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bitkeeper revision 1.94 (3e5a4f5fzVaxemjfCt0N0OH8PYPiuw)

Rename xen-2.4.16 to just "xen" to reflect that it hasn't got any
relation to the Linux kernel version.
date Mon Feb 24 16:59:11 2003 +0000 (2003-02-24)
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iap10@236 1
iap10@236 2 default:
iap10@236 3 $(MAKE) -C char
iap10@236 4 $(MAKE) -C pci
iap10@236 5 $(MAKE) -C net
iap10@236 6 $(MAKE) -C block
iap10@236 7 $(MAKE) -C ide
iap10@236 8 $(MAKE) -C scsi
iap10@236 9
iap10@236 10 clean:
iap10@236 11 $(MAKE) -C char clean
iap10@236 12 $(MAKE) -C pci clean
iap10@236 13 $(MAKE) -C net clean
iap10@236 14 $(MAKE) -C block clean
iap10@236 15 $(MAKE) -C ide clean
iap10@236 16 $(MAKE) -C scsi clean