age author revision description
2006-09-07 ssmith 9763:662dcf03872d [XEN] Fix domid check in grant tables when re-using an already pinned grantdefault tip
2006-06-29 kaf24 9762:1e225598ce82 Fix the kunmap_atomic() change in 10529:4260eb8c08740de0000081c61a6237ffcb95b2d5.
2006-06-28 kaf24 9761:49a0f2160a6c kunmap_atomic() must zap the PTE to avoid dangling references
2006-06-28 kaf24 9760:62f7675aeb51 [LINUX] Export flush_tlb_page() to modules in i386-smp builds.
2006-06-27 kaf24 9759:63f6a063d936 [LINUX] Allow dma_alloc_coherent() to work for regions up to 2MB.
2006-06-22 kaf24 9758:17fbffb737d9 [DEBUG] Reenable debugging of paravirtualized and
2006-06-22 kaf24 9757:cb1e561583ac [TOOLS] Fix pagetable-pinning loop in xc_linux_restore.
2006-06-20 kaf24 9756:c2a8f93d0dc8 [XEN] Fix to previous changeset: continue to do softirq while delaying.
2006-06-20 kaf24 9755:473e91b8b6cb [XEN] Add a warning banner when 'sync_console' is used. Make it
2006-06-20 kaf24 9754:0baa7b54a19d Add new XENMEM_machphys_mapping to get info about location and
2006-06-20 kaf24 9753:538d832ebf4e Export machine_to_phys start and end addresses to guests.
2006-06-19 kaf24 9752:794a23f9195a [LINUX] Use new XENMEM_exchange hypercall (where possible)
2006-06-19 kaf24 9751:fb7f7f3e2909 [SEDF] Fix SEDF defaults to make domain0 take only a fair
2006-06-19 kaf24 9750:265866baa61f [XEN][PAE] Stores to PTEs in PAE mode use CMPXCHG to ensure atomicity.
2006-06-17 kaf24 9749:ec2ac5a5f0a3 [XEN] New memory_op XENMEM_exchange. Allows atomic
2006-06-17 kaf24 9748:532979a78071 [XEN] PTE updates do not need to use CMPXCHG instruction.
2006-06-16 kaf24 9747:fd961e9acb3f [LINUX] Export new gnttab_cancel_free_callback() to modules.
2006-06-15 kaf24 9746:c2ad3b08f272 [LINUX] Network buffers do not need to be multi-page contiguous
2006-06-15 kaf24 9745:1fa7c3a50ab0 [LINUX][PAE] Improve allocation strategy when PAE pgdirs must be below 4GB.
2006-06-15 kaf24 9744:02159733ec97 [LINUX] Only destroy a machine-contiguous memory region if
2006-06-14 kaf24 9743:6ce2965720ee [LINUX][BLK] front: More care over device teardown.
2006-06-13 kaf24 9742:98a4aad0751a [TOOLS] Fix PAE save/restore/migrate: we must flush
2006-06-13 kaf24 9741:79286c3c783c [LINUX] Eliminates a deadlock and reduce (sometimes significantly) the time
2006-06-13 kaf24 9740:55b9042d61cd [LINUX] Fix blkfront driver to check connection status to backend in
2006-06-13 kaf24 9739:36c25ed503e7 [LINUX] Export some tlb-flush functions to modules, which are
2006-06-13 kaf24 9738:3f599940ba6e Initialize the entire hypercall page when running a ring0 kernel
2006-06-13 kaf24 9737:dd974a4e20fd [XEN] Fix compatibility with future guests which may try to
2006-06-12 kaf24 9736:15089a58a425 [LINUX] Fix interaction between idle loop and RCU subsystem.
2006-06-11 cl349 9735:669a737174af Fix code which finds the default interface if there are static routes.
2006-06-11 kaf24 9734:5461e2e86e98 [XEN] Fix SCHEDOP_poll to work even when event channels are
2006-06-11 kaf24 9733:df221e310e2b [LINUX] Fix IRQ SMP affinity logic for event channels.
2006-06-09 kaf24 9732:d4312b52c3f8 [XEN] VCPU operation register_runstate should work even when
2006-06-09 kaf24 9731:de0e196e1a04 [LINUX][X86/64] Initialise pages outside initial allocation so that
2006-06-09 kaf24 9730:d83290c8ad8d [XEN] IOPL is ignored for VM86 mode port accesses. Fix Xen
2006-06-08 kaf24 9729:25a84ad211dd [LINUX] swiotlb allocates multiple smaller contiguous DMA regions,
2006-06-08 kaf24 9728:3a12ae277cbc [LINUX] Only trigger unhandled irq path if irq is not shared across
2006-06-08 kaf24 9727:1de04b7a5836 [TOOLS] Fix domain builder to carefully check that mapped memory area
2006-06-07 kaf24 9726:694a37bf3706 Extended PHYSDEVOP_irq_status_query to obtain sharing status
2006-06-07 kaf24 9725:05f07acd3be2 [HVM][MMIO] Emulate more instructions: or/and/xor with byte width,
2006-06-07 kaf24 9724:11a431a8b3d9 Reset Cirrus device model `VRAM' whenever a VGA/SVGA mode switch occurs.
2006-06-07 kaf24 9723:2fd3c0eb04ea [LINUX][X86/64] Support IO-port permissions bitmaps (ioperm() syscall).
2006-06-07 kaf24 9722:b8aa9f40d67a x86/64 Linux: destroy entire init memory mapping beyond kernel image.
2006-06-06 kaf24 9721:89ba6c7b4804 Use explicitly-sized types in the dom0_ops and privcmd structures.
2006-06-06 kaf24 9720:ecae09fda29a [NET] front: Turn grant-ref error into a fatal bug. That's the best we
2006-06-06 kaf24 9719:ec8c43c95332 [X86EMUL] Mark MOV instruction as not needing writeback.
2006-06-06 kaf24 9718:d7f5c7ee728d Change the x86_emulate() interface to pack all context arguments
2006-06-05 kaf24 9717:24ab63850619 [HVM][VMX] Interrupts must be kept disabled when entering Xen for
2006-06-05 kaf24 9716:e1a85211281f [NET] back: fix synchronisation of access to deallocation buffer ring.
2006-06-05 kaf24 9715:e8a45450a48d Support extended-info in saved guest images generated by latest -unstable tools.
2006-06-02 kaf24 9714:32123a23a609 [LINUX] Simply shared_info mapping code. Always use a fixmap.
2006-06-02 kaf24 9713:db51d90a9bfe [LINUX][X86_64] Destroy initial page-table mappings to avoid overlap with modules.
2006-06-02 kaf24 9712:1198f4eb43d1 A few put_cpu() calls were missed when adding CONFIG_X86_NO_TSS.
2006-06-02 kaf24 9711:ef1a49d180ac Use halt() instead of asm("hlt").
2006-06-02 kaf24 9710:28ffbefb0966 Add backing support for HDIO_GETGEO ioctl to blkfront.
2006-06-02 kaf24 9709:33263455b079 [PAE] Chaneg interface for accessing %cr3 so that extra bits (>4GB) for PAE pgdirs
2006-06-02 kaf24 9708:6255f38623b3 [HVM] Fix a problem when destroying a Windows guest.
2006-06-01 kaf24 9707:c5fe7d5c4c81 [LINUX] Fix cpu_possible_map initialisation.
2006-06-01 kaf24 9706:9dda8050d46d Fix dummy domains (DOM_IO and DOM_XEN) creation so that
2006-06-01 kaf24 9705:53bb8c0d9639 Fix negation of unsigned quantities in the Xen x86 emulator.
2006-06-01 kaf24 9704:78a72d42cfc1 Fix map_pages_to_xen() when deallocating l1 page tables.