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Fixes to the DOM0 interface and domain building code. Ready for new save/restore dom0_ops.
date Sat Nov 01 16:19:54 2003 +0000 (2003-11-01)
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2 Recommended (cards tested and working at full efficiency):
3 3com 3c905 (3c59x.c Linux driver)
4 Broadcom tg3 (tg3.c Linux driver)
5 Intel e1000 (e1000 Linux driver)
6 Intel e100 (e100 Linux driver) [*]
8 Driver ported, but may not be tested, and won't work at full
9 efficiency (extra copies are incurred within Xen):
10 ne2k, pcnet32/lance, rtl8139, tulip, via-rhine,
12 *: Note that certain revisions of e100 do not support
13 scatter/gather DMA. These cards will incur an extra
14 copy within Xen for every transmitted packet.