log xen/drivers/char/console.c

age author description
2009-04-14 Keir Fraser New option conring_size= to allow larger console ring.
2009-03-09 Keir Fraser Avoid deadlock in tasklet_schedule() after console_force_unlock().
2009-03-06 Keir Fraser Do not deadlock in scheduler when sending VIRQ_CON_RING.
2009-01-28 Keir Fraser Allow memflags to be specified to alloc_xenheap_pages().
2008-11-26 Keir Fraser xen: Fix gcc 4.3 build failure.
2008-09-12 Keir Fraser Check the existence of serial port before using
2008-08-04 Keir Fraser Delay 5 seconds on reboot *after* stopping all CPUs.
2008-06-13 Keir Fraser Bring back console_start_log_everything() as a milder alternative to
2008-06-13 Keir Fraser Improve serial output when dropping characters to drop them in big
2008-04-23 Keir Fraser New boot parameter 'serial_tx_buffer=<size>' to change serial
2007-11-28 Keir Fraser Fix string length check for vsnprintf() in debugtrace_printk().
2007-11-05 Keir Fraser Small cleanups to console-input-redirect code in Xen.
2007-10-29 Keir Fraser Allow incremental access to hypervisor console log.
2007-10-10 Keir Fraser Fix printing month in printk prefix (1-12 rather than 0-11).
2007-10-04 Keir Fraser xen: Changes to printk handling:
2007-09-24 Keir Fraser x86: Auto-probe the serial port baud rate if 'com1' or 'com2' is
2007-09-10 kfraser Change prototype of machine_restart to void machine_restart(void).
2007-08-31 kfraser Xen Security Modules: XSM
2007-08-13 kfraser x86-64: enable hypervisor output on VESA frame buffer
2007-06-20 kfraser Enhance guest memory accessor macros so that source operands can be
2007-06-11 kfraser Add suspend/resume to devices owned by Xen.
2007-05-12 Keir Fraser xen: Free initmem after boot. Mark lots of init functions as __init
2007-03-31 Keir Fraser xen x86: Fix double-fault handler stack overflow.
2007-03-27 kfraser Add WARN() and generic WARN_ON().
2007-03-15 kfraser Add boot option to allow console I/O to be placed into ring buffer
2007-03-08 kfraser xen: Provide notification of console updates via VIRQ.
2007-02-09 kfraser Print all by default in debug builds.
2007-02-08 Keir Fraser Use printk log-level limiting even during Xen boot.
2007-02-08 Keir Fraser Fix a typo in console_steal().
2007-01-29 kfraser Remove uses of strcpy and strncpy from common and x86 code.
2006-12-14 kfraser [KEXEC] Clean up kexec code and fix panic-induced reboot when
2006-11-30 Ian Campbell [XEN] Kexec / Kdump: Generic code
2006-11-07 kfraser [XEN] Remove unnecessary FORCE_CRASH() macro.
2006-11-03 kfraser [XEN] Fix log-level printk logic for multi-line and partial-line printks.
2006-11-02 kaf24 [XEN] Add 'loglvl' and 'guest_loglvl' boot parameters.
2006-11-01 kfraser [XEN] Fix deadlock in printk().
2006-10-27 kaf24 [XEN] Some cleanups to the log-level stuff. Largely this
2006-10-27 kaf24 [XEN] Implement log levels. It adds the thresholds and code to printk
2006-10-27 kaf24 [XEN] Implement rate-limited logging.
2006-10-23 kfraser [XEN] Remove definition of printf. All users are switched to printk.
2006-10-18 kfraser [OpenBSD] Various changes to get Xen building on OpenBSD.
2006-10-18 kfraser [XEN] Can be built -std=gnu99 (except for .S files).
2006-09-23 kfraser Use GDB 'O' packets for console output if the serial line is shared
2006-08-18 kfraser [XEN] Remove shadow2 dependencies from common code.
2006-08-16 kfraser [XEN] vga code cleanups and additions for other architectures.
2006-08-16 tdeegan Replace shadow pagetable code with shadow2.
2006-08-15 emellor Added missing decl.
2006-08-15 kfraser Move vga options to their own 'vga=' boot parameter.
2006-08-15 kfraser Clean up console fields in start_info structure. Add compat code for
2006-08-15 kfraser Support for vga text modes bigger than 80x25.
2006-08-08 kaf24 [XEN] Remove redundant redeclaration of 'machine_restart'.
2006-08-07 kaf24 [XEN] Clean up shutdown handling and ignore opt_noreboot if dom0
2006-08-01 kfraser [XEN] Hide compile-time information values behind a
2006-07-05 kfraser [XEN] Separate domain creation from vcpu creation.
2006-06-30 kfraser [XEN] Various softirq cleanups. Main one is to always
2006-06-28 kfraser [XEN] BUG() places console in sync mode.
2006-06-20 kaf24 [XEN] Xen always relinquishes VGA console to domain0 when domain0
2006-06-20 kaf24 [XEN] Fix to previous changeset: continue to do softirq while delaying.
2006-06-20 kaf24 [XEN] Add a warning banner when 'sync_console' is used. Make it
2006-06-12 kaf24 [XEN] Fix read_console_ring() when passed a small buffer.