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1 Xen Control Tools - Examples
2 ===================================
4 This directory contains example scripts and configurations for Xen.
5 For many operations you will either be able to use these scripts directly, or
6 incorporate code from them into your own scripts.
8 If you write a useful script and would like to share it, please do
9 send it (preferably with a little summary to go in this file) to
10 <xen-devel@lists.sourceforge.net> so we can add it to this directory.
12 network - default network setup script called by xend at startup.
13 vif-bridge - default virtual network interface setup script.
14 xend-config.sxp - default xend configuration file.
15 xmexample1 - example configuration script for 'xm create'.
16 xmexample2 - a more complex configuration script for 'xm create'.