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     1.3 @@ -684,7 +684,7 @@ machine ID~1 you should type:
     1.5  \begin{quote}
     1.6  \begin{verbatim}
     1.7 -# xm create -c myvmconfig vmid=1
     1.8 +# xm create -c myvmconf vmid=1
     1.9  \end{verbatim}
    1.10  \end{quote}
    1.12 @@ -894,7 +894,14 @@ to filesystems stored on local disk when
    1.13  Administrators should choose an appropriate storage solution
    1.14  (i.e. SAN, NAS, etc.) to ensure that domain filesystems are also
    1.15  available on their destination node. GNBD is a good method for
    1.16 -exporting a volume from one machine to another, as is iSCSI.
    1.17 +exporting a volume from one machine to another. iSCSI can do a similar
    1.18 +job, but is more complex to set up.
    1.19 +
    1.20 +When a domain migrates, it's MAC and IP address move with it, thus it
    1.21 +is only possible to migrate VMs within the same layer-2 network and IP
    1.22 +subnet. If the destination node is on a different subnet, the
    1.23 +administrator would need to manually configure a suitable etherip or
    1.24 +IP tunnel in the domain 0 of the remote node. 
    1.26  A domain may be migrated using the \path{xm migrate} command.  To
    1.27  live migrate a domain to another machine, we would use
    1.28 @@ -1007,11 +1014,10 @@ Block devices should typically only be s
    1.29  read-only fashion otherwise the Linux kernel's file systems will get
    1.30  very confused as the file system structure may change underneath them
    1.31  (having the same ext3 partition mounted rw twice is a sure fire way to
    1.32 -cause irreparable damage)!  \xend will attempt to prevent you from
    1.33 +cause irreparable damage)!  \Xend will attempt to prevent you from
    1.34  doing this by checking that the device is not mounted read-write in
    1.35  domain 0, and hasn't already been exported read-write to another
    1.36  domain.
    1.37 -
    1.38  If you want read-write sharing, export the directory to other domains
    1.39  via NFS from domain0 (or use a cluster file system such as GFS or
    1.40  ocfs2).