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     1.3 @@ -99,7 +99,7 @@ if you want DNS.
     1.4  You can start an X server with 'startx'. It defaults to a conservative
     1.5  1024x768, but you can edit the script for higher resoloutions.  The CD
     1.6  contains a load of standard software. You should be able to start
     1.7 -Apache, PostgreSQL, Mozzila etc in the normal way, but because
     1.8 +Apache, PostgreSQL, Mozilla etc in the normal way, but because
     1.9  everything is running off CD the performance will be very sluggish and
    1.10  you may run out of memory for the 'tmpfs' file system.  You may wish
    1.11  to go ahead and install Xen/XenoLinux on your hard drive, either
    1.12 @@ -424,6 +424,13 @@ If you have a crash you'll likely get a 
    1.13  figuring out what's happened.  Debug a XenoLinux image just as you
    1.14  would any other Linux kernel.
    1.16 +We supply a handy debug terminal program which you can find in
    1.17 +/usr/local/src/xen-1.0rc1/xeno.bk/tools/misc/miniterm/
    1.18 +This should be built and executed on another machine that is connected
    1.19 +via a null modem cable. Documentation is included.
    1.20 +Alternatively, telnet can be used in 'char mode' if the Xen machine is
    1.21 +connected to a serial-port server.
    1.22 +
    1.24  Description of how the XenDemoCD boots
    1.25  --------------------------------------