annotate config/x86_64.mk @ 11878:307e5ed9657e

Clean up linker flag definitions.

1. GNU ld does not understand -m{32,64}. It must be cooked for it by
the GCC driver program.
2. Where GNU ld is directly called we must use -melf_{i386,x86_64}.
3. We cannot avoid calling GNU ld directly in some cases (e.g., when
specifying GNU-specific linker scripts) as on some host
architectures the GCC driver is configured to call the host
4. We cannot add -melf_{i386,x86_64} to LDFLAGS as the option is
not recognised by GCC.

Hence we define new LDFLAGS_DIRECT, to be added to the command line
only when invoking GNU ld directly.

Signed-off-by: Keir Fraser <keir@xensource.com>
author kfraser@localhost.localdomain
date Wed Oct 18 16:56:27 2006 +0100 (2006-10-18)
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children 3409c35a0b0e
rev   line source
kfraser@10229 1 CONFIG_X86 := y
kfraser@11847 2 CONFIG_X86_$(XEN_OS) := y
kfraser@11847 3
kfraser@10229 4 CONFIG_HVM := y
kfraser@10229 5 CONFIG_MIGRATE := y
kaf24@10760 6 CONFIG_XCUTILS := y
kfraser@10229 7 CONFIG_IOEMU := y
kfraser@10229 8
kfraser@10229 9 CFLAGS += -m64
kfraser@11840 10 LIBDIR = $(LIB64DIR)
kfraser@11878 11
kfraser@11878 12 # Use only if calling $(LD) directly.
kfraser@11878 13 LDFLAGS_DIRECT += -melf_x86_64