log xen/arch/ia64/vmx/vmx_init.c

age author description
2009-06-29 Isaku Yamahata [IA64] replace MAX_VCPUS with d->max_vcpus where necessary.default tip
2009-01-30 Isaku Yamahata [IA64] remove static-partitioned xenheap
2008-11-06 Isaku Yamahata [IA64] use pte_pfn() where possible
2008-08-08 Isaku Yamahata [IA64] Remove VT-i no opcode warning
2008-07-23 Isaku Yamahata [IA64] Don't perform implicit sync when vps_save/restore
2008-05-15 Isaku Yamahata [IA64] remove warning in vmx_final_setup_guest()
2008-05-09 Isaku Yamahata [IA64] fix restoring HVM domain with PV driver
2008-04-14 Alex Williamson [IA64] PAL virtualization services
2008-04-01 Alex Williamson [IA64] Use ppn to store io type.
2008-03-24 Alex Williamson [IA64] Fix warnings
2008-03-20 Alex Williamson [IA64] New SIOEmu interface: pass callback data in memory.
2008-03-14 Alex Williamson [IA64] vmx_init_env must be called on every processor
2008-03-10 Alex Williamson [IA64] Switch to VPS save/restore for HVM
2008-02-19 Alex Williamson [IA64] Self IO EMUlator (sioemu) - Hypervisor part
2008-01-17 Alex Williamson [IA64] domheap: Clean up of context switch code
2008-01-17 Alex Williamson [IA64] domheap: Allocate vm buffer before boot allocator
2008-01-17 Alex Williamson [IA64] domheap: Don't pin xenheap down. Now it's unnecessary.
2008-01-17 Alex Williamson [IA64] domheap: Allocate privregs from domain heap for VTi domain
2007-11-29 Alex Williamson [IA64] Implement guest_os_type for ia64
2007-11-07 Alex Williamson [IA64] vti save-restore: hvm domain io page clean up.
2007-11-07 Alex Williamson [IA64] vti save-restore: reap ioreq after resume.
2007-10-30 Alex Williamson [IA64] Make Xen relocatable
2007-10-22 Alex Williamson [IA64] Don't share privregs with hvm domain
2007-10-12 Alex Williamson [IA64] vmx_setup_platform() may fail. make it return error value.
2007-10-02 Alex Williamson [IA64] Cleanup: remove useless #ifndef and indentation.
2007-07-11 Alex Williamson [IA64] Fix VTi domain shutdown
2007-06-14 Alex Williamson [IA64] Revive ACPI power management for IA64.
2007-06-06 Alex Williamson [IA64] Fix HVM boot failure
2007-05-24 Alex Williamson [IA64] Fix assertion in vmx_init_env()
2007-05-11 Alex Williamson [IA64] get guest os type
2007-05-11 Alex Williamson [IA64] Return ENOMEM if VPD allocation failed
2007-04-05 Alex Williamson [IA64] Fix xm dump-core with vti domain
2007-03-22 awilliam [IA64] Improve error message when HVM domain creation failed
2007-02-27 kfraser Accelerate IDE PIO on HVM/IA64 [3/3]
2007-02-18 awilliam [IA64] Quiet VTi domain bootup
2007-01-23 awilliam [IA64] Avoid dom0 insufficient memory panic when creating guests
2006-11-29 awilliam [IA64] Create viosapic handling for IPF.
2006-11-22 awilliam [IA64] New initial memory interface for HVM on ia64
2006-11-14 awilliam [IA64] remove ASSERT in vmx_init.c
2006-11-10 awilliam [IA64] build fixes
2006-11-10 awilliam merge with xen-unstable.hg
2006-11-07 kfraser [HVM] VIOAPIC and VPIC cleanups.
2006-11-07 kfraser [HVM] Replace shared-memory PIC state with a set-irq-level hypercall.
2006-10-27 kaf24 [XEN] Some cleanups to the log-level stuff. Largely this
2006-10-27 kaf24 [XEN] Logging parameters for ia64 code.
2006-10-31 awilliam [IA64] fix coding style in vmx_init.c
2006-10-31 awilliam [IA64] fix domVTi boot with maxmem
2006-10-25 awilliam merge with xen-unstable.hg
2006-10-25 kfraser [IA64][HVM] Add buffer IO mechanism for Xen/VTi domain. Current
2006-10-04 awilliam [IA64] expose p2m table. xen side part.
2006-08-24 awilliam [IA64] All vcpus can sync interrupts from qemu
2006-08-23 awilliam [IA64] catch up `new Xen event channels'
2006-08-14 kfraser [IA64] Fix IA64 build.
2006-07-27 awilliam [IA64] warning fix
2006-07-27 awilliam [IA64] Remove unused contig mem flag for VTi
2006-07-12 awilliam [IA64] enable acceleration of external interrupt
2006-07-07 awilliam [IA64] separate mapped_regs and vpd, handle various page size
2006-07-05 awilliam [IA64] Implement and use DOM0_DOMAIN_STEUP.
2006-06-11 kaf24 [HVM][VMX] Cleanups and fixes to VMCS lifecycle.
2006-05-24 awilliam [IA64] GNTMAP_readonly support xen part