age author revision description
2007-02-15 Christian Limpach 13139:3341afbb1953 [LINUX] Add a few missing changes from update to point release.default tip
2007-01-29 Tim Deegan 13138:d401cb96d8a0 [XEN] Snapshot guest entries when shadowing PAE tables.
2007-01-29 Ewan Mellor 13137:8a4c107eae1e Fix device reordering that occurs when the config gets read into dictionaries.
2007-01-29 Ian Campbell 13136:0be1a43e8ec6 [LINUX] Add update to net-gso-0-base.patch which I accidentally missed out of
2007-01-29 Ian Campbell 13135:4be85bb2f54d [LINUX] Update to point release.
2007-01-23 john levon 13134:18f30d7ef2b8 Close save-after-restore race.
2007-01-19 Alastair Tse 13133:08d791bd01e9 [XEND] Fix order of kernel argument construction to prevent arg repeat bug
2007-01-08 john levon 13132:f98a6a9df1b4 Use strstr() to look for "bimodal" string in ELF notes, to allow guests to use
2007-01-10 Steven Hand 13131:53b1060a26df Fix parse_size_and_unit() breakage in xen-3.0.4-testing (kdump broken)
2007-01-09 Steven Hand 13130:c32abbaccdac Bump release to 3.0.4-1.
2007-01-05 kfraser 13129:0603ab5b0ede Xen 3.0.3 pre-pended all configuration prior to the user-specified
2007-01-05 kfraser 13128:5e44bd5ef9b8 Fix xend stop if we're run directly instead of via the caretaker parent.
2007-01-05 kfraser 13127:e43affb3cf41 [TOOLS] Fix typo in XenDomainInfo:device_configure.
2007-01-04 Christian Limpach 13126:81bd18feacf8 [linux] Fix vsnprintf patch not to write null byte past the end of the buffer.
2006-12-21 kfraser 13125:ae4ccdfe94d6 Create new public header directory for x86-specific definitions.
2007-01-03 Ian Campbell 13124:07b38e9f1d57 [IOEMU] Process reset requests before returning control to the guest.
2007-01-02 Ian Campbell 13123:b5f32f507ad1 [PV-on-HVM] blkfront: use %Lu instead of %llu to xenbus_gather.
2007-01-02 Ian Campbell 13122:6e84df1b95f3 Install hvm and arch-x86 subdirectories of xen/include/public
2007-01-02 Ewan Mellor 13121:f014329a4a3a Don't canonicalise the resource inside res_security_check if security is off.
2007-01-02 Ewan Mellor 13120:c309f86fde0e Fix the error handling in acm.policy.
2007-01-02 Tim Deegan 13119:d474fa3a0811 [HVM] Don't set the shadow allocation to zero if the dom is still shadowed.
2006-12-29 kaf24 13118:54c1c43de4a3 Fix libxenstore library dependencies.
2006-12-29 kaf24 13117:ab88ed7505e9 [SOLARIS] Fix xentop build.
2006-12-29 Steven Hand 13116:2ec0bc1f51e0 Remove unused #defines.
2006-12-29 Steven Hand 13115:31aeb8693084 Remove 'netbuf race' debug output - we get tons of these for ballooned
2006-12-28 kaf24 13114:b34646f0f658 [HVM][VMX] Fix regs set/get decoding in VMXAssist.
2006-12-23 kaf24 13113:550f95a4a051 More 'const' cleanups (and fixes, for Solaris).
2006-12-22 Alastair Tse 13112:2d64d977c3f2 [XEND] Fix parsing of bootloader and bootloader_args in XendConfig
2006-12-21 Tim Deegan 13111:6a78bb9375d4 [HVM] Missing gva->gpa translation in MMIO MOVS handler
2006-12-21 Alastair Tse 13110:4ead5a65e063 [XEND] Minor syntax cleanup in security.py for sxp parsing.
2006-12-21 Christoph Egger 13109:603c3c80b299 Improve consistency of type-attribute usage (volatile/const).
2006-12-21 Tim Deegan 13108:2871dd01664b [QEMU] Align VGA ram allocation
2006-12-21 kfraser 13107:d6ae86aecc37 [HVM][VMX] Save GS_SHADOW MSR only on x86/64.
2006-12-21 kfraser 13106:4ee14491c540 [QEMU] Include pthread.h.
2006-12-20 Tim Deegan 13105:d9685264b28c [XEN] Better diagnostics of recursive shadow faults
2006-12-20 kfraser 13104:bcaf2f568ebd [NET] front: Fix interface teardown.
2006-12-20 kfraser 13103:4531b892915a [LINUX] dma: Use swiotlb mask for coherent mappings too
2006-12-20 kfraser 13102:2ec9711cd03a [HVM][SVM] Modify the interrupt/event injection logic.
2006-12-20 kfraser 13101:5700d0a35f89 [LIBXC] Fix iteration over GDT in save/restore code.
2006-12-20 kfraser 13100:489f28021f26 Added tag RELEASE-3.0.4 for changeset fb82db35ba4ecbd5f73b08e4379f985164b661dd
2006-12-20 kfraser 13099:fb82db35ba4e Xen 3.0.4 final release.RELEASE-3.0.4
2006-12-19 kfraser 13098:7c051d201b81 [POWERPC] Remove extra arch warnings for release.
2006-12-19 kfraser 13097:bc0462e17e00 Merge with xen-unstable.hg
2006-12-19 Ewan Mellor 13096:057f7c4dbed1 Fix parsing of cpus in the guest configuration file.
2006-12-19 kfraser 13095:8348e3a1a31e [XENOPROF] Fix buffer sharing with auto-translate guests.
2006-12-19 kfraser 13094:b3cd9c4ac056 Merge with xen-ia64-unstable.hg
2006-12-18 awilliam 13093:6e68e8a8cc99 merge with xen-unstable.hg
2006-12-18 awilliam 13092:ea2dc4a3c8eb [IA64] evtchn_callback fix and clean
2006-12-18 awilliam 13091:893b786cc66a [IA64] Mask out reserved bits to avoid Reserved Register/Field faults.
2006-12-18 awilliam 13090:cf23494af72c [IA64] Reflect general exceptions
2006-12-15 awilliam 13089:41d9f00140c5 [IA64] remove global zero initializers
2006-12-18 Ian Campbell 13088:4ef0dbe95eac [XEN] Revert 12977:af39d20b2b728941421ef18e5c5b1012852eec80
2006-12-18 kfraser 13087:e7aece4a8c1d Added tag 3.0.4-rc3 for changeset 54c42543ea6ea5bbf789b3121fed13a89225a56d
2006-12-18 kfraser 13086:54c42543ea6e Release candidate
2006-12-18 kfraser 13085:1424d4bf6f1d Merge with xen-unstable.hg
2006-12-18 kfraser 13084:8752418b58d8 [XEN] Only print progress dots when scrubbing actual memory.
2006-12-18 Ewan Mellor 13083:469478194aef Fix _login to pass arguments to the server unconditionally, rather than
2006-12-18 Ewan Mellor 13082:d7150286ca7b Fix the parsing of the image sexpr to use PV_kernel et al, rather than the old
2006-12-18 Ewan Mellor 13081:a7da43e10ab3 Write the xfb configuration details to the store, rather than storing them in
2006-12-17 Ewan Mellor 13080:c700f2346f9c Minor tidyup.