZrLF-sQjNQ)
2005-05-24 cl349 5123:dd3849d6cdea bitkeeper revision 1.1529 (42936afbeMakdMOVWV-TYdagR8spKg)
2005-05-24 cl349 5122:734ebf0aa35f bitkeeper revision 1.1527.1.3 (42936982HEfOXuPvsCgdi5IHEHax_Q)
2005-05-24 cl349 5121:478f75e49113 bitkeeper revision 1.1527.2.1 (429368a2F0SR4yrzuHsrRucuwriYqA)
2005-05-24 kaf24 5120:311782d9e952 bitkeeper revision 1.1527.1.2 (4293468ayy5XU1yxu0QwnCQ83S5pbA)
2005-05-24 kaf24 5119:17e2e8a32c9e bitkeeper revision 1.1527.1.1 (42933814hYUdPBrhJ2nEsS5J3nRP8Q)
2005-05-24 cl349 5118:242591aabc7a bitkeeper revision 1.1528 (4292fdfc5zZkxl3RcxrdBZCU6Rd8EA)
2005-05-24 kaf24 5117:6c5699e95a56 bitkeeper revision 1.1527 (4292f7001CpWg14f57Koe8LjTqtnSA)
2005-05-24 kaf24 5116:f90d273f7570 bitkeeper revision 1.1526 (4292f6fatFGrb_g2pL3e_YfSdZhjPA)
2005-05-24 cl349 5115:d98308dd856e bitkeeper revision 1.1523.1.2 (4292f584VQVu_jEbX42qk-F3YrfDnQ)
2005-05-24 kaf24 5114:bc145d5c0aed bitkeeper revision 1.1525 (4292f3aa1mdmnYgcdBFqa5ndiF5PrQ)
2005-05-24 cl349 5113:5288bd28bf98 bitkeeper revision 1.1523.1.1 (4292f383Cc0iiNE6syBhzLa27UwM7w)
2005-05-24 arun sharma 5112:757d57b8427b bitkeeper revision 1.1524 (4292e3e3RfSM4xkFDPiMXA6Vw23W_w)
2005-05-24 arun sharma 5111:d8bcfd0c3742 bitkeeper revision 1.1523 (4292e3afzZhOD910qby84MZZyEFPZQ)
2005-05-24 vh249 5110:bb7d7790594e bitkeeper revision 1.1522 (429270f7khx4oIwyDPU4ZpNIWXP8pA)
2005-05-24 vh249 5109:1e4b308becce bitkeeper revision 1.1520.1.1 (429270bdd9U5A9UX0aJUWkoZm4BI7g)
2005-05-23 cl349 5108:cff6a5c4f4b6 bitkeeper revision 1.1521 (42926d1dxnIu-mzz-ImDN9CkKgIcLw)
2005-05-23 cl349 5107:b5b5a5e4052c bitkeeper revision 1.1519.1.1 (42926ccbNcRLyOP3D-TWC04yWeeZkA)
2005-05-23 cl349 5106:4ac062bc252d bitkeeper revision 1.1159.258.152 (42926cc9etTD9l4CfStMdWNKGJHG8g)
2005-05-23 cl349 5105:92afc5dda6d8 bitkeeper revision 1.1159.258.153 (42926ca7c8Vr3ajMe46BA7Li6zagcw)
2005-05-23 cl349 5104:b6c2b1279260 bitkeeper revision 1.1159.286.1 (42926ca2mQzPTNdXEXvnRmsyYb7PPg)
2005-05-23 vh249 5103:3f1fa7551ce9 bitkeeper revision 1.1520 (429261bcx4ebwegQM8Fpx31tkOS8Dw)
2005-05-23 djm 5102:775c8a5acfc8 bitkeeper revision 1.1509.1.2 (429261a0Qv1Wip4lt2f2ekcSvhVyxA)
2005-05-23 vh249 5101:220fa69a6777 bitkeeper revision 1.1511.1.1 (4292617fUY_QU9fABo1c9En_PEDHQA)
2005-05-23 cl349 5100:18001959ba29 bitkeeper revision 1.1519 (42925a7e5ZIo431XTUQd8kj6omAbZA)
2005-05-23 cl349 5099:187e3a02e0d5 bitkeeper revision 1.1513.1.1 (42925a6aSZSwfyaVsNzV4psPmpZwZg)
2005-05-23 bren 5098:36cd2ccb0e4b bitkeeper revision 1.1518 (42923748Z36fQ-pX8ugPi-8ioexnOg)
2005-05-23 rneugeba 5097:a33909b1daaf bitkeeper revision 1.1517 (429226618eVdiDZ50cTNFFyN4a8X_A)
2005-05-23 rneugeba 5096:3f6a8dd4050a bitkeeper revision 1.1515.1.1 (42922641RfGxKY5iamyIb3lRFjlpzQ)
2005-05-23 kaf24 5095:e81b60a0e170 bitkeeper revision 1.1516 (4292225caWyLsfo-mZ3yV4QmUhXSAQ)
2005-05-23 kaf24 5094:53d5ba4a4aed bitkeeper revision 1.1515 (42921e4fRcf8j8oxgO4SHlBhn0dSuw)
2005-05-23 kaf24 5093:c91f74efda05 bitkeeper revision 1.1514 (4291f6f7i2aAlgdzvcq6xJ3W4hjYzg)
2005-05-23 cl349 5092:2d1acc84d984 bitkeeper revision 1.1513 (4291f527HzSV5MgVTL5ZpTs61-VQvg)
2005-05-23 xen-ia64 adm 5091:6cbe0dc99129 bitkeeper revision 1.1509.1.1 (4291f270w7VN9k2JYugkZW7usBwt8w)
2005-05-23 cl349 5090:eb32745a29e8 bitkeeper revision 1.1512 (4291e819kp5stS-T-KsgGXWV2Tvfow)
2005-05-23 cl349 5089:b04f8c2a95d6 bitkeeper revision 1.1511 (4291af78wDb78xhg10ccUaCX1vnh_w)
2005-05-23 cl349 5088:9e133359e477 bitkeeper revision 1.1510 (4291adbf-g-WMA-w33q-SnHuwoX3BA)
2005-05-23 leendert 5087:3a30cc8f8ec3 bitkeeper revision 1.1509 (42919998wk9fYs94aYbRCzMaqW0N5w)
2005-05-23 adsharma 5086:e0e38c5651d3 bitkeeper revision 1.1472.2.6 (42916b37WTfslw9tSflk_BS_9JVW1Q)
2005-05-23 adsharma 5085:e5235ca194ca bitkeeper revision 1.1472.2.5 (429169a1lcAWUA49MVik2VTCMbi1qw)
2005-05-23 kaf24 5084:580d5a4fff25 bitkeeper revision 1.1508 (42916959z-L_1fAuVkGLI_kRj1O2VA)
2005-05-22 adsharma 5083:2ea8c80c91eb bitkeeper revision 1.1472.2.4 (4290dcb3h7sEjyPmT7cQXliR-KX-iQ)
2005-05-22 adsharma 5082:fa6017bfc76d bitkeeper revision 1.1472.3.1 (4290dc73cMlPc5EvXdqDP501vv78Vw)
2005-05-22 iap10 5081:50a2c86612b9 bitkeeper revision 1.1159.258.152 (42905f395GT_2THbPzF5_z3DLplfrQ)
2005-05-22 iap10 5080:2a5814ad2e56 bitkeeper revision 1.1159.258.152 (42905f2aihfbXcLOp47iveS8Fn06aQ)RELEASE-2.0.6
2005-05-22 kaf24 5079:377402d5f51f bitkeeper revision 1.1507 (4290370dlUP0DcWpBdGnFEf6MXC7CQ)
2005-05-21 iap10 5078:c10a5789d09e bitkeeper revision 1.1159.258.151 (428f9937otEBfCffvfYB3a6-3-2O_A)
2005-05-21 kaf24 5077:8a1faeb0d3c6 bitkeeper revision 1.1506 (428f8748oAPuAqxeI4b_UUMZQok4QQ)
2005-05-21 cl349 5076:d55569f2ac18 bitkeeper revision 1.1505 (428f2c4c-dG46JqogSF24go6sxrccw)
2005-05-21 cl349 5075:543ffea3fc12 bitkeeper revision 1.1159.258.151 (428f2c2a_3sOeZVGhQutbJc15aCU9g)
2005-05-21 kaf24 5074:07bd52c0f8de bitkeeper revision 1.1504 (428f10aaD4iY_Mj4uu6RLDmF65qx-w)
2005-05-21 kaf24 5073:6dda721a273a bitkeeper revision 1.1503 (428f1042Yao-1v9mZSxNem0DoJz-Yw)
2005-05-21 iap10 5072:5bf66e408317 bitkeeper revision 1.1502 (428f0d94bUM6nCIYBQRzeFSs29KMDg)
2005-05-21 arun sharma 5071:e869b20358b1 bitkeeper revision 1.1501 (428f097bke5QSeqibAc2HvxE7ue3aA)
2005-05-21 kaf24 5070:387d226daf5b bitkeeper revision 1.1500 (428f08f1cclAJMtKpbiDrXknPvaMCA)
2005-05-21 arun sharma 5069:5ee1dd151ac2 bitkeeper revision 1.1499 (428f07695kp2_AbrdFwruhvfdJ6ZvQ)
2005-05-21 kaf24 5068:43d7cfe99358 bitkeeper revision 1.1498 (428f04afH2pmbU4ynzpdraamIHiD-Q)
2005-05-20 kaf24 5067:6640eb3cb41d bitkeeper revision 1.1497 (428e7006d1s9u7R17UKdC7uB6M2U6g)
2005-05-20 kraxel 5066:c4353a81ae5b bitkeeper revision 1.1159.258.150 (428e6fdeb6W1XbDj2YkcF53xkdUozA)
2005-05-20 kaf24 5065:fada74b4becd bitkeeper revision 1.1496 (428e6f07Mp3t6GGKitdrBLluBQ32Nw)
2005-05-20 kaf24 5064:ba07aa456da4 bitkeeper revision 1.1159.258.149 (428e6ed7pYw4zk4bTnojKRbdmh8Vcw)
2005-05-20 kaf24 5063:6bac5c6a5c4a bitkeeper revision 1.1159.285.1 (428e6ed1eB7g2hQKJHFVNtvmxJNeNw)
2005-05-20 iap10 5062:2562daa95e37 bitkeeper revision 1.1495 (428e6e55_iTSnZRUSmqgYyK-Bql7Lg)
2005-05-20 iap10 5061:312df7388796 bitkeeper revision 1.1159.258.148 (428e6dcbkxoX3zvO7TFFgnoq2o9fRw)
2005-05-20 iap10 5060:f0fb0b3becbe bitkeeper revision 1.1159.284.1 (428e6db8MJ-JzmJYObnEqq381gyfSQ)
2005-05-20 kaf24 5059:569173be116f bitkeeper revision 1.1494 (428e647cwMGQpFEvYX5LZ0S3SXAZVQ)
2005-05-20 iap10 5058:85fcf3b1b7a5 bitkeeper revision 1.1493 (428e623eLixPFfNTxCYBeRcapHg86g)
2005-05-20 iap10 5057:ee056b35ccc9 bitkeeper revision 1.1159.258.147 (428e61e6n2e1t5iGSIQAezyNE1AmGw)
2005-05-20 iap10 5056:69fa66e71cb6 bitkeeper revision 1.1159.258.146 (428e5a750X0LdGym7H2kz7FPjJu-mw)
2005-05-20 kaf24 5055:8397cf88a855 bitkeeper revision 1.1492 (428e3bd7k7u4q5iZW-q27Jpez3WzGg)
2005-05-20 cl349 5054:95c16a18cc65 bitkeeper revision 1.1491 (428e39d2dbOTFoU5SeRaUuYmn0Q84w)
2005-05-20 cl349 5053:fb7d59789e4d bitkeeper revision 1.1488.1.1 (428e39badumj52vi-nzb7GBmoVe2dA)
2005-05-20 iap10 5052:3b359c18a7f0 bitkeeper revision 1.1159.258.145 (428e3757uj8_oSifvxuenpTuUY0rrg)
2005-05-20 adsharma 5051:541012edd6e5 bitkeeper revision 1.1472.2.3 (428e1d27PlLcEe8kqMtV2NBLhophjg)
2005-05-20 kaf24 5050:6cc3680e98d1 bitkeeper revision 1.1490 (428e17e3-aTEgwH1KsJrUT4WjK5zWQ)
2005-05-20 kaf24 5049:04626a6c01f1 bitkeeper revision 1.1489 (428e15d0U1QR0C-3P4GEGl1TSQ6Plg)
2005-05-20 kaf24 5048:574892590001 bitkeeper revision 1.1159.258.144 (428e15a5YtSRzDLLgCSLxJk6OkQbKA)
2005-05-20 kaf24 5047:d661ca31241d bitkeeper revision 1.1159.258.143 (428e1588HSalPYyogvolE-cDtFhV_A)
2005-05-20 adsharma 5046:0554a6615257 bitkeeper revision 1.1389.23.4 (428e13b9Hne7WMFOPqv3id1PNB6EYg)
2005-05-20 cl349 5045:636f2a45038f bitkeeper revision 1.1488 (428e0104FPjt2icUt6-UvaVbiv-4aQ)
2005-05-20 cl349 5044:88e25f4669ad bitkeeper revision 1.1487 (428dfcfbPyp2B40XEtGVyPMb1f5nOA)
2005-05-20 cl349 5043:90feb98108de bitkeeper revision 1.1483.1.1 (428dfcf4ShUaO_5EW8otOGE_3NKxvQ)
2005-05-20 akw27 5042:45a82b5f9fbe bitkeeper revision 1.1486 (428df949_zDBPhEuAHGHwY3GzlSsPQ)
2005-05-20 akw27 5041:15e6c09e1f43 bitkeeper revision 1.1473.1.1 (428df901D5uzzXaFBp8z6tkbP0gV0w)
2005-05-20 kaf24 5040:e5ee1635b8ee bitkeeper revision 1.1485 (428df22fkTwCIupDtELAwUuLnujDkQ)
2005-05-20 kaf24 5039:847a499e8b29 bitkeeper revision 1.1484 (428df17f3d8vkbg-YhKA0bSn-ZgbJA)
2005-05-20 kaf24 5038:7693dd47436e bitkeeper revision 1.1159.258.142 (428df12661vmA7WwXT170kC1Qyxpxw)
2005-05-20 kaf24 5037:08bcb94afa37 bitkeeper revision 1.1483 (428de756rFBp-KHtm51Jw47YJiLjXA)
2005-05-20 kaf24 5036:664508b09c16 bitkeeper revision 1.1159.258.141 (428de6e3qI6WPj3ZDv-N9guEb9d7uA)
2005-05-20 kaf24 5035:5b1f038d3d65 bitkeeper revision 1.1482 (428dbc17RT9NQ-_ttXtXBKQgwnM38g)
2005-05-20 kaf24 5034:805d6412f908 bitkeeper revision 1.1481 (428dbb983q1cvjneYqdtcPp89tOcqQ)
2005-05-20 iap10 5033:9463ebcafca0 bitkeeper revision 1.1480 (428d419a4_wx5uoCl1gCLjxUtYhqRA)
2005-05-20 iap10 5032:c327de10c6d1 bitkeeper revision 1.1479 (428d371brHhQmZxRRggrDJvMfEHd7A)