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1 Vnet Low-level Command Interface
2 Mike Wray <mike.wray@hp.com>
3 2006/10/12
5 The vnet kernel module and user-space daemon vnetd support a low-level
6 command interface to control vnets. The kernel module creates /proc/vnet/policy,
7 which is used by writing commands into it. Vnetd listens on the unix-domain
8 socket /tmp/vnetd.
10 The vn utility in ../scripts provides a higher-level interface to
11 the vnet commands (using the kernel module or vnetd).
13 The commands are:
15 (vnet.add (id <id>) [(vnetif <ifname>)] [(security { none | auth | conf } )] )
17 Create the vnet with id <id> and the given security level (default none).
18 Vnet ids are 128-bit and can be specified as 8 fields of 1 to 4 hex digits
19 separated by colons. A vnet id with no colons is treated as one with the first
20 7 fields zero. Examples:
22 1500 - equivalent to 0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1500
23 aaff:0:0:0:0:0:77:88
25 Security levels:
26 - none: no security
27 - auth: message authentication (IPSEC hmac)
28 - conf: message confidentiality (IPSEC hmac and encryption)
30 The <ifname> is the name of the network device created for the vnet.
31 If not given it defaults to vnif<N>, where <N> is the hex for the
32 8-th field in the id. Note that network device names can have a
33 maximum of 14 characters.
35 (vnet.del (id <id>))
37 Delete the vnet with id <id>.
39 (vif.add (vnet <vnetid>) (vmac <macaddr>))
41 Add the vif with MAC address <macaddr> to the vnet with id <vnetid>.
42 This makes the vnet module respond to VARP requests for <macaddr>
43 on vnet <vnetid>. The vnet implementation learns MAC addresses
44 so doing this should not be necessary.
46 (vif.del (vnet <vnetid>) (vmac <macaddr>))
48 Remove the vif with MAC address <macaddr> from the vnet with id <vnetid>.
49 The vnet module will stop responding to VARP for the vif.
51 (peer.add (addr <addr>))
53 Add a peer at IP address <addr> to forward multicasts to,
54 and accept forwarded multicasts from.
56 (peer.del (addr <addr>))
58 Delete a peer.
60 (vif.list) - get list of vifs.
61 (vnet.list) - get list of vnets.
62 (varp.list) - get vnet/varp info.
63 (peer.list) - get list of peers.
65 The kernel module produces output on the console, and vnetd
66 returns output on the unix socket. The kernel module also provides
67 the following files which can be read to get information:
69 /proc/vnet/vifs - get list of vifs.
70 /proc/vnet/vnets - get list of vnets.
71 /proc/vnet/varp - get vnet/varp info.
72 /proc/vnet/peers - get list of peers.