log xen/drivers/acpi/Makefile

age author description
2008-09-26 Keir Fraser X86 and IA64: Rebase cpufreq logic for supporting both x86 and ia64
2008-06-10 Keir Fraser x86: Default ACPI reboot method.
2008-06-10 Keir Fraser Pull in ACPI table parsing code from Linux 2.6.26-rc4.
2008-05-01 Keir Fraser Port acpi bit register support from Linux.
2008-03-19 Keir Fraser acpi: hwregs.c only needed on x86.
2008-03-19 Keir Fraser x86 ACPI sleep: Fix a bug when ACPI registers in System_Memory
2006-10-25 kfraser [XEN] Add basic NUMA/SRAT support to Xen from Linux
2006-04-05 kaf24 Clean up build system some more. No need to explicitly
2006-03-19 kaf24 Apply Xen build system changes to all non-arch subdirectories.
2005-05-06 xenbk bitkeeper revision 1.1398 (427ba39bqKEbkdkvXR-PGTXrS0ed7w)
2005-05-04 kaf24 bitkeeper revision 1.1389.5.5 (42788bdeo6dq0hEkwcye0RH_ljmY1Q)
2005-02-10 sos22 bitkeeper revision 1.1161 (420b5ed6DpcotfvpA5TTxShadFd_MQ)
2005-01-25 smh22 bitkeeper revision 1.1159.1.537 (41f67ab3Du0bIUXPaemWGStms0aS8A)
2005-01-25 iap10 bitkeeper revision 1.1159.212.34 (41f5a289J4SAf6zaQUhGEBrQWQ14dA)
2005-01-22 iap10 bitkeeper revision 1.1159.223.15 (41f2c43e5U8GurDCsAUaiGJ2VOmnUQ)
2004-07-07 kaf24 bitkeeper revision 1.1046 (40ec37c8Yw5F8zV1f79LCJsTGx4lsQ)
2004-07-07 kaf24 bitkeeper revision 1.1041.18.1 (40ec37bbEfVooGtkbbrgCf3ZWEhJEg)
2004-04-05 kaf24 bitkeeper revision 1.844 (40715b48x_OlxIR6nK-VQXnLJ0fjKg)
2004-04-05 kaf24 bitkeeper revision 1.842.1.1 (40715b38BNfFZvL7yV9c1GJbSaAK0g)