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x86: highmem handling assistance hypercalls

While looking at the origin of very frequently executed hypercalls I
realized that the high page accessor functions in Linux would be good
candidates to handle in the hypervisor - clearing or copying to/from
a high page is a pretty frequent operation (provided there's enough
memory in the domain). While prior to the first submission I only
measured kernel builds (where the results are not hinting at a
meaningful improvement), I now found time to do a more specific
analysis: page clearing is being improved by about 20%, page copying
doesn't seem to significantly benefit (though that may be an effect of
the simplistic copy_page() implementation Xen currently uses) -
nevertheless I would think that if one function is supported by the
hypervisor, then the other should also be.

Signed-off-by: Jan Beulich <jbeulich@novell.com>
author Keir Fraser <keir.fraser@citrix.com>
date Mon Oct 27 13:29:35 2008 +0000 (2008-10-27)
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line source
2 include Config.mk
4 export DESTDIR
6 ALLKERNELS = $(patsubst buildconfigs/mk.%,%,$(wildcard buildconfigs/mk.*))
8 %-install:
9 $(MAKE) -f buildconfigs/mk.$* build
11 %-dist: DESTDIR=$(DISTDIR)/install
12 %-dist: %-install
13 @: # do nothing
15 # Legacy dist target
16 %-build: %-dist
17 @: # do nothing
19 %-prep: DESTDIR=$(DISTDIR)/install
20 %-prep:
21 $(MAKE) -f buildconfigs/mk.$* prep
23 %-config: DESTDIR=$(DISTDIR)/install
24 %-config:
25 $(MAKE) -f buildconfigs/mk.$* config
27 %-delete:
28 $(MAKE) -f buildconfigs/mk.$* delete
30 %-clean:
31 $(MAKE) -f buildconfigs/mk.$* clean
33 %.patch:
34 $(MAKE) -f buildconfigs/mk.$* $@
36 %-mrproper:
37 $(MAKE) -f buildconfigs/mk.$*-xen mrproper
38 rm -rf pristine-$(*)* ref-$(*)*
39 rm -rf $*-xen.patch
41 # never delete any intermediate files.