age author revision description
3 days ago M A Young 30052:673faec89ad7 tools/xl: fix segfault in xl migrate --debugdefault tip
5 days ago George Dunlap 30051:5b69b945b072 libxl: Tell qemu to use raw format when using a tapdisk
5 days ago Wei Liu 30050:e366bf5ab8a7 xl: print message to stdout when (!debug && dryrun)
5 days ago Andrew Cooper 30049:8dc8e14b01f8 docs/commandline: Minor formatting fixes and clarifications
5 days ago Andrew Cooper 30048:353605485f8b python/xc: Fix multiple issues in pyflask_context_to_sid()
5 days ago Oleksandr Dmytryshyn 30047:663c1b69f782 xen/serial: setup UART idle mode for OMAP
6 days ago Ian Jackson 30046:cefc36150538 Merge tag '4.5.0-rc4' into staging
6 days ago Konrad Rzeszutek Wilk 30045:d6495cd5dad3 Xen-4.5.0-rc4: Update tag for qemu-xen.
6 days ago Jan Beulich 30044:14ae5335d246 console: allocate ring buffer earlier
10 days ago Jan Beulich 30043:14628d6a4527 have architectures specify the number of PIRQs a hardware domain gets
10 days ago Jan Beulich 30042:0c2608c8283f lock down hypercall continuation encoding masks
10 days ago Jan Beulich 30041:216723a4b639 VMX: don't allow PVH to reach handle_mmio()
11 days ago Ian Jackson 30040:ef09acdb7e5b libxl: events: Document and enforce actual callbacks restriction
11 days ago Ian Jackson 30039:9c58c0c842dc libxl: events: Deregister evtchn fd when not needed
11 days ago Ian Jackson 30038:b9d3a1a13e8b libxl: events: Tear down SIGCHLD machinery on ctx destruction
11 days ago Ian Jackson 30037:5ed5fc0f9718 libxl: events: Deregister, don't just modify, sigchld pipe fd
11 days ago Ian Jackson 30036:f8c410ec0086 libxl: events: Deregister xenstore watch fd when not needed
11 days ago Ian Jackson 30035:0421f311510c libxl: events: Assert that libxl_ctx_free is not called from a hook
12 days ago Olaf Hering 30034:1fb1db6cd19d tools/xenstore: fix link error with libsystemd
12 days ago Julien Grall 30033:78dd620df768 xen/arm: Correct the opcode for BUG_INSTR on arm32
12 days ago Daniel De Graaf 30032:41c77b3978ef flask/policy: Example policy updates for migration
13 days ago Keir Fraser 30031:0c9b87767e60 switch to write-biased r/w locks
2 weeks ago Don Dugger 30030:08353e4d7f27 VT-d: decouple SandyBridge quirk from VTd timeout
2 weeks ago Wei Liu 30029:1bf2b36e92fc systemd: use pkg-config to determine systemd library availability
2 weeks ago Julien Grall 30028:f0a76a2c55b1 xen/arm: Handle platforms with edge-triggered virtual timer
2 weeks ago Boris Ostrovsky 30027:d7adcab36d3a pygrub: Fix regression from c/s d1b93ea, attempt 2
2 weeks ago Vitaly Kuznetsov 30026:4218d8f78efb libxc: check in xc_get_tot_pages() that the proper domain is reported
2 weeks ago Andrew Cooper 30025:b2707cab4825 python/xs: Correct the indirection of the NULL xshandle() check
2 weeks ago Andrew Cooper 30024:44770fae39f0 python/xc: Fix multiple issues in pyxc_readconsolering()
2 weeks ago Daniel Kiper 30023:2ee575f5f5fa gitignore: group tools/hotplug files in one place
2 weeks ago Daniel Kiper 30022:e8b29c5ee0c5 gitignore: ignore some files generated by configure
2 weeks ago Olaf Hering 30021:cef9b242fddd tools/hotplug: update systemd dependency to use service instead of socket
2 weeks ago Wei Liu 30020:ed7dcdf92fb0 libxl: expose #define to 4.5 and above
2 weeks ago Olaf Hering 30019:22ac586edd15 INSTALL: fix typo in xendomains.service name
2 weeks ago Ian Jackson 30018:881dc24321b6 Merge branch 'master' of xenbits.xen.org:/home/xen/git/xen into staging
2 weeks ago Wei Liu 30017:c242ffe690ff xl: fix two memory leaks
2 weeks ago Euan Harris 30016:3b4453818604 libxl: Don't dereference null new_name pointer in libxl_domain_rename()
2 weeks ago Wei Liu 30015:609512f7727b libxl: un-constify return value of libxl_basename
2 weeks ago Chunyan Liu 30014:07fd426dbaf3 missing chunk of HVM direct kernel boot patch
2 weeks ago Razvan Cojocaru 30013:8d5bf685eb35 xenstore: Clarify xs_open() semantics
2 weeks ago M A Young 30012:ad5c133a8e0b xl: fix migration failure with xl migrate --debug
2 weeks ago Euan Harris 30011:00fac5891a21 libxl: libxl_domain_info: fix typo in error message
2 weeks ago Jan Beulich 30010:ffc349539544 x86/HVM: prevent infinite VM entry retries
2 weeks ago Konrad Rzeszutek Wilk 30009:e29a5c64dc83 Xen-4.5.0-rc3: Update tag for qemu-xen.
3 weeks ago Zhigang Wang 30008:f3e7b74e4db6 set pv guest default video_memkb to 0
3 weeks ago Chunyan Liu 30007:991ad31cc053 fix rename: xenstore not fully updated
3 weeks ago Chunyan Liu 30006:ac3f8effbe90 remove domain field in xenstore backend dir
3 weeks ago Andrew Cooper 30005:80fb95320404 tools/oxenstored: Fix | vs & error in fd event handling
3 weeks ago Olaf Hering 30004:1d6ac89f5f88 INSTALL: correct EXTRA_CFLAGS handling
3 weeks ago Wei Liu 30003:a9fa6d4ef001 libxl: allow copying between bitmaps of different sizes
3 weeks ago Andrew Cooper 30002:a4fb1aac88fc docs/commandline: Refresh document for 4.5
3 weeks ago Daniel De Graaf 30001:50bc1c690601 xsm/flask: add two missing domctls
3 weeks ago Jan Beulich 30000:cb7bdc33ea2d x86/PVH: properly disable vLAPIC
3 weeks ago Boris Ostrovsky 29999:810a5ba8d3a5 x86: disable VPMU for PVH guests
3 weeks ago Jan Beulich 29998:fca7d6110e7f x86/HVM: confine internally handled MMIO to solitary regions
3 weeks ago Jan Beulich 29997:f04ddaa7e2ec x86: limit checks in hypercall_xlat_continuation() to actual arguments
3 weeks ago Ian Campbell 29996:5e191682ebb9 Merge branch 'staging' of ssh://xenbits.xen.org/home/xen/git/xen into staging
3 weeks ago Jan Beulich 29995:2d0ac20091de vNUMA: rename interface structures
3 weeks ago Ian Campbell 29994:30ae1630e067 libxc: don't leak buffer containing the uncompressed PV kernel
3 weeks ago Ian Campbell 29993:c6b4bc83669b xen: arm: Support the other 4 PCI buses on Xgene