log tools/xm-test/tests/create/15_create_smallmem_pos.py

age author description
2006-10-24 Ewan Mellor Fix Memory assumptions in the create tests.
2006-05-04 emellor Second step toward a new network infrastructure, move XmConsole to be
2006-04-19 stekloff Fix the 15_create_smallmem_pos.py test, which was failing because the
2005-12-13 emellor Change the way domain configuration is handled in xm-test.
2005-11-27 emellor Set a console limit, in order to detect runaways.
2005-11-18 dan Make test 15_create_smallmem pass mem=16M on the kernel command line.
2005-11-16 dan Test for creating a domain with too little memory.