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     1.4  You can do a complete build of Xen, the control tools, and the
     1.5  XenLinux kernel images with "make world". This can take 10 minutes
     1.6  even on a fast machine. If you're on an SMP machine you may wish to
     1.7 -give the '-j4' argument to make to get a parallel build. You should
     1.8 -end up with all the binaries and images being placed in the ./install
     1.9 -directory tree.  You can then install everything to the standard
    1.10 -system directories (e.g. /boot, /usr/bin, /usr/lib/python/ etc) by
    1.11 -taping "make install".
    1.12 +give the '-j4' argument to make to get a parallel build.  All of the
    1.13 +files that are built are placed under the ./install directory.  You
    1.14 +can then install everything to the standard system directories
    1.15 +(e.g. /boot, /usr/bin, /usr/lib/python/ etc) by typing "make install".
    1.16 +
    1.17 +Take a look in install/boot/:
    1.18 + install/boot/xen.gz               The Xen 'kernel' (formerly image.gz)
    1.19 + install/boot/vmlinuz-2.4.26-xen0  Domain 0 XenLinux kernel (xenolinux.gz)
    1.20 + install/boot/vmlinuz-2.4.26-xenU  Unprivileged XenLinux kernel
    1.22 +The difference between the two Linux kernels that are built is
    1.23 +due to the configuration file used for each. The "U" suffixed
    1.24 +unprivileged version doesn't contain any of the physical hardware
    1.25 +device drivers, so is 30% smaller and hence may be preferred for
    1.26 +your non-privileged domains.
    1.28 -Inspect the Makefule if you want to see what goes on during a
    1.29 +The install/boot directory will also contain the config files
    1.30 +used for building the XenLinux kernels, and also versions of Xen
    1.31 +and XenLinux kernels that contain debug symbols (xen-syms and
    1.32 +vmlinux-syms-2.4.26-xen0) which are essential for interpreting crash
    1.33 +dumps.
    1.34 +
    1.35 +Inspect the Makefile if you want to see what goes on during a
    1.36  build. Building Xen and the tools is straightforward, but XenLinux is
    1.37  more complicated. The makefile needs a 'pristine' linux kernel tree
    1.38  which it will then add the Xen architecture files to. You can tell the
    1.39 @@ -173,14 +188,3 @@ smaller than the other kernel with its s
    1.40  If you don't want to use bitkeeper to download the source, you can
    1.41  download prebuilt binaries and src tar balls from the project
    1.42  downloads page:  http://www.cl.cam.ac.uk/netos/xen/downloads/
    1.43 -
    1.44 -Using the domain control tools
    1.45 -==============================
    1.46 -
    1.47 -README.CD contains some example invocations.
    1.48 -
    1.49 -See example Python scripts in tools/examples/ and the associated README.
    1.50 -
    1.51 -Further documentation is in docs/ (e.g., docs/Xen-HOWTO), and also in
    1.52 -
    1.53 -