age author revision description
27 hours ago Jan Beulich 33138:f7d96bfdf9b6 x86/compat: correct SMEP/SMAP NOPs patchingdefault tip
27 hours ago Chao Peng 33137:8c433705998f x86/psr: make opt_psr persistent
27 hours ago Wei Liu 33136:35470d2bf15a libxl: set XEN_QEMU_CONSOLE_LIMIT for QEMU
2 days ago Wei Liu 33135:e31e723adcc5 docs: update xl manpage about {block,network}-attach command
2 days ago Julien Grall 33134:0c9c7f656a9d xen/arm: Don't call setup_virtual_regions multiple time
2 days ago Wei Liu 33133:8f033ff8f13c xl: use xstrdup in cpurange_parse
2 days ago Dario Faggioli 33132:67a8675a3d24 RTDS: fix another instance of the 'read NOW()' race
3 days ago Jan Beulich 33131:258a348373a3 libxl: drop stray const from function return type
3 days ago Wei Liu 33130:29d553ec467a tools: bump library version numbers
3 days ago Anthony PERARD 33129:3c3b6929a671 libxl: Avoid advertising about device_model_user config option
4 days ago Wei Liu 33128:7fc6c7a1077e Config.mk: non-debug build by default
4 days ago Wei Liu 33127:7358697a485f libxl: nic type defaults to vif in hotplug for hvm guest
4 days ago Dario Faggioli 33126:8adccfafd895 sched: avoid races on time values read from NOW()
4 days ago Andrew Cooper 33125:10d8725f5a84 docs/feature: Tweaks to the feature document template
4 days ago Andrew Cooper 33124:7db59f5422f4 docs/xsplice: Fix syntax when compiling to pdf with pandoc
4 days ago Andrew Cooper 33123:62889a2a1efa docs/build: Avoid using multi-target pattern rules
4 days ago Wei Liu 33122:01a9952753fb Revert "Config.mk: update ovmf changeset"
6 days ago Julien Grall 33121:43852ff48031 xen/arm: p2m: Release the p2m lock before undoing the mappings
6 days ago Julien Grall 33120:7921f96128eb xen/arm: p2m: apply_p2m_changes: Do not undo more than necessary
8 days ago Wei Liu 33119:b351348be9fe libxl: consolidate casting to xc psr type to a function
8 days ago Dario Faggioli 33118:770a6fd0007f xenalyze: fix a spurious newline
8 days ago Jan Beulich 33117:7e4757fdcb34 x86emul: suppress writeback upon unsuccessful MMX/SSE/AVX insn emulation
9 days ago Andrew Cooper 33116:39bd7ab12201 xen/nested_p2m: Don't walk EPT tables with a regular PT walker
9 days ago Ian Jackson 33115:f482c992211c QEMU_TAG update
9 days ago Anthony PERARD 33114:bc1ca65ba7da Config.mk: update qemu-xen tag
9 days ago Wei Liu 33113:e957935dda8a Config.mk: update ovmf changeset
10 days ago Edgar E. Iglesias 33112:6913d9fdf734 xen/device-tree: Do not remap IRQs for secondary IRQ controllers
10 days ago Andrew Cooper 33111:f0d721d96745 x86/cpuid: Avoid unconditionally clobbering ITSC for guests
10 days ago Jan Beulich 33110:5e3544ffe029 x86: make SMEP/SMAP suppression tolerate NMI/MCE at the "wrong" time
10 days ago Jan Beulich 33109:ca0353a872ba x86: refine debugging of SMEP/SMAP fix
10 days ago Jan Beulich 33108:b63a2f84ba84 x86/mm: fully honor PS bits in guest page table walks
11 days ago Peng Fan 33107:8fca32259b95 xen/arm: mm: fix nr_second calculation in setup_frametable_mappings
11 days ago Andrew Cooper 33106:0d2553882836 x86/compat: Cleanup and further debugging of SMAP/SMEP fixup
12 days ago Wei Liu 33105:91d9f555e2b0 Config.mk: update mini-os changeset
12 days ago Jim Fehlig 33104:47becf6b274a libxl: don't add cache mode for qdisk cdrom drives
2 weeks ago Jan Beulich 33103:6b839ed3d4b3 x86: reduce code size of struct cpu_info member accesses
2 weeks ago Jan Beulich 33102:db9d4780d085 x86: use 32-bit loads for 32-bit PV guest state reload
2 weeks ago Jan Beulich 33101:d8e297c069b5 x86: use optimal NOPs to fill the SMEP/SMAP placeholders
2 weeks ago Jan Beulich 33100:a141a23aa1ff x86: suppress SMEP and SMAP while running 32-bit PV guest code
2 weeks ago Doug Goldstein 33099:1043f58cdc83 xendriverdomain: use POSIX sh and not bash
2 weeks ago Jan Beulich 33098:a5b8c4f0a2b5 x86/PoD: skip eager reclaim when possible
2 weeks ago Jan Beulich 33097:a50f1d595c38 Revert "blktap2: Use RING_COPY_REQUEST"
2 weeks ago Konrad Rzeszutek Wilk 33096:66263751d049 xsplice: Unmask (aka reinstall NMI handler) if we need to abort.
2 weeks ago George Dunlap 33095:87495ea82d47 tools/xendomains: Create lockfile on start unconditionally
2 weeks ago George Dunlap 33094:fff83643bc6f hotplug: Fix xendomains lock path for RHEL-based systems
2 weeks ago Paul Durrant 33093:607e9650f910 tools: configure correct trace backend for QEMU
2 weeks ago Jan Beulich 33092:983e84163f4a x86: correct remaining extended CPUID level checks
2 weeks ago Jan Beulich 33091:0d9830b2dfb1 x86: cap address bits CPUID output
2 weeks ago Jan Beulich 33090:2369d0306375 XSA-77: widen scope again
2 weeks ago Ian Jackson 33089:2fbe10fd9748 QEMU_TAG update
2 weeks ago Ian Jackson 33088:38d75c7257c3 QEMU_TAG update
2 weeks ago Ross Lagerwall 33087:b7082a54c9c8 xsplice: Prevent new symbols duplicating core symbols
2 weeks ago Andrew Cooper 33086:cf81a0d9c6ea x86/hvm: Fix invalidation for emulated invlpg instructions
2 weeks ago Andrew Cooper 33085:39c8cd4a5093 x86/svm: Don't unconditionally use a new ASID in svm_invlpg_intercept()
2 weeks ago Andrew Cooper 33084:0e2c359a9fe1 x86/hvm: Correct the emulated interaction of invlpg with segments
2 weeks ago Andrew Cooper 33083:caa610b42098 x86/hvm: Raise #SS faults for %ss-based segmentation violations
2 weeks ago Andrew Cooper 33082:0af31bac7ec9 x86/hvm: Always return the linear address from hvm_virtual_to_linear_addr()
2 weeks ago Andrew Cooper 33081:5cfbac5c32f5 sched/rt: Fix memory leak in rt_init()
2 weeks ago Dario Faggioli 33080:044a1499c352 xen: adopt .deinit_pdata and improve timer handling
2 weeks ago Dario Faggioli 33079:97c70cdf8513 xen: sched: avoid spuriously re-enabling IRQs in csched2_switch_sched()