log tools/guest-headers/Makefile

age author description
2007-06-11 kfraser Include Solaris kernel headers
2007-06-04 Ian Campbell Remove a few stray references to the sparse tree.
2007-03-07 kfraser tools: Clean up use of 'install' command.
2006-10-17 kfraser [SOLARIS] A couple of small fixes to the Makefiles for the kernel tool headers.
2006-04-10 kaf24 build: Clean up use of .PHONY
2006-01-30 cl349 Update linux sparse tree to subarch layout.
2006-01-10 kaf24 Add dummy 'all' target to guest-headers Makefile.
2006-01-07 vhanquez separate installation of headers from the linux tree into a new guest-header