age author revision description
2005-09-20 emellor 6972:b54d922cb897 Remove unused import.
2005-09-20 emellor 6971:90bcdd41dbf7 Mark unused variables as such. Remove unused import.
2005-09-20 emellor 6970:26c6d506a97c Move definition of xc variable, to save confusing pylint.
2005-09-20 emellor 6969:1c95ad754ad4 Mark unused variable as such.
2005-09-20 emellor 6968:95e589a9b2f6 Added debugging message to exception on write.
2005-09-21 kaf24 6967:7a45b8ccef01 Some cleanup in tpm-related files.
2005-09-21 kaf24 6966:b8537442f3d6 Removes redundant/unnecessary __vmread/__vmwrite.
2005-09-21 kaf24 6965:21e7935b2025 Parse vcpus for VMX guest.
2005-09-21 kaf24 6964:492fe12a6db4 Fix .hgignore and add missing vtpm patch file.
2005-09-20 kaf24 6963:1bea937e53cc The vmx guest loading is broken from 6925 because of the new
2005-09-20 kaf24 6962:d3bc8314b6f5 Fix __save_flags() to not complain when smp_processor_id() is used
2005-09-20 cl349 6961:659ad553199e merge?
2005-09-20 cl349 6960:ee8226e15e9f Add support to build arch/ia64 xen kernels, also add pre/post link hooks in mkbuildtree.
2005-09-20 kaf24 6959:c174ac96a69d Fix xenconsole when console page is >= 4GB.
2005-09-20 kaf24 6958:9776d03bf108 Put_page on vmx_set_cr0 for multiple protected/real mode switch.
2005-09-20 cl349 6957:f8e7af29daa1 merge?
2005-09-20 cl349 6956:a6b72464a042 Fix vnc configuration issue for creating vmx guest.
2005-09-20 kaf24 6955:750ad97f37b0 Split up docs. Signed-off-by: Robb Romans <>
2005-09-20 kaf24 6954:c0796e18b6a4 Add 64 bit support to the VTPM Tools plus do some minor cleanups.
2005-09-20 kaf24 6953:3ef86b208f9b Fix an operand size bug in the VMX MMIO decoder.
2005-09-20 kaf24 6952:739154e26fb7 Dynamically generate the local apic entries in ACPI MADT table.
2005-09-19 kaf24 6951:d1cbfaf804d9 Add lomount to 'make uninstall' target. Remove miniterm,
2005-09-19 kaf24 6950:ae88715598bf Clean up 'make uninstall' target.
2005-09-19 cl349 6949:872cf6ee0594 merge?
2005-09-19 cl349 6948:fc2eade714f9 Fix kernel users of xs_write as well.
2005-09-19 cl349 6947:2796d45c5835 Fire watches once immediately upon registration.
2005-09-19 cl349 6946:0a2cc72ee6e4 Fix one more usage of xs_write.
2005-09-19 cl349 6945:f7a7f8f2e6e4 Remove iflag argument to xs_write
2005-09-19 cl349 6944:a5d67e3fbff1 Make xs_mkdir an xs_rm idempotent.
2005-09-19 kaf24 6943:08effcf0385b Better gdb server documentation.
2005-09-19 kaf24 6942:52d953dcef0e Do not build PAE by default. Reverts accidental previous
2005-09-19 kaf24 6941:ec01850d0ee9 Fix xc_ptrace (live debug, not coredump debug) for 32-bit pae.
2005-09-19 kaf24 6940:fc4375af5854 Fix gdb build script.
2005-09-19 cl349 6939:3133e64d0462 merge?
2005-09-19 cl349 6938:c0c96a494c76 merge?
2005-09-19 emellor 6937:adbe7d45472b Revert accidental commit.
2005-09-19 emellor 6936:db4a0526d4e5 Use DevController.allocateDeviceID rather than using a local variable.
2005-09-19 emellor 6935:951c8ee275b7 Use DevController.allocateDeviceID rather than using a local variable.
2005-09-19 cl349 6934:b5bf198f0113 Don't do device create on domain recreate.
2005-09-19 cl349 6933:5c0ec0b171f0 Remove last remaining "import controller" occurences.
2005-09-19 cl349 6932:308260e5868c merge?
2005-09-18 emellor 6931:8f9dfc5fb51c Add and use XendDomainInfo.getBackendFlags to decouple from the
2005-09-18 emellor 6930:578a73fdeb2f Changed dangerous default parameter values where used to use None instead.
2005-09-18 emellor 6929:f7a09745ca56 Remove the complexity of the config_handlers mechanism in favour of a simple
2005-09-18 emellor 6928:3dec22f380be Added allocateDeviceID, which uses the store to keep track of per-domain,
2005-09-18 emellor 6927:b67ef34cf91b Move definition of xc and xend to avoid confusing pylint.
2005-09-18 emellor 6926:5007bebba2f5 Renamed XendDomainInfo.getTargetMemory to getMemoryTarget, for consistency with
2005-09-18 emellor 6925:7e8eac6e96c6 Replaced the device handling mechanism used by XendDomainInfo. Superficially,
2005-09-18 emellor 6924:e703abaf6e3d Add behaviour to the remove methods to remove the transaction's path itself. This allows us to write Remove(path) to remove the specified path rather than having to slice the path ourselves.
2005-09-18 emellor 6923:da5e4c8a0fea In all cases, move the creation of a new transaction outside of the block
2005-09-17 emellor 6922:702e7f173465 Remove assignment to unused field memory_target.
2005-09-17 emellor 6921:191ffe9a9967 Use XendDomainInfo.getDomain, getName to decouple XendDomain from the internals
2005-09-17 emellor 6920:fb1fa3a4106f Remove unused restoreFromDB, saveToDB.
2005-09-17 emellor 6919:8462eff90433 Replace XendDomainInfo.setStoreChannel with XendDomainInfo.closeStoreChannel.
2005-09-17 emellor 6918:b75771a12f79 Added getVCpuCount to XendDomainInfo and use that and getName, getDomain,
2005-09-17 emellor 6917:adbf85204d29 Fix indentation.
2005-09-17 emellor 6916:e517f6599e54 Added getTargetMemory, getSsidref methods to XendDomainInfo, and use these and
2005-09-17 emellor 6915:567debb22ac0 Issue warning if doxygen is not installed.
2005-09-17 emellor 6914:993f52cdb4e4 Changed ssidref default to 0 when parsing config file.
2005-09-17 emellor 6913:11475b60d57c Added diagnostic message to exception when TypeError occurs on write.
2005-09-17 emellor 6912:0b6e06fced6a Removed unused getDB method.
2005-09-17 emellor 6911:cc5d8878fc36 Moved xroot variable to not confuse pylint (and me).
2005-09-17 emellor 6910:10d2067f6016 Removed unused impotr and marked some parameters as unused.
2005-09-17 emellor 6909:91f974f7ce97 Rename feilds to fields throughout.
2005-09-17 emellor 6908:4507382c88e5 Remove unused import, and unused class TwistedAdapter. Mark one variable as
2005-09-17 emellor 6907:b6ee902f83f4 Added _1,.._5 to dummy-variables, so that we can specify multiple unused
2005-09-19 kaf24 6906:619e3d6f01b3 Re-indent libxc to avoid hard tabs. Also, fix the PAE
2005-09-19 kaf24 6905:cedb89d6b707 Fix VMX domains not cleaning up properly, since some page refncts are
2005-09-19 kaf24 6904:6fb3b1d9e336 The domain structure maintains several shadow mode stats,
2005-09-18 kaf24 6903:7e7d93aa4072 Trivial gdb build fix from Leendert.
2005-09-17 kaf24 6902:8bc44f718714 Small cleanup to tpm split driver.
2005-09-17 kaf24 6901:03b58a6f498e Remove native tpm drivers from the linux sparse tree and replace
2005-09-16 cl349 6900:8ff691d008f4 Cleanup domain listing on xend start. Fix reaper some more.
2005-09-16 cl349 6899:931526414a64 Add bindings for xs_get_domain_path().
2005-09-16 cl349 6898:6a48f88101d3 Don't run reap() or domain_restarts() as side-effects of refresh.
2005-09-16 cl349 6897:edd70af0fb22 Move dom0 setup code out of initial_refresh.
2005-09-16 cl349 6896:5b56f1646e58 Remove pretty random cleanup code in _add_domain.
2005-09-16 cl349 6895:4490e39fc322 Use "vcpu" when referring to vcpus.
2005-09-16 cl349 6894:8cba45a77249 Make dom0_enforce_cpus() use vcpu_hotplug rather than directly modifying the sysfs entries.
2005-09-16 cl349 6893:a4cf3e17bb25 merge?
2005-09-16 cl349 6892:ffbc98d735bd merge?
2005-09-16 cl349 6891:7cccdb49af75 Cleanup domain reaper and domain destruction functions.
2005-09-16 cl349 6890:aa8943e9b705 Fix setStoreChannel(None) - fixes cleanup on destroy.
2005-09-16 cl349 6889:a434b5449d59 Fix the control panel problem.
2005-09-16 kaf24 6888:7fbaf67a0af5 Clean up and re-indent netback driver.
2005-09-16 kaf24 6887:8bb3f2567b8c Clean up and re-indent netfront.c
2005-09-16 kaf24 6886:3a7c0b00da8a Grant-refrence allocation pools and tracking tables should be
2005-09-16 kaf24 6885:e1cc553059e1 direct_remap_pfn_range() takes a vm_area_struct rather than
2005-09-16 kaf24 6884:0f851f965df9 distclean target added to root makefile. From rusty.
2005-09-15 cl349 6883:fd19e760932d Simplify backend flag parsing.
2005-09-15 cl349 6882:75fe7890cf01 Export block device read-only state into store.
2005-09-15 cl349 6881:9d4f4ff1ff77 Fix bootloader support some more.
2005-09-15 cl349 6880:cedfbb032261 merge?
2005-09-15 cl349 6879:2dcfb85a95b9 Maybe fix running bootloader after reboot.
2005-09-15 kaf24 6878:c21f47a03225 Start cleaning up grant tables. gnttab_donate now called
2005-09-15 cl349 6877:2f5537317988 merge?
2005-09-15 cl349 6876:e85f93d1ca59 Update image handling code for xstransact.
2005-09-15 shand 6875:753c49dc808c Actually update domain info when dom_get() succeeds.
2005-09-15 kaf24 6874:c27431cf81f9 Fix the libxc Makefile.
2005-09-15 vh249 6873:cb518207fc95 add support for ipv6 address in choose_vnc_display function
2005-09-15 vh249 6872:da550f59e971 fix build, strings spanning multiple lines are no longer supported
2005-09-15 cl349 6871:e78650eb2cf0 merge?
2005-09-15 cl349 6870:b47c0ff50cdd Don't special case getDomainMemory for ia64.
2005-09-15 cl349 6869:6e5cb98eff28 Better build fix.
2005-09-15 kaf24 6868:19b458d4ba93 Like IA32 PAE xenlinux, we also need make VMX guest 1:1 page table PGD
2005-09-15 cl349 6867:7ce64f021a2c Cleanup timeout code for when socket is already in use.
2005-09-15 cl349 6866:6da7a6d8b575 Fix build!
2005-09-15 kaf24 6865:bdc77b74bf61 Remove bad lines from start od script.
2005-09-15 kaf24 6864:3233e7ecfa9f merge?
2005-09-14 djm 6863:55bc6698c889 Oops, one hypervisor.h change seems to have unfixed in the merge
2005-09-14 djm 6862:0833c2337202 Add missing include/decl to ia64-specific hypervisor.h
2005-09-14 djm 6861:c8f873ae3ede Add ia64-specific hypervisor.h
2005-09-14 djm 6860:9af349b055e5 Merge latest xen-unstable into xen-ia64-unstable to prep
2005-09-14 djm 6859:a152b9f27e48 Add needed header files that are buried/nested in x86
2005-09-14 djm 6858:52d2d5208575 Merge latest xen-unstable into xen-ia64-unstable
2005-09-13 djm 6857:6dadf4d93ee3 Converge ia64 grant_table API
2005-09-13 djm 6856:2c823d27cf33 Catchup with xen-unstable, add ia64 specifics to tools, and some VTI merge
2005-09-13 djm 6855:5cd24dd33033 Add ia64 header for synch_bitops.h
2005-09-13 djm 6854:b35215021b32 Merge with latest xen-unstable
2005-09-09 djm 6853:d4d880fcef28 Xen-ia64-specific changes to adapt to recent xen-unstable changes
2005-09-09 djm 6852:b2f4823b6ff0 Merge (only) xen-ia64-unstable with latest xen-unstable
2005-09-08 djm 6851:10b1d30d3f66 Transform double mapping to single mapping on vti domain.
2005-09-08 djm 6850:0c1f966af47e Temporary patch to return dom0 stability
2005-09-07 djm 6849:b2312c14f144 Temporary fix to ensure store page is accessible to domain.
2005-09-06 djm 6848:89fc07f85b01 First part of timer merge
2005-09-06 djm 6847:9361694781fc Neglected to hg-add these documentation files
2005-09-02 djm 6846:bf3fdeeba48b merge two heads
2005-09-02 djm 6845:21ad2828dbdf Sorry, silly typo in bug vix
2005-09-02 djm 6844:af3750d1ec53 Bug fixes from Kevin (x2) and Anthony
2005-09-01 djm 6843:68d8a0a1aeb7 Kevin and John's update to latest xen-unstable for multiple domain - xen part
2005-09-01 djm 6842:b55363593dfc Oops, allow compile 2.6.13-rebased with CONFIG_SMP (one small fix)
2005-09-01 djm 6841:888877bc3d79 Fix instructions and remove obsolete mkbuildtree
2005-09-01 djm 6840:3ca4ca7a9cc2 Final changes for linux 2.6.13 rebasing and some directory reorgs
2005-09-01 djm 6839:d34925e4144b Stil more cleanup and moving to 2.6.13 base
2005-08-31 djm 6838:23217792aa3b Move null header files to a separate directory
2005-08-31 djm 6837:4e4f1db8ea94 More updating to linux 2.6.13 sources
2005-08-31 djm 6836:b7276814008c Begin updating to 2.6.13 base
2005-08-30 djm 6835:44316ce83277 Baby step toward host SMP support
2005-08-30 djm 6834:f5c4042212b0 Enable CONFIG_SMP compile and link
2005-09-15 kaf24 6833:2f11c5b3c586 More build fixes for latest binutils. No 'movl' between
2005-09-14 shand 6832:bd477fcd32ab Deal with domain info going away (handle new error path introduced by
2005-09-14 shand 6831:36f8c5900e86 O_REUSEADDR is not enough to ensure we don't get address in use errors when
2005-09-14 shand 6830:7985a4d8bae9 Make sure xend start doesn't return until xend is ready to accept connections.
2005-09-14 shand 6829:3a79e8b28999 Disable CONFIG_PNPACPI temporarily in the -xen defconfig (it's known not to
2005-09-14 shand 6828:fb72c78604c6 The dom destroy path is doing a dom_get on a non-existent domain to
2005-09-14 kaf24 6827:122779b57b40 Remove redundant semi-colon from end of DEFINE_RING_TYPES
2005-09-14 cl349 6826:1a29e0f5c610 merge?
2005-09-14 cl349 6825:05d42f7674e8 Switch most uses of write over to store.
2005-09-14 cl349 6824:40e6dfad4eff Explicit test for None.
2005-09-14 cl349 6823:1585590ec474 More syntactic sugar.
2005-09-14 cl349 6822:bc5dbfe729e0 Move start_time out of xend dir and use gather/store.
2005-09-14 cl349 6821:960d4f6b58b3 Support removing nodes from store if value to store is None.
2005-09-14 cl349 6820:f92bdd9153f5 Add store function.
2005-09-14 cl349 6819:d5497a215660 Always allow transaction abort.
2005-09-14 cl349 6818:eb6fbb3d0a7b Add gather function and robustify class methods' failure handling.
2005-09-14 kaf24 6817:1184286a2ee6 Fix mmapping of PCI resources from userspace.
2005-09-14 cl349 6816:9c9a3bb878c2 merge?
2005-09-14 cl349 6815:541a3239f352 Rename xm commands and cleanup of the "bogus" argument code.
2005-09-14 kaf24 6814:810039218827 Fix xc_make_page_below_4G(). Should fix PAE domain
2005-09-14 kaf24 6813:c9c49385c26e During my attempts to get the latest bridge networking model working on my
2005-09-14 kaf24 6812:481a4ce27c15 Fix xc_domain_memory_decrease_reservation().
2005-09-14 cl349 6811:a8edb2655c5d Add methods to read/write Vm/Domain store entries.
2005-09-14 cl349 6810:2277377dfc3a Move name back into main domain dir.
2005-09-14 cl349 6809:5cbb2ecce16a Move id back into main domain dir and rename to domid.
2005-09-14 cl349 6808:e2f0a6fdb7d9 merge?
2005-09-14 cl349 6807:383f1336c305 Move uuid back into main domain dir.
2005-09-14 kaf24 6806:5959fae4722a Set NE bit for VMX guest CR0. VMCS guest CR0.NE bit must
2005-09-14 kaf24 6805:5e943af66571 Add some sanity check when creating 3-level 1:1 page table
2005-09-14 kaf24 6804:1cdc469bf78d Clear pending interrupt on shared page when pic initialized
2005-09-14 kaf24 6803:b9b120c7631a Get rid of anonymous unions in public header files.
2005-09-14 cl349 6802:cc1572db6a3d Call dominfo.device_delete instead of non-existant dominfo.device_destroy.
2005-09-14 kaf24 6801:94990f123e5e Remove unsued domain_controller.h file.
2005-09-14 kaf24 6800:f5ff107742ce Fix 64-bit build problem. Not allowed to movl between a
2005-09-14 kaf24 6799:1936ccaccf5e Move hypervisor.h to asm-i386/asm-x86_64.
2005-09-14 kaf24 6798:0a7194ec36a4 mem-map.sxp and vmxloader are unaffected by a 64-bit build,
2005-09-14 cl349 6797:c63529f3367d Fix xenstored watch crash.
2005-09-13 cl349 6796:0d8c0db04258 Don't return failure when trying to delete a non-existent node.
2005-09-13 cl349 6795:1ad652222dba Perform xenbus operations in shutdown_handler in a transaction.
2005-09-13 cl349 6794:36c4d3bb29c8 Don't cause watch fire deadlock by unconditionally rewriting the sysrq node.
2005-09-13 cl349 6793:3eea03342466 Don't fail readDB on empty dirs.
2005-09-13 cl349 6792:a0399927e1a1 Switch shutdown and sysrq to xstransact.
2005-09-13 cl349 6791:feff6bf0417e Free blkif if vbd_create fails.
2005-09-13 kaf24 6790:3a34bcb7c28b Fix the logic in vcpu_sleep_sync(): we must wait until
2005-09-13 shand 6789:fe5b84a24d43 Some more resilience to errors in creating vbds etc; still needs more work
2005-09-13 cl349 6788:22d08cc7f739 Switch memory target handling to use xstransact.
2005-09-13 cl349 6787:c1450b657ede g/c introduceDomain and releaseDomain bindings in xsnode and xsobj.
2005-09-13 cl349 6786:26cf3cfd3bed Switch vcpu hotplugging to use xstransact.
2005-09-13 cl349 6785:f562c0f1d222 Fix domain list build/cleanup code with xend subdirectory.
2005-09-13 cl349 6784:d38da169752e IntroduceDomain of dom0 can fail when it's already connected.
2005-09-13 cl349 6783:574aeba9859d Fix error handling code paths.
2005-09-13 cl349 6782:72e4e2aab342 merge?
2005-09-13 cl349 6781:8ca0f98ba8e2 merge?
2005-09-13 cl349 6780:4ad19fe76d50 Store dom0 store ring-ref in store.
2005-09-13 cl349 6779:c2558a2fe658 Switch to IntroduceDomain, move xend info into xend subdirectory in store.
2005-09-13 cl349 6778:68c4eb06a6aa Move xshandle to, add IntroduceDomain, fix list to handle empty/non-existant directories and fix Remove.
2005-09-13 cl349 6777:c66a660872e7 Change read and list to return None if key/dir doesn't exist.
2005-09-13 cl349 6776:e7c7196fa329 merge?
2005-09-13 emellor 6775:3cc679a35d71 Fix imports.
2005-09-13 cl349 6774:4d899a738d59 merge?
2005-09-13 emellor 6773:f2450805063b Fix the check that the argument count is even, for xenstore_write.
2005-09-13 emellor 6772:98c5c6a1e857 Added help line for dev-docs target.
2005-09-13 ewan 6771:5aa6a2eff69f Added isDevControllerClass so that XendDomainInfo does not need to store the same information internally. This may soon go, depending on how useful turns out to be.
2005-09-13 ewan 6770:c5045197dcb7 Removed {add,get}_{config,device}_handler in favour of using a simple dictionary directly. Fix a misnamed variable blconfig that was supposed to refer to blcfg. This showed up under pylint as a undefined variable, but would have manifested itself in the bootloader configuration being ignored.
2005-09-13 ewan 6769:723f81936cf7 Added .PHONY target so that make works from the tools/python directory (it was seeing the build directory and therefore doing nothing).
2005-09-13 ewan 6768:e939d5c5e646 Pass the root directory to Doxyfilter and thence so that the latter can get the namespace/packages correct.
2005-09-13 ewan 6767:bcbd2d2c1068 Pass the root directory to Doxyfilter and thence so that the latter can get the namespace/packages correct.
2005-09-11 ewan 6766:64d6de1ea743 "Added."
2005-09-11 ewan 6765:89a842453d77 Added dev-docs target to build the Python Tools' API documentation.
2005-09-11 ewan 6764:f44b792e898c Added docs/api.
2005-09-11 ewan 6763:bf58d21a1e3a Added dev-docs target, which passes through to the docs Makefile.
2005-09-13 kaf24 6762:adb70d525dbd This trivial patch makes sure that mem-map.sxp and the qemu bits
2005-09-13 kaf24 6761:89ed236b6b66 Update ignores list for new xenstore binaries.
2005-09-13 kaf24 6760:e17161930711 synch_bitops.h is an arch-specific header file.
2005-09-13 kaf24 6759:b5d91089e42c Newer binutils is a bit stricter and errors out when you try
2005-09-13 cl349 6758:bd951d23d713 merge?
2005-09-13 cl349 6757:4d018790ff8a Fixed consoled race condition.
2005-09-13 kaf24 6756:69bf4490062f domain_crash_synchronous() on x86_64 causes Xen to crash because
2005-09-13 cl349 6755:0fad07d67e75 Prevent opening the xenbus device if the store isn't connected yet.
2005-09-13 cl349 6754:f804b28871ba merge?
2005-09-13 kaf24 6753:36e74b5dfa95 Fix a bug in shadow_remove_all_access_in_page.
2005-09-13 cl349 6752:f1bb1316b26f Fix up testsuite from recent changes.
2005-09-13 cl349 6751:1cb7adaa3355 Put xenstored.h in linux-public include dir.
2005-09-12 cl349 6750:d8637529daff Always allow overriding where clients connect through XENSTORED_PATH.
2005-09-12 cl349 6749:80afc502461b Change xenbus_dev interface from ioctl to read/write.
2005-09-12 cl349 6748:282d5698ea40 Add xenstore-list and xenstore-exists clients
2005-09-12 cl349 6747:d22091179975 Check the return value of chdir(2) and write(2).
2005-09-12 cl349 6746:219d96d545fc merge?
2005-09-12 cl349 6745:cdaaaa027bf8 Switch vtpm device setup/teardown over to xstransact.
2005-09-12 cl349 6744:38a29ec8d021 Switch block device setup/teardown over to xstransact.
2005-09-12 cl349 6743:3aa853185afe Remove debug output.
2005-09-12 cl349 6742:e9d01c5dc7b4 Move block device bind/unbind into hotplug scripts.
2005-09-12 cl349 6741:968541972a7c Don't remove backend store directory before device_unregister.
2005-09-12 cl349 6740:f5adc1aa61d8 Export backend device store path to hotplug script.
2005-09-12 kaf24 6739:888094e5ac07 This patch remove the L2 pin for 1:1 page table on control panel.
2005-09-12 kaf24 6738:7ae8090e5f67 The last vnet patch was missing some files that had been added
2005-09-12 kaf24 6737:413c911e5780 Re-indent xc_linux_restore, and add code to force PAE
2005-09-12 cl349 6736:f752e0c873a6 merge?
2005-09-12 cl349 6735:b594bb976a74 Always fire watches, even on the connection which caused the watch to fire.
2005-09-12 kaf24 6734:939fd35d58da Xen_version hypercalls takes two args, not one.
2005-09-12 kaf24 6733:03b9919f655e mlock argument to version hypercall in libxc.
2005-09-12 kaf24 6732:05f36d13e30c Improve debug tracing from HYPERVISOR_memory_op().
2005-09-12 vh249 6731:2c2c0b843f05 removing XEN_LOCALVERSION for a smaller alternative
2005-09-11 kaf24 6730:3feb7fa331ed Re-indent vmx code.
2005-09-11 kaf24 6729:4508c22dc458 Yes, that fixes the problem, our patches crossed. I saw Keir already
2005-09-11 vh249 6728:5721657e8130 add XEN_LOCALVERSION to the dist building process
2005-09-11 kaf24 6727:21cbdb20ff4c An FC4/i386 install inside VMX on an x86_64 system fails because byte
2005-09-10 cl349 6726:9ead08216805 Restore NULL checks before calling kfree().
2005-09-10 vh249 6725:3f2751c6e721 add a simple usage string to xenconsoled
2005-09-10 vh249 6724:bc5e0fc79696 fix ballooning out logic to handle dying domain freeing memory.
2005-09-10 vh249 6723:b3b4391a14e5 use XEN_FULLVERSION variable where possible
2005-09-10 vh249 6722:ac6605bceb9d remove pointless NULL check before calling kfree
2005-09-10 vh249 6721:864d936a0482 convert initializers to C99 initializers
2005-09-10 kaf24 6720:aa1adbeecfcd With this patch, 32-bit binary can work on 64-bit VMX guest.
2005-09-10 kaf24 6719:20b6be0e1fa1 This patch fixes xenlinux timer interrupt.
2005-09-10 kaf24 6718:8fc210e6a588 This patch fix a bug in set_reg_value() for x86_64 VMX guest.
2005-09-10 kaf24 6717:a8f01a0a9559 One more instruction for the VMX MMIO decoder.
2005-09-10 kaf24 6716:4b2c87242ad3 Fix bug that service os & vmx guest can't communicate with
2005-09-09 shand 6715:5c49ed1145cc Fix xm info handling of empty strings (fix bugzilla bug #216)
2005-09-09 shand 6714:41a74438bcba Fix 'xm info' (sizeof(param) doesn't do that one might hope).
2005-09-09 cl349 6713:813c37b68376 merge?
2005-09-09 cl349 6712:31c257b9a360 Make vif cleanup use xstransact and use classmethods for setup.
2005-09-09 cl349 6711:1a27091a1e7a Add remove and list support. Also make all class methods "safe".
2005-09-09 cl349 6710:54af57682431 Only retry transactions which fail from timeout.
2005-09-09 cl349 6709:578c19d1ed49 Setup network devices in xenstore using xstransact.
2005-09-09 cl349 6708:fbdb56cd611b Remove dependency between domain db and path/uuid.
2005-09-09 cl349 6707:d0b3c7061368 Always start transactions on an existing path.
2005-09-09 kaf24 6706:0c7379b702e5 common/kernel.o contains changeset/compiler info.
2005-09-09 kaf24 6705:a5e9a7fcade9 cleanups
2005-09-09 kaf24 6704:16cd990994d5 The patch allows the shadow mode code to support >4GB physical memory. I
2005-09-09 iap10 6703:ec4a3f2d060e Add more version and capability reporting to Xen. Print the results with 'xm info'.
2005-09-09 kaf24 6702:3f4d14357976 pagefault handler fixes.
2005-09-09 cl349 6701:47dca2f335de Add simple transactional read/write python xenstore interface.
2005-09-09 cl349 6700:4856f000d35d Make error reporting consistent.
2005-09-09 cl349 6699:cdfa7dd00c44 merge?
2005-09-09 cl349 6698:2704a88c3295 merge?
2005-09-09 cl349 6697:22c30df92b11 tpmback compilation fix.
2005-09-09 kaf24 6696:df1348e72390 Xenbus implementation ported from Linux to Mini-os, simple thread support introduced
2005-09-09 kaf24 6695:6563a12e0ad7 Fix blkfront request completion.
2005-09-09 kaf24 6694:67d7e01c8277 It was suggested on the xen-users list that it would be useful if the
2005-09-08 iap10 6693:4cdf880c9463 Bug fix on x86_64 increase_reservation
2005-09-08 iap10 6692:74371b962355 Test CD needs devfs
2005-09-08 kaf24 6691:c7999d49ecf7 No need to qsort the pfn array in domu builder.
2005-09-08 iap10 6690:aa0990ef260f merge
2005-09-08 iap10 6689:3bde4219c681 manual merge
2005-09-08 iap10 6688:5db85ba1c4e0 Improved "PGDs must be under 4GB" handling for PAE.
2005-09-08 iap10 6687:1f4863861d18 Fixes to sub 4GB allocator
2005-09-08 kaf24 6686:a27e28d38d52 Build fix.
2005-09-08 kaf24 6685:5321e0858b0d grant_table.c reindent.
2005-09-08 kaf24 6684:e3fd0fa58364 Rename get_order() to get_order_from_bytes() and add
2005-09-08 kaf24 6683:c2705e74efba Cleanups, and fix allocating DMA memory via
2005-09-08 iap10 6682:12ff9c954ace Give each domain some memory below 4GB. This solves the "PGD's must be below 4GB" for the initial page tables. I'm not sure we'll stick with this approach, but this is good enough for the time being.
2005-09-08 iap10 6681:006efe128837 Yet more PAE fixes, this time in the paravirt drivers.
2005-09-07 iap10 6680:f0d728001aaa More tools PAE fixes to avoid loosing high-order pte bits.
2005-09-07 iap10 6679:a9a78ca76cd2 Replace direct_remap_area_pages with direct_remap_pfn_range to help fix PAE domain building.
2005-09-07 cl349 6678:10a3d4fbd9b4 Fix typo.
2005-09-07 cl349 6677:7bc32f4c67fb merge?
2005-09-07 cl349 6676:a39b1fa10edc Move console tty/limit information into console directory in domain dir.
2005-09-07 cl349 6675:64ca0d3ea97f Disable device info getting written to store when xend restarts.
2005-09-07 cl349 6674:0c9c044fd00c Disable sync dbmap saves -- they remove nodes added by other tools.
2005-09-07 cl349 6673:c2f3f18c0d95 Don't leak memory when realloc fails.
2005-09-07 shand 6672:b7c7cb88f0ba Create /dev/xen/evtchn if it doesn't exist.
2005-09-07 cl349 6671:7d0fb56b4a91 merge?
2005-09-07 cl349 6670:38c5199155fc g/c unused xcs.
2005-09-07 cl349 6669:4e4aac33809f g/c unused xu extension.
2005-09-07 cl349 6668:0e2b1e04d4cb g/c unused control message code.
2005-09-07 cl349 6667:549f4256ab3c Remove control interface in kernels and domain builder.
2005-09-07 iap10 6666:cbf43be4cc17 merge
2005-09-07 iap10 6665:216a8a934246 Trivial fix for a nasty PAE bug.
2005-09-07 cl349 6664:32cc65db459a Fix vif scripts for domains with more than one ip.
2005-09-07 cl349 6663:422fee1de8e7 Remove debug printk.
2005-09-07 cl349 6662:4309a1fd8447 Always bind dom0 virqs to vcpu 0.
2005-09-07 cl349 6661:acde14d25398 Make xenstored bind to domain exception virq directly, instead of via xcs.
2005-09-07 cl349 6660:652bd7876153 Remove python virq code.
2005-09-07 cl349 6659:c9e1ddf85324 Trigger domain cleanup on @releaseDomain watch-event instead of domain exc. virq.
2005-09-07 cl349 6658:639a36483fee Fix and cleanup error handling.
2005-09-07 cl349 6657:e991ec23c318 Add copyright notice and g/c some unused code.
2005-09-07 cl349 6656:a75b08af8d19 merge?
2005-09-07 cl349 6655:63e226a5e272 Add python bindings for watches.
2005-09-07 kaf24 6654:c9fd91d7540d Be more sensitive to losing sync with platform timer.
2005-09-07 kaf24 6653:7a36f58f64ee merge?
2005-09-07 kaf24 6652:77d8b5e40da7 Small plan9 loader patch from Tim Newsham.
2005-09-07 iap10 6651:fb90dd31c6d7 Extend save/restore interface to cope with domains >4GB by adding a level of indirection.
2005-09-07 cl349 6650:99f12399b25a Fix dependencies.
2005-09-06 cl349 6649:8db9c5873b9b merge?
2005-09-06 cl349 6648:83bcc68aaf32 Use @releaseDomain watch-events.
2005-09-06 cl349 6647:0922c82a4bf3 Exit if xen_setup fails.
2005-09-06 cl349 6646:513ba63787fe Add @releaseDomain watch-event.
2005-09-06 cl349 6645:7c269dd2cf1f Destroy domain before cleaning it up.
2005-09-06 kaf24 6644:28a10ec0fd6b Tiny printk info cleanup.
2005-09-06 kaf24 6643:d647c3d381d2 The attached patch fixes two problems I ran into with the swiotlb code
2005-09-06 kaf24 6642:d0a4f770a5f4 phys_to_mach and mach_to_phys tables contain long entries, not
2005-09-06 cl349 6641:534671924039 Add xcs to include path for xcs_proto.h.
2005-09-06 cl349 6640:6d7b05e1c1e5 Disable xcs stop from xend script since it kills xenstored now.
2005-09-06 cl349 6639:d4d69c509371 merge?
2005-09-06 cl349 6638:d6d77aa96aa1 Make xenstored listen to domain exception virqs.
2005-09-06 cl349 6637:275e28658c66 Update consoled to use xs_get_domain_path and cleanup domain tracking code.
2005-09-06 kaf24 6636:8f21344e7817 Avoid warn_unused error on read() return value.
2005-09-06 kaf24 6635:158d23cbd2e6 Enable xenstored optimisations.
2005-09-06 kaf24 6634:ef1cd7729676 Reducing LOC (always a good thing) by eliminating duplicated functionality.
2005-09-06 kaf24 6633:60bf463f79a8 Fix vmalloc fault path in arch/xen/i386 to correctly deal
2005-09-05 kaf24 6632:aeaa3c83f6e5 Fix 64-bit build.
2005-09-05 kaf24 6631:d105692072a4 Fix PCI iomem resource fixup.
2005-09-05 cl349 6630:22599cd6aae0 Add @introduceDomain event-watch and replace consoled watch on /console.
2005-09-05 cl349 6629:7f941f9c237b Fix command line argument parsing.
2005-09-05 cl349 6628:bdae19282fb8 Add -Werror to xenstore build and fix failure.
2005-09-05 kaf24 6627:d5bd2c583cb0 Fix the balloon driver to do work in smaller batches, and
2005-09-05 cl349 6626:0856c511a83e Add missing dependency for xenstore client programs.
2005-09-05 cl349 6625:2a1b32bb4df4 Rename XS_GET_DOMAIN_PATH to XS_GET_DOMAIN_PATH and add libxenstore binding.
2005-09-05 cl349 6624:3ba3e5fc2530 Fix typo.
2005-09-05 cl349 6623:ff14bb5600c9 On suspend, canonicalize store and console mfns in the guest.
2005-09-05 cl349 6622:1f460d0fd6c6 merge?
2005-09-05 cl349 6621:89e8a2144c1d Get rid of suspend record, start info holds all the info now.
2005-09-05 cl349 6620:5d8b2c258b26 Pass live flag as number, not "True"/"False".
2005-09-05 cl349 6619:cd5d566e1d54 Only remove domain from store once it's suspended.
2005-09-05 cl349 6618:79658ef58925 Keep start_info in page provided by domain builder instead of making a copy.
2005-09-05 iap10 6617:bd9af523a598 CRAMFS needs to be compiled in to xen_defconfig_x86_64 not a module.
2005-09-05 cl349 6616:85aca042b802 Free grant reference when block device shuts down.
2005-09-05 cl349 6615:4594827336ad merge?
2005-09-05 cl349 6614:dd7aac3720b1 Suspend console after xenbus, resume console before xenbus.
2005-09-04 shand 6613:cd6f1a4e9a39 Fix build.
2005-09-04 cl349 6612:d0a5b1857c35 Fix build.
2005-09-04 akw27 6611:f59e0163540e Updates to blktap driver and user code.
2005-09-04 cl349 6610:523078a33287 Fix build dependency issue.
2005-09-03 cl349 6609:b6c98fe62e1a merge?
2005-09-03 cl349 6608:2e2611af05c6 Update suspend/resume for new console code.
2005-09-03 iap10 6607:563732d616e4 merge fixup
2005-09-03 cl349 6606:29808fef9148 merge?
2005-09-03 iap10 6605:dbded18962a4 merge
2005-09-03 iap10 6604:62af59588060 Fix to allow -xen and -xen0 kernels to be used as unprivilged guests.
2005-09-03 cl349 6603:f27205ea60ef merge?
2005-09-03 cl349 6602:5aae0c8158b9 Restore printk to output evtchn binding error.
2005-09-03 cl349 6601:8a228cbb69fe Add support in libxenstore for using the xenbus_dev store connection.
2005-09-03 cl349 6600:87ea297c1d3a Add driver to use the kernel's xenbus connection from user-space.
2005-09-03 cl349 6599:c7e4e2fc4f4a Free struct file file_private on release.
2005-09-03 iap10 6598:ce018d2730c0 Fix debug build that was broken by recent shadow pagetable checkin.
2005-09-02 shand 6597:a1de77c1486c Enable 'live' migration from a tools pov; prior to this the 'live' flag was
2005-09-02 kaf24 6596:0c0d929e787c Attached are the patches for new ioemu communication mechanism. The new
2005-09-02 kaf24 6595:0746ef61733b Now that unaligned page overlapping PIO works for Xen, it is time to
2005-09-02 kaf24 6594:20140d3fbf83 Attached are the patches for new ioemu communication mechanism. The new
2005-09-02 kaf24 6593:ed474440decd Various minor vmxassist cleanups.
2005-09-02 kaf24 6592:7557c46a9edf We need to be more precise and restore the %eip.
2005-09-02 kaf24 6591:151da8f5d5f2 Handle page overlapping copies.
2005-09-02 kaf24 6590:b715a9f4dba0 Qemu-dm dumps core with the pcnet device. This patches fixes it.
2005-09-02 kaf24 6589:ec11c5cca195 Fix preemption-check race in memory_op hypercall.
2005-09-02 kaf24 6588:7c2afbad0188 Fix writing to mmap'ed /dev/mem region mapped PROT_WRITE
2005-09-02 cl349 6587:cac138ea9284 Install hotplug script(s) unconditionally.
2005-09-02 cl349 6586:291e816acbf4 merge?
2005-09-02 cl349 6585:edd1616cf8cb Restore configurability of vif bring up script and passing arguments to the script.
2005-09-02 kaf24 6584:fc12b08bf4fe Mini-os fixes from Simon Kagstrom.
2005-09-02 kaf24 6583:4544d105f194 Missing shadow files.
2005-09-02 kaf24 6582:8b87d43412bf This patch is to boot 32-bit VMX guest on the 64-bit host.
2005-09-02 kaf24 6581:95cfc001ddd1 Clean up tools/check error reporting. Remove logging.
2005-09-02 kaf24 6580:02e104bf03c0 New scripts I missed from previous security patch.
2005-09-02 kaf24 6579:0161d68cff37 This patch:
2005-09-02 kaf24 6578:c76a8c8b7132 Make the check script log to /tmp instead of the working directory. This
2005-09-02 kaf24 6577:3125305ac8b1 I've found cramfs to be very useful for simplifying Xen testing with QEMU.
2005-09-02 kaf24 6576:2c41ae58d6b2 The attached patch makes xend clear the reboot request from the store
2005-09-01 shand 6575:d47439c8c0ed Fix save/restore when using grant tables in network, robust-ify netback
2005-09-01 shand 6574:9de43bdef6ca Fix build dependency for the XEN tpm driver.
2005-09-01 kaf24 6573:030a56a24fa6 Better Xen backtraces in debug builds (follow the
2005-09-01 cl349 6572:af78c9d526e0 Fix network setup through hotplug on SUSE.
2005-09-01 cl349 6571:6bb68b092976 Hook up sysrq for xencons.
2005-09-01 cl349 6570:f25a9797419e Fix closing of /var/log/xend.log fd
2005-09-01 cl349 6569:d387866584e2 remove random file
2005-09-01 cl349 6568:dd668f7527cb merge?
2005-09-01 cl349 6567:84ab93e1ee05 Cleanup domain listing.
2005-09-01 cl349 6566:aaee260ce02c Fix xm list for when info is requested for individual domains.
2005-09-01 cl349 6565:6fa6c392d258 Linux 2.6 cleanups.
2005-09-01 kaf24 6564:e02a45b91043 Avoid code duplication between stringified and
2005-09-01 kaf24 6563:832cb25d1f55 Use entry_get_paddr(l1e) to get the PFN
2005-09-01 kaf24 6562:b99098e3c2ed Tiny build fix for gcc 4.0.1
2005-09-01 kaf24 6561:06b1cbe76880 VTPM is off by default.
2005-09-01 kaf24 6560:a11bf3a68e9b Remove curl checks. Patch from Anthony Liguori.
2005-08-31 shand 6559:f0dc15fd3c1b merge?
2005-08-31 shand 6558:dd108e5ad24d Fix vtpm build when doing 'make dist' (particularly when not root).
2005-08-30 shand 6557:0db6e392c380 Remainder of Intel/IBM joint TPM Virtualization implementation for Xen.
2005-08-30 shand 6556:ff536c11c178 TPM front-end and back-end implementation, and configuration updates.
2005-08-30 shand 6555:9ba52ccadc06 vTPM manager - Intel/IBM joint TPM Virtualization implementation for Xen.
2005-08-30 shand 6554:edbdd7123d24 Provide xend support for setting up TPM front- and back-end interfaces.
2005-08-30 shand 6553:69d21d9d6b57 Documentation about how to use the virtual TPM implementation.
2005-08-31 kaf24 6552:8af8ddf91078 Fix non-SMP build, broken by the previous changeset.
2005-08-31 kaf24 6551:6fdbb0e35083 Fix DEBUG_PREEMPT builds. irq_disabled() macro must not use
2005-08-31 kaf24 6550:a51e78a2a01a Disallow domain 0 access to certain I/O port ranges
2005-08-31 vh249 6549:d6752f193ffa extends xm info with xen version and various others information.
2005-08-31 cl349 6548:6d4c0bfc3c1c Wait a little bit for tty to appear.
2005-08-31 cl349 6547:f41f8d753b7a merge?
2005-08-31 kaf24 6546:7032428bc820 This patch adjusts the plan9 loader to start "physical" ram at
2005-08-31 kaf24 6545:331c256d8e5c Add back missing part of XenLinux acpi/boot.c.
2005-08-31 cl349 6544:7115d6c6c792 Use MIN instead of MAX to avoid reading more than fits into the buffer.
2005-08-31 kaf24 6543:38312fe7ec38 merge?
2005-08-30 adsharma 6542:287d36b46fa3 Merge.
2005-08-29 adsharma 6541:ae390c2b9d4c Sync Makefile with xen-unstable.hg. This should fix x86-64 bit build.
2005-08-29 adsharma 6540:0bc9e2af21c8 Merge.
2005-08-28 lcy 6539:df589c4cf1ad Update __vmread()
2005-08-29 adsharma 6538:a698bd49931b Merge.
2005-08-26 adsharma 6537:dfaf788ab18c Merge.
2005-08-25 adsharma 6536:de3576a1c62c Fix typo.
2005-08-25 adsharma 6535:277025502616 Tracing hooks for VMX domains
2005-08-25 adsharma 6534:a9873d384da4 Merge.
2005-08-25 gzhai 6533:56dd9a7b37f9 add a new option for spawning vncviewer
2005-08-25 adsharma 6532:112d44270733 Merge.
2005-08-24 adsharma 6531:e2025593f702 Don't put vide in .setup.init section
2005-08-24 adsharma 6530:fa0754a9f64f Merge.
2005-08-23 adsharma 6529:cc5f88b719d0 Merge.
2005-08-22 adsharma 6528:cd984b3478f6 Undo the unintended changes to vm86.c that came in through the last merge.
2005-08-22 adsharma 6527:9c011dd3f6b7 Implement cpu_physical_memory_reset_dirty()
2005-08-22 adsharma 6526:20bbe519f743 Rename INSTRUCTION_LEN to VM_EXIT_INSTRUCTION_LEN to be consistent with
2005-08-22 adsharma 6525:c5ef23281be2 Remove the redundant call to vmx_intr_assit when we do a domain switch.
2005-08-22 adsharma 6524:3a8f27c6d56c Merge.
2005-08-19 adsharma 6523:483ac5017c9c We need to detect ioemu handled devices earlier and ignore them.
2005-08-19 adsharma 6522:81576d3d1ca8 Merge.
2005-08-18 adsharma 6521:99914b54f7bf Merge.
2005-08-17 adsharma 6520:84ee014ebd41 Merge xen-vtx-unstable.hg
2005-08-17 adsharma 6519:f36aee6f8902 Drop shadow lock on exit
2005-08-17 adsharma 6518:44e70a3d6b4c Unmap domain page on exit
2005-08-17 adsharma 6517:765d27ed0516 PCNET NIC card support for qemu
2005-08-17 adsharma 6516:23979fb12c49 Merge.
2005-08-16 adsharma 6515:6a6c4a422780 Unmap domain page on exit
2005-08-16 adsharma 6514:dc93023f4221 PCNET NIC card support for qemu
2005-08-16 adsharma 6513:1ae656509f02 Merge.
2005-08-16 kevin 6512:e3d811cca4e1 merge.
2005-08-15 adsharma 6511:b5196e075602 Enable multi-word DMA mode 2 for the PIIX3 chipset
2005-08-15 adsharma 6510:29aab159846c Merge.
2005-08-12 adsharma 6509:40b887fa79d0 Merge.
2005-08-12 adsharma 6508:9413e453e83b Distinguish ioemu handled devices and para virtualized devices
2005-08-12 adsharma 6507:2ea4790cbeaa Revert ac8cae1f2c47ee72b670159be01684e84f7dcf12
2005-08-11 adsharma 6506:c589ca6d292b Merge.
2005-08-11 adsharma 6505:f90820349056 Don't leave vncviewer processes running if xm create fails
2005-08-10 adsharma 6504:dc61689b4781 Merge.
2005-08-09 adsharma 6503:3d31c0ecdbd8 Revert e5ea9df58340e4ff0351683270bfa4da25191d31
2005-08-09 adsharma 6502:02121365cfff Initialize the xenstore MFN for VMX domains
2005-08-09 adsharma 6501:990288245c00 Change vpit->period and friends to count in nanoseconds.
2005-08-09 adsharma 6500:b1a41c400d5c VMX domains can have iopl!=0.
2005-08-09 adsharma 6499:bbb21d688c7f Implement event filtering command line options for xentrace.
2005-08-09 adsharma 6498:455dff354413 When the guest shuts down a VM, make sure that the domain gets destroyed.
2005-08-09 adsharma 6497:ac8cae1f2c47 Don't attempt to create paravirtualized devices for VMX domains for now.
2005-08-09 adsharma 6496:b6b29a9176d9 Cleanup unused junk in xemexample.vmx
2005-08-09 adsharma 6495:242b3654b529 Fix comments about the localtime option.
2005-08-09 adsharma 6494:e5ea9df58340 Fix Mouse hang with VNC
2005-08-09 adsharma 6493:c463720c5439 Need to reset device model pid on reboot
2005-08-09 adsharma 6492:6fb4a79e9f7a Support rebooting VMX domains
2005-08-09 adsharma 6491:4f2364097bd4 Handle VMX domains correctly across xend restarts
2005-08-09 adsharma 6490:5b239652c912 Improved error reporting on vmlaunch/vmresume failure.
2005-08-09 adsharma 6489:e4ad3feadd4e Support VCPU migration
2005-08-09 adsharma 6488:b370beb3e107 Separate out VMCS host state initialization from the rest
2005-08-09 adsharma 6487:d481d2776e89 Add a hook to support CPU migration for VMX domains
2005-08-09 adsharma 6486:6a87d79f9ee0 Fix config file parsing for VMX domains.
2005-08-30 cl349 6485:1fc6473ecc01 merge?
2005-08-30 cl349 6484:9225c3f597db Use watch to detect new domains and avoid polling for dead domains.
2005-08-30 cl349 6483:946ea528fc79 Raise VIRQ_DOM_EXC when a domain is destroyed from dom0.
2005-08-30 cl349 6482:c8549bb0d311 Don't clear console entries.
2005-08-30 kaf24 6481:551870a55f24 Unify access to mpt using macros.
2005-08-30 kaf24 6480:1b9f23175fa8 Add some more EXPORT_SYMBOLs for Xen-defined stuff.
2005-08-30 kaf24 6479:a66a41032226 Some fixes to the performance counters code.
2005-08-30 kaf24 6478:6b48b53b682d When generating an exception frame for injection into a
2005-08-30 kaf24 6477:872e94f8eb69 Fix x86/64 Xen register and stack dumps so they don't
2005-08-30 kaf24 6476:f0bf239844a6 Fix x86/64 pagetable initialisation to not waste several
2005-08-30 cl349 6475:b043928b0873 merge?
2005-08-30 cl349 6474:8fe8a99b1c2a New console transport and update xenconsoled.
2005-08-30 kaf24 6473:7296ed60874f Fix user-space four- and five-argument hypercalls on
2005-08-30 kaf24 6472:7069f0de0cce Fix memory_op domid parameter in dom0 tools.
2005-08-30 kaf24 6471:1f46fafb7221 Fix build failure due to missing unistd.h
2005-08-30 kaf24 6470:48e94e358663 Cross-compilation fixes.
2005-08-30 kaf24 6469:77af70556792 Make mbootpack work on big-endian systems.
2005-08-30 kaf24 6468:1de508b9063b Replace dom_mem_op hypercall with memory_op hypercall with
2005-08-30 kaf24 6467:f509c7303954 This patch export symbols in xenbus that is used by netfront
2005-08-30 kaf24 6466:e69cbfee4011 Add CONFIG_BLK_DEV_UB as unconfigured item to x86/64 dom0
2005-08-29 shand 6465:834466f56fc3 Fix save/restore (for SMP guests in particularl); the blkfront suspend code
2005-08-29 cl349 6464:b3785cbb723b Simplify and fix SMP irq and ipi teardown/setup on suspend/resume.
2005-08-29 cl349 6463:70be155e9e9c Update suspend/resume functions for xenbus.
2005-08-29 cl349 6462:b88e1417bd14 Only hotplug cpus and save/restore vcpu context on SMP builds.
2005-08-29 kaf24 6461:936be0ae823f Fix page_is_ram() start-of-day checks, and the watch routine
2005-08-29 cl349 6460:3b3532384aab Fix "bogus" check by moving it inside the length check.
2005-08-29 kaf24 6459:db61a0f346a8 Allocate a request-id space per vbd in blkfront.
2005-08-28 shand 6458:98de1d5fe5fb Minor (partial) build fix for 2.4.
2005-08-28 shand 6457:b26d8e1b4436 Fix nasty tools race between barking xu_autoreap() and xpopen3.wait() -
2005-08-28 kaf24 6456:fb2fae2cc003 blkfront cleanup and retab.
2005-08-27 kaf24 6455:15d378281a0b CONFIG_X86_PM_TIMER is a no-op option when building Linux
2005-08-27 kaf24 6454:f3e63b95c07a Don't build pcbios.c for xen/i386. No good can come of it.
2005-08-26 kaf24 6453:3bbc9384be3f Refactor sync_lazy_execstate_cpu() into the more sensible
2005-08-26 kaf24 6452:37e9c9cd6c14 Clean up and fix hypercall macros in XenLinux: we must assume that
2005-08-26 kaf24 6451:2b95125015a5 Remove the unused ia64 patch directory.
2005-08-26 kaf24 6450:5978be010bec The patched attached enables x86_64 xenlinux with "late pin, early
2005-08-26 kaf24 6449:edeee85c90b1 Fix GDT allocation for SMP guests.
2005-08-26 cl349 6448:6bad5eb72ce0 Vnet update.
2005-08-26 cl349 6447:a43cc4e06814 Fix vnets in xm.
2005-08-26 kaf24 6446:581be7c5e9e4 The patch removes broken, and very complicated malloc in
2005-08-26 kaf24 6445:83c73802f02a Clean up and fix domain_pause and friends. Synchronous
2005-08-26 kaf24 6444:9312a3e8a6f8 merge?
2005-08-25 djm 6443:8799d14bef77 Merge with -unstable
2005-08-23 fred 6442:5f1ed597f107 Ensure percpu data area not used before the TR is set.
2005-08-19 fred 6441:1ec2225aa8c6 First step to remove CONFIG_VTI for final supporting xen0+xenU+xenVTI at runtime. This changeset mainly addresses common code like domain creation and rid allocation policy, including:
2005-08-19 fred 6440:97675c2dbb40 merge?
2005-08-16 kevin 6439:ed7e557deedd arch_serial_putc is not required any more.
2005-08-15 fred 6438:12ddc012238a put back cpu_user_reg patch done in Intel-5979
2005-08-15 ydong 6437:fd61ce502c71 Removing KR to PER CPU memory.
2005-08-12 ydong 6436:90c6abbd4a59 Remove misaddressing of cpu_info in PERCPU data
2005-08-11 kevin 6435:8bd2dc2c653d test
2005-08-12 fred 6434:a6bb47919161 Replace Xen_regs with cpu_users_regs to match upstream
2005-08-09 fred 6433:c56a9805216a Accomodate ia64-xenolinux change where xen-public is symlinked to
2005-08-08 adsharma 6432:88bfc84c5a75 CONFIG_VTI build fixes.
2005-08-08 djm 6431:1ee9236cc224 Merge after removing dependency on linux-2.6.11 source tree
2005-08-08 adsharma 6430:0380b4cc3c1a Merge
2005-08-02 adsharma 6429:f242de2e5a3c Move copy+patched files to linux-xen directory.
2005-08-02 adsharma 6428:e2127f19861b We no longer need linux sources to build xen.
2005-08-26 cl349 6427:48202c7c709a Update xentop to use new name for Xen version function.
2005-08-26 cl349 6426:a032aca565a3 Changed xentop.c to include version in the summary.
2005-08-26 cl349 6425:28ffa7296a44 Bugfix: xenstat_collect_networks now returns the correct error code.
2005-08-26 cl349 6424:9404574350ce Cache the Xen version in the xenstat_handle, since it should never change.
2005-08-26 cl349 6423:af7251014caf Formatting fixes for xenstat and xentop.
2005-08-26 cl349 6422:f850ac27a8d2 Add file missed in c51562192ef6b1d94f6de7aba1daafe8353064a8 changeset.
2005-08-25 cl349 6421:9fb0bad776dd Minor cleanups.
2005-08-25 cl349 6420:b4b3f6be5226 merge?
2005-08-25 cl349 6419:6ac24e39c9a4 Add hotplug script to run vif-bridge up script when a backend vif starts up.
2005-08-25 cl349 6418:0610add7c3fe merge?
2005-08-25 cl349 6417:b54144915ae6 merge?
2005-08-25 cl349 6416:4f73a7bde7b1 Cleanup unused code.
2005-08-25 cl349 6415:bf16d2ca9cc5 Remove broken patch preventing net device unregister.
2005-08-25 cl349 6414:3b146df7f09e Cleanup vif entries in store when domain goes away.
2005-08-25 cl349 6413:102765de794c Fix device destruction.
2005-08-25 cl349 6412:3428d58a85e1 merge?
2005-08-25 cl349 6411:fab3e2747dc2 g/c Linux 2.4 netback support.
2005-08-25 cl349 6410:488bdf86c686 More cleanups and g/c of unused code.
2005-08-25 cl349 6409:4abd299ef2f6 merge?
2005-08-25 cl349 6408:f4bc62ee03b4 g/c unused code.
2005-08-25 cl349 6407:e24fd7012ffb merge?
2005-08-25 cl349 6406:2f20c2fce2c5 merge?
2005-08-24 cl349 6405:630feabe7ed6 merge?
2005-08-24 cl349 6404:b402e77aac46 Switch network setup over to xenbus.
2005-08-24 cl349 6403:d4ce28d819a8 Update error message.
2005-08-25 kaf24 6402:f7cdd99d1106 Fix MPT mapping for x86/64. Also i386 no longer needs
2005-08-25 kaf24 6401:98a6eb458c78 Memory management fixes. Page tables are created, buddy allocator now
2005-08-25 kaf24 6400:b88c5350de57 This patch fixes Bugzilla #169. (It should fix #187 too -- Keir).
2005-08-25 kaf24 6399:85ccfd035658 The mpt entry is 4 bytes even on x86_64, so we use 4 when
2005-08-25 kaf24 6398:d61f8afd292c 1. Remove workaround patch
2005-08-25 kaf24 6397:37030498b978 Store correct rx ring handle in netback driver.
2005-08-25 kaf24 6396:56a2232377f1 Fix grant-ref allocation in netfront.
2005-08-25 kaf24 6395:8d31f9a9c423 Fix SMP booting: x86/64 startup initialisation fixes and so on.
2005-08-25 kaf24 6394:e26f574eac9a Fix install of xenctrl.h.
2005-08-25 cl349 6393:fd77dd32c8a4 Fix the exception thrown when doing, for example, "xm domid" on a non-existent domain.
2005-08-25 cl349 6392:e56b8040bc90 merge?
2005-08-25 cl349 6391:b8ef0989b49e Updated to reflect new tools added here.
2005-08-25 kaf24 6390:3dfea50f02d6 Ensure explicit asm statememt goes in the correct section.
2005-08-25 cl349 6389:fdfd511768a3 Break the building/save/restore code out into a separate library libxenguest.
2005-08-24 cl349 6388:6e899a3840b2 Rename libxc => libxenctrl and xc.h => xen/xenctrl.h
2005-08-24 cl349 6387:be5c24f2709c Rename grant-id to ring-ref.
2005-08-24 cl349 6386:4ab607ca02c3 Watch may fire before we've allocated the interface structure.
2005-08-24 cl349 6385:d3c0d85b7ef8 Unregister watch in error path.
2005-08-24 cl349 6384:6b94eaa59279 Avoid calling device_unregister from device_register callback.
2005-08-24 cl349 6383:237dc67887cc Disable debug output again.
2005-08-24 kaf24 6382:b74c15e4dd4f Print status of Flush Filter on AMD64 processors during
2005-08-24 cl349 6381:d1ac7c6ffb63 merge?
2005-08-24 cl349 6380:46d8c50b7a1c Revert changeset a3822cb3b2b3c24e6b46c1fed3e6c366817f52ad.
2005-08-24 kaf24 6379:8ba397608f1c Always free the lowest 1MB of pseudo-physical memory when booting
2005-08-24 kaf24 6378:c42a9e2f6c5b Fix x86/64 pagetable initialisation so that only things that
2005-08-24 kaf24 6377:bca2fd76995e Add EXT3 as built-in filesystem for x86/64 domU.
2005-08-24 kaf24 6376:e75933e27215 Copy correct number of bytes for xen_start_info in x86_64
2005-08-24 kaf24 6375:603f55eaa690 Initialise syscall32 vsyscall page early, as it may be needed
2005-08-24 cl349 6374:342a53ce078b Update comment.
2005-08-24 cl349 6373:ccfc31779d36 Don't use the grant pre-allocation system for the ring grants.
2005-08-24 cl349 6372:ac57c81692b2 Add some additional error nodes when block device setup fails.
2005-08-24 cl349 6371:a3822cb3b2b3 Fix the exception thrown when doing, for example, "xm domid" on a non-existent domain.
2005-08-23 cl349 6370:f34e732ed4bf Xenstore testsuite robustness: save output rather than rerun on failure.
2005-08-23 cl349 6369:c51562192ef6 Fix xenstore testsuite for valgrind 3.0 and latest Debian glibc.
2005-08-23 cl349 6368:00071566ed1e Make directories implicitly for mkdir and write.
2005-08-23 cl349 6367:0077e7207d01 g/c extra test.
2005-08-23 cl349 6366:03370bdbc6f1 Put the call to notifier_call_chain() back in do_xenbus_probe().
2005-08-23 cl349 6365:522bc50588ed merge?
2005-08-23 cl349 6364:6783e59e1c45 xenstat/xentop merge.
2005-08-23 jfisch 6363:79df8d5fc424 Add xenversion support
2005-08-23 josht 6362:63cc61fafb28 Add a newline to the fscanf format string used to parse /proc/net/dev entries, to avoid an additional read and bad-entry-skip just to eat the newline.
2005-08-23 josht 6361:f26884f4e6f1 Make the set_delay function use the provided parameter to set the delay, not the global prompt_val.
2005-08-23 josht 6360:cd3a87ae9ac9 Change default xentop update delay from 1 to 3 seconds.
2005-08-23 cl349 6359:df11e0709383 merge?
2005-08-23 cl349 6358:5f39234a9ac4 g/c vbd active.
2005-08-23 kaf24 6357:e21f101cc054 Fix non-hotplug i386 build. Spotted by Rik van Riel.
2005-08-23 cl349 6356:9dc059239e2a Remove blkback 2.4 support since we don't support 2.4 dom0 anymore.
2005-08-23 cl349 6355:d760699356fd merge?
2005-08-23 cl349 6354:d7b79cac9ea9 Minor cleanup.
2005-08-23 cl349 6353:49b67f0f6735 More cleanups and fix free_blkif from wrong context bug (thanks Keir!).
2005-08-23 cl349 6352:a826ad59b3ea Drop support for multiple vbds per blkif.
2005-08-23 cl349 6351:b3eb952c04ee Move major/minor macros into public header, rename and use.
2005-08-23 cl349 6350:28e55fad651f Update netfront for grant table interface changes.
2005-08-23 cl349 6349:5b1ed5b39451 Cleanup grant table code.
2005-08-23 cl349 6348:eecb74e515fd g/c struct work_struct declaration.
2005-08-23 cl349 6347:4956ea5b1e34 Add EXPORT_SYMBOL for gnttab_free_grant_reference.
2005-08-23 cl349 6346:96f1f6c71089 Update gnttab_free_callback_list locking.
2005-08-23 cl349 6345:af9e3ae3a9b1 Add locking for gnttab_free_callback_list.
2005-08-23 cl349 6344:d13f5c7daddf merge?
2005-08-23 cl349 6343:5f4724c13040 merge?
2005-08-23 cl349 6342:2d3a7be68ba3 Use explicit functions with args instead of work_structs for callbacks.
2005-08-22 cl349 6341:827a3c3524b3 Use a block interface for each device.
2005-08-22 cl349 6340:6078dc5f7ea1 Update for grant table interface changes.
2005-08-22 cl349 6339:1d86fcb11b59 Grant table updates for block device changes.
2005-08-22 cl349 6338:317db130cbbf First pass at using one block interface per device.
2005-08-23 kaf24 6337:67a530b01542 Build topology.c into x86/64 xenlinux kernel. This omission
2005-08-23 kaf24 6336:a0b4156cc0ce Ensure cur_pgd per-cpu variables are initialised early.
2005-08-23 kaf24 6335:f80278e5e440 Don't mask off arbitrary error-code bits in i386 xenlinux
2005-08-23 kaf24 6334:017a3a97ace2 Improve show_page_walk() debugging in Xen, to print
2005-08-23 kaf24 6333:648c366d588b Link xentop with ncurses. Distros generally do not ship
2005-08-23 kaf24 6332:fa688e7baab9 Update ignores list.
2005-08-23 kaf24 6331:b09f13ddd27b Merge x86_64 and i386 ioremap.c.
2005-08-23 kaf24 6330:0b5ee83ea35c Fix PAE and x86/64 when NX/XD is unavailable.
2005-08-23 kaf24 6329:3889ca17ff58 phys_to_machine_mapping array is not an array of longs.
2005-08-23 kaf24 6328:b0d820178b81 This patch extends I/O APIC guest writes so that the correct destination
2005-08-23 kaf24 6327:36cf17b65423 This patch turns on host-side USB support in the x86_64 Dom0 kernel.
2005-08-23 kaf24 6326:5f3f9701ac11 Remove double invocation of vmx_intr_assist when VM_EXIT
2005-08-22 cl349 6325:43d91cbb1bfb Fix compiler warnings.
2005-08-22 cl349 6324:f51fe43c5d1c Merge libxenstat and xentop.
2005-08-19 mark williamson 6323:59a6a0350158 Minor xenstat changes from Christian Limpach.
2005-08-17 josht 6322:173b918160e2 Rename vm-top to xentop. Make "xm top" invoke xentop. Make libxenstat a static library, and do not install it.
2005-08-15 josht 6321:b38cbc8f4d98 Add placeholder files to avoid removal of the tools/xenstat/libxenstat/bindings/swig/{perl,python} output directories.
2005-08-13 josht 6320:59328ad2a7d4 Make vm-top and the xenstat perl and python bindings conditional based on configuration variables from, rather than disabling them if the needed headers are not found.
2005-08-12 josht 6319:6893bc5cc225 Add xenstat framework.
2005-08-22 kaf24 6318:f3859247f2ed no pae by default
2005-08-22 kaf24 6317:8c58bf335465 We cannot allow nested C functions. They create a stack
2005-08-22 kaf24 6316:2052ce3345c1 Apply Ross Mcilroy's balloon_dealloc_empty_page_range patch
2005-08-22 cl349 6315:531ad4bde8f2 merge?
2005-08-22 cl349 6314:473af43ac65b Remove option for running block devices without grant-tables.
2005-08-22 kaf24 6313:d8fd24b43080 No 'boot error' message if booting secondary vcpu succeeds.
2005-08-22 kaf24 6312:21d2b0144306 Ensure that 64-bit get_user/put_user only transfer to
2005-08-22 kaf24 6311:f6aa23148c19 Fix out-of-source-tree build problem.
2005-08-22 kaf24 6310:8cc3e7262a23 I noticed that an old problem is back (see below). The time command is
2005-08-22 kaf24 6309:5e71bcc3b51a Ordering was broken in the course of separating XEN-overridden
2005-08-22 kaf24 6308:de5d85a66751 When building in a tree with (the sparse trees and) the patches
2005-08-21 kaf24 6307:b6ededee6dc9 Make grant-table dev_bus_addr really be an address, not a frame
2005-08-21 vh249 6306:eb2c985e88be fix logic of ballooning out to handle the dom0_min_mem parameter correctly
2005-08-21 kaf24 6305:342ccfca85d7 Fix debug build.
2005-08-21 akw27 6304:dc8380497e98 Remove dead code from blkback.
2005-08-21 cl349 6303:6721abf6b16d merge?
2005-08-21 cl349 6302:2d4daffd8a4a Fix fallout from "Get rid of memory_t." checkin.
2005-08-21 cl349 6301:f7dfaa2af90c merge?
2005-08-21 kaf24 6300:0f69e0adddb0 Fix dom0 memory allocation.
2005-08-21 iap10 6299:19ef6202d75f PAE fix to allow dom0 to be >4GB. PAE has made huge progress this week. I now kn
2005-08-20 kaf24 6298:bd5533956fb0 Fix NORMAL_PT_UPDATE for PAE when page is not pinned.
2005-08-20 kaf24 6297:349c15288793 Defining PAGE_SIZE as int broke x86/64. Revert that change.
2005-08-20 kaf24 6296:f3da3a14cafd Fix put_pte_flags() for Xen PAE.
2005-08-20 kaf24 6295:40d68c7d62d0 Not ready for pae by default just yet. ;-)
2005-08-20 kaf24 6294:4e0d8361a538 Fix PAE boot.
2005-08-20 kaf24 6293:7733176cc821 I find at present "make uninstall" won't remove all installed files, for
2005-08-20 kaf24 6292:68e13a9a9b1c We need to detect ioemu handled devices earlier and ignore them.
2005-08-20 kaf24 6291:0cf2430f520f Mini-os updated to use the new time interface.
2005-08-19 iap10 6290:46e43646cd16 Hopefully fix build with SLES9 compiler.
2005-08-19 sd386 6289:eb9df2c3a478 Local merge of two headed repo.
2005-08-19 sd386 6288:42f0160093ff Fix broken 'xm sedf', fixed by Ross Mcilroy
2005-08-19 kaf24 6287:5e8123554d15 merge.
2005-08-19 kaf24 6286:fd28bf8825a8 Fix x86/64 build by defining correct vcpu_pickle().
2005-08-19 cl349 6285:1872e09bfba3 merge?
2005-08-19 cl349 6284:631cc5dc3e8a merge?
2005-08-19 cl349 6283:e8c2c3123ec6 Improve error paths and cleanup code.
2005-08-19 kaf24 6282:d0f23c103453 Six the SWIOTLB. The bus range does need to be contiguous after
2005-08-19 kaf24 6281:0608852073c8 Get rid of memory_t. Almost all uses should be unsigned long.
2005-08-19 kaf24 6280:74044b8186a9 Simplify pagetable initialisation. Since swapper_pg_dir now
2005-08-19 kaf24 6279:1a0723cd37f1 Fix many uses of machine addresses in XenLinux. Primarily
2005-08-19 sos22 6278:47d49e8b8042 Merge.
2005-08-19 sos22 6277:fd59d2620ac1 This time, it's fixed.
2005-08-19 cl349 6276:87dec3b9c546 merge?
2005-08-19 cl349 6275:6c8c3df37bfe Correctly unmap ring page if using grant tables.
2005-08-19 sos22 6274:3c1cd2486b7f Unbreak the build in the non-CONFIG_SMP and x86_64 cases.
2005-08-19 sos22 6273:56e5cf83e3af Get rid of some annoying debug messages.
2005-08-19 sos22 6272:66348ff38ec1 Merge.
2005-08-19 sos22 6271:509316987d65 Merge.
2005-08-19 sos22 6270:3d45fb64b064 Tidy up a bit.
2005-08-18 sos22 6269:5a7efe0cf5fb A really nasty workaround for a race.
2005-08-18 sos22 6268:7f9b024a509e Actually make suspending SMP domUs work: the previous commit didn't
2005-08-17 sos22 6267:6e6cedc1763d Make xm save/restore work for SMP guest domains.
2005-08-19 cl349 6266:188c782fa9bb Fix suspend/resume for domains with devices which are in xenstore but have no xenbus aware driver.
2005-08-19 cl349 6265:bf1746842c46 merge?
2005-08-19 cl349 6264:a86fb4df3bdd Add very rough xend support for xenbus block device setup.
2005-08-19 cl349 6263:73b23942d6f5 Fix driver to work with updated probe driver.
2005-08-19 cl349 6262:b399599f2ff8 Switch block device setup/teardown over to xenbus/xenstore.
2005-08-19 cl349 6261:2d7a9bae9814 use "vbd" as driver name for blkfront devices, not "blkfront".
2005-08-19 cl349 6260:f22bbccf64ff Add support for multiple devices when using grant tables.
2005-08-19 cl349 6259:7570087c2552 Switch block device setup/teardown over to xenbus/xenstore.
2005-08-19 kaf24 6258:7b6f55756f9c The entire swiotlb aperture does not need to be contiguous.
2005-08-19 kaf24 6257:2de42ce9ffff By default, pre-reserve some memory in Xen that is not allocated
2005-08-19 kaf24 6256:eb7486b93df5 Default unit for all Xen memory parameters is kilobytes.
2005-08-19 kaf24 6255:071412a64fb9 The patch allows x86_64 SMP Xen/XenLinux (dom0) to run on relatively big
2005-08-19 kaf24 6254:513acbeac420 This patch:
2005-08-19 kaf24 6253:1895942150a5 This patch provides a workaround for bugzilla #90 which shows up far too
2005-08-19 smh22 6252:e355ae38c83b Proleptic xend bug fix for multi-sxp messages; stricly more robust than before.
2005-08-18 cl349 6251:dfbeb7da829f Remove support for xenbus driver subtypes since with the subtype field there's no fallback.
2005-08-18 cl349 6250:5a97aa8698d9 Add support to xenbus_gather to scan for strings and return them in allocated memory.
2005-08-18 cl349 6249:a028975ecc05 Get rid of xenbus_uuid_to_domid - get the frontend id from the node.
2005-08-18 cl349 6248:b0893b876c8c Let dev_changed detect devices when a watch fires with a longer node name.
2005-08-18 cl349 6247:b2f2c08e1222 Free memory returned from xenbus_directory call.
2005-08-18 cl349 6246:8d69cb2d4a88 Don't free subtype field unconditionally.
2005-08-18 cl349 6245:2f09b40595ea Get device when we find it - fixes refcount leak and is correct.
2005-08-18 cl349 6244:dda0459e335c Create devices for the xenbus-bus's.
2005-08-18 cl349 6243:a1a998b059b1 Rename bus names from xenbus* to xen*.
2005-08-18 cl349 6242:6d8c80499148 Make probe less chatty.
2005-08-18 cl349 6241:11f556cac45b merge?
2005-08-18 cl349 6240:9471090bb8ec Update probe code for backend layout.
2005-08-18 kaf24 6239:978ce7f6a3eb Make sure to cmpxchg entire pte on emulated ptwr path.
2005-08-18 kaf24 6238:0cd6a23b8d6e Fix emulated writable pagetable updates where access is
2005-08-18 kaf24 6237:67a13c0ac87d Fix direct_remap_area_pages() to handle pagetables
2005-08-18 kaf24 6236:082a537ff4de Fix __get_user() and friends to work correctly for
2005-08-18 kaf24 6235:684d81933442 Clean up bootmem initialisation for x86/64. Question still
2005-08-18 kaf24 6234:e83fc5afec3c Fix Xen patches to Linux so that they use pfn_pte() and
2005-08-18 kaf24 6233:ff31cdc8741f Tiny formatting tweak in addition to previous changeset.
2005-08-18 kaf24 6232:ced400d25886 Clean up formatting of Xen crash messages.
2005-08-18 iap10 6231:54f652eee324 Add SK98LIN driver to default -xen0 Linux configs.
2005-08-18 iap10 6230:d0a8939ac826 Make antispoof default to 'no' in network-script as the default in xend is 'no'. Having them different only causes confusion.
2005-08-18 vh249 6229:cb5648ba5821 fail nicely when passing unknown option to xm list
2005-08-18 kaf24 6228:1a94949348ff Fix range_straddles_boundary() check to exclude regions that
2005-08-18 jrb44 6227:aa8abf007260 Enable IP_PNP support in 64bit domU (needed for xm ip= etc.)
2005-08-18 kaf24 6226:2bab84a5d122 Fix the SWIOTLB to correctly match on bus addresses.
2005-08-18 vh249 6225:a06430752462 fail domU creation if memory need couldn't be succeed after ballooning out dom0
2005-08-17 iap10 6224:02789fed726a Enable MATCH_PHYSDEV netfilter support as a module.
2005-08-17 iap10 6223:80b0fbf1c4a1 Fix e820 array stack overflow
2005-08-17 kaf24 6222:fbdbe4fc218d We found machines with >32 E820 memory map entries, where Xen fails to
2005-08-17 kaf24 6221:c63e764da785 Fix vmalloc_fault() path for x86/64 XenLinux.
2005-08-17 kaf24 6220:7bd1a40ae2bd Fix the skbuff allocator for multi-page buffers.
2005-08-17 kaf24 6219:d4f6247b2a1b Formatting cleanup.
2005-08-17 vh249 6218:7be2d754647d have a useful line reporting when IOMMU_BUG_ON trigger
2005-08-17 vh249 6217:5b5d1a4a754a fix missing swiotlb.c file in linux build after running cleanup.
2005-08-17 kaf24 6216:69f00d6ab5dc Fix module build by removing duplicate EXPORT_SYMBOL of
2005-08-17 kaf24 6215:c983f822a39b Allocate_empty_lowmem_regions available to non-priv domains
2005-08-17 iap10 6214:18f04796ea89 merge
2005-08-17 iap10 6213:451669097ffd Another tweak to the network-bridge script.
2005-08-17 cl349 6212:6b6588e66b96 merge?
2005-08-17 cl349 6211:80291913492d Restore domains with a different uuid than they had.
2005-08-17 kaf24 6210:b9b28912fc7a Python build fix.
2005-08-17 cl349 6209:8203b7d536d3 Recreate watches on domain restore.
2005-08-17 cl349 6208:27a4a073fc75 Clear "/control/shutdown" node on domain restore.
2005-08-17 kaf24 6207:698a7dc797e4 xenbus build and license fixes.
2005-08-17 cl349 6206:074aadbb0fa8 Add support for XENSTORED_TRACE to enable trace output from xenstored.
2005-08-17 cl349 6205:a4b22c7fbfa1 Fix compile warning from zero-length printf format string.
2005-08-17 cl349 6204:3b0ce44f7b7a merge?
2005-08-17 cl349 6203:7c1d66d4e51e Avoid spurious "Ignoring shutdown request" messages, fix memory leak and simplif
2005-08-16 iap10 6202:7a92f129e117 Yet another work-around in the network-bridge script
2005-08-16 kaf24 6201:3bb1857981e6 Really randomise MAC addresses for multi-VIF guests.
2005-08-16 kaf24 6200:c7689e1e0768 Add a couple of well chosen assertions to new context
2005-08-16 kaf24 6199:027812e4a63c Fix context switching race which could cause vcpu_pause()
2005-08-16 cl349 6198:26c03c17c418 Don't bail early if we detect that time goes backwards.
2005-08-16 cl349 6197:be46dad1467d cleanup whitespace.
2005-08-16 cl349 6196:24e881f81cea merge?
2005-08-16 cl349 6195:92dda07a28f8 Only introduce domain to the store when we have store channel _and_ mfn.
2005-08-16 cl349 6194:7d8ed9e538ff In direct_remap_area_pages, reset w pointer for next loop after use.
2005-08-16 kaf24 6193:d80dd1169acc Fix xtime_lock handling in timer interrupt. There's no need
2005-08-16 kaf24 6192:3d187585c141 Use a SWIOTLB to use pre-reserved bounce buffers for high memory
2005-08-16 akw27 6191:eaf498f1ffde Add grant table support to block tap.
2005-08-16 kaf24 6190:0237746ecf92 Disable xenconsoled throttling for now.
2005-08-16 kaf24 6189:2c2015c11b49 Under the right circumstances, xenconsoled will corrupt its internal
2005-08-16 iap10 6188:60d20acf8928 merge
2005-08-15 adsharma 6187:b310a1b71b54 Enable multi-word DMA mode 2 for the PIIX3 chipset
2005-08-15 adsharma 6186:75367adf6055 Distinguish ioemu handled devices and para virtualized devices
2005-08-15 adsharma 6185:a56b490fa41d Don't leave vncviewer processes running if xm create fails
2005-08-16 iap10 6184:8523b124c8f8 merge
2005-08-15 iap10 6183:ff3460690004 Tweaks to network-bridge script.
2005-08-15 ach61 6182:a3fa9406d926 PDB: watchpoints for process context
2005-08-15 iap10 6181:84962f30285b Enable magic sysrq in -xen x86_64 kernel
2005-08-15 iap10 6180:1b354b634e3f Update x86_64 Linux kernels to add SMP to -xen and -xenU plus magic sysrq to all.
2005-08-15 vh249 6179:f11a31ad22d5 Upgrade to Linux patch
2005-08-15 iap10 6178:35f3f9424c93 merge
2005-08-15 iap10 6177:d4338cc89c2c Quieten down grant table code.
2005-08-15 akw27 6176:430ce2bade9b Trivial fixes for a couple of xenlinux compile warnings.
2005-08-15 akw27 6175:4ec947baae75 Add generic_page_range() -- generic page table operation.
2005-08-15 iap10 6174:f2e0bbec3bf9 Add a far more complete -xen config file for x86_64, based on FC3.
2005-08-15 iap10 6173:750b2a013d45 merge
2005-08-15 vh249 6172:c42c85c6f590 Small change to remove difference between Xen and mainline deactivate_mm.
2005-08-15 iap10 6171:5311d81c1e8e Add a few options to the Linux x86_64 domU config.
2005-08-15 kaf24 6170:a42bf05b188c Just a very simple patch that removes:
2005-08-15 kaf24 6169:737433c5bb2e The patch cleans up (ugly) setup.c that I wanted to fix for a long time
2005-08-15 kaf24 6168:60a8a5ca4291 The patch attached removes pda.h and asm_offset.c by deleting unused or
2005-08-15 kaf24 6167:d6e64adbff04 Fix special backptr values on x86/64 to avoid spurious
2005-08-15 kaf24 6166:bf9351732ddf Fix cpu_khz reporting in XenLinux.
2005-08-15 kaf24 6165:c31e1abf4df2 merge.
2005-08-14 smh22 6164:01a7cde73390 Enable grant tables by default for network; merge fixes to grant_table.c.
2005-08-14 smh22 6163:a3b2cd5e3f86 Enable grant tables by default for networking. Note that the restore path
2005-08-14 smh22 6162:0d454a3405fd Less verbosity from grant_tables.
2005-08-14 smh22 6161:b3d76a75ff20 Less verbose grant tables when xen is verbose.
2005-08-14 smh22 6160:879ff416adcc Build fixes for grant tables.
2005-08-14 iap10 6159:b667f34d209f Upgrade to Linux patch
2005-08-14 smh22 6158:3076b3cc3048 Clean up correct number of grant references on netif destory.
2005-08-14 iap10 6157:22ce5159334e merge
2005-08-14 iap10 6156:972917cee2fd Make the default network-script to be '' i.e. don't run a network script. Fix Makefile to actually install network-bridge script.
2005-08-14 smh22 6155:d47c61f72572 merge
2005-08-14 smh22 6154:e59f04598620 Allow use of grant tables for netdev tx+rx rings. Code is kinda
2005-08-14 kaf24 6153:0daaf1e5ca36 Fix __pte,__pmd,__pgd for PAE.
2005-08-14 kaf24 6152:da515995a281 Reduce Xen noise on x86/64.
2005-08-14 kaf24 6151:c1bcea912992 merge.
2005-08-14 kaf24 6150:dfd2ded7b712 Some arch/x86 gnttab cleanups in Xen.
2005-08-14 iap10 6149:389aced92bc7 Now we have verbose=y in Xen by default, tidy up a few unhelpful printk's.
2005-08-14 kaf24 6148:3fe7b0b7f6c5 Avoid stack overflow in netback by statically allocating the
2005-08-14 kaf24 6147:e03ffa8839ab Currently xm list --long only displays info about the last domain. The
2005-08-14 kaf24 6146:719841477514 This patch fixes the booting problems on machines with >4GB memory, and
2005-08-14 kaf24 6145:dc27fd3392b1 merge
2005-08-14 iap10 6144:6f6ed4689795 Fix x86_64 build.
2005-08-13 iap10 6143:48da5e506589 merge...
2005-08-13 iap10 6142:de0127d6e06b New 'network-bridge' script that uses ifdown/ifup to configure the interface rather than trying to transfer addresses and routes. (Suggested by Gerd Knorr)
2005-08-13 iap10 6141:323a46d272ff merge
2005-08-13 iap10 6140:050bf85fb870 Add "set_pte_at_sync" (integrated invlpg) in Linux i386/mm/highmem.c to improve performance for domains with >900MB of memory.
2005-08-13 iap10 6139:08d19da852c7 Optimize the Linux arch xen implementation of "set_pte_at".
2005-08-13 iap10 6138:1de047fc56f5 merge
2005-08-13 iap10 6137:a8a88f85a3e6 I missed a couple of files out of the patch to wrap calls to update_va_mapping with BUG_ON(). [We really need an equivalent of 'citool' for mercurial...]
2005-08-13 iap10 6136:8864f0be80c6 merge
2005-08-13 iap10 6135:424166f4f3cf Add some profiling support for writeable pagetables.
2005-08-13 akw27 6134:cbde8271c236 Fix .hgignore to reflect change in parallax directory structure.
2005-08-13 akw27 6133:390b130b3455 Remove unnecessary union in grant table map/unmap ops.
2005-08-13 kaf24 6132:058e8087d36a If block-create didn't work, then chances are block-destroy doesn't work
2005-08-13 kaf24 6131:f056b0cc171e xm block-create doesn't work. It seems like this command hasn't even
2005-08-12 akw27 6130:100837b7abec This changest allows grant mappings to arbitrary PTEs.
2005-08-12 iap10 6129:4995d5f167c9 merge
2005-08-12 iap10 6128:ab3813d38b20 Remove the BUG() from HYPERVISOR_update_va_mapping and change all the appropriate callers to wrap in BUG_ON()
2005-08-12 kaf24 6127:ba46bd7f5cdf Build xenstore interface as shared library.
2005-08-12 kaf24 6126:7c2fdcb2c933 another merge
2005-08-12 vh249 6125:46cf22571980 forget to substitute CC back to gcc
2005-08-12 kaf24 6124:38bee85ddeb8 merge
2005-08-12 vh249 6123:1fb1877ed6d1 make needlessly global functions static and use NULL instead of 0 for pointer
2005-08-12 vh249 6122:c813cb64d82e not valid file descriptor is -1 not 0
2005-08-12 vh249 6121:b7ee6eb5000b remove pointless NULL checks before free()
2005-08-12 kaf24 6120:f6d6d17eaeb5 Fix wallclock time when the offset relative to the epoch
2005-08-12 kaf24 6119:37ee6b4b409e Rearrange code in __start_xen() to work around internal
2005-08-12 kaf24 6118:7dc610b0d1ba Fix --output-pid (broken when we fixed --pid-file).
2005-08-11 kaf24 6117:822566f5cfdd This patch fixes "xm reboot" command.
2005-08-11 kaf24 6116:194f6230b62c domU always reports an error "Ignoring shutdown request: -1" when we
2005-08-11 kaf24 6115:f507ca15ae00 Memory leak in xc_linux_save, and uninitialised var
2005-08-11 kaf24 6114:5ec5f6960507 Fix loop iterator aliasing in x86/32 memory initialisation.
2005-08-11 kaf24 6113:57b3fdca5dae Support VCPU migration for VMX guests.
2005-08-11 kaf24 6112:f972da9a2dda Fix getdomaininfo for vmx guests.
2005-08-11 kaf24 6111:01e223b2a350 Remove arch/xen/x86_64/kernel/init_task.c from sparse tree. It's
2005-08-11 kaf24 6110:edd2f9171644 A simple make ARCH=xen clean && make ARCH=xen vmlinuz will fail because
2005-08-11 kaf24 6109:be3f65e478d9 Change vpit->period and friends to count in nanoseconds.
2005-08-11 kaf24 6108:ca873c2f5ca2 Implement event filtering command line options for xentrace.
2005-08-11 kaf24 6107:3f1f7cf07369 When the guest shuts down a VM, make sure that the domain gets destroyed.
2005-08-11 kaf24 6106:ee8df88e5f7e [ We'll try to get in a proper fix into 3.0 - this is just the backup plan]
2005-08-11 kaf24 6105:5608c11ba2d8 Fix comments about the localtime option.
2005-08-11 kaf24 6104:8a1752e76854 Clean up unused junk in xemexample.vmx
2005-08-11 kaf24 6103:3255b59ab616 Need to reset device model pid on reboot
2005-08-11 kaf24 6102:2b9e3795a523 Support rebooting VMX domains
2005-08-11 kaf24 6101:fb619858dfa9 Handle VMX domains correctly across xend restarts
2005-08-11 kaf24 6100:bf98996dded2 Separate out VMCS host state initialization from the rest
2005-08-11 kaf24 6099:d1034eae9708 Improved error reporting on vmlaunch/vmresume failure.
2005-08-11 kaf24 6098:c9bbfb42ba84 Fix config file parsing for VMX domains.
2005-08-11 kaf24 6097:a5994e258f77 This patch addresses Rustys' [1]suggestions. Most visibly:
2005-08-11 kaf24 6096:2f75dac09365 Fix handling of memory holes for Xen heap and domain 0
2005-08-11 kaf24 6095:9d0120a5aa45 Clean up event-channel notification code in Xen.
2005-08-11 kaf24 6094:37ac3cf33506 Fix where "!" operator used in Bitwise operation.
2005-08-11 kaf24 6093:10b395bc465e More time fixes. Now time is set properly in domU's, and
2005-08-11 twilkie 6092:0761551e993a Added support for abbreviated xm sub commands
2005-08-11 kaf24 6091:a64ac7fafbf0 PAE page directories must be below 4GB. Based on a patch
2005-08-11 kaf24 6090:d95ea17567c6 The following patch provides x86_64 SMP support for xen linux. Many,
2005-08-11 kaf24 6089:c66cac10524a Since Xend doesn't use twisted anymore, remove the references from the
2005-08-11 kaf24 6088:464c521c6f0e Remove qemu-vgaram-bin. It's not used any more.
2005-08-11 kaf24 6087:3229cda2d6f1 The attached patch fixes the xm list command, which very
2005-08-10 cl349 6086:2caa8e1e2111 merge?
2005-08-10 cl349 6085:a5c488cd3627 merge?
2005-08-10 cl349 6084:3d470e8d41f0 Make xenconsole more friendly when invoked directly.
2005-08-10 iap10 6083:c7b1c9b5e024 Enable reiserfs in x86_64 domU kernel
2005-08-10 iap10 6082:14aa0818c1ca Install libxenstore in /usr/lib64 for 64 bit builds
2005-08-10 kaf24 6081:662c9d34b3c7 Small time fixes.
2005-08-10 kaf24 6080:49671266459c Fix wallclock initialisation in domain0.
2005-08-10 kaf24 6079:4fa90e2a3257 Fix domain0 builder for PAE.
2005-08-10 kaf24 6078:839d3ac75da3 Fix 64-bit __get_user() on 32-bit x86. Needed for PAE.
2005-08-10 kaf24 6077:5dae4ecedb0c Fix stupid typo in previous checkin (stopped time.c
2005-08-10 kaf24 6076:7c9513a80026 Fix time handling on x86/64.
2005-08-10 twilkie 6075:50e57636bdd8 Fix simple index error in error handling. Now reports correct domain name in error message.
2005-08-10 kaf24 6074:d74e320900fd merge
2005-08-10 kaf24 6073:e87001315978 dma_map_single can't sleep since it may be called with locks held, or
2005-08-10 cl349 6072:66e6479d9ab8 merge?
2005-08-10 cl349 6071:ee68821f4e9c Make xen daemon startup more robust.
2005-08-10 kaf24 6070:878ba6d3954e Add padding to allocation bitmap. Should fix page fault
2005-08-10 kaf24 6069:d77208361929 The following patch adds cramfs support to domU kernels so cramfs based
2005-08-10 cl349 6068:66b81b6c096c Initialize the xenstore MFN for VMX domains
2005-08-09 cl349 6067:5a683386dc58 merge?
2005-08-09 cl349 6066:389e76fbfdbd Do not suppress errors on writes outside transactions.
2005-08-09 kaf24 6065:38c7c25b3cb9 Directly including ../tools breaks building in separate object tree,
2005-08-09 kaf24 6064:f40c6650152e Add missing LGPL license notice to python sources
2005-08-09 kaf24 6063:95d2bbf6a273 PAE PMDs must be made writable before freeing.
2005-08-09 kaf24 6062:356b14d5ffc8 merge
2005-08-09 kaf24 6061:2379e795ca69 merge
2005-08-09 kaf24 6060:f01ba22e044c When building in separate object directory entry.o fails building
2005-08-09 twilkie 6059:12deebfb7f87 Updates to SV. New look. Removed and simplified lots of files.
2005-08-09 cl349 6058:4125b9fea242 merge?
2005-08-09 cl349 6057:3cd4f2c38aaf The following patch is a major restructuring of to be more straight forward, and remove as much code as possible.
2005-08-09 kaf24 6056:a1f7e01b0990 Fixes for x86/64 writable pagetables, including SMP
2005-08-09 cl349 6055:663f0fb1e444 Restore suspend/resume calls for the control interface on suspend/resume.
2005-08-09 cl349 6054:6915b98bb384 Don't expose xenstore daemon-only permission bits through python bindings.
2005-08-08 kaf24 6053:0229efe8ffe4 Simple fix to getdomaininfo cpu_time calculation for
2005-08-08 kaf24 6052:08bc755fe796 Fix page_to_phys() macro as suggested by Gerd.
2005-08-08 kaf24 6051:dcb2b7a1c621 That one is obviously needed to make pae xen-linux work with
2005-08-08 kaf24 6050:f586b9ecd474 Fix x86/64 xenlinux build. Remove stupid patch.
2005-08-08 kaf24 6049:d4e19aca1f72 Fix signedness issue in xenlinux timer interrupt handler.
2005-08-08 kaf24 6048:2360c4d7bb2f Really fix the x86/64 build. Get rid of push/pop from
2005-08-08 kaf24 6047:7d84bc707736 Fix the x86/64 build.
2005-08-08 kaf24 6046:61af128313c8 Remove dead file.
2005-08-08 kaf24 6045:704e6cc4a684 Remove dead files.
2005-08-08 kaf24 6044:6fc0b68b0a9c Fix both Xen and XenLinux to correctly handle 64-bit
2005-08-08 kaf24 6043:a9ee400a5da9 1) More testing: include tests which I forgot in previous patch, remove
2005-08-08 kaf24 6042:b60643391488 Fix hw_resend_irq() -- IRQ_PENDING must be propagated back
2005-08-08 kaf24 6041:41ceeb6828b5 The attached patch adds -Werror to HOSTCFLAGS in, makes
2005-08-08 kaf24 6040:c4512592a1dc Attached is a patch to x86_64 xenlinux. It also includes cleanups. We
2005-08-08 kaf24 6039:69bf77e1b102 Writable pagetables for x86/64. Xen portion.
2005-08-07 kaf24 6038:deff07c1b686 Really include renamed console files. :-)
2005-08-07 kaf24 6037:ec1878b6956e Rename console binaries to xenconsole and xenconsoled.
2005-08-07 kaf24 6036:6721c8cd1a30 this patch fixes X86_64 Xorg Xfree86 issues.
2005-08-06 kaf24 6035:d3e7327954db Fix perfc_defn.h to allow multiple inclusion.
2005-08-06 kaf24 6034:eb98d18771ca xend prints out some messages when starting, which is annoying. This
2005-08-06 kaf24 6033:217fb2d1f364 More time-interface fixes.
2005-08-06 kaf24 6032:7931f14bd447 Fix xenbus_read() usage in shutdown handler.
2005-08-06 kaf24 6031:e0146a206ea2 - include linux/vmalloc.h for vmalloc
2005-08-06 kaf24 6030:5f6787c5c71f This patch changes the vcpu-hotplug handler from using control message
2005-08-06 kaf24 6029:968829eb1783 This patch changes the probe notifier, per Rusty's suggestion. It
2005-08-06 kaf24 6028:0538ec1fe5b2 This patch changes the shutdown driver and xend to use strings instead
2005-08-05 kaf24 6027:69b7c9c3a9fd Fix mach2phys table allocation for 32-bit PAE Xen.
2005-08-05 kaf24 6026:b63577ff53a3 Fix xtime_lock handling to avoid deadlock in sched_clock().
2005-08-05 kaf24 6025:5a33233a608e No need to define errno defined at the top of reboot.c.
2005-08-05 kaf24 6024:9faafa21bf98 xenstored has had a testsuite for some time. This splits the test
2005-08-05 kaf24 6023:8727c784c07d The C interface no longer has a priority arg, but the python interface
2005-08-05 kaf24 6022:78a2f9cbd5b3 Attached is a randomized tester for consoled. It's a patch against
2005-08-05 kaf24 6021:5a86ab4c9b79 Instead of queuing messages when the control channels are full, xcs just
2005-08-05 kaf24 6020:f5a5e61f038e xc_console is probably too chatty about termios failures since ssh
2005-08-05 kaf24 6019:38e6467df0e6 The attached patch:
2005-08-04 kaf24 6018:61cbf8f977ef Attached are
2005-08-04 kaf24 6017:ebf05456ee11 Fix my previous patch to the trap-frame creation code
2005-08-04 kaf24 6016:8004acaa6684 Merge
2005-08-04 kaf24 6015:43f424818d6e Fix event-upcall masking when creating a trap frame
2005-08-04 akw27 6014:9f0eff879d89 Blktap updates: request batching, O_DIRECT/AIO support.
2005-08-04 akw27 6013:1d240086de52 Add missing parallax makefile.
2005-08-04 akw27 6012:f3f483059250 Fix two syntax errors in frame-and-sect decoding macros.
2005-08-04 kaf24 6011:d25da0ddd9d5 Fix iopl() syscall so that we pass LTP's iopl02 test.
2005-08-04 kaf24 6010:0ee061e5b8a8 The attached patch removes all of the console handling code from Xend
2005-08-04 kaf24 6009:25b8b05ad991 Here are another couple of places where 8 sectors/page is assumed,
2005-08-04 kaf24 6008:f5b8d2720d6c libxenstore (used to access the daemon) should be licensed under LGPL.
2005-08-04 kaf24 6007:f46bb706a38d Merge.
2005-08-03 iap10 6006:e9b950192ba6 Add linux patch
2005-08-03 kaf24 6005:60c4cd9ebaa1 Move more drivers to bind_evtchn_to_irqhandler() interface.
2005-08-03 kaf24 6004:33bb0b41aa73 On x86, Xen does not claim any serial port unless the user
2005-08-03 kaf24 6003:d9442abaa980 Virtual device drivers use new bind_evtchn_to_irqhandler() call
2005-08-03 kaf24 6002:f294acb25858 MErge.
2005-08-03 kaf24 6001:63995acdd34a Merge,
2005-08-03 kaf24 6000:4012e919dac0 The attached trivial patch fixes a spurious gcc-4.0 warning in
2005-08-03 kaf24 5999:18bb29989371 gcc-3.4/ia64 compilation fixes.
2005-08-03 kaf24 5998:2c0bc4caaa1f 1) Make more functions in io.c static
2005-08-03 kaf24 5997:04dfb5158f3a Merge.
2005-08-03 kaf24 5996:d4fd332df775 Manual merge.
2005-08-02 djm 5995:be8fe9b3987c Fix CONFIG_VTI build
2005-08-02 djm 5994:e173a853dc46 Merging with xen-unstable
2005-08-02 fred 5993:9be7fe98a556 Fix calling point for do_softirq, which should only be checked
2005-08-02 fred 5992:bd77de43ed4a Fix compilation issue, and then VTI dom0 is up again.
2005-08-02 fred 5991:7e74ac6fdea9 Final set of HV change to support multiple domains on VTI.
2005-08-02 fred 5990:b6803bdaa95a Add hypercall continuation support, or else dom_mem_op may fail.
2005-08-02 fred 5989:7e5868cb1b91 Disallow reprogram_ac_timer to change itm, since there's only one
2005-08-02 fred 5988:6e20607ca839 Add copyright info.
2005-08-01 djm 5987:1efe6f4163ee Merge with latest xen-unstable
2005-08-01 djm 5986:24dd9a53dd95 Fix the build on gcc-3.4.x (ia64 files)
2005-08-01 djm 5985:36ac9bc7dd15 Workaround new call to do_softirq in scrub_heap_pages in common code
2005-07-29 djm 5984:10872902be39 Accomodate change to common alloc_domheap_page
2005-07-29 djm 5983:b53a65034532 Merge in minor ia64 Makefile change from xen-unstable
2005-07-29 djm 5982:a4196568095c Updates to conform to latest xen-unstable
2005-07-28 fred 5981:208a3afc9353 Make ns16550 rework on tiger4 box
2005-07-28 fred 5980:34460b45204a Add kregs change
2005-07-28 fred 5979:04f35d2b143d This patch adds necessary support for vcontext merge between
2005-07-28 fred 5978:8fc64b82dd35 More syntactic changes for preparation of vcpu_info merge
2005-07-28 fred 5977:a64dae7a0344 Add emulation to, which is first encounted in guest fast syscall
2005-07-28 fred 5976:40bddfe9e390 Fix the issue of complete rebuild for any change
2005-07-27 fred 5975:2df9bb1b4ae0 Nop change. Just a test
2005-07-27 djm 5974:bb0eeb87bfca Disable NaT support, fast tick and improved PAL support until
2005-07-27 djm 5973:db8a7f39df93 Syntactic changes to prepare for possible vcpu_info changes
2005-07-27 djm 5972:738ba414ce80 Add xen-shared-info offset generation
2005-07-18 djm 5971:0cc05e9a3482 Fix and turn back on unat checking in fast paths
2005-07-18 djm 5970:6e9248e8f401 Get FPU working on context_switch
2005-07-18 djm 5969:00a05c6a0acc Use hda1, not sda1
2005-07-18 djm 5968:a6b64aed65c3 Properly implement PAL_PTCE_INFO for Xen
2005-07-15 djm 5967:816b9b3ced2f Fix ar.unat handling for fast paths
2005-08-03 iap10 5966:d3670ff9efff Update -xen config file for net grant tables. Default to 'y' since this is the kernel we want to use on the test CD and we want to have grant tables on by default.
2005-08-03 kaf24 5965:f17987201c08 Manula merge.
2005-08-03 kaf24 5964:178b0b2dae51 Fix typo in Linux header file. Totally harmless -- the code
2005-08-03 iap10 5963:0824da1df80a Modify default Linux 2.6 config files to build for PentiumPro instead of Pentium4. No idea how that ended up being the default.
2005-08-03 iap10 5962:8803b4adf164 Fix automatic toggling of PAE in Linux config files
2005-08-03 iap10 5961:ebe13fb42cd3 Since we use configs from dist/install/boot in preference to the default configs, update the PAE auto-switcher to work with these too.
2005-08-03 smh22 5960:29902aea904f Don't enable PAE by default just yet.
2005-08-03 vh249 5959:ba4ca709ed7e fix netdriver grant table option back to n by default
2005-08-02 cl349 5958:565cec5b9cc2 merge?
2005-08-02 cl349 5957:1032271a0abf Fix migration for SMP guests with 1 vcpu.
2005-08-02 vh249 5956:9c1e727db757 update x86_64 config files for grant table in netdriver
2005-08-02 kaf24 5955:0d69d2ce73e9 Remove USB front/back from 2.4 build, totally.
2005-08-02 cl349 5954:3cde4433ecda Update xenstore python bindings for "Implement watching of nodes which don't exist."
2005-08-02 cl349 5953:c8279f7c14e2 Fix SMP save/restore for 1 vcpu by adding suspend/resume functions for SMP.
2005-08-02 cl349 5952:64639ab26b92 Fix unbind_ipi_from_irq - evtchn_to_irq[evtchn] not irq_to_evtchn[evtchn].
2005-08-02 cl349 5951:f681f5a7f453 Add prototype for bind_ipi_on_cpu_to_irq.
2005-08-02 cl349 5950:7db8ef0e440a Add prototype for balloon_init_watcher.
2005-08-02 cl349 5949:5eead9930294 Implement watching of nodes which don't exist.
2005-08-02 cl349 5948:a05338d886d9 Fix typo.
2005-08-02 cl349 5947:a2f9f958fb14 Fix up non-valgrind case to send stderr to file like valgrind case does.
2005-08-02 cl349 5946:f9a8f24dac67 Don't abort on untranslatable errors: EINVAL and print warning
2005-08-02 cl349 5945:361d31028129 merge?
2005-08-02 cl349 5944:76794dad0aaf Fix checkpointing - add save/restore support to the xenbus driver.
2005-08-02 kaf24 5943:dcdcec634c2d Better XenLinux page fault debug output for PAE.
2005-08-02 smh22 5942:59e76450e286 Fixes.
2005-08-02 kaf24 5941:48dea637aac9 A few consoled tweaks. It's not worth building by default
2005-08-02 kaf24 5940:2f743309f21a Remove some binary files.
2005-08-02 kaf24 5939:94a4626c2c44 This is the first patch to move the console code out of Xend and into a
2005-08-02 kaf24 5938:1640c137c847 This is the first patch to move the console code out of Xend and into a
2005-08-02 smh22 5937:3f1785f02d89 Manual merge.
2005-08-02 smh22 5936:2609af9986e6 Disable build of pygrub for now - does not build with e2fsprogs-1.35
2005-08-02 smh22 5935:d709f743dd33 Fix typo in pygrub code
2005-08-02 kaf24 5934:3a11dbf5e4b6 The attached patch converts the balloon driver and xend to use
2005-08-02 kaf24 5933:eeb45fed8f91 > to "CONFIG_PAGING_LEVELS >= 3", maybe I forgot to include some
2005-08-02 kaf24 5932:e8178f0adc91 Missing ia64_stubs file for libxc.
2005-08-02 smh22 5931:433402c64c77 Remainder of ACM patch (hgrrrr).
2005-08-02 smh22 5930:d18f732c0a5f The patches below clean-up sHype-related file names in the tools subtree
2005-08-02 smh22 5929:0301cccd14f1 The attached patch adds the support that was only stubbed in to be able
2005-08-02 smh22 5928:706733e1ecdf * support proper scsi disk name
2005-08-02 smh22 5927:a75db157d12f Revert unintended enabling of grant tables for netback/netfront
2005-08-01 vh249 5926:975c937c33f9 correct wrong variables pass to the set_pte_at macro.
2005-08-01 smh22 5925:0db6a59abb95 Manual merge.
2005-08-01 smh22 5924:6a83d157a391 Minor clean ups of time.c and partial build fixes for 2.4
2005-08-01 ach61 5923:90f2b122fc43 PDB: convert ptrace.c and traps.c changes to local patches
2005-07-31 ach61 5922:f7abc6205e22 PDB: roll out changes to ptrace.c and traps.c
2005-08-01 kaf24 5921:ae51fa1d32b2 This patch adds two macros for construction of the
2005-08-01 kaf24 5920:ac7176771024 While merging my development tree with the latest hg tree I noticed that
2005-07-29 kaf24 5919:55a5ad2f028d dom_mem_ops address_bitsd fix.
2005-07-29 kaf24 5918:0e2461cdbad1 x86_32 build fix.
2005-07-29 kaf24 5917:c4cb2167d3c7 This patch renames balloon command to "set-mem", so instead of "xm
2005-07-29 kaf24 5916:2c0036a1cf4f This patch does 2 jobs:
2005-07-29 kaf24 5915:52260d8c2775 Patch for 64-bit VMX guest destroy
2005-07-29 kaf24 5914:8c1944538086 Here is our latest patch to enable the Xen tools to
2005-07-29 kaf24 5913:51094fae410e Attached patch adds a DMA zone to xen, also modifies xen_contig_memory()
2005-07-29 kaf24 5912:04d01b8fa219 This patch updates the CPU field in xm list for multi-vcpu domains.
2005-07-29 kaf24 5911:555b315b482d ... for dom0 if we know we'll need it. This is the xen
2005-07-29 kaf24 5910:e922662b7839 ... so it builds again and also add a note to the xen elf header
2005-07-29 kaf24 5909:691cd6f65739 Really just basic preparation: switch over PAE builds to the new
2005-07-29 kaf24 5908:0474ffc52ba7 fix x86_64 domain0 /dev/mem issue
2005-07-28 ach61 5907:dd1c092a7ee2 PDB: add some additional files
2005-07-28 ach61 5906:577d1c7b47a9 PDB: process targets
2005-07-28 cl349 5905:501a70f3ae96 merge?
2005-07-28 cl349 5904:e2d635617acd Don't unbind port when event channel binding fails.
2005-07-28 cl349 5903:d24e1970c205 Simplify code by acking watch as soon as we read it.
2005-07-28 cl349 5902:3be03cd7cd4c Simplify code by making in and out pointers internal to xenbus_xs.c
2005-07-28 kaf24 5901:80fed4ff19b2 Nicer platform timer string (include clock rate in mhz).
2005-07-28 kaf24 5900:1db202550e82 Fix irq.c warning, from aq.
2005-07-28 kaf24 5899:7a30b587387f Fix gnttab bug in blkfront.
2005-07-27 kaf24 5898:fb5de385a9ee Slightly better time debugging support in Xen.
2005-07-27 cl349 5897:c02e5214247e Get rid of internet_copy.jpg once more.
2005-07-27 cl349 5896:72ec508ccbdc Don't ignore exceptions here - the possible RuntimeError is handled already.
2005-07-27 cl349 5895:f24fcd22c68f Introduce dom0 to the store.
2005-07-27 cl349 5894:06c5924b0c2e Handle introduce_domain failing when the domain is already introduced.
2005-07-27 cl349 5893:de1207b85ef8 Always pass around the store machine frame number instead of the linear address.
2005-07-27 cl349 5892:ae3a721bbcb8 Add xc_init_store python binding.
2005-07-27 cl349 5891:cda48f530e93 Fix read of integers from database on event channel restore.
2005-07-27 cl349 5890:c6c6cfaab2bf Make XENSTORED_DEBUG create a xenstored trace logfile.
2005-07-27 cl349 5889:598c92956925 Move SIF_BLK_BE_DOMAIN and SIF_NET_BE_DOMAIN definitions to where they are used.
2005-07-27 cl349 5888:2c67026ea29d merge?
2005-07-27 cl349 5887:039c7fd6a4d2 Don't auto-add domains we don't know about.
2005-07-27 kaf24 5886:01966dd718a8 Add IBM Cyclone support to Xen.
2005-07-27 kaf24 5885:b7e975425dd6 Add HPET support to Xen. It is quicker to access and more
2005-07-27 kaf24 5884:7599a943b39e On opt_nosmp, also force num_cores to 1. Do this in setup.c
2005-07-27 sos22 5883:828d512b22ba Kill a bad assertion.
2005-07-27 sos22 5882:240313350234 Merge.
2005-07-27 sos22 5881:5f9ca2959ffc Make sure that opt_nosmp also disables hyperthreading. This stops us
2005-07-27 cl349 5880:d86a9892396a Rename file with space in name.
2005-07-27 kaf24 5879:a0a14aedfa68 Fix memory reservation in XenLinux.
2005-07-27 iap10 5878:4c52791a0444 Frob the Linux-2.6 configs to enable PAE (HIGHMEM_64G) if XEN_TARGET_X86_PAE=y
2005-07-26 cl349 5877:2333f6616d18 merge?
2005-07-26 cl349 5876:69beaae8a1fa Clean up xenbus code not to use priorities.
2005-07-26 cl349 5875:5f0446907501 Fix case where watch callback unregisters itself: do not try to ack it
2005-07-26 cl349 5874:26e4e952c385 Implement xenbus_dev_error() and xenbus_dev_ok() functions
2005-07-26 cl349 5873:a9a956748997 Scrub initial xenstore page, free xendev structure.
2005-07-26 cl349 5872:b52196300306 Fix locking: probe can be called from several places, so ensure
2005-07-26 cl349 5871:c1c2a023dbc4 Fix bus watch code, and clean up a little.
2005-07-26 cl349 5870:51fb35494e9b Note about when device_find is fixed
2005-07-26 cl349 5869:c352c388aaec Modify to assume transactions
2005-07-26 cl349 5868:aa8776c44b65 Do not use device_find: crashes for some reason
2005-07-26 cl349 5867:c20ccb474166 Fix missing argument rename in xenbus_exists.
2005-07-26 cl349 5866:aeb3b64ea40e Grab lock around registering watch.
2005-07-26 cl349 5865:bd0ff9b1ea14 Add watch for dynamic add/remove of devices.
2005-07-26 cl349 5864:42e8937a93f0 Fix return from xenbus_scanf: returns number scanned, not 0!
2005-07-26 cl349 5863:2e6e1eb66c5e Major xenbus cleanup
2005-07-26 cl349 5862:62e13cae2f58 Update python bindings - xs_watch doesn't support a priority anymore.
2005-07-26 cl349 5861:1853a6e966bd Remove ill-conceived concept of watches blocking reply on
2005-07-26 cl349 5860:b9903985e9b6 Fix bug where transaction fires multiple events.
2005-07-26 cl349 5859:052208a34902 Fix bug where watch messages doesn't go out. Also change xs_test
2005-07-26 cl349 5858:2ae19537f615 Allow to take arg: name of test to start with
2005-07-26 cl349 5857:6f4d50000179 Make testing more reliable: wait for event after async so we know
2005-07-26 cl349 5856:4e833037159d Change watches: operations block until everyone has acked.
2005-07-26 cl349 5855:997b2b07b96d Change from bool indicating blocked to an enum: when watches go
2005-07-26 cl349 5854:99366b44c421 Test and fix acknowedge_watch from returning EINVAL.
2005-07-26 cl349 5853:f9a3f32a129b Fix testsuite to ignore tool/ dir.
2005-07-26 cl349 5852:71271a3f41a9 Start of code to persistent store connections when xenstored restarts
2005-07-26 cl349 5851:932fc8a1b38d # HG changeset patch
2005-07-26 kaf24 5850:22984cc20ff9 Manual merge.
2005-07-26 kaf24 5849:c1c9a281eac2 Attached patch removes the empty domain if
2005-07-26 cl349 5848:6ac24e8a6ec4 Don't enter sv subdirectory until its Makefile supports targets
2005-07-26 kaf24 5847:9b436c6bf2bd This patch prevents you from getting a screen full of stack trace when
2005-07-26 kaf24 5846:6c24d2b4f3ea Manual merge.
2005-07-26 twilkie 5845:df19d43b95d0 Add XenSV back into the repository.
2005-07-26 kaf24 5844:d63b100b327a Fix restart/poweroff properly. From aq.
2005-07-25 kaf24 5843:ecb17ef5a587 - allows to optionally boot the system with a policy already being
2005-07-25 kaf24 5842:d6af2ea42f94 Improve guest time keeping
2005-07-25 kaf24 5841:eba58fc9f755 Really enable gdbserver for real mode code.
2005-07-25 kaf24 5840:4999a05b568f Use hg root instead of bk root.
2005-07-25 kaf24 5839:82af26d5d134 Restore command line parsing code from qemu-0.6.1
2005-07-25 kaf24 5838:7ac99b43f879 Allow multiple disk images per guest.
2005-07-25 kaf24 5837:9b713b8d1100 Fix the path to qemu-dm
2005-07-25 kaf24 5836:cb0f79c9d3fc Implement the I/O bitmap vm execution control.
2005-07-25 kaf24 5835:edc6e8921dd1 Don't leave behind zombie device model processes
2005-07-25 kaf24 5834:3acc0ae6a001 Xen full virtualization does not handle unaligned IO with page crossing.
2005-07-25 kaf24 5833:5f77050a58f6 Translate some control characters in the qemu monitor.
2005-07-25 kaf24 5832:50fd1e053b1a Remove extra definition of DBG in pci/irq.c in XenLinux.
2005-07-25 kaf24 5831:34fe1d9f0ced Fix cross-compile builds by using NM macro instead of nm
2005-07-25 kaf24 5830:9a936ba5cde0 XenLinux restart/poweroff calls 'reboot' or 'poweroff'
2005-07-25 vh249 5829:6feba419cead split deallocation from net_tx_action
2005-07-25 vh249 5828:7bc4ebdd5660 add grant table capabilities to netback and netfront.
2005-07-25 vh249 5827:a49bf96419a4 regenerate smp-alt.patch for 2.6.12
2005-07-22 sd386 5826:dc7c14e533c2 Local merge
2005-07-22 sd386 5825:460405b4723b Fixed extratime scheduling bug, which caused a prioritised dom0 to overtake the whole cpu.
2005-07-22 kaf24 5824:48aed1403fe3 Port kallsyms to Xen, as 'symbols'.
2005-07-22 sos22 5823:7627476544b5 In 2.6.12-land, do_debug and do_int3 return void. Make sure we don't try
2005-07-21 kaf24 5822:9038a369268d Here is a patch to enable Xen to run on a Unisys ES7000 x86_64 system.
2005-07-21 kaf24 5821:6e11af443eb1 Fix problem of can not create two or more vmx guest.
2005-07-21 kaf24 5820:07884fe7c5ce Save per cpu IDT information into the VMCS host area.
2005-07-21 kaf24 5819:dd3dbd7c82e0 Propagate guest MSR writes to machine MSRs immediately
2005-07-20 smh22 5818:c7f883aaedb0 Fix bug.
2005-07-20 kaf24 5817:c316e464f7c2 No need to define io_remap_pfn_range in linux/mm.h.
2005-07-19 maf46 5816:581902ddd16f Merged by hand.
2005-07-19 maf46 5815:390e4d63cdb1 Shadow mode's writable-PTs should only allow guest kernels access to PTs
2005-07-19 kaf24 5814:2ecb91fb6cdb Fix wallclock timebase extraction in XenLinux.
2005-07-19 kaf24 5813:bf68b5fcbc9b Simplify and fix the error-correction factor during
2005-07-18 kaf24 5812:43564304cf94 First cut of new time interfaces and synchronisation mechanisms.
2005-07-17 ach61 5811:9697bc63d403 pdb: read/write registers for process target
2005-07-16 kaf24 5810:722c372fe201 Fix 'make uninstall' target.
2005-07-16 kaf24 5809:1b45bcaafb1f Fix 'make mrproper' to remove pristine and ref trees.
2005-07-16 kaf24 5808:43e28a2f6037 Delete resurrected files (from ia64 merge).
2005-07-15 kaf24 5807:d75a502b45eb Simple grant-table fix (check_unmap).
2005-07-15 kaf24 5806:6891f0c11683 Trivial fixes for numeric arg to head/tail.
2005-07-15 djm 5805:a83ac0806d6b Merge with ia64-unstable.hg
2005-07-14 djm 5804:8328317e60ab Fix for new ns16550 serial code in xen-unstable.hg
2005-07-13 djm 5803:ea8caf38c914 Oops remove debug output from last changeset
2005-07-13 djm 5802:d4ecbd89d954 Fix PAL_PTCE_INFO and cpuid (pfmon now works)
2005-07-13 djm 5801:a87242c44417 Add easy way to turn off all fast paths to rule them out when debugging
2005-07-12 djm 5800:9870485d4836 Better pal/sal support
2005-07-11 djm 5799:970f74591ffa Fixes so xen+xenlinux boots on ski
2005-07-10 djm 5798:d0a1154755c9 Fix zeroing of some counters and add a couple more
2005-07-09 djm 5797:ca44d2dbb273 Intel's pre-bk->hg transition patches
2005-07-09 djm 5796:89d92ce10924 Add fast path for thash hyperprivop
2005-07-09 djm 5795:0e7741276468 Cleanup virtual translation code
2005-07-09 djm 5794:40be48f67a33 Somehow this file got zeroed out?!? Replacing it
2005-07-09 djm 5793:c1a7ed266c7e Catch up to xen-unstable.hg tip
2005-07-07 djm 5792:95f14bb8d220 Dummy file to test hg push
2005-07-15 kaf24 5791:35b74976f598 Relax the bounce-buffer copying constraints in dma_sync_single_for_*
2005-07-15 sos22 5790:ebfde26a769a Avoid some unnecessary TLB flushes. This will probably make no real
2005-07-15 kaf24 5789:e8b48f3a2843 Fix exit path from DOM0_CREATEDOMAIN, which I broke earlier
2005-07-15 kaf24 5788:ce4b630067bb Enable VMX domains on a SMP dom0.
2005-07-15 kaf24 5787:50da9b240a1f Recently some people complain that they cannot set the maxmem for
2005-07-15 kaf24 5786:79bb7dfb8fc1 Temporary fix for netif ring overflow, until we move
2005-07-15 kaf24 5785:8d04aa7b4280 Simpler domid allocation.
2005-07-14 iap10 5784:1d026c7023d2 Update x86_64 -xen config for Linux 2.6.12
2005-07-14 iap10 5783:1febf5dabc4f Update the -xen default config to Linux 2.6.12
2005-07-14 iap10 5782:cd95b96a172e Incorporate lomount from QEMU into tools/misc. This tool makes it easy to mount
2005-07-14 kaf24 5781:98b83cc57eca Missing quirks.c file.
2005-07-14 kaf24 5780:ca90d2903b7b Auto-disable IRQ balancing/affinity on buggy chipsets.
2005-07-14 kaf24 5779:57dfd651cca4 Allow IRQ balancing to be disabled with 'noirqbalance'
2005-07-14 kaf24 5778:43c21adcfc79 Add debug-key for printing IRQ/IOAPIC info.
2005-07-14 iap10 5777:1fb47826d767 Misc fixes for new sparse tree names: xen-clone script; -xen kernel build (the one with all the modules); Backout changes to legacy targets.
2005-07-14 kaf24 5776:64f26eed8d47 Allow arch-specific defaults to be specified for ns16550
2005-07-14 kaf24 5775:9b77ba29108d The VMCS control bits in the current tree are not optimal. Attached is
2005-07-14 kaf24 5774:71d000e59b13 Cleanup mov to CR4 handling.
2005-07-14 kaf24 5773:637127cded4e Enable CR4.VME to improve the performance of vm86 emulation.
2005-07-14 vh249 5772:9d2ca2da280e repair legacy Makefile targets linux26 and linux24
2005-07-13 ach61 5771:09be5b1bdeb0 pdb: reconcile register manipulation between processes and domains
2005-07-13 kaf24 5770:57b2fa8bf11d Initial tools support for 32-bit x86 pae.
2005-07-13 kaf24 5769:87cfe3f76045 Force PAE build of Xen by specifying 'pae=y' to make, or
2005-07-13 kaf24 5768:a98634f1c008 Remove CONFIG_X86_PAE hack from config.h.
2005-07-13 vh249 5767:79d52bd557cf Readd pristine-% rules that went MIA.
2005-07-13 kaf24 5766:35ccaeaffeb7 Enable NX/XD feature for 32-bit PAE Xen.
2005-07-13 kaf24 5765:3473b453dbae Build hotplug by default in dom0.
2005-07-13 kaf24 5764:5db799f4c40e The patch attached restores NX/XD support in x86_64 xenlinux. When the
2005-07-13 kaf24 5763:6778d68a2c4c Need to save and restore MSRs for VMX domains across context switches.
2005-07-13 kaf24 5762:3a4ef6acd545 Fix NX/XD enable on secondary CPUs.
2005-07-12 ach61 5761:faf7e6254712 pdb: get rid of absolute path in module makefile
2005-07-12 kaf24 5760:3b48277a9dd0 Let Xen have 256 PIRQs to guests.
2005-07-12 ach61 5759:f23750d7c214 pdb: execution_domain -> vcpu
2005-07-12 kaf24 5758:d80e38e4b31d Native x86_64 linux uses paranoidentry for exceptions with ist !=3D 0,
2005-07-12 kaf24 5757:b513fd51f850 Small fix for PAE in 2.6.12.
2005-07-12 kaf24 5756:d99ebf2de9f3 Some more new files for Linux PAE.
2005-07-12 kaf24 5755:be1153585cb0 Fix hgignore regexps some more.
2005-07-12 kaf24 5754:12edc2f2ca18 Fix Xen build with PAE enabled, and a fix to help
2005-07-12 kaf24 5753:9f6057761c8f Fix DMA compile for x86_64.
2005-07-12 kaf24 5752:c5db6fd54e36 Fix dma_map_single to work correctly with multi-page buffers.
2005-07-12 cl349 5751:57a5441b323b xenstored updates.
2005-07-12 cl349 5750:43f224c33281 Manual merge.
2005-07-12 cl349 5749:09b142631de3 Manual merge.
2005-07-12 cl349 5748:739ba7204123 Add xc_init_store and run xenbus probe on INITDOMAIN_STORE privcmd ioctl.
2005-07-12 cl349 5747:1b837c5794ca Update xenbus driver code.
2005-07-12 cl349 5746:b5e3b99075c6 Create .hgskip files instead of .bk_skip files.
2005-07-12 kaf24 5745:8a8b8087b083 Dom0 can have slack time in sedf scheduler.
2005-07-12 kaf24 5744:308329b4e883 Fix the x86_64 build after the PAE check-in.
2005-07-12 kaf24 5743:8de4591d112f Add HIGHMEM64G (but not set) to defconfigs.
2005-07-11 kaf24 5742:291fa5555eff Fix README.
2005-07-11 kaf24 5741:c20bd9f1d204 Device model SXP cleanup
2005-07-11 kaf24 5740:09cc6606517d Tools build fixes.
2005-07-11 kaf24 5739:622ea2078f85 This is the patch for xen which allows using up to 16 GB
2005-07-11 kaf24 5738:f1a16642edaf non-PAE behavior should be identical after applying these
2005-07-11 kaf24 5737:e6f48ae99035 Place all low mem in DMA pool.
2005-07-11 kaf24 5736:0d415d73f8f2 This adds a patch for the vanilla kernel, to be pushed upstream some
2005-07-11 kaf24 5735:de2e58cdec37 Another fix to the hgignore list.
2005-07-11 kaf24 5734:60fc40a82fa9 Remove 2.6.11 patches directory.
2005-07-11 kaf24 5733:ece694762d7a Remove old linux sparse trees.
2005-07-11 kaf24 5732:b3cfebba3b30 We need this patch to make shadow code compile ok on FC4 which is using
2005-07-11 kaf24 5731:56a63f9f378f Manual merge.
2005-07-11 vh249 5730:22541999d8bb upgrade linux sparse tree from 2.6.11 to 2.6.12
2005-07-11 vh249 5729:02282ff7cc8c lose latest digit of the sparse tree for 2.4
2005-07-11 vh249 5728:c3c51a34c924 lose latest digit of the sparse tree for 2.6
2005-07-11 kaf24 5727:ba925b4aef28 The 1:1 page table should be a 3 level PAE page table on x86-64
2005-07-11 kaf24 5726:a29b4174d39c Remaining files for shadow 64 mode checkin.
2005-07-11 kaf24 5725:e4272b361053 Added regexp fixes
2005-07-11 kaf24 5724:0bcfd66a431e Check in files I missed from shadow64 checkin.
2005-07-11 kaf24 5723:d332d4df452e Fix stupid switch stmt mess-up that broke emulation
2005-07-11 kaf24 5722:f261f14b9781 Now we have extended the patch to support x86_64 domU as well. The
2005-07-11 kaf24 5721:c32cf5fef34c Don't build xenctx by default,a nd fix one error msg.
2005-07-11 kaf24 5720:dd798dd2abce Manual merge.
2005-07-11 kaf24 5719:afe05231fe25 cmpl workaround for mmio regions
2005-07-11 kaf24 5718:c270d9ffdcef Remove debug printks.
2005-07-11 kaf24 5717:d4607c4c9478 Narrow the diff between i386 and x86-64 for xen0 config.
2005-07-11 kaf24 5716:3de8cebfb231 More verbose log when vmx_decode() fails.
2005-07-11 kaf24 5715:507ab2973964 Fix xenctx compilation and support 64 bit.
2005-07-10 smh22 5714:5c6ef0bec2df fix build when not using grant tables for blkdev.
2005-07-10 kaf24 5713:25e96ea6e4c5 Manual merge.
2005-07-10 kaf24 5712:1a57305dd9e9 Small fix to x86_64 entry.S.
2005-07-10 kaf24 5711:8579c57c7fce Remove checks for libcurl. It's no longer a dependency.
2005-07-10 ach61 5710:a28952e73253 add ocaml compilation targets and pdb to .hgignore
2005-07-09 kaf24 5709:215d8b2f3d94 Manual merge.
2005-07-09 kaf24 5708:49a00af50777 Make structs non-empty.
2005-07-08 sos22 5707:05b63285047c Merge.
2005-07-08 sos22 5706:04d15727e6e8 Get rid of some debug printks.
2005-07-08 sos22 5705:7c3d7c37dfde Get a very primitive relation of IRQ affinity working. For the
2005-07-08 sos22 5704:9b73afea874e Certain types of event channel are now auto-bound to vcpu0 by Xen.
2005-07-08 kaf24 5703:1d375ce8e0e0 Clean up Xen's event-channel interface, and semantics for binding
2005-07-08 sos22 5702:579d1e771025 Merge.
2005-07-08 sos22 5701:707fcf42a5ae Merge.
2005-07-07 sos22 5700:f3f845297821 Quick hack to make sure that pirqs and interdomain event channels are
2005-07-08 kaf24 5699:eef23f57f20e The attached patch adds a new dom0_op, DOM0_GETDOMAININFOLIST. This
2005-07-08 kaf24 5698:20ff6c7413d8 trivial header fix for ACM code.
2005-07-08 kaf24 5697:fdcf179cb6b1 Fix top Makefile targets linux24 and linux26.
2005-07-08 kaf24 5696:169cb05ce889 Add debug-register access emulation.
2005-07-08 kaf24 5695:0694fda4dbd5 python wrapper arg fix from aq.
2005-07-07 kaf24 5694:1a7383f84989 Fix cross-compilation, and gcc4.
2005-07-06 iap10 5693:43bfa1a81aa0 Change default Xen scheduler to Stephan Diestelhorst's SEDF, which can provide time slice guarantees as well as weighted differentiation.
2005-07-06 iap10 5692:2db810d7985f Enable CONFIG_SMP, CONFIG_SMP_HOTPLUG and CONFIG_SMP_ALTERNATIVES in the -xenU default kernel.
2005-07-06 iap10 5691:88c2d410979f I updated the vcpu_to_cpu string creation to include a field separator,
2005-07-06 iap10 5690:32fb371cc283 manual merge
2005-07-06 iap10 5689:1c119c875f21 manual merge
2005-07-06 iap10 5688:d231efdaa66d manual merge
2005-07-06 sos22 5687:bd1642e8599e manual merge
2005-07-06 sos22 5686:5ead5ffa04c2 Fix SMP_ALTERNATIVES to cope with discarded init data.
2005-07-06 ach61 5685:b237f032cee1 update hg cheatsheet
2005-07-06 iap10 5684:33373e428c9d Add a dummy xen_defconfig_x86_64. Currently the same as xen0
2005-07-06 iap10 5683:43e8e30cbea7 manual merge
2005-07-06 ach61 5682:7ca01ac7dee0 add ocaml compiled files to .hgignore
2005-07-06 iap10 5681:4b30296d6f5d Enable CONFIG_HIGHMEM4G in default Linux 2.6 kernel configs.
2005-07-06 iap10 5680:20008f3ac9f5 Improve changeset identification to work from src tar ball too.
2005-07-06 smh22 5679:b522a3a4d525 Fix blkif 'grant-table-ification'
2005-07-06 smh22 5678:1883ec07708b Manual merge.
2005-07-06 smh22 5677:b3a27d7ef999 Move xenstore page before page tables so that guest doesn't free it after boot
2005-07-06 iap10 5676:9a7d86b8147d Add a new Linux kernel config file -xen [NB: no 0 or U suffix] that builds a wide selection of modules, more in keeping with distro kernels.
2005-07-06 kaf24 5675:189c87adf876 Mini-os updates from Grzegorz Milos.
2005-07-06 kaf24 5674:287583627544 Attached is a patch that fully 'grant-table-ifies' the block front and
2005-07-06 kaf24 5673:bc8cab407197 Shell scripts aren't very strippable and some versions of install get
2005-07-06 kaf24 5672:ffb406dfb170 Oh gcc4 you complain soo. This patch fixes compile with gcc4
2005-07-05 kaf24 5671:ec3b7c87b577 Here are two patches which update the hypercall interfaces to
2005-07-05 cl349 5670:47295d6ca1d7 Cleanup whitespace.
2005-07-05 cl349 5669:ff5d7ccd8d69 No changes from me.
2005-07-05 cl349 5668:0e6073537c4a Remove confusion about terminating nul character.
2005-07-05 cl349 5667:30e0940a2982 Undo "Add -fPIC tools/xenstore/Makefile".
2005-07-04 kaf24 5666:4b052d8a9a2f Rename fields in physinfo_t structure and add sockets/nodes
2005-07-04 kaf24 5665:8bd2e8933277 Manual merge.
2005-07-04 akw27 5664:9b1866006aea merge
2005-07-04 akw27 5663:f6e7c967212e Add hook in get_user_pages to allow lookups of foreign mapped pages.
2005-07-04 kaf24 5662:abc0a8f65be7 Fix grant-table interface by removing the unnecessary union.
2005-07-04 gmilos 5661:e1fbb7fee1d8 Example of assymetric pull/push paths.
2005-07-04 gmilos 5660:82d686a6b63e Extended explanation of 'hg diff'.
2005-07-04 kaf24 5659:22ccddf93c40 To avoid MSR save/restore at every VM exit/entry time, we restore the
2005-07-04 kaf24 5658:50ac4630390b The patch extends the VMCS handling to support both 32-bit and 64-bit
2005-07-04 kaf24 5657:cb6b221bef55 Recent header file cleanup (cset 2b6c1a8098078f7e53de7cf72227fddf01f0b2b6)
2005-07-03 kaf24 5656:f8acd354e129 Manual merge.
2005-07-03 kaf24 5655:80d5dd14711e Remove Jan Beulich's patch. It was failing for
2005-07-03 akw27 5654:09067ce92303 Manual merge -- hg not so good at deleting right now.
2005-07-03 akw27 5653:abbc1d071e22 Clean-up of blktap and parallax user space code.
2005-07-03 akw27 5652:99ff7c3435b2 Fix some newline ugliness that BK wouldn't correct.
2005-07-03 kaf24 5651:f075272620a0 Install qemu-dm.debug script.
2005-07-03 kaf24 5650:95685fbba2ca Replace implicit 16-byte arg to xen_extraversion with an
2005-07-02 kaf24 5649:fc4e10d0455a Avoid repeated #define's in public headers.
2005-07-02 kaf24 5648:2b6c1a809807 Remove non-ISO attributes from public headers.
2005-07-01 kaf24 5647:6f462a11a08e Register the portio handler only once.
2005-07-01 kaf24 5646:82390e707bb9 Refactor guest exception injection code.
2005-07-01 kaf24 5645:e3dcc10765ea Improve the IDE HD geometry auto detection algorithm.
2005-07-01 kaf24 5644:2420e309074b Get rid of references to qemu-dm.debug.
2005-07-01 kaf24 5643:430dc412e4c9 Another issue found with building the guest outside the source tree.
2005-07-01 kaf24 5642:e041c8e75863 I found several build issues, mostly related to building outside of the
2005-07-01 kaf24 5641:374ff557a88f Other than the native kernels, the xen guests install without attempting
2005-07-01 kaf24 5640:4b06e1c365fc Other than native x86-64 code, the XEN guest *does* use 4k mappings for
2005-07-01 kaf24 5639:adda79dcd0e3 Some exports were misssing/mis-qualified. Adjustment below/attached.
2005-07-01 kaf24 5638:f636e72ebbe3 Other than native i386 code, the page fault handler in the guest for
2005-07-01 kaf24 5637:f5aaeb5688cf This patch fixes few typos in hg-cheatsheet.txt
2005-07-01 cl349 5636:88a7a299d927 Manual merge.
2005-07-01 cl349 5635:cb3da7250118 Rewrite xenbus_path and cleanup whitespace.
2005-07-01 kaf24 5634:43e2d33fc5d9 Fix Xen 'make install' not to rebuild console.o if called
2005-07-01 kaf24 5633:7c95f26c2f0e Manual merge.
2005-07-01 cl349 5632:5985fc86b3da Remove incorrect check for terminating nul character.
2005-07-01 kaf24 5631:ecef9732b19b .
2005-07-01 kaf24 5630:749dbd8ae9b0 Remove BitKeeper files from the repository.
2005-07-01 kaf24 5629:1bfa723fe264 Manual merge
2005-07-01 jrb44 5628:15a2de6f1493 Removed "bk root" call from fbsdxensetup script
2005-07-01 kaf24 5627:61df3453426c mkelf32 explicit-size types are based on defs in inttypes.h.
2005-07-01 iap10 5626:5aaebfc580a6 manual merge
2005-07-01 iap10 5625:0f2fa1235851 Fix to xen-clone, minor top-level Makefile tidy
2005-07-01 kaf24 5624:77f397603f71 Device model path cleanup. Remove bochsrc which is no longer needed.
2005-07-01 kaf24 5623:ef2adae89e4d manual merge
2005-07-01 iap10 5622:a1b5af05f72e Add the Mercurial for Xen cheatsheet into the repo.
2005-07-01 kaf24 5621:0962f5989d2a use hg changeset info for xen banner
2005-07-01 iap10 5620:132e23381692 Formally remove support for linux 2.4 dom0. domU should still work.
2005-07-01 iap10 5619:8041c2fa1cbc Update xen-clone script for hg. Still missing revision selection functionality.
2005-07-01 iap10 5618:f4768892d6dd Add a .hgignore file to the repository. NB: hg takes regexps not wildcards
2005-06-30 arun sharma 5617:22d7dda0e38d bitkeeper revision 1.1782 (42c3a8e76Lioy1FVEJFTaTkbYVBy7Q)
2005-06-30 arun sharma 5616:800185829318 bitkeeper revision 1.1781 (42c3a8d63EmXV0wA3jHItrRQ0fKLsg)
2005-06-30 arun sharma 5615:4669354bba9a bitkeeper revision 1.1780 (42c3a8c4tqEOpGy663gWO35k5QwZTw)
2005-06-30 arun sharma 5614:bc8bb3a26ccc bitkeeper revision 1.1779 (42c3a8b3kGpPBNwXb3dn_b8FcmVPgQ)
2005-06-30 arun sharma 5613:332eb7887996 bitkeeper revision 1.1778 (42c3a89fKOC3ZLo9T-f0b9tyflqDzg)
2005-06-30 arun sharma 5612:7c198f2e6dd2 bitkeeper revision 1.1777 (42c3a88aPiHvcATujFTezqA1w1FMCg)
2005-06-30 arun sharma 5611:3c759ba83f7c bitkeeper revision 1.1776 (42c3a877bezcV9uHoSXuU-GWoyVOKw)
2005-06-30 arun sharma 5610:cd86df78b879 bitkeeper revision 1.1775 (42c3a866BfZr3l3NiVNwr6Z_1Uin_A)
2005-06-30 arun sharma 5609:e5a99f9dc34d bitkeeper revision 1.1774 (42c3a855yAuKBfmJfftjhiVDml26pg)
2005-06-30 arun sharma 5608:6daf7357a9df bitkeeper revision 1.1773 (42c3a841nLib9kdSmthr05jouqiNeg)
2005-06-29 kaf24 5607:ce4bb67cb308 bitkeeper revision 1.1772 (42c31843CEATPivypr5LYbRYU08TtQ)
2005-06-29 djm 5606:6a65fe0f84c8 bitkeeper revision 1.1772 (42c31571ulukoJpvEOsK4akggVt37Q)ia64-stable
2005-06-29 xen-ia64 adm 5605:da2752f150a0 bitkeeper revision 1.1771 (42c314a41N8GOY476cnW9IejbgNDJw)
2005-06-29 kaf24 5604:f66a730a2c3d bitkeeper revision 1.1770 (42c2d66cG6YTU0WhG1b97E-InSNWWA)
2005-06-29 kaf24 5603:41a5181f74df bitkeeper revision 1.1769 (42c2cac1Ua7yeT9FnpvjJNvdSrd3BA)
2005-06-28 djm 5602:2d8651ec10b9 bitkeeper revision 1.1726.1.8 (42c1acafTSObuXeDW7_GDxYN5dosRA)
2005-06-28 djm 5601:cef83293394d bitkeeper revision 1.1726.1.7 (42c194ee68Qy_Egi118UCoJdFnkGPQ)
2005-06-28 kaf24 5600:0b5fab43ff59 bitkeeper revision 1.1768 (42c18d2259NPELcGV7ohyZNh72ufSw)
2005-06-28 kaf24 5599:348b774a8f97 bitkeeper revision 1.1767 (42c18c1dNRHfk7ZFajLHHtesQcrKlg)
2005-06-28 cl349 5598:864b050694f8 bitkeeper revision 1.1766 (42c17071SPDLo7qPlXAiQzrKjMu6Mw)
2005-06-28 cl349 5597:a81dabf6ba10 bitkeeper revision 1.1765 (42c16e51XwZ3-cKPHI29xhO2Hzk_sQ)
2005-06-28 ach61 5596:cb1cad0ed221 bitkeeper revision 1.1764 (42c12471iroiktRDv2QDqEDoIQVDNg)
2005-06-28 ach61 5595:63c1bb85fcea bitkeeper revision 1.1763 (42c11c79p9Z_K0YwZk_N5zJU0rjzDg)
2005-06-28 kaf24 5594:c2b00e4bfb8f bitkeeper revision 1.1760.1.6 (42c10677TIdwirEem_EpnMFWS1MTtw)
2005-06-28 kaf24 5593:384059d92d3b bitkeeper revision 1.1760.1.5 (42c105a0IGE_9KbvmOfox8TMahmQVw)
2005-06-28 kaf24 5592:b75294458106 bitkeeper revision 1.1760.1.4 (42c10578DlONZUYkjuzFvNR6idseEQ)
2005-06-28 leendert 5591:a8f9132a9ddd bitkeeper revision 1.1760.1.3 (42c10175tVLAVy7ULar9xcSazDReXw)
2005-06-28 leendert 5590:f9eade8778af bitkeeper revision 1.1760.1.2 (42c10164eZ8JiY0-m8yKOwE_3OopGw)
2005-06-28 ach61 5589:9bcdcf2dbb54 bitkeeper revision 1.1762 (42c0fafdBom2bVfipwX4FXIl_SgKmg)
2005-06-28 vh249 5588:5937352bfe66 bitkeeper revision 1.1760.1.1 (42c0e8fa-Uxs1rA3BiXdTbynda9HmA)
2005-06-27 ach61 5587:ca9f091afdd2 bitkeeper revision 1.1761 (42c0704c_K5N6pcA--cz5L-FX_z0zw)
2005-06-27 ach61 5586:2cadc83e2306 bitkeeper revision 1.1726.3.1 (42c07007i9Bkz3ggP_PXIksWaGD1Eg)
2005-06-27 kaf24 5585:b08cd3331fdb bitkeeper revision 1.1760 (42c05ebeLIfrneiw1jaZMwle-z9usw)
2005-06-27 kaf24 5584:d892fbf61323 bitkeeper revision 1.1759 (42c035d96-RzgfZ63O07ihY0xpew2g)
2005-06-27 kaf24 5583:4a7652a70a9d bitkeeper revision 1.1758 (42bff8419M7X5aOGlHhSQueJtvoYaA)
2005-06-26 kaf24 5582:8ad10be47849 bitkeeper revision 1.1757 (42be9ad5TTWQjsCBju5noyzBrTMyjA)
2005-06-25 kaf24 5581:4ed21996131d bitkeeper revision 1.1756 (42bd28eb7ZP0AhHHKYuqhX2z3XItTQ)
2005-06-25 kaf24 5580:2a28f4aab6ae bitkeeper revision 1.1755 (42bd1fcfzi0ZazGyTao_Ff-m4vjOqQ)
2005-06-24 kaf24 5579:819726e7dd2b bitkeeper revision 1.1754 (42bc7207le_rYvV9kj8p-Dztt3T_eA)
2005-06-24 kaf24 5578:b38b3893fa76 bitkeeper revision 1.1753 (42bbe67ePvjh9K0djYf6xRw2rGNreQ)
2005-06-24 kaf24 5577:0b5f09002630 bitkeeper revision 1.1752 (42bbe5ba5hLPfcw1f77_F22fq6v6Yw)
2005-06-24 kaf24 5576:48dd03e4b388 bitkeeper revision 1.1751 (42bbe480z9Fp_L5Tc500W8c8CL3g9A)
2005-06-24 vh249 5575:200f5dfe9647 bitkeeper revision 1.1750 (42bbd4dcGK7sWi0DELA8n8Ap3cfa0w)
2005-06-24 kaf24 5574:75ab24f43793 bitkeeper revision 1.1748.1.3 (42bbd472VxKIpvOzuAFDfVAi9gXwDA)
2005-06-24 kaf24 5573:09771c771f7a bitkeeper revision 1.1748.1.2 (42bbd22bGsDJd8zBp_EBCg97pPrPqA)
2005-06-24 kaf24 5572:b0b95421d32e bitkeeper revision 1.1748.1.1 (42bbd1c5CE48yPys_hWh-39fCz3QGw)
2005-06-24 vh249 5571:ef4c824e3720 bitkeeper revision 1.1749 (42bbc434_aK0LSM1BC4FiLM_Xam_YA)
2005-06-24 cl349 5570:d7daa40eb8b0 bitkeeper revision 1.1748 (42bbc14djIjScNrLp20eDhlxUjQl4g)
2005-06-24 cl349 5569:6cfdf7b8a9dc bitkeeper revision 1.1747 (42bbc01fY31MfvOqdz4Mq_h_2D4Usg)
2005-06-24 cl349 5568:188d6b73ea65 bitkeeper revision 1.1742.1.1 (42bbc016sc__D7n9oSLMG75cKXdixQ)
2005-06-23 vh249 5567:a9eabb439f56 bitkeeper revision 1.1744.1.1 (42bb2b36zVlhMosXY3bEaiG-q9siMg)
2005-06-23 djm 5566:dca57ff5d1c1 bitkeeper revision 1.1726.1.6 (42bb0675eG3PXvB-XpEs0EYcdos-EA)
2005-06-23 kaf24 5565:6d68b0c27199 bitkeeper revision 1.1746 (42badf41asjaKoYentyODb8CdFEydg)
2005-06-23 kaf24 5564:68de76620c9c bitkeeper revision 1.1745 (42badeb1hE5PDZxZYF5DYBsU0Jya9w)
2005-06-23 kaf24 5563:d23f547a023e bitkeeper revision 1.1744 (42baac12VHiYuszqWxXm5lsjjqZq4g)
2005-06-23 kaf24 5562:53cd28bdd477 bitkeeper revision 1.1743 (42baabd1aq7F8kKY4ptBZ39ebtEqOw)
2005-06-23 kaf24 5561:5a134cea8f10 bitkeeper revision 1.1742 (42ba8bdbUMsXF10VHPltV1P5J9z0Ow)
2005-06-23 kaf24 5560:51d5c1d35710 bitkeeper revision 1.1742 (42ba8b7fiNx5Cu0J91l9HCIo_TwvXQ)
2005-06-23 arun sharma 5559:16e3155f3496 bitkeeper revision 1.1741 (42ba8952xTiiA50azru9j4tKvXIVDA)
2005-06-23 arun sharma 5558:1a568bb6c3bb bitkeeper revision 1.1740 (42ba88cewc_4MMbiCLInZ8gEcgqwhQ)
2005-06-23 kaf24 5557:678c1c052a5c bitkeeper revision 1.1739 (42ba886dkLcSLF35FYJLZkKeANRJYg)
2005-06-23 kaf24 5556:80b60ef3f553 bitkeeper revision 1.1738 (42ba87barFA27QtqNiI4v7D2u57koA)
2005-06-23 kaf24 5555:94893eb31f44 bitkeeper revision 1.1737 (42ba86724fSOFpp6L107qJDWXNKxug)
2005-06-23 arun sharma 5554:90d851ff9036 bitkeeper revision 1.1736 (42ba85d8Vh1WXA4F1eQpFRpsTyq1xg)
2005-06-23 kaf24 5553:106cb416f08c bitkeeper revision 1.1735 (42ba857eIL9j0maam3-Dv-gI3hOJUw)
2005-06-23 kaf24 5552:0f6d2253b0fc bitkeeper revision 1.1734 (42ba83ba7bRweVDldhJ4nYZQomQ8Lg)
2005-06-23 kaf24 5551:30082c72ed69 bitkeeper revision 1.1733 (42ba827d4k5gz1Dasgd0gorMu-SSmQ)
2005-06-23 kaf24 5550:25ceeee71ab6 bitkeeper revision 1.1732 (42ba7fc5JvRaJiT14LMkB8SUdohfeA)
2005-06-23 kaf24 5549:e1627c8b4e45 bitkeeper revision 1.1731 (42ba7ea7qvujqMf6s6vK-pJzJhkEBA)
2005-06-23 kaf24 5548:d5eaab0c875d bitkeeper revision 1.1730 (42ba7dbdkTADQfBqHaC_Ynqo3i1ZVw)
2005-06-23 arun sharma 5547:84b9630129d7 bitkeeper revision 1.1729 (42ba7d48EFeRBiv6YMxK_aR9binchA)
2005-06-23 cl349 5546:76346519b28e bitkeeper revision 1.1728 (42ba7c8fYqjC4xLUEtbo7JJInxdnqA)
2005-06-23 smh22 5545:76f16636bbb5 bitkeeper revision 1.1726.2.5 (42ba7c68cP1Z3SmHyVl4grEnN-Yf8g)
2005-06-23 kaf24 5544:6446c0567c5c bitkeeper revision 1.1726.2.4 (42ba7764ufxk9A-swAcfL3FabbYQ2w)
2005-06-23 kaf24 5543:9ffcc5189703 bitkeeper revision 1.1726.2.3 (42ba7587nwhnhQJ_hDkHTk8kTKtAFw)
2005-06-23 kaf24 5542:8f480ca525ca bitkeeper revision 1.1726.2.2 (42ba6dec5qH_zwE0b8JXa-7ZaJ825w)
2005-06-23 kaf24 5541:908cc62958b4 bitkeeper revision 1.1726.2.1 (42ba6dcaSODxvHIftq9c1t2jDb4htA)
2005-06-22 xen-ia64 adm 5540:78b0596ef957 bitkeeper revision 1.1726.1.5 (42b9a3d8CVbjmdABZ5J06wW5p1TtXw)
2005-06-22 kaf24 5539:a907e4db8c7e bitkeeper revision 1.1726.1.4 (42b9a3227hiEkDxIFEfJ234PDK9C8w)
2005-06-22 kaf24 5538:52010370d2ed bitkeeper revision 1.1726.1.3 (42b9a279xCcev3J_vAFv3hHoqI8lVw)
2005-06-22 kaf24 5537:15498ad4f5e0 bitkeeper revision 1.1726.1.2 (42b9799cvxl7PK_CkhwRTPueXP17ew)
2005-06-22 kaf24 5536:1bbb7875ee6a bitkeeper revision 1.1726.1.1 (42b973245ua3LQyqFtGRwXDwnRLDPw)
2005-06-22 djm 5535:f2545bf8f4c7 bitkeeper revision 1.1713.2.21 (42b8e40fW5sWcGtTukrQr1eZYIVyZw)
2005-06-21 djm 5534:51d718bd11de bitkeeper revision 1.1713.2.20 (42b8a39dyJz2b10psbnobavBUcjTTw)
2005-06-21 djm 5533:30f3fdaa5c1f bitkeeper revision 1.1713.2.19 (42b8a34exK8-Y4Kw6G2q3tZNzQF4oQ)
2005-06-21 djm 5532:1aac5f19494f bitkeeper revision 1.1713.4.1 (42b896ce_iXHcZjWxYV17vzV3fQhTA)
2005-06-21 djm 5531:e7981e581c6c bitkeeper revision 1.1713.2.18 (42b8744bIGngr2TXaEsslGtXBaQ79g)
2005-06-21 djm 5530:fd4a89825472 bitkeeper revision 1.1713.2.17 (42b86c76S4xsXs1Za6J4vAne_33G_w)
2005-06-21 djm 5529:3cc88ea3498a bitkeeper revision 1.1713.2.16 (42b85de87qTaJfB_LqIZvXhK7xSqJg)
2005-06-21 djm 5528:05d595a0f3cf bitkeeper revision 1.1713.2.15 (42b83cd9ZuKJm7KtLvrltP6UcgDu_A)
2005-06-21 djm 5527:a787d0c6f797 bitkeeper revision 1.1713.2.14 (42b83897l9yCwRifZXvfuWUtymljvA)
2005-06-21 djm 5526:83f563ab42f6 bitkeeper revision 1.1713.2.13 (42b8385f7G_ZWD4cCDAhRx2ry3L3QA)
2005-06-21 cl349 5525:f10eeee5e6e8 bitkeeper revision 1.1727 (42b7f582gUHqAUb5mTuwLQl2pH6LXA)
2005-06-21 cl349 5524:4ef3760d61f0 bitkeeper revision 1.1726 (42b7f1bfzMUFLRiUR9wWkzc2mh-Ing)
2005-06-21 cl349 5523:4cadd9fa93d5 bitkeeper revision 1.1725 (42b7e4fcombAuDB0AR2i8hfnOEMfOQ)
2005-06-21 cl349 5522:2387d992079a bitkeeper revision 1.1724 (42b7d6f60v0z2ZEkw36W_1joFfySfw)
2005-06-21 smh22 5521:f2b4ab649a13 bitkeeper revision 1.1723 (42b7c4f7lKvZiHctN9YxRzuWreG0iQ)
2005-06-21 leendert 5520:7d9339b717d6 bitkeeper revision 1.1722 (42b7bcc4JmG_ITQ35E28L1mWc_g_ZQ)
2005-06-21 leendert 5519:dbca2f11731d bitkeeper revision 1.1721 (42b7bc5cSB_7vlyUCCpWT0qq4GN_xg)
2005-06-21 iap10 5518:649cd37aa1ab bitkeeper revision 1.1720 (42b7bb86ag6KD5OEx2v6YdSnS1BhGQ)
2005-06-21 iap10 5517:10e9028c8e3d bitkeeper revision 1.1718.1.10 (42b7b19aqOS_1M8I4pIOFjiTPYWV-g)
2005-06-20 smh22 5516:3699b115059d bitkeeper revision 1.1718.1.9 (42b7443fk-ybxUDza1p_kN1D8hzjRw)
2005-06-20 smh22 5515:228f78f614cb bitkeeper revision 1.1718.1.8 (42b7436bQ2MohyJ9wW6onfFsyW6VGg)
2005-06-20 smh22 5514:aa52b853c28b bitkeeper revision 1.1718.1.7 (42b742f8NxTuN2pqCHFAWI78dbEYKw)
2005-06-20 djm 5513:b58f7c4ead49 bitkeeper revision 1.1713.2.12 (42b728d7RlgKAsY0Of9prTXJA4DJ5w)
2005-06-20 djm 5512:588e0bc74f9a bitkeeper revision 1.1713.2.11 (42b6fd12pizUjtgZDsPDNT0DgvtU5A)
2005-06-20 djm 5511:14b5ff859896 bitkeeper revision 1.1713.2.10 (42b6e03fU-_0SObu_XHzbqce6VSEBw)
2005-06-19 kaf24 5510:acf30d736a08 bitkeeper revision 1.1718.1.6 (42b5a5f3otSuOxDZ6KTFKrxR1U1m4Q)
2005-06-19 kaf24 5509:dd6990776fcc bitkeeper revision 1.1718.1.5 (42b59f7dHnuJ9AFj24zaneKCDkFTCg)
2005-06-19 kaf24 5508:85fab828d6ff bitkeeper revision 1.1718.1.4 (42b59a8dca4vxae_1vlE_W95_lDsNg)
2005-06-19 iap10 5507:f2c023b9a070 bitkeeper revision 1.1718.2.1 (42b548b7ux2RLNcFOrtdJXuEMvLNEw)
2005-06-19 cl349 5506:182cb4aae17d bitkeeper revision 1.1718.1.3 (42b5315dLCz3iIB7jiQxJQjbRXXdoQ)
2005-06-19 cl349 5505:a263fcd442b2 bitkeeper revision 1.1713.3.15 (42b53156pSSLSNwQRl51kxkAtBPgTQ)
2005-06-18 vh249 5504:f915b63407b4 bitkeeper revision 1.1718.1.2 (42b40c3akEkhBrLzUFb8IOJmt33HQA)
2005-06-18 vh249 5503:8c0d12e257e2 bitkeeper revision 1.1718.1.1 (42b3d9b3dbLlrBark4MWafH2yPtcRA)
2005-06-18 iap10 5502:0d1166678d9b bitkeeper revision 1.1719 (42b36f87tzUHBhdJfZKC_wBV271T0g)
2005-06-17 djm 5501:ef4d0fa7f7c0 bitkeeper revision 1.1713.2.9 (42b3588569-8TLyTABHy5VPCdbAQmQ)
2005-06-17 iap10 5500:e6fd8713fa10 bitkeeper revision 1.1159.258.170 (42b3572cZGo7alQhMs_J2gWAK56DCg)
2005-06-17 iap10 5499:30735e9ca179 bitkeeper revision 1.1718 (42b354a2M210uRAoeEEWX9FSzlNu-Q)
2005-06-17 dsteklof 5498:ae0cf78f78bd bitkeeper revision 1.1159.258.169 (42b35222QJFB1A-V4mSUnrUrLfA8xA)
2005-06-17 iap10 5497:2f99f3e3c506 bitkeeper revision 1.1159.258.168 (42b351653L3XVvz6UCiRgtfHHvj-Eg)
2005-06-17 iap10 5496:fbf3bae97a88 bitkeeper revision 1.1717 (42b3442b7kXKhXN5lvR9spIGT5LsYQ)
2005-06-17 djm 5495:bb1b5a578752 bitkeeper revision 1.1713.2.8 (42b33f1feaANIdB6dfv8W846UquAHA)
2005-06-17 iap10 5494:999293916aa7 bitkeeper revision 1.1716 (42b336f8VKVQeJVq9gIppvvdYPrMmw)
2005-06-17 djm 5493:9ae40d2e6c1d bitkeeper revision 1.1713.2.7 (42b31657Mivyv5FYyhd03rBZIeiXBw)
2005-06-17 cl349 5492:a9acc88e9d79 bitkeeper revision 1.1713.3.14 (42b31404a5lBMKNKYzOsHXWQ0k_d-Q)
2005-06-17 cl349 5491:c3f4626710c4 bitkeeper revision 1.1713.3.13 (42b30f66_kcj5tkDzz9DSBmqEbyHrQ)
2005-06-17 cl349 5490:fd4eac035037 bitkeeper revision 1.1713.3.12 (42b30f09wgYSRV9tHZUjq2JpreIozQ)
2005-06-17 cl349 5489:3e54d8803974 bitkeeper revision 1.1713.3.11 (42b30a02txpfqH2-OnZmhyrJWqPgHQ)
2005-06-17 cl349 5488:06485a209ecc bitkeeper revision 1.1713.3.10 (42b306faXfFxqDZahYvvQJPQeaDm1A)
2005-06-17 cl349 5487:bf7a872ed421 bitkeeper revision 1.1713.3.9 (42b306d0pFeN318FP89TE8LRrhROMQ)
2005-06-17 djm 5486:5fc176d2b3a9 bitkeeper revision 1.1713.2.6 (42b305b9mdLLzenpwCqtnZeLKLPMXw)
2005-06-17 cl349 5485:43ae2740ac94 bitkeeper revision 1.1713.3.8 (42b2f91bG45uUFWHhUaUha3e1OAxJQ)
2005-06-17 djm 5484:764d98ff8c26 bitkeeper revision 1.1713.2.5 (42b2f7c3PDbPInUuxxYnJtABejaMCQ)
2005-06-17 djm 5483:7f51ede19020 bitkeeper revision 1.1713.2.4 (42b2eeaaw19NBOX3B2LRrIub6Vg5Lg)
2005-06-17 djm 5482:efc42f95dc7f bitkeeper revision 1.1713.2.3 (42b2ed68UZ_qqJ3Kcbs6rXI3ICn3SA)
2005-06-17 cl349 5481:7d4dd8aae709 bitkeeper revision 1.1713.3.7 (42b2eca9N1e5S0oGdW8OeKAkL9oDOQ)
2005-06-17 djm 5480:8f10bad91451 bitkeeper revision 1.1713.2.2 (42b2ebb7w1AbEWudFq4LvJe0d7ByxQ)
2005-06-17 cl349 5479:ebef9f2fb49f bitkeeper revision 1.1713.3.6 (42b2dc47kgG53fAZb70R3lHX96n7dw)
2005-06-17 cl349 5478:dda0c275d413 bitkeeper revision 1.1713.3.5 (42b2a4e2r6SNlC_nq2hAkXEQjEFAmA)
2005-06-17 cl349 5477:632206427a75 bitkeeper revision 1.1713.3.4 (42b29eb6XRlJtKSkJ3VkG8PI0Dl4sg)
2005-06-17 cl349 5476:8db14a919e01 bitkeeper revision 1.1713.3.3 (42b2995e93GNUwPpV6yP21Fl3iIRRQ)
2005-06-17 cl349 5475:dc7af888ebf0 bitkeeper revision 1.1713.3.2 (42b296adTFf-i3SL6NuYF5MX4ai91Q)
2005-06-17 cl349 5474:d4ad447e470b bitkeeper revision 1.1713.3.1 (42b28e04xelbNlMIz5vWQQ5_M71w0A)
2005-06-16 kaf24 5473:f494f01b62a8 bitkeeper revision 1.1713.1.14 (42b1f5f9KUyMHO2NrEptwgru2BVT0w)
2005-06-16 xen-ia64 adm 5472:38763dfb2287 bitkeeper revision 1.1713.2.1 (42b1d4d7vqzNt8h7EyzTEvrzC7m5RA)
2005-06-16 djm 5471:cdc79b5d87d4 bitkeeper revision 1.1709.1.16 (42b1d2ecGSNeZhThHshE903eA1tK-Q)
2005-06-16 djm 5470:11fc43f1fef2 bitkeeper revision 1.1709.1.15 (42b1cf6bRmJSwTLBy8EWehO-Ijc95g)
2005-06-16 djm 5469:f97b4f909b4b bitkeeper revision 1.1709.1.14 (42b1ceb9Ne5WCPwhJ-uKiY4uN5-L5w)
2005-06-16 djm 5468:fbaa44e9a167 bitkeeper revision 1.1709.1.13 (42b1c394PElLHEtfGVY2A9O1xIx4aQ)
2005-06-16 djm 5467:bb00ea361eb8 bitkeeper revision 1.1709.1.12 (42b1c2f3rtI0UPundZWVMA0I8cRUtA)
2005-06-16 sos22 5466:88198072cbef bitkeeper revision 1.1713.1.13 (42b16610ojQcHPRC6Ao_1CKXClza9A)
2005-06-16 kaf24 5465:7a449c0b860f bitkeeper revision 1.1713.1.12 (42b0da31QIvTtfE2iHo4yER4A1GFIw)
2005-06-15 djm 5464:dfa0c3f7cf60 bitkeeper revision 1.1709.1.11 (42b0b93aUkhSewPtS6RpEdWHg0T5Mw)
2005-06-15 djm 5463:39bf99b109dd bitkeeper revision 1.1709.1.10 (42b08f028deGQkb0GcmyBpOwUB9Rjw)
2005-06-15 djm 5462:cb924d6ba79d bitkeeper revision 1.1709.1.9 (42b056day4oavPqdg1qWc4E5Lgw8Bw)
2005-06-15 djm 5461:5da30c7f9999 bitkeeper revision 1.1709.2.2 (42b056d09MvzQ-iWZrqZywIwiprXlw)
2005-06-15 djm 5460:e9bf6cebd37d bitkeeper revision 1.1709.2.1 (42b055c74fSyKGk_Y-GuAbNo-AI_ng)
2005-06-15 ach61 5459:a1112c70ee4a bitkeeper revision 1.1713.1.11 (42b03e2dFl47vRNjIHPpu-GWrag_zA)
2005-06-15 ach61 5458:21bfdeafeec2 bitkeeper revision 1.1713.1.10 (42b03d19TAy64Sdjkm7M7nVoGNwCVw)
2005-06-14 chrisw 5457:9a502087e263 bitkeeper revision 1.1713.1.9 (42af306adOSGlJaEmolMoERc4oAXYg)
2005-06-14 djm 5456:fbb0e9caca09 bitkeeper revision 1.1709.1.8 (42af269d6Px0KYHtwIY_0xme35-rbg)
2005-06-14 djm 5455:188c610ed5c6 bitkeeper revision 1.1709.1.7 (42af1a85T412eQfXEME3Z3XLDYOmWg)
2005-06-14 djm 5454:9947f23ecc75 bitkeeper revision 1.1709.1.6 (42af188067osLjX0T63Zb45JU4Zd2w)
2005-06-14 djm 5453:a514af3f6017 bitkeeper revision 1.1709.1.5 (42af164bHIB572FEONmRsv7duDIvzw)
2005-06-14 djm 5452:a8d6aae1c5ac bitkeeper revision 1.1709.1.4 (42af14e3nI6x4CAkSIQRQMV4Bahpcg)
2005-06-14 arun sharma 5451:1696560591a6 bitkeeper revision 1.1713.1.8 (42aed659DzIwFCeaK8Cxa8ZpzbHR-Q)
2005-06-13 chrisw 5450:066293b6c029 bitkeeper revision 1.1713.1.7 (42ae0dd6jIaFvKcbyu8YLCgOrZScdg)
2005-06-13 arun sharma 5449:463317d0dd8b bitkeeper revision 1.1713.1.6 (42ae0d7cI1fdGe88s6RyEx8d0oy2wg)
2005-06-13 kaf24 5448:a382b5e24996 bitkeeper revision 1.1713.1.5 (42ae0d44bPpuSBR0o475OuEOeDlNPg)
2005-06-13 djm 5447:dce7deb4c508 bitkeeper revision 1.1709.1.3 (42ae02a99ck6N11hVBch3RRAXKHWgw)
2005-06-13 djm 5446:01a9f1e50dd8 bitkeeper revision 1.1709.1.2 (42adf1880UbcLgsnM7VU7-bfN_g6JA)
2005-06-13 djm 5445:9dc7db2ffb41 bitkeeper revision 1.1709.1.1 (42adb204Ml32H28eX0bWoUwiEkfXzw)
2005-06-13 vh249 5444:12cee45bc8c6 bitkeeper revision 1.1713.1.4 (42ada8c7SOk12pe5FJtQjpPwNus87g)
2005-06-13 ach61 5443:085461ee5cd6 bitkeeper revision 1.1713.1.3 (42ad95fdAjhhuDM4A-oDzz_3fc_elA)
2005-06-13 iap10 5442:c45207396f75 bitkeeper revision 1.1715 (42ad87c2-sJjiHBUqeN9efUJT_3kSQ)
2005-06-13 iap10 5441:aa643d3d2742 bitkeeper revision 1.1713.1.2 (42ad8793XA-gObRPsPuWlI4gxZ7j5Q)
2005-06-13 iap10 5440:5a5f81b0e950 bitkeeper revision 1.1159.258.167 (42ad874eIWwyPd8tmJO5tkGQ2JoYXQ)
2005-06-13 mafetter 5439:61da956d43da bitkeeper revision 1.1713.1.1 (42ad6c58vwWhK1Og54nBpformSdpBg)
2005-06-13 mafetter 5438:75fc430d5d52 bitkeeper revision 1.1665.5.1 (42ad6c12E1ON5w6kM0LoahANTeoDXw)
2005-06-11 arun sharma 5437:dbf01762fd88 bitkeeper revision 1.1714 (42aa3a9a496MHCAuDASFOLRgBsKcZQ)
2005-06-11 arun sharma 5436:4bd5cde7b930 bitkeeper revision 1.1713 (42aa3a20ChQzxgtayeznwUqIP82hng)
2005-06-10 arun sharma 5435:ac1c66a960a4 bitkeeper revision 1.1712 (42a9e462KdLcahjgT2sxM21td5eB7Q)
2005-06-10 arun sharma 5434:9bcdc4de91ad bitkeeper revision 1.1711 (42a9e457jQGBsoAWKrbJlmIKRwGd3w)
2005-06-10 kaf24 5433:d9263038f0e8 bitkeeper revision 1.1709 (42a9e368xTRiv5eo1mo6-1ldR6lfPg)
2005-06-10 kaf24 5432:9e1e2d648dce bitkeeper revision 1.1710 (42a9cf67UYP4Ao1KcX2E9wd6g877MA)
2005-06-10 kaf24 5431:ed8174531c13 bitkeeper revision 1.1705.1.17 (42a9c29fxaDTWROFphY2UjU8IBagWw)
2005-06-10 kaf24 5430:bd865b72e7ab bitkeeper revision 1.1705.1.16 (42a9bd07XRRfLC09WWyRiQyCeXgWTQ)
2005-06-10 kaf24 5429:58658b628754 bitkeeper revision 1.1159.258.166 (42a9bca7SPmMRozAfET0WOMKS0VQZA)
2005-06-10 djm 5428:da92dcde82ea bitkeeper revision 1.1709 (42a9b593OJTAVRgFv42tPiGL567QZQ)
2005-06-10 xen-ia64 adm 5427:d44caae57112 bitkeeper revision 1.1708 (42a9b4dc79oJAGtbQvr8mTDofvBdxQ)
2005-06-10 kaf24 5426:957e3573240e bitkeeper revision 1.1705.1.15 (42a9af28Mzva9Shzn8gUSiuJSM-TbA)
2005-06-10 kaf24 5425:4bcb6d1a8fc5 bitkeeper revision 1.1705.1.14 (42a9a5deJbK8YHFnSDDIGurt2uATXA)
2005-06-10 kaf24 5424:02d442d39367 bitkeeper revision 1.1159.258.165 (42a9a534b-NRTORtgH1Qjzz6EjTo6Q)
2005-06-10 kaf24 5423:61f0cf22d5cd bitkeeper revision 1.1705.1.13 (42a99a6dV4rHEyZ-t7znDZXeW50z5Q)
2005-06-10 vh249 5422:0381e85305cf bitkeeper revision 1.1705.1.12 (42a97f88WORgYhHS8W4t6DR8V9a0EQ)
2005-06-10 vh249 5421:509905cdbafe bitkeeper revision 1.1705.1.11 (42a973edqzXeILWidAcIO3yLhNMSwQ)
2005-06-10 kaf24 5420:8c95b4009c7f bitkeeper revision 1.1705.1.10 (42a95ea6cCTdfA7-Kmu3_gnUMEq0gw)
2005-06-10 kaf24 5419:38e4b3dc8b9c bitkeeper revision 1.1705.1.9 (42a958fa_rGV-3MvG5pqfsVcnP31ag)
2005-06-10 kaf24 5418:5e0480247269 bitkeeper revision 1.1705.1.8 (42a95272T6JE4ReAkgMVg0Rte2ppxA)
2005-06-10 kaf24 5417:a69d16375a5a bitkeeper revision 1.1705.1.7 (42a94e88EO8US-LmAPxu7rbUmKFdUg)
2005-06-10 kaf24 5416:792adee9258f bitkeeper revision 1.1705.1.6 (42a94be9biM7y73pQvdqqpsIyNCu6Q)
2005-06-10 kaf24 5415:722921e57e2e bitkeeper revision 1.1705.1.5 (42a93db3F6-7PVzPrv8GU77FFEN-VQ)
2005-06-10 kaf24 5414:2814216d7f48 bitkeeper revision 1.1705.1.4 (42a93b72dCp-0yWsUC34zD8h-L-QLg)
2005-06-10 kaf24 5413:3185b74f6f7e bitkeeper revision 1.1705.1.3 (42a939a4PcnfLTkKVDZMeUSheRKsng)
2005-06-10 kaf24 5412:9525c272f5c5 bitkeeper revision 1.1705.1.2 (42a9372fTpt-bOGdIcKsOLb8_xlJ4Q)
2005-06-10 mwilli2 5411:77b8f9a2ca79 bitkeeper revision 1.1705.1.1 (42a8f3c2-cPCJhjiT7sAAqBGBwdd6w)
2005-06-09 djm 5410:4e3360378112 bitkeeper revision 1.1707 (42a8bef84ufqr4dGKMyBtJRUb9pcOQ)
2005-06-09 djm 5409:ca1fb1af953d bitkeeper revision 1.1706 (42a8be4bKG9EZTToo_Pa4wDcO7VpRw)
2005-06-09 djm 5408:a871bb5722c7 bitkeeper revision 1.1668.1.11 (42a8bd5aCFsumaFg9rk2nWmEBa7opA)
2005-06-09 djm 5407:e2c063dd8eea bitkeeper revision 1.1668.1.10 (42a8bceaXDRFCmwf1Omenu_lCITiag)
2005-06-09 djm 5406:92c494888b87 bitkeeper revision 1.1668.1.9 (42a8b831tFH6fPqu6A9bd_8WkrQHxg)
2005-06-09 djm 5405:9b7aea0fb25c bitkeeper revision 1.1668.1.8 (42a8ab2d2hMDGWkEyEFVRMJaIQWGdQ)
2005-06-09 djm 5404:9ea1f1f71313 bitkeeper revision 1.1668.1.7 (42a8a4de9UsUPhyAknlQBRJ3xbTHtw)
2005-06-09 kaf24 5403:8d70990f0858 bitkeeper revision 1.1705 (42a8a185wutSw6hue95Thw_5_jDPZw)
2005-06-09 kaf24 5402:e982699aa8cd bitkeeper revision 1.1704 (42a885cb3_kkMMOYtYN_PaWP3tupbA)
2005-06-09 vh249 5401:260c108b2c0b bitkeeper revision 1.1703 (42a881c8OTeDO-DPkTSLEnBspOFEIA)
2005-06-09 kaf24 5400:d2b6518a768a bitkeeper revision 1.1702 (42a86f65gBB_DT3imKRA_tkGBTiKQA)
2005-06-09 cl349 5399:849b58da37b7 bitkeeper revision 1.1701 (42a86974YOr10ovEkVsFyCaBsXe73A)
2005-06-09 kaf24 5398:fcbdfa6fe74d bitkeeper revision 1.1699.1.1 (42a85f6955KSFCuD5KSRtCwU-dzakQ)
2005-06-09 djm 5397:f40340412b5a bitkeeper revision 1.1668.1.6 (42a855abmDUqg5YrgIMWSBLOJP_HYg)
2005-06-09 cl349 5396:6d3e8f90c2df bitkeeper revision 1.1700 (42a854e79oBFuqa_DSY4Lr9IhenUQw)
2005-06-09 cl349 5395:ccd879d035da bitkeeper revision 1.1662.1.22 (42a852969xilS9HOsAWARXW2hEx3FQ)
2005-06-09 akw27 5394:29cc3bc7efec bitkeeper revision 1.1699 (42a84d06sZDrQ46g-Bcc7JqWMygr2Q)
2005-06-09 akw27 5393:b5e263150850 bitkeeper revision 1.1698 (42a84631sHlAKgVzdlR-RsCeAqkv_Q)
2005-06-09 kaf24 5392:d58565963ee7 bitkeeper revision 1.1697 (42a843b5ZTFdEDRffbieMVV4Kl42cQ)
2005-06-09 sos22 5391:11dce3390a66 bitkeeper revision 1.1696 (42a81fe89VPLawDxu2WTiKLZH-Br3Q)
2005-06-09 akw27 5390:1c2fe32ca700 bitkeeper revision 1.1695 (42a80eb0iCQq47kS2MSpOLTFyng5Cg)
2005-06-09 akw27 5389:949970efef98 bitkeeper revision 1.1694 (42a809c2ifgYRhvnYmx3rxzVbUxHaQ)
2005-06-09 cl349 5388:cb9679a15acd bitkeeper revision 1.1662.1.21 (42a80585xAt7ZrRcqmCRm3HvTrL7Mg)
2005-06-09 cl349 5387:a4c65af08cf4 bitkeeper revision 1.1662.1.20 (42a8054awYd-HJnwjnXqXtWmKbE1Yw)
2005-06-09 cl349 5386:c6c987d8999c bitkeeper revision 1.1662.1.19 (42a7fc77l8eaADfKlC54hXF6Q28YRQ)
2005-06-09 kaf24 5385:017d8690d834 bitkeeper revision 1.1691.1.17 (42a7f4a8YIvSwDOLo91rE5lR-L4Nbw)
2005-06-09 kaf24 5384:b05ee86a8f34 bitkeeper revision 1.1691.1.16 (42a7f3f3e6lVJ85_T1bXVdbucWiu9g)
2005-06-09 arun sharma 5383:b46685573b0f bitkeeper revision 1.1691.1.15 (42a7f2c1I-jntucQIjoRZz_dLuAOpw)
2005-06-09 arun sharma 5382:f316a7dbe1f2 bitkeeper revision 1.1691.1.14 (42a7f2b43iPqu7TV41Z28IeI0Wj1Vg)
2005-06-09 djm 5381:ba7d283dc8dd bitkeeper revision 1.1668.1.5 (42a7aa43Fmo2V-QK6GDh3TF5foWBdQ)
2005-06-08 kaf24 5380:0be846d7d261 bitkeeper revision 1.1691.1.13 (42a767bfQ0_UVkV0FEMxkQeSluJPmA)
2005-06-08 vh249 5379:312e36113cc5 bitkeeper revision 1.1691.1.12 (42a72cff38eaDHEmZxzsbqSZgxARAA)
2005-06-08 vh249 5378:936540389715 bitkeeper revision 1.1691.1.11 (42a72af5QNdnBWsIc8m-lsGSZo47vQ)
2005-06-08 vh249 5377:99d9ce2c0a65 bitkeeper revision 1.1159.258.164 (42a7277bdZm8DZjc_UHJ0TWuobiRXw)
2005-06-08 kaf24 5376:9312a7006284 bitkeeper revision 1.1691.1.10 (42a70b27-Oq9klHVoCm0PlmeoehF8g)
2005-06-08 kaf24 5375:be46d7ecf186 bitkeeper revision 1.1691.1.9 (42a70b03wo-ZAstvnpad9RB8VIHDAA)
2005-06-08 kaf24 5374:22e42640bcff bitkeeper revision 1.1691.1.8 (42a6fb21d3oJwpLmOxa2jKHRJ-8fJg)
2005-06-08 akw27 5373:5cc07785693b bitkeeper revision 1.1693 (42a6e907gUWgpcjzXD2dFMNiFLL5Rw)
2005-06-08 kaf24 5372:bf014cae2dad bitkeeper revision 1.1691.1.7 (42a6d8e19C3UPsmlA3u--9L4iY559Q)
2005-06-08 kaf24 5371:d29fe2289a59 bitkeeper revision 1.1691.1.6 (42a6b81aGnsCnSz81D0LDCSasR3Jyw)
2005-06-08 kaf24 5370:5f9a0c66f74b bitkeeper revision 1.1691.1.5 (42a6b4baIjkVZx9lVWvoA9RqgAGLMQ)
2005-06-08 arun sharma 5369:6410a7fd8ff8 bitkeeper revision 1.1691.1.4 (42a6af07Q4gVBgwNowk1mRBYhuAX_A)
2005-06-08 kaf24 5368:da4da36bfae8 bitkeeper revision 1.1691.1.3 (42a6aecafCIqSXqRF1ueb8i0jgar3w)
2005-06-08 kaf24 5367:70de9cd5f6b6 bitkeeper revision 1.1691.1.2 (42a6ae59pOLKl7oBFyH6Ukzy7yg3EA)
2005-06-08 kaf24 5366:13c7fd8311ba bitkeeper revision 1.1691.1.1 (42a6ada344SrT9VotpxjpMFmC9Wsng)
2005-06-08 akw27 5365:ab753acf69d1 bitkeeper revision 1.1692 (42a6a969MoQ9te2DJVndEsbImXvW7g)
2005-06-07 djm 5364:7aa93c8e8029 bitkeeper revision 1.1668.1.4 (42a61917UcK9_yMNGefxIVZZpXkEpQ)
2005-06-07 kaf24 5363:731cd57862e5 bitkeeper revision 1.1691 (42a5bd892a-21ifB8kNwgNvEid-K_Q)
2005-06-07 akw27 5362:f409e35891f3 bitkeeper revision 1.1686.1.1 (42a5bc8fhkR_9WfuD9N-je5TT27yDw)
2005-06-07 kaf24 5361:9d9e48be101d bitkeeper revision 1.1690 (42a5a8ffLN-D5XsB4IKFmZTjaHRH-Q)
2005-06-07 cl349 5360:22daf37c41c8 bitkeeper revision 1.1662.1.18 (42a5a348BpHwgoiWQI1wI9LMej7F3w)
2005-06-07 cl349 5359:fd8e5378d8ac bitkeeper revision 1.1662.1.17 (42a59f62TbTw4kErDSfuOYh8iAzCuA)
2005-06-07 cl349 5358:4ad402c55b9f bitkeeper revision 1.1662.1.16 (42a59915qzJ0eBmm6tVyIARo8G0cXA)
2005-06-07 cl349 5357:9ea2524b7d10 bitkeeper revision 1.1662.1.15 (42a5968eiZE_DjdIFPjxvzLw6ACvCQ)
2005-06-07 kaf24 5356:2d8e63df504a bitkeeper revision 1.1689 (42a58901_lkUvZPbAZcV8H9a9NNmtg)
2005-06-07 kaf24 5355:cc6c1889cdb0 bitkeeper revision 1.1688 (42a561d8CR-Fck16qBCLCOs9F40q3g)
2005-06-07 arun sharma 5354:86fe63442842 bitkeeper revision 1.1687 (42a54554WlNG2upO1_XkGsTZKFcGnQ)
2005-06-06 djm 5353:f6850d7aec27 bitkeeper revision 1.1668.1.3 (42a4b83eZHwXGwvsDXM7zJdyI_ZhNQ)
2005-06-06 cl349 5352:3917e69c7587 bitkeeper revision 1.1662.1.14 (42a4b1f1ZyB5X1YlXHuUGf5X8C-gvQ)
2005-06-06 cl349 5351:6ffbb7f12940 bitkeeper revision 1.1662.1.13 (42a4af81MIF4vpJsgsYgQT--FGFI5w)
2005-06-06 cl349 5350:59e72b0399ac bitkeeper revision 1.1662.1.12 (42a4a819BMGTxn8p4rsFdp44pCQ_Og)
2005-06-06 cl349 5349:c768bf758ce1 bitkeeper revision 1.1662.1.11 (42a4a26bkrYJJbT21Mpjyew3rnh7Cw)
2005-06-06 djm 5348:507ef62e9bec bitkeeper revision 1.1668.1.2 (42a4904fwO30IinqLPqfFaI7md-pLA)
2005-06-06 cl349 5347:9f893f674211 bitkeeper revision 1.1662.1.10 (42a48d2dOYGp10ZpkS7A_bvbZcKyOw)
2005-06-06 cl349 5346:cf712d7c809c bitkeeper revision 1.1662.1.9 (42a485d0ePlJLabsERQDyPFBJ1tF9Q)
2005-06-06 djm 5345:c061e9a30cdf bitkeeper revision 1.1668.1.1 (42a4842f6oumXgOUTTVUMx7uABT97w)
2005-06-06 cl349 5344:e1cd6bd22fb9 bitkeeper revision 1.1662.1.8 (42a480d7vu7MGD-9xtbGvuR9EefiQw)
2005-06-06 cl349 5343:4c7d2c6e932a bitkeeper revision 1.1662.1.7 (42a47555156iGoOjUyZtvbuMFZHXkg)
2005-06-06 kaf24 5342:03616508a241 bitkeeper revision 1.1686 (42a473f3lFCz32vzD_NzxLZBkAfJ0A)
2005-06-06 kaf24 5341:4221215e1366 bitkeeper revision 1.1685 (42a46917Mo_RODMmBbBtgwKKV-2YLg)
2005-06-06 kaf24 5340:095b99f7c9c6 bitkeeper revision 1.1684 (42a468f4PvUu-iWAyhHxfE-JnhHVYw)
2005-06-06 cl349 5339:a3b60b641063 bitkeeper revision 1.1662.1.6 (42a4668acAGbhHtR6a2E9nRSv0bjrA)
2005-06-06 cl349 5338:c3febeed5ba7 bitkeeper revision 1.1662.1.5 (42a46588UuohS0CHY1F3XZtrchaAwA)
2005-06-06 kaf24 5337:7385718ad7c0 bitkeeper revision 1.1683 (42a4622ekYvso9kv8cisS5m2QiUqiQ)
2005-06-06 cl349 5336:7d8015b52943 bitkeeper revision 1.1662.1.4 (42a449c17mlN0vfY0fcb2leEnvVb-A)
2005-06-06 kaf24 5335:4736c86802ad bitkeeper revision 1.1682 (42a42b05Cvw3LyFcUHH4i1_9HWbLBA)
2005-06-06 cl349 5334:46ed74bb2921 bitkeeper revision 1.1662.1.3 (42a41e76cPOoyKvX4mmcf2J0DTpnpA)
2005-06-06 cl349 5333:fa735bb2f79a bitkeeper revision 1.1681 (42a4172fYhXBx6d4aXa2ofB5qVB2Ww)
2005-06-06 cl349 5332:02d4d4ab41ce bitkeeper revision 1.1680 (42a4100bIstutWsVAoi7aPO8tLbFkA)
2005-06-06 cl349 5331:c2f094c21ddf bitkeeper revision 1.1679 (42a40cfaZ0Dy-HjTM0W3L10VllkAnw)
2005-06-06 cl349 5330:411d895b167e bitkeeper revision 1.1665.4.1 (42a40cf0EmwulK0I8hNEb2dVbDEkvQ)
2005-06-06 kaf24 5329:c380b155f68e bitkeeper revision 1.1678 (42a405d8raiThtAq9NRXuuFg6ur1qA)
2005-06-05 kaf24 5328:0fd1b16571fb bitkeeper revision 1.1677 (42a312b3NoXLv1fa_qVHaQXgt_JhLw)
2005-06-05 kaf24 5327:84ce09862452 bitkeeper revision 1.1676 (42a306a07UKpLq27_iCaJyxJBbKedg)
2005-06-05 kaf24 5326:fd6da43c07ab bitkeeper revision 1.1675 (42a2d9c5PelbdNceuL1qXullGOrtHA)
2005-06-05 kaf24 5325:66803c3fa4fd bitkeeper revision 1.1674 (42a2cfb9WFgnh2K4Xr5ev3pSEASVbw)
2005-06-05 ach61 5324:fae40022928b bitkeeper revision 1.1673 (42a2cd13JNEgDSNAp-J9mJ3S4u2KQg)
2005-06-04 akw27 5323:58a236cc6900 bitkeeper revision 1.1672 (42a2199aWb1yMoooGXGKBzopSe6WDw)
2005-06-04 kaf24 5322:dd83337405e2 bitkeeper revision 1.1671 (42a1e8cdI_f9OiPqscVnjrOWWEVTmw)
2005-06-04 kaf24 5321:da199897c714 bitkeeper revision 1.1670 (42a1e657B8Qurf6JEQIMURchxp90FA)
2005-06-04 kaf24 5320:fb827128345c bitkeeper revision 1.1669 (42a1c87fJjvGo-daXN_d0s-Pg-eAEQ)
2005-06-04 akw27 5319:0078804371c0 bitkeeper revision 1.1665.1.6 (42a1b3f6-O_jFlmQorlf72427fTfmw)
2005-06-04 kaf24 5318:0b862197be40 bitkeeper revision 1.1665.1.5 (42a1a779yqLZDCutMj_vFNQlo3q3zw)
2005-06-03 djm 5317:fea2f7f8df31 bitkeeper revision 1.1668 (42a0d81fuv3OiLvByFITCzhO06k4OQ)
2005-06-03 djm 5316:e59a94732dd2 bitkeeper revision 1.1667 (42a0d723C0nVc96mE2UHsAZH4ZSJJA)
2005-06-03 ach61 5315:c59632e7ff3e bitkeeper revision 1.1665.1.4 (42a0d193Tw6bR81EGNl7tuvqTTqdCw)
2005-06-03 iap10 5314:fdf28002f13a bitkeeper revision 1.1665.3.2 (42a0d0beY3Jku2hxgPBX6_mz23Ha3g)
2005-06-03 iap10 5313:4e868aa7cad7 bitkeeper revision 1.1665.3.1 (42a0cec19GKZHbCwpHO5h-vYt_an-w)
2005-06-03 ach61 5312:861dee4a4782 bitkeeper revision 1.1665.1.3 (42a0c916S8M4GCtph6DmI_QigXvneA)
2005-06-03 ach61 5311:d8ac19a4170e bitkeeper revision 1.1665.2.1 (42a0c8fc5ayKCKfMu8Oo5dUccP4STA)
2005-06-03 mafetter 5310:226484ec5fb0 bitkeeper revision 1.1665.1.2 (42a09c3c5379JgWLZ0YowQ5DA_wjHg)
2005-06-03 kaf24 5309:fa68b7fb217f bitkeeper revision 1.1665.1.1 (42a0886byKTQHg1vpeYMDgve2Vz6GA)
2005-06-03 kaf24 5308:3c5a200df2c1 bitkeeper revision 1.1664.1.1 (42a08862ToP8uoeBgUzDwAQBMXo4wg)
2005-06-03 djm 5307:4c831628f463 bitkeeper revision 1.1666 (42a087d7jWz6dz5gEHhjSiLqLjqGvA)
2005-06-03 cl349 5306:9672db054b6d bitkeeper revision 1.1662.1.2 (42a0829aeBxkGIvlJ51XXxy6MTXerA)
2005-06-03 djm 5305:1bc9c3554d61 bitkeeper revision 1.1665 (42a07586HA9yxpF1JLzGs-3hmLbG5g)
2005-06-03 cl349 5304:6946d70596e8 bitkeeper revision 1.1662.1.1 (42a07145CPNIh8TprNz04Qg7x-S7Cw)
2005-06-03 kaf24 5303:d68bc64e2cfe bitkeeper revision 1.1664 (42a064ddVMYCAab_WQM9CcyTOyYMgQ)
2005-06-03 kaf24 5302:bbd1d54e014d bitkeeper revision 1.1663 (42a06245ee2G6mCs2baAK3_UiolIcQ)
2005-06-03 kaf24 5301:6b7a4f646fef bitkeeper revision 1.1662 (42a057ceLMHS_nHxLb-mZCG6csf27A)
2005-06-03 sos22 5300:56913f1c3e0d bitkeeper revision 1.1661 (42a03d7dMwgNdNW-UfchOZEUQsYy9w)
2005-06-03 kaf24 5299:35b69ed1f23b bitkeeper revision 1.1660 (42a027a8dd_EUm7b7XhKL_lNM4H_Rg)
2005-06-03 kaf24 5298:b3907ddefba4 bitkeeper revision 1.1659 (42a010dfU0RKWV-1WrueKEs8brwyOg)
2005-06-03 kaf24 5297:cc7982c93f34 bitkeeper revision 1.1658 (42a00cf2Cgpej1px1OeZJMp9dbdX8g)
2005-06-03 cl349 5296:b0455190b578 bitkeeper revision 1.1657 (429fb3bdy_w-Djv7N3uJ1qp_Sdc2cQ)
2005-06-03 cl349 5295:b30c01053d34 bitkeeper revision 1.1656 (429faf35S2AxCkpEkHXZalLVSWNI_g)
2005-06-03 cl349 5294:fcdc5d463f09 bitkeeper revision 1.1654.1.1 (429fae97234jWOO8DPN-542taVuZBQ)
2005-06-02 iap10 5293:b14e182e4411 bitkeeper revision 1.1655 (429f9c02qVlZ13S-reG9GUvOJtT9tA)
2005-06-02 cl349 5292:8651a99cdc09 bitkeeper revision 1.1654 (429f793bJpez_x78azX5iKCsmtPMUQ)
2005-06-02 cl349 5291:b51e4b4608f9 bitkeeper revision 1.1653 (429f7931iJ8kgS9qBlBbtyY9irorQA)
2005-06-02 kaf24 5290:e9a3f213817d bitkeeper revision 1.1648.1.1 (429f74a466gMuUJnqOh6jpVeBCjqyg)
2005-06-02 kaf24 5289:cd10a0139388 bitkeeper revision 1.1644.1.1 (429f749dKFzVUg9NXDMVu4apHJvpNQ)
2005-06-02 cl349 5288:0c246cd111e1 bitkeeper revision 1.1652 (429f70f9moC9qZBswXttF9sYcHtxTA)
2005-06-02 cl349 5287:529d5150d163 bitkeeper revision 1.1651 (429f70102tptpkVKU9_mkUC4olK_-Q)
2005-06-02 cl349 5286:c439bfa3a4ce bitkeeper revision 1.1650 (429f6be0yhaLJSkViUR2RPj8TUVeIA)
2005-06-02 cl349 5285:a480b2990961 bitkeeper revision 1.1649 (429f6bb65KQm70mnFwO33ykh9n1qag)
2005-06-02 cl349 5284:61942334e30c bitkeeper revision 1.1648 (429f66691itoasLMLtaAWyPKnHVINg)
2005-06-02 cl349 5283:f4e64de58162 bitkeeper revision 1.1647 (429f65565B2MImxe97HP-SSMYr5JPw)
2005-06-02 cl349 5282:209e087e9ba2 bitkeeper revision 1.1646 (429f647ejz5YEoIPEm_Y2iLwylO84A)
2005-06-02 cl349 5281:71124f0ea5d4 bitkeeper revision 1.1645 (429f63fb6JW1K1LYjnjnswN1KOd0Jg)
2005-06-02 cl349 5280:fbb832f71d22 bitkeeper revision 1.1642.1.1 (429f63f1jJ1MDBYeqjO8tWNOxXwFYw)
2005-06-02 kaf24 5279:ac04979dce3a bitkeeper revision 1.1644 (429f5bbcdEHtCPmUE0h_BEwN9vBiKQ)
2005-06-02 kaf24 5278:7a15cc6f1147 bitkeeper revision 1.1643 (429f4488tj590Fmn5s5Gd_pv8fLXeg)
2005-06-02 kaf24 5277:984dc9d51248 bitkeeper revision 1.1642 (429f43a9Urbk2TjIlm7NZJ_Z8LDQQQ)
2005-06-02 vh249 5276:c1a4141f0cdc bitkeeper revision 1.1641 (429f3b38tjTPpWx1UAEWtuvYiFH0Qw)
2005-06-02 kaf24 5275:834f2ae69b7d bitkeeper revision 1.1640 (429f380cmOBrQfCPrfaJptORVNmNSQ)
2005-06-02 cl349 5274:7d4fe5930112 bitkeeper revision 1.1639 (429f10138AGmYb8WkpDuXWG6NvuSjQ)
2005-06-02 cl349 5273:d823045eab51 bitkeeper revision 1.1637.1.1 (429f100et_8vOZLTej8un3-WOmraFg)
2005-06-02 vh249 5272:cefe173ea09b bitkeeper revision 1.1638 (429f0702i8Aq9b8ywQxXo9xS63DS0A)
2005-06-02 cl349 5271:bd5698b07fb8 bitkeeper revision 1.1637 (429efe55wJJIZHFiBeWAvMfzBaNppw)
2005-06-02 cl349 5270:d431df247b8a bitkeeper revision 1.1636 (429ed8e5gOiR2KuJtp1UWCleuYe5Kg)
2005-06-02 leendert 5269:97aa85e7aa21 bitkeeper revision 1.1635 (429ebf7b-aCgsRXeG4E_c8L_uhA9iw)
2005-06-02 arun sharma 5268:061fa5a23248 bitkeeper revision 1.1634 (429ebf70RJ7AddbljcMww4yY9oNOew)
2005-06-02 arun sharma 5267:6c89d5f8c629 bitkeeper revision 1.1633 (429ebf697h76hFAG0kPyIQgpATAdnw)
2005-06-02 kaf24 5266:5bb481c21157 bitkeeper revision 1.1632 (429ebf12k6wKnt6NCp_ccTvyXrINWg)
2005-06-02 kaf24 5265:d8410197d991 bitkeeper revision 1.1631 (429ebbaffap59sNVOihMG1SP6ejcrg)
2005-06-01 djm 5264:a0723a72717d bitkeeper revision 1.1564.1.6 (429e165dilv2Yl2AOW9ZyHrCpVrJDg)
2005-06-01 cl349 5263:14d754e3b044 bitkeeper revision 1.1629.1.1 (429de4faESWSriZYlaDxRVk7hKj32g)
2005-06-01 kaf24 5262:d65ff8dafa15 bitkeeper revision 1.1630 (429dd931IfVZoLDG_59VLA9fanmtuQ)
2005-06-01 kaf24 5261:44063d9f39e4 bitkeeper revision 1.1628.1.1 (429dd92aYeqV9tl4b0g_F_deORFVAQ)
2005-06-01 vh249 5260:073dc14d65f6 bitkeeper revision 1.1159.258.163 (429dd4a8sp6_fuyZOAS4879Pd7C9sw)
2005-06-01 vh249 5259:eadd4af8ee1a bitkeeper revision 1.1159.287.1 (429dd346fV3WkxgvHw4X6xmeXjyFIA)
2005-06-01 vh249 5258:f3d83aed87fa bitkeeper revision 1.1629 (429dcce9xCwGMwnshlCHuyiV7vxpFA)
2005-06-01 vh249 5257:cb48c33361cd bitkeeper revision 1.1627.1.1 (429dccc4mVL3VaR3aEhZK7D4ZhqHfA)
2005-06-01 kaf24 5256:79fea09c3b44 bitkeeper revision 1.1628 (429dc9b7MTwsBkscbFS1sK8SbwJhdg)
2005-06-01 cl349 5255:f16ac5cfa153 bitkeeper revision 1.1627 (429dabd8oit_vtykkoDno8W9TS973g)
2005-06-01 cl349 5254:3417d4aa3ff1 bitkeeper revision 1.1626 (429d850fTmqPy8ZeYvgxuavmrnfq2w)
2005-06-01 cl349 5253:f1a349430345 bitkeeper revision 1.1623.1.1 (429d84f5OmPoNLT2JLLPymMKUCbryQ)
2005-06-01 kaf24 5252:a247de7b1fb0 bitkeeper revision 1.1625 (429d84a4tcD4ZWpKQyD4i0nn6K6LIg)
2005-06-01 cl349 5251:9d463569c705 bitkeeper revision 1.1159.258.162 (429d8356O4B1x4zcoZgFnPVsJ5OKMQ)
2005-06-01 kaf24 5250:0e97dc32ddf6 bitkeeper revision 1.1624 (429d7aa7Gb7U1ztIGbXeQ0gPWlG51g)
2005-05-31 cl349 5249:c00fe904876e bitkeeper revision 1.1623 (429ced77UqsnFt1ywJdYu-w7Rd8gbg)
2005-05-31 cl349 5248:2c827745787d bitkeeper revision 1.1622 (429ce9043RMzk7MgrblrJmyu0he3Xw)
2005-05-31 cl349 5247:70e8e91ea6f6 bitkeeper revision 1.1619.1.2 (429ce59cTt9KxcOT0JuoCYbuDDPRFw)
2005-05-31 cl349 5246:574fa700e9b7 bitkeeper revision 1.1619.1.1 (429ce20czCzWvLkTZEZqyN2iK_13sw)
2005-05-31 kaf24 5245:0d0d1ee9a48c bitkeeper revision 1.1621 (429cd9bcA05F-_kvHhepys2ZfsrX8Q)
2005-05-31 kaf24 5244:9c8495b33e75 bitkeeper revision 1.1620 (429cd85fOKc8jD7MTDCcMvlczZhiDg)
2005-05-31 djm 5243:8356773d6de6 bitkeeper revision 1.1564.1.5 (429ccefcMIcuaJH4b_1aAdD0JTIaMg)
2005-05-31 cl349 5242:fbb531d2ff13 bitkeeper revision 1.1619 (429c9b29FRKSmd2yrMG2w6-PtHnc7Q)
2005-05-31 cl349 5241:d1bcd03773bf bitkeeper revision 1.1618 (429c9b21TCCZatsEzYuIU4HRcrJtyA)
2005-05-31 kaf24 5240:990f147203ec bitkeeper revision 1.1615.1.3 (429c99ecG3lpbZMR_ulpeFavnrTbcQ)
2005-05-31 cl349 5239:e2a8619ab691 bitkeeper revision 1.1617 (429c8920BjgVBzWyVe6fs4GTiKD5Yw)
2005-05-31 kaf24 5238:f85f27fa69ff bitkeeper revision 1.1615.1.2 (429c8826fS2FuIKb-STmuvL0Hl6awQ)
2005-05-31 kaf24 5237:6ab1fc3f5598 bitkeeper revision 1.1615.1.1 (429c8530L_ZtVuxsQcKwKB3yPuljog)
2005-05-31 cl349 5236:519301e369cc bitkeeper revision 1.1616 (429c8121AG7l1hMWaCYDFMFSyUtKMA)
2005-05-31 cl349 5235:1af7f0708b54 bitkeeper revision 1.1615 (429c80cbvtnzneyg7GyZAmZlQNm-Yg)
2005-05-31 cl349 5234:abe0fd18962c bitkeeper revision 1.1614 (429c80a0GOB6P2mG94bxVMLZE34VdA)
2005-05-31 cl349 5233:c14443dad5a0 bitkeeper revision 1.1613 (429c6e1eexBYav7WpRxH77Hcyh4PLQ)
2005-05-31 cl349 5232:e56f6322b1a0 bitkeeper revision 1.1612 (429c6dd5DZf10_GWDT3DTiTom7Mb1g)
2005-05-31 cl349 5231:53886c4fcc35 bitkeeper revision 1.1611 (429c6853QfpsOT-V0bESe-1WhWLOWw)
2005-05-31 cl349 5230:d086633d58bf bitkeeper revision 1.1610 (429c6844gwqwv-oCcjfTguJRDbgCXQ)
2005-05-31 cl349 5229:ea32d909807d bitkeeper revision 1.1609 (429c6790TWBysBM5eFTwmssbNmB69g)
2005-05-31 cl349 5228:49476fed0296 bitkeeper revision 1.1159.258.161 (429c6785ldESInztrl6dDaEZHXUyZg)
2005-05-31 cl349 5227:777fa188124b bitkeeper revision 1.1608 (429c646erSBefwnCqVeHKzsRTMIwjA)
2005-05-31 cl349 5226:fbc155c746d4 bitkeeper revision 1.1159.258.160 (429c6406X0OUPVHTFIkpoqSmFue5nQ)
2005-05-31 cl349 5225:13e24e7bb79d bitkeeper revision 1.1159.258.159 (429c6342A2HJ4wUj0nM5MNauX7azZQ)
2005-05-31 kaf24 5224:0fbe1cb5c60e bitkeeper revision 1.1604.1.1 (429c35e2KuWnzd9bfhKRv0nY4yq4Rw)
2005-05-31 kaf24 5223:d85350beab5e bitkeeper revision 1.1602.1.1 (429c35dbocwkNUKh8dzTXqsSFlVFog)
2005-05-31 cl349 5222:0ecc863ef3ed bitkeeper revision 1.1607 (429c2f231bx3kugLWzaDsPB4OQMBAA)
2005-05-31 cl349 5221:e406c23eee5d bitkeeper revision 1.1159.258.158 (429c2ed9fqwHGLXrjJlLr96kpvW_UA)
2005-05-31 cl349 5220:e503d1675572 bitkeeper revision 1.1606 (429c2af45-eQkEjNUi7xp8oigsbTSg)
2005-05-31 cl349 5219:05e547825be8 bitkeeper revision 1.1605 (429c2a02hn35DARfsEykCzpBrPrMhw)
2005-05-31 cl349 5218:412ada0d1ed6 bitkeeper revision 1.1604 (429c27853YjCcOkLEnjS5rFvk6ORlQ)
2005-05-31 cl349 5217:eef4852dd799 bitkeeper revision 1.1159.258.157 (429c276eHQwfuqCUJJBnQeDTzUz3lg)
2005-05-31 cl349 5216:3f244c5d2fe2 bitkeeper revision 1.1603 (429c25daAxv8CzKG49dW0khs2wyBew)
2005-05-31 kaf24 5215:69acd57e1bd8 bitkeeper revision 1.1602 (429c2005b_phBM8VV-zUAH99jBwhMw)
2005-05-31 kaf24 5214:ca9531e574f4 bitkeeper revision 1.1601 (429c1ed4wKexKmX-ibC6x3hHrciDNQ)
2005-05-30 smh22 5213:0c6cce9d9b82 bitkeeper revision 1.1600 (429ba505NfUdL-sQ8-FAIhULwXSaHQ)
2005-05-30 smh22 5212:caf47ecec89d bitkeeper revision 1.1159.258.156 (429ba4d3T2WmSlhY2aTmV6KN88hZHw)
2005-05-30 kaf24 5211:b2310e7dbfdc bitkeeper revision 1.1599 (429b828aL4XKwdaPjLGObI37F4hwiw)
2005-05-30 iap10 5210:80f5e85981da bitkeeper revision 1.1598 (429b7933SwjyJJbULLC4ZT800edwvQ)
2005-05-30 iap10 5209:254dc1cf9be7 bitkeeper revision 1.1159.258.155 (429b7918fdegxe1sz_LxgKSA-WkOkA)
2005-05-30 smh22 5208:84ecb1a32456 bitkeeper revision 1.1597 (429b4898xNVUuBPMVXKa545qSx7i7A)
2005-05-30 smh22 5207:3ff5bda9d8dd bitkeeper revision 1.1596 (429b3fa2RgeJZgQIRrT4oHa-PKg4zg)
2005-05-30 smh22 5206:2e85c7134cfd bitkeeper revision 1.1593.1.1 (429b3f9dAiHnKq38m74zg-HSQnYfwQ)
2005-05-30 kaf24 5205:ed4deaf4a0cc bitkeeper revision 1.1595 (429b3970iSiBE6JNLmeO-KDY_v3Hdg)
2005-05-30 cl349 5204:8f3eca37b4b3 bitkeeper revision 1.1594 (429b32ebzaQqk1iPvkQPHa7u9hft-g)
2005-05-30 kaf24 5203:a83e6617ca74 bitkeeper revision 1.1593 (429aec8bP8S_iGAVT8JuCkjdgPLCCg)
2005-05-30 kaf24 5202:da85abbfc7c0 bitkeeper revision 1.1592 (429ae8ff33cT5EmG9lUTaMO920vjKg)
2005-05-30 kaf24 5201:bc07e46f2e73 bitkeeper revision 1.1159.258.154 (429ae8764I9WsS60DkRARFDRTCFT1Q)
2005-05-29 kaf24 5200:dd205ff2ce8a bitkeeper revision 1.1591 (4299ea37xQ46OSnnhSi-IyVI2uATLw)
2005-05-29 kaf24 5199:d371fa731bc1 bitkeeper revision 1.1590 (4299cc0csX0iKRxZs-S3QRYAtXSapQ)
2005-05-29 kaf24 5198:4155e76f7528 bitkeeper revision 1.1589 (4299ca474xuIi4-NBh-bI0ilQ8Sw7w)
2005-05-29 kaf24 5197:7c8e84ee36b2 bitkeeper revision 1.1588 (42999d00gxHg_hThncByjrGk7labNA)
2005-05-29 maf46 5196:df3e1d0fd811 bitkeeper revision 1.1587 (429914fc4wycjm1BHhUK9gZ0LL0sIg)
2005-05-28 kaf24 5195:4c63d91b687f bitkeeper revision 1.1586 (4298e019QH28MgGwaw0jHPWEeEnyoA)
2005-05-28 leendert 5194:1e610bdd54fc bitkeeper revision 1.1585 (42988c63d2BDHoRycJzKDjIR50X5Sw)
2005-05-28 kaf24 5193:94a63704b6c4 bitkeeper revision 1.1584 (42984f31pkIsDJAxZBlaJgFWP9L2QA)
2005-05-28 kaf24 5192:2df0e546014d bitkeeper revision 1.1583 (42983f5dF7YXNy2i-9EFwNZ_eZer4g)
2005-05-28 kaf24 5191:b9f77360e9fc bitkeeper revision 1.1582 (429838acDJZ12SHZ0oEfuJwBD4FoqQ)
2005-05-28 kaf24 5190:ef94e64d3896 bitkeeper revision 1.1581 (42983526-uYH3-ev0arYC-GCKopWHg)
2005-05-28 kaf24 5189:7d0a21c7ba33 bitkeeper revision 1.1580 (429833a4G8EJ0jx6AoXE77WbZwwrQQ)
2005-05-28 leendert 5188:f5f2c67044b5 bitkeeper revision 1.1579 (429831c4g3vltIzzOokMmu5rtSZAcQ)
2005-05-28 arun sharma 5187:7d7ad3d01377 bitkeeper revision 1.1578 (429831b4aG5GnPML1pSzeV9PiOlFAA)
2005-05-28 arun sharma 5186:a825a76d6b0f bitkeeper revision 1.1577 (429831a31IZvEeEnalH3oKUTY7jV7A)
2005-05-28 arun sharma 5185:af908567e181 bitkeeper revision 1.1576 (42983193Zhd1D5IEn8s4gplr_BeXnQ)
2005-05-27 kaf24 5184:ed6682910675 bitkeeper revision 1.1575 (4296fb9akkrLM8bKzQ1I7T3Dy3Uu9w)
2005-05-27 kaf24 5183:235ff659f89d bitkeeper revision 1.1574 (4296fa5erB8OK0RVQ0VDZFNWsbl4Qg)
2005-05-27 leendert 5182:b91381252d35 bitkeeper revision 1.1573 (4296dbfdboYgUQZDJC6lNdNzKGXKag)
2005-05-27 leendert 5181:3487ddf5b689 bitkeeper revision 1.1572 (4296dbecanEyZdOxxZEuQ7szhriF5g)
2005-05-27 leendert 5180:da69cdf7fef2 bitkeeper revision 1.1571 (4296dbdcx0p8kMuQ9I0m0bHZ7K1BuQ)
2005-05-27 leendert 5179:5fa5698914c1 bitkeeper revision 1.1570 (4296dbcdhFdFajOGxHJCyEMvDA0TWg)
2005-05-26 djm 5178:5d02e3d0e0f6 bitkeeper revision 1.1564.1.4 (42963f87PlLeO796F6JRyyuat1UQ4Q)
2005-05-26 kaf24 5177:be52714e4727 bitkeeper revision 1.1569 (4296329bfi2iosJzMmIh7KglSdchjQ)
2005-05-26 kaf24 5176:122c8adf6ca1 bitkeeper revision 1.1568 (42960d67jYin00CdEGWDPCLZ5h6Hnw)
2005-05-26 kaf24 5175:3c8c7c46c4a8 bitkeeper revision 1.1567 (4295fc0dckrpqmqbCHpAHRHUcTGMTQ)
2005-05-26 kaf24 5174:1f65ea0027f8 bitkeeper revision 1.1566 (4295f4d0ecoRI1FVDrCqrrfgF5j8ug)
2005-05-26 djm 5173:44a4da6bfe52 bitkeeper revision 1.1564.1.3 (4295f31bXXSt2FVu5PG4ForW7oosIw)
2005-05-26 djm 5172:34b95079edb9 bitkeeper revision 1.1564.1.2 (4295f1bdtwYKVieig5E--rSWauq7Kg)
2005-05-26 xen-ia64 adm 5171:1f630bfd83f5 bitkeeper revision 1.1564.1.1 (4295f12eiFrDNUdC-D7-zJOe_Af1fA)
2005-05-26 vh249 5170:0e347f03a68c bitkeeper revision 1.1565 (4295f00bFZpvoNyqpCONmIknfolDLg)
2005-05-26 vh249 5169:fc10e6241938 bitkeeper revision 1.1562.1.1 (4295effbUWTVBipGBrKsyDh6-2FoaQ)
2005-05-26 djm 5168:a9d48e7fb8c5 bitkeeper revision 1.1509.1.5 (4295ee88HY2abQVcdhSuV8au7cjYDA)
2005-05-26 kaf24 5167:41a5c6143c83 bitkeeper revision 1.1564 (4295ecb2jzOPE0em5dg6Hu_4rbzFCg)
2005-05-26 akw27 5166:d867c2bbd27e bitkeeper revision 1.1563 (4295e70c6gPBeUtVURfaYnxTU_GbrA)
2005-05-26 kaf24 5165:98ec71a98df7 bitkeeper revision 1.1562 (4295c663e2dmLlYutTmiDxZ2_Qkpnw)
2005-05-26 kaf24 5164:943337479992 bitkeeper revision 1.1561 (42958369EO5iAgCrbpIrx-hK8jzMWQ)
2005-05-25 kaf24 5163:1cdd49625356 bitkeeper revision 1.1560 (4294fb66-WHHJCdXRRXp-4dTrGuiLw)
2005-05-25 kaf24 5162:c7447090c261 bitkeeper revision 1.1559 (4294fab4CMjRyJfuEBP1lUbAC6G9GA)
2005-05-25 kaf24 5161:e82fb753b02f bitkeeper revision 1.1558 (4294f9a2Vif6PUYZMV6j1GuP-Mn6Xg)
2005-05-25 djm 5160:ebdeb9b86189 bitkeeper revision 1.1509.1.4 (4294ddbdS0zXLWNl7GY3vmRtzKddcQ)
2005-05-25 kaf24 5159:c62ee1a8ba98 bitkeeper revision 1.1557 (4294b94bIF7VSJm4DWqLidHZJXHecQ)
2005-05-25 kaf24 5158:519428a32f8d bitkeeper revision 1.1556 (4294b84bRLO0dqxUhCbkQfM8qt1UoA)
2005-05-25 kaf24 5157:f1ac5983d4d8 bitkeeper revision 1.1555 (4294b5f0B3iu-SnB9loIMnLXO0loTA)
2005-05-25 cl349 5156:ce83bd80b6bd bitkeeper revision 1.1554 (4294b39736L_x3NwB1IRHYxqWe9rTQ)
2005-05-25 cl349 5155:10992a804a2a bitkeeper revision 1.1550.1.4 (4294b3735gOYxynlbg6ebX3oag6sHQ)
2005-05-25 cl349 5154:6e81b0f58356 bitkeeper revision 1.1550.1.3 (4294b356XJn1FHEVZ-2JlKpBDmqmpA)
2005-05-25 cl349 5153:be7e052ce7e8 bitkeeper revision 1.1550.1.2 (4294a1f1_I9jQ97QY8OTqDCx1kDIUA)
2005-05-25 kaf24 5152:6ce01dc5f62f bitkeeper revision 1.1553 (42948b95-gTo139RVAa2sLFVDy4KRA)
2005-05-25 kaf24 5151:0c7bde5b8e83 bitkeeper revision 1.1552 (429480ffbijN4G0QJScaV1h7mcJ23Q)
2005-05-25 cl349 5150:fed73636e06b bitkeeper revision 1.1550.1.1 (42947c93ScXPWqJQrSKCVoxqNJmCbw)
2005-05-25 kaf24 5149:321a7af76a9b bitkeeper revision 1.1551 (4294789ea5Ghsn6s5aIMFHK5LY4uSw)
2005-05-25 kaf24 5148:561f71aa056d bitkeeper revision 1.1550 (4294732bb-16oL8fVDfFOUaEjoM4oA)
2005-05-25 cl349 5147:63d8220a9b26 bitkeeper revision 1.1549 (429459dd8Wdn9xpYhxSGQBJEie8pXA)
2005-05-25 kaf24 5146:de3abc161c24 bitkeeper revision 1.1548 (4294554btfa2GpomqV57KFpxEHsjEA)
2005-05-25 cl349 5145:d61ceec31dfd bitkeeper revision 1.1547 (42945455UNorq1ha3va8g7OVydNVmw)
2005-05-25 cl349 5144:c0d620b026e7 bitkeeper revision 1.1546 (42944efdY94XWSK3i6H669MdigOOzw)
2005-05-25 cl349 5143:e41c470ae8b5 bitkeeper revision 1.1545 (42943a77oCSQWIL-DLwwTV7xUND3eQ)
2005-05-25 cl349 5142:17af4f434d0e bitkeeper revision 1.1542.1.1 (42943a71LGhR_dI1LOX6lKtJ08zzTA)
2005-05-25 kaf24 5141:91dcc24c50de bitkeeper revision 1.1544 (4294310cgG9HRlkgAVpjdkn3zSUpkw)
2005-05-25 arun sharma 5140:28d75ab87022 bitkeeper revision 1.1543 (42943085tTGU_YurrAPsDOCEjAU21g)
2005-05-24 cl349 5139:aba3ae74e631 bitkeeper revision 1.1542 (4293a8c7-PlifEtxsu3aPbHV3Xl_yA)
2005-05-24 djm 5138:fa3c1c925b22 bitkeeper revision 1.1509.1.3 (42939f31KzK-SwtLziu7eM9buqA-bg)
2005-05-24 arun sharma 5137:27660add29b6 bitkeeper revision 1.1541 (42939e8dPtCrrAl0Ko8RIXg1LNswnQ)
2005-05-24 arun sharma 5136:b03b6f39e718 bitkeeper revision 1.1540 (42939e7f8_AuNACTheIei6BJ0yjKyA)
2005-05-24 arun sharma 5135:d8431b0823fd bitkeeper revision 1.1539 (42939e68t9DDgqpBZmkD0dpuIEiwBQ)
2005-05-24 arun sharma 5134:4db1d602c934 bitkeeper revision 1.1538 (42939e5a4Zjv3gELWO9ea3t1uXGfeg)
2005-05-24 arun sharma 5133:3ba11d3c9826 bitkeeper revision 1.1537 (42939e4ewE9MEwuinOdZNB74jNWI-w)
2005-05-24 cl349 5132:9f22db685802 bitkeeper revision 1.1536 (429399e9qNO_CnmTploLs7q5t-754Q)
2005-05-24 cl349 5131:3615dfd94bdb bitkeeper revision 1.1534.1.1 (429399e0oJudIjoFsgWFxNKnCM7qTg)
2005-05-24 cl349 5130:d74dea34e69b bitkeeper revision 1.1535 (4293983fRn8wZMaWw4jC331L5B1bhw)
2005-05-24 cl349 5129:6e9ceb9d4bdf bitkeeper revision 1.1534 (42938f7eteOfeZAlPZyFJuucXgIZbA)
2005-05-24 cl349 5128:fc5081a78657 bitkeeper revision 1.1533 (429379beNzrMmx_MJCmvdmLhK3EMfw)
2005-05-24 cl349 5127:0fcf171af010 bitkeeper revision 1.1532 (42937343LHOyxpIm_YO4FjhQRVt15A)
2005-05-24 cl349 5126:9bd79570e9bf bitkeeper revision 1.1530.1.1 (4293733607D8CFWTaBtOQB46iiGQqg)
2005-05-24 cl349 5125:b60c53b0f6ef bitkeeper revision 1.1531 (429372b8Kjz5panaw5OaTXiMgKbyJg)
2005-05-24 cl349 5124:19fb7f508c42 bitkeeper revision 1.1530 (42937238W2qaGubDybmWZrLF-sQjNQ)
2005-05-24 cl349 5123:dd3849d6cdea bitkeeper revision 1.1529 (42936afbeMakdMOVWV-TYdagR8spKg)
2005-05-24 cl349 5122:734ebf0aa35f bitkeeper revision 1.1527.1.3 (42936982HEfOXuPvsCgdi5IHEHax_Q)
2005-05-24 cl349 5121:478f75e49113 bitkeeper revision 1.1527.2.1 (429368a2F0SR4yrzuHsrRucuwriYqA)
2005-05-24 kaf24 5120:311782d9e952 bitkeeper revision 1.1527.1.2 (4293468ayy5XU1yxu0QwnCQ83S5pbA)
2005-05-24 kaf24 5119:17e2e8a32c9e bitkeeper revision 1.1527.1.1 (42933814hYUdPBrhJ2nEsS5J3nRP8Q)
2005-05-24 cl349 5118:242591aabc7a bitkeeper revision 1.1528 (4292fdfc5zZkxl3RcxrdBZCU6Rd8EA)
2005-05-24 kaf24 5117:6c5699e95a56 bitkeeper revision 1.1527 (4292f7001CpWg14f57Koe8LjTqtnSA)
2005-05-24 kaf24 5116:f90d273f7570 bitkeeper revision 1.1526 (4292f6fatFGrb_g2pL3e_YfSdZhjPA)
2005-05-24 cl349 5115:d98308dd856e bitkeeper revision 1.1523.1.2 (4292f584VQVu_jEbX42qk-F3YrfDnQ)
2005-05-24 kaf24 5114:bc145d5c0aed bitkeeper revision 1.1525 (4292f3aa1mdmnYgcdBFqa5ndiF5PrQ)
2005-05-24 cl349 5113:5288bd28bf98 bitkeeper revision 1.1523.1.1 (4292f383Cc0iiNE6syBhzLa27UwM7w)
2005-05-24 arun sharma 5112:757d57b8427b bitkeeper revision 1.1524 (4292e3e3RfSM4xkFDPiMXA6Vw23W_w)
2005-05-24 arun sharma 5111:d8bcfd0c3742 bitkeeper revision 1.1523 (4292e3afzZhOD910qby84MZZyEFPZQ)
2005-05-24 vh249 5110:bb7d7790594e bitkeeper revision 1.1522 (429270f7khx4oIwyDPU4ZpNIWXP8pA)
2005-05-24 vh249 5109:1e4b308becce bitkeeper revision 1.1520.1.1 (429270bdd9U5A9UX0aJUWkoZm4BI7g)
2005-05-23 cl349 5108:cff6a5c4f4b6 bitkeeper revision 1.1521 (42926d1dxnIu-mzz-ImDN9CkKgIcLw)
2005-05-23 cl349 5107:b5b5a5e4052c bitkeeper revision 1.1519.1.1 (42926ccbNcRLyOP3D-TWC04yWeeZkA)
2005-05-23 cl349 5106:4ac062bc252d bitkeeper revision 1.1159.258.152 (42926cc9etTD9l4CfStMdWNKGJHG8g)
2005-05-23 cl349 5105:92afc5dda6d8 bitkeeper revision 1.1159.258.153 (42926ca7c8Vr3ajMe46BA7Li6zagcw)
2005-05-23 cl349 5104:b6c2b1279260 bitkeeper revision 1.1159.286.1 (42926ca2mQzPTNdXEXvnRmsyYb7PPg)
2005-05-23 vh249 5103:3f1fa7551ce9 bitkeeper revision 1.1520 (429261bcx4ebwegQM8Fpx31tkOS8Dw)
2005-05-23 djm 5102:775c8a5acfc8 bitkeeper revision 1.1509.1.2 (429261a0Qv1Wip4lt2f2ekcSvhVyxA)
2005-05-23 vh249 5101:220fa69a6777 bitkeeper revision 1.1511.1.1 (4292617fUY_QU9fABo1c9En_PEDHQA)
2005-05-23 cl349 5100:18001959ba29 bitkeeper revision 1.1519 (42925a7e5ZIo431XTUQd8kj6omAbZA)
2005-05-23 cl349 5099:187e3a02e0d5 bitkeeper revision 1.1513.1.1 (42925a6aSZSwfyaVsNzV4psPmpZwZg)
2005-05-23 bren 5098:36cd2ccb0e4b bitkeeper revision 1.1518 (42923748Z36fQ-pX8ugPi-8ioexnOg)
2005-05-23 rneugeba 5097:a33909b1daaf bitkeeper revision 1.1517 (429226618eVdiDZ50cTNFFyN4a8X_A)
2005-05-23 rneugeba 5096:3f6a8dd4050a bitkeeper revision 1.1515.1.1 (42922641RfGxKY5iamyIb3lRFjlpzQ)
2005-05-23 kaf24 5095:e81b60a0e170 bitkeeper revision 1.1516 (4292225caWyLsfo-mZ3yV4QmUhXSAQ)
2005-05-23 kaf24 5094:53d5ba4a4aed bitkeeper revision 1.1515 (42921e4fRcf8j8oxgO4SHlBhn0dSuw)
2005-05-23 kaf24 5093:c91f74efda05 bitkeeper revision 1.1514 (4291f6f7i2aAlgdzvcq6xJ3W4hjYzg)
2005-05-23 cl349 5092:2d1acc84d984 bitkeeper revision 1.1513 (4291f527HzSV5MgVTL5ZpTs61-VQvg)
2005-05-23 xen-ia64 adm 5091:6cbe0dc99129 bitkeeper revision 1.1509.1.1 (4291f270w7VN9k2JYugkZW7usBwt8w)
2005-05-23 cl349 5090:eb32745a29e8 bitkeeper revision 1.1512 (4291e819kp5stS-T-KsgGXWV2Tvfow)
2005-05-23 cl349 5089:b04f8c2a95d6 bitkeeper revision 1.1511 (4291af78wDb78xhg10ccUaCX1vnh_w)
2005-05-23 cl349 5088:9e133359e477 bitkeeper revision 1.1510 (4291adbf-g-WMA-w33q-SnHuwoX3BA)
2005-05-23 leendert 5087:3a30cc8f8ec3 bitkeeper revision 1.1509 (42919998wk9fYs94aYbRCzMaqW0N5w)
2005-05-23 adsharma 5086:e0e38c5651d3 bitkeeper revision 1.1472.2.6 (42916b37WTfslw9tSflk_BS_9JVW1Q)
2005-05-23 adsharma 5085:e5235ca194ca bitkeeper revision 1.1472.2.5 (429169a1lcAWUA49MVik2VTCMbi1qw)
2005-05-23 kaf24 5084:580d5a4fff25 bitkeeper revision 1.1508 (42916959z-L_1fAuVkGLI_kRj1O2VA)
2005-05-22 adsharma 5083:2ea8c80c91eb bitkeeper revision 1.1472.2.4 (4290dcb3h7sEjyPmT7cQXliR-KX-iQ)
2005-05-22 adsharma 5082:fa6017bfc76d bitkeeper revision 1.1472.3.1 (4290dc73cMlPc5EvXdqDP501vv78Vw)
2005-05-22 iap10 5081:50a2c86612b9 bitkeeper revision 1.1159.258.152 (42905f395GT_2THbPzF5_z3DLplfrQ)
2005-05-22 iap10 5080:2a5814ad2e56 bitkeeper revision 1.1159.258.152 (42905f2aihfbXcLOp47iveS8Fn06aQ)RELEASE-2.0.6
2005-05-22 kaf24 5079:377402d5f51f bitkeeper revision 1.1507 (4290370dlUP0DcWpBdGnFEf6MXC7CQ)
2005-05-21 iap10 5078:c10a5789d09e bitkeeper revision 1.1159.258.151 (428f9937otEBfCffvfYB3a6-3-2O_A)
2005-05-21 kaf24 5077:8a1faeb0d3c6 bitkeeper revision 1.1506 (428f8748oAPuAqxeI4b_UUMZQok4QQ)
2005-05-21 cl349 5076:d55569f2ac18 bitkeeper revision 1.1505 (428f2c4c-dG46JqogSF24go6sxrccw)
2005-05-21 cl349 5075:543ffea3fc12 bitkeeper revision 1.1159.258.151 (428f2c2a_3sOeZVGhQutbJc15aCU9g)
2005-05-21 kaf24 5074:07bd52c0f8de bitkeeper revision 1.1504 (428f10aaD4iY_Mj4uu6RLDmF65qx-w)
2005-05-21 kaf24 5073:6dda721a273a bitkeeper revision 1.1503 (428f1042Yao-1v9mZSxNem0DoJz-Yw)
2005-05-21 iap10 5072:5bf66e408317 bitkeeper revision 1.1502 (428f0d94bUM6nCIYBQRzeFSs29KMDg)
2005-05-21 arun sharma 5071:e869b20358b1 bitkeeper revision 1.1501 (428f097bke5QSeqibAc2HvxE7ue3aA)
2005-05-21 kaf24 5070:387d226daf5b bitkeeper revision 1.1500 (428f08f1cclAJMtKpbiDrXknPvaMCA)
2005-05-21 arun sharma 5069:5ee1dd151ac2 bitkeeper revision 1.1499 (428f07695kp2_AbrdFwruhvfdJ6ZvQ)
2005-05-21 kaf24 5068:43d7cfe99358 bitkeeper revision 1.1498 (428f04afH2pmbU4ynzpdraamIHiD-Q)
2005-05-20 kaf24 5067:6640eb3cb41d bitkeeper revision 1.1497 (428e7006d1s9u7R17UKdC7uB6M2U6g)
2005-05-20 kraxel 5066:c4353a81ae5b bitkeeper revision 1.1159.258.150 (428e6fdeb6W1XbDj2YkcF53xkdUozA)
2005-05-20 kaf24 5065:fada74b4becd bitkeeper revision 1.1496 (428e6f07Mp3t6GGKitdrBLluBQ32Nw)
2005-05-20 kaf24 5064:ba07aa456da4 bitkeeper revision 1.1159.258.149 (428e6ed7pYw4zk4bTnojKRbdmh8Vcw)
2005-05-20 kaf24 5063:6bac5c6a5c4a bitkeeper revision 1.1159.285.1 (428e6ed1eB7g2hQKJHFVNtvmxJNeNw)
2005-05-20 iap10 5062:2562daa95e37 bitkeeper revision 1.1495 (428e6e55_iTSnZRUSmqgYyK-Bql7Lg)
2005-05-20 iap10 5061:312df7388796 bitkeeper revision 1.1159.258.148 (428e6dcbkxoX3zvO7TFFgnoq2o9fRw)
2005-05-20 iap10 5060:f0fb0b3becbe bitkeeper revision 1.1159.284.1 (428e6db8MJ-JzmJYObnEqq381gyfSQ)
2005-05-20 kaf24 5059:569173be116f bitkeeper revision 1.1494 (428e647cwMGQpFEvYX5LZ0S3SXAZVQ)
2005-05-20 iap10 5058:85fcf3b1b7a5 bitkeeper revision 1.1493 (428e623eLixPFfNTxCYBeRcapHg86g)
2005-05-20 iap10 5057:ee056b35ccc9 bitkeeper revision 1.1159.258.147 (428e61e6n2e1t5iGSIQAezyNE1AmGw)
2005-05-20 iap10 5056:69fa66e71cb6 bitkeeper revision 1.1159.258.146 (428e5a750X0LdGym7H2kz7FPjJu-mw)
2005-05-20 kaf24 5055:8397cf88a855 bitkeeper revision 1.1492 (428e3bd7k7u4q5iZW-q27Jpez3WzGg)
2005-05-20 cl349 5054:95c16a18cc65 bitkeeper revision 1.1491 (428e39d2dbOTFoU5SeRaUuYmn0Q84w)
2005-05-20 cl349 5053:fb7d59789e4d bitkeeper revision 1.1488.1.1 (428e39badumj52vi-nzb7GBmoVe2dA)