age author revision description
2009-10-01 Keir Fraser 17041:671e9863095c x86 hvm: Fix guest boot on AMD K8 machinedefault tip
2009-01-05 Keir Fraser 17040:6fc6ca3c393a Added tag RELEASE-3.2.3 for changeset 5d8d9403a7d166614a8c47ead949ca0893650751
2009-01-05 Keir Fraser 17039:5d8d9403a7d1 Update Xen version for 3.2.3RELEASE-3.2.3
2008-12-19 Keir Fraser 17038:cb3671d850a2 Added tag 3.2.3-rc4 for changeset 3c96a21a35b3d644cebcb8c56e61d2eed20ec803
2008-12-19 Keir Fraser 17037:3c96a21a35b3 Update Xen version to 3.2.3-rc43.2.3-rc4
2008-12-19 Keir Fraser 17036:fbf571142e77 xend: Actually restrict a domU's access to xenstore when we mean to --
2008-12-17 Keir Fraser 17035:441f32211cca Added tag 3.2.3-rc3 for changeset 2611a0ccaea8a2d59f7c763bd57cde15a73239d0
2008-12-17 Keir Fraser 17034:2611a0ccaea8 Update Xen version for 3.2.3-rc33.2.3-rc3
2008-12-16 Keir Fraser 17033:5cc950a95924 x86: freeze non-current vCPUs of dom0 before entering S5
2008-12-16 Keir Fraser 17032:98aba5761c5a Fix race between scheduler and CPUs being offlined
2008-12-16 Keir Fraser 17031:6f47c2aae100 vmx: Do not disable real EFER.NXE even when disabled by guest.
2008-12-16 Keir Fraser 17030:1acc683c481a xentop: Fix fprintf() build failure.
2008-12-15 Keir Fraser 17029:fc74a0e97b4b Update Xen version for 3.2.3-rc3-pre
2008-12-15 Keir Fraser 17028:255e7c93809f Added tag 3.2.3-rc2 for changeset 8bb01a01dca569d3b6a45d5b118d47cf34064c2c
2008-12-15 Keir Fraser 17027:8bb01a01dca5 Update Xen version for 3.2.3-rc23.2.3-rc2
2008-12-11 Keir Fraser 17026:00028766c045 vga: Only vga_endboot() if vga_init() completed.
2008-12-11 Keir Fraser 17025:6b4982c3f858 Fix BUILD_BUG_ON()
2008-12-10 Keir Fraser 17024:51f26d6ebc6c libxc: Fix memory leak in zlib usage
2008-12-10 Keir Fraser 17023:68bbfdfbda3a vga: Clear the screen when relinquishing VGA to dom0.
2008-12-10 Keir Fraser 17022:836852a3602e Fix existence check for MMIO-mapped 16550 UARTs
2008-12-01 Keir Fraser 17021:081f81f3e6cc Update Xen version for 3.2.3-rc2-pre
2008-12-01 Keir Fraser 17020:b9ebdabb5a21 Added tag 3.2.3-rc1 for changeset a4197c6aef4aa66c4e272e72fca1238ecdcfb906
2008-12-01 Keir Fraser 17019:a4197c6aef4a Update Xen version for 3.2.3-rc13.2.3-rc1
2008-11-27 Keir Fraser 17018:32ebe19ec04e Avoid warn_unused_result build failure on fgets().
2008-11-27 Keir Fraser 17017:007fc1ed1014 xen: Fix gcc 4.3 build failure.
2008-11-21 Keir Fraser 17016:b9cf7df7284f x86_emulate: Fix backport of movnti emulation.
2008-11-18 Keir Fraser 17015:9cf32a0f8233 x86, vmx realmode: Stack manipulation on interrupt/exception injection
2008-11-18 Keir Fraser 17014:c13f04a8b6a1 x86: fix a typo
2008-11-04 Keir Fraser 17013:2d5d030ea550 x86: Fix GRANT_PTE_FLAGS.
2008-11-04 Keir Fraser 17012:9f8ba7a4c8af serial: Fix IRQ enable/disable in tx interrupt handler.
2008-11-04 Keir Fraser 17011:5de7bd81da98 x86: relax restrictions on reserved bits in L3 for 32on64 x86 guests
2008-10-21 Keir Fraser 17010:31ee8af9b515 Update Xen version to 3.2.3-rc1-pre
2008-10-21 Keir Fraser 17009:6cd9f8c21570 timer: No dynamic memory allocation with IRQs disabled.
2008-10-21 Keir Fraser 17008:89a3b49e53a8 x86: Avoid dynamic memory allocation during AP startup.
2008-10-21 Keir Fraser 17007:bc01dd9f9da1 pv-on-hvm: Avoid rwlock livelock on save/restore.
2008-10-21 Keir Fraser 17006:99a1f08f997d x86: Add TLB flushing to HAP p2m changes
2008-10-21 Keir Fraser 17005:f44c7681c438 vmx: avoid taking locks with irqs disabled
2008-10-21 Keir Fraser 17004:3bac39661aa2 x86: add movnti emulation
2008-10-16 Keir Fraser 17003:0d59015f505d Fix SCHEDOP_poll to avoid wakeup-waiting race on interrupt delivery.
2008-10-16 Keir Fraser 17002:dfbf481940bb vmx: Update RIP past INT3 instruction on INT3 vmexit.
2008-10-16 Keir Fraser 17001:65479fae6649 vmx:update DR6 on TRAP_debug VM exits.
2008-10-16 Keir Fraser 17000:988ca65bb09f x86/mm: Use l1e_get_pfn() in destroy_grant_pte_mapping().
2008-10-16 Keir Fraser 16999:0f94971c87e6 x86: Define __per_cpu_shift label to help kdump/crashdump.
2008-10-16 Keir Fraser 16998:7637a5db6d59 xc_ptrace: Allow gdbserver to connect to a guest before APs are
2008-10-16 Keir Fraser 16997:cac3b6ed5488 xend: Move some backend configuration info.
2008-10-16 Keir Fraser 16996:bde37dfe6963 xc_save: use correct size when unmapping live p2m.
2008-10-16 Keir Fraser 16995:7c0934ea1fe5 x86: change _PAGE_GNTTAB
2008-10-16 Keir Fraser 16994:25004bebfcd5 xentop: Fix display of long domain names.
2008-10-16 Keir Fraser 16993:88fee1305627 xc_save/xc_restore: Fix wrong data type
2008-10-16 Keir Fraser 16992:da7ba13a6463 Check the existence of serial port before using
2008-10-08 Keir Fraser 16991:333c354d9796 vt-d: Set agaw properly for vt-d passthrough translation.
2008-09-17 Keir Fraser 16990:6a8faf6d98b2 Added tag RELEASE-3.2.2 for changeset dca3b5e459e3e50354d336d81bcc278b6f48b0c0
2008-09-17 Keir Fraser 16989:dca3b5e459e3 Update Xen version for 3.2.2RELEASE-3.2.2
2008-09-12 Keir Fraser 16988:5454a1c02224 xenstore: Fix a memory leak in 'xs_is_domain_introduced'.
2008-09-11 Keir Fraser 16987:0cdba3623592 xendomains script: A few bug fixes.
2008-09-11 Keir Fraser 16986:f9fe280cbe5e ioemu: Fix bug in map cache
2008-09-05 Keir Fraser 16985:d41b2ba2d9ee Fix HVM guest's save/restore by ignoring the null cdrom string
2008-09-03 Keir Fraser 16984:9750ac9b7e8b Update Xen version for 3.2.2-rc5-pre
2008-09-03 Keir Fraser 16983:a4f41de85b60 Added tag 3.2.2-rc4 for changeset 9e5d6995928e1ffc2fd84e4fdfc86d9e0cc8ab4a
2008-09-03 Keir Fraser 16982:9e5d6995928e Update Xen version for 3.2.2-rc43.2.2-rc4