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1 A couple of simple steps to get you going:
3 1. do make (suitable Makefile is in the source dir)
4 2. copy over andy's vifinit script to local dir
5 3. copy over xenolinux guestos image (NB. image needs to be uncompressed, so
6 if the only image you have is image.gz do gunzip image.gz before doing
7 anything further)
8 4. add executable permissions to newdom and vifint
9 5. edit newdom script and change it as it suits you
11 newdom script takes guestos image file name as first parameter and newdom id
12 as second parameter, eg.:
14 ./newdom xenolinux 1
16 should initiate building of dom1 with the image contained in file named
17 xenolinux in local dir.
19 in general, domain_builder application takes three parameters: requested
20 memory in kb, guestos image file name and number of vifs to be created, eg.
22 ./domain_builder 16000 xenolinux 1
24 would build domX reserving 16MB mem, creating 1 vif and using os image stored
25 as xenolinux in local dir.
27 happy booting!
29 boris