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dom0_ops.h, dom0_ops.c:
added CPU time to the list of values returned by a DOM0_GETDOMAININFO call
added a /proc/xeno/dom<n>/usage entry for tracking resource usage
date Tue Jun 10 10:28:54 2003 +0000 (2003-06-10)
parents 67a66de6d9a0
children a7588afbdfe5
line source
1 #!/bin/sh -x
2 set -e
3 mkdir -p tools
4 mkdir -p tools/domain_builder
5 ln -s ../../xenolinux-2.4.21-pre4-sparse/arch/xeno/drivers/dom0/dom0_ops.h tools/domain_builder/dom0_ops.h
6 mkdir -p tools/internal
7 ln -s ../../xenolinux-2.4.21-pre4-sparse/arch/xeno/drivers/dom0/dom0_ops.h tools/internal/dom0_ops.h
8 (find -depth -type d -print | xargs -r rmdir 2>/dev/null) || true
9 exit 0